Brita 42633 Faucet Filtration System, Black/Chrome
Brita 42633 Faucet Filtration System, Black/Chrome

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Product Description

The most reknowned water filtration system for healthier, great-tasting water, right from your tap. It eliminates 98. 7 of the Lead and reduces Sediment, Chlorine and chemicals that may be linked to cancer risk in your water with a sleek chrome look

  • Unlimited, great-tasting water plus the elegance of black and chrome
  • Brita's most advanced water filtration system reduces 99% of lead that may be in tap water
  • Attaches easily to your faucet without tools
  • Features an electronic LED filter replacement indicator
  • Innovative, highly effective system uses Brita On Tap faucet filters

Customer Reviews:

  • broke in a little over a month
    We bought this back in December 2008, and it already stopped working properly. The little green light doesn't come on anymore so you basically have to guess when it's done. Conveniently it broke just after the warranty period so we couldn't return it....more info
  • weakest link
    This product has great features, and for the first day that I used it I was happy with it, but the second day I flipped the water on and the sudden increase in pressure blew it completely off. Now I can't get it back on. If you have very low water pressure it might work for you, but don't plan on taking it on and off and try not to bump it. It doesn't matter how good a product is when one aspect makes the entire thing unusable!...more info
  • Great filter system!
    I have had this filter system a year and am very pleased. It was easy to install, it just screwed on the tap. The black/chrome looks sharp with my stainless steel faucet. The LED light turns red so you know when to change the filter. The taste of my water is SIGNIFICANTLY improved! It's a great product for a great price....more info
  • Brita on-tap black/chrome water filter
    It works as promised, I'm very happy with the functionality (clean water, fast, easy, little green light indicator, etc).

    I only gave it 4 stars because it's a little plastic-ey looking. I'd have happilly paid a little more for one that wasn't quite so "I'm plastic pretending to be chrome.", or if it has to be plastic, why make it chrome colored? It's not fooling anyone. Why not make it translucent plastic, tinted in a bright color, so I could see the stuff inside?...more info
  • Do not take this off after it is installed!
    The unit was stripped after taking it off the faucet once! It is a waste of mony!...more info
  • So Far So Good
    I was cautious after reading the disgruntled reviewers state the Brita On Tap's alleged weaknesses but figured it was so easy to put on and take off that worst case scenario I'd just return it. The first thing I learned is that my sink faucet has threads on the inside. This means I had to use the Brita's included adapter. The adapter fit easily but without the washer. I could never get it on with the washer attached. This would be a problem if I had leaks or erratic water flow but so far that has not been a problem. After installing the base system to the faucet three minutes later, I was done. Now it was time for the taste test. Very good. The water didn't have the normal bad aftertaste from normal tap water and I'm now poised to cancel my water delivery, which is costing me about 650 dollars a year and which for all I know has more impurities than the company is willing to divulge. Compared to my Brita system--30 dollars for the unit and then 60 dollars a year in filters (every 3 months you have to buy a 15 dollar filter), I'd say I'm ahead more than 500 dollars a year. Sounds like a good deal to me.

    Update: I discovered I couldn't put in the supplied washer in with the adapter because the old washer was "hiding" in the faucet. Once I took out the old washer, I was able to put on the adapter as prescribed in Brita's instructions. I tightened firmly by hand and there are no leaks or spattering problems. For the money, a very good unit indeed....more info
    I see a lot of previous reviews from other people who got sucked into this product. It's the biggest waste of $30 I have ever spent. It leaks, sprays water all over my kitchen, and if I, heaven forbid, turn the water on past low, it will just fall off. I know the initial assumption is "operator error", but I assure you, as an engineer who works for a consumer products company, I have installed the thing correctly. I have the most standard faucet you could find, and it leaks everywhere. When I contacted Brita about the poor quality of their product, they ignored me and never responded. And you better hope you never have to move. I am moving right now, and the little plastic adapter literally disintegrated in the faucet head and is stuck there. When I tried to remove it, the plastic just kept snapping off until now it is embedded into the faucet, which will probably now need to be replaced because of it. DO NOT BUY BRITA and DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS PRODUCT!...more info
  • Works Great!!
    Works as promoted. Unbelieveable difference between with or without. Our coffee tastes like coffee again....more info
  • Defective by Design
    I may be reiterating what many of the reviewers before me have said, but I may have a few helpful points to add.

    First, they should have never used plastic adapters. Kitchen faucets with internal threads are quite common and the likelihood is high that you will have to use one of the included adapters to attach the filter to that kind of faucet. The plastic threading simply can't withstand the water pressure that will inevitably push on it when you turn the water on all the way.

    It would have been very easy for them to use quality steel parts, and I'm sure most people would have been happy to even pay $5-10 more for something that will actually last. It is especially surprising that they would cut corners on a product where the real profit comes from the replacement filters rather than the original purchase. Who knows what they were thinking (or if they were thinking at all), but this product simply doesn't work when setup correctly.

    The use of plastic is not where the problems end, however, because there is literally less than a half an inch of exposed threading within the top portion of the adapter. The adapters themselves also have around a quarter inch of threading. This is really a shame, because even using a weak material like plastic might be sufficient if they had enough threads engaging to strengthen the connection.

    That said, if you are set on using this product (or forced to), here are a couple of things you can do to help alleviate the problem. I've gotten mine to work long enough for me to order something from one of their competitors.

    - Turn the water pressure down on your faucet. In case you don't know how, there are usually two levers (one hot, one cold) underneath your sink that control the water supply. Try tightening them until the water flow is slow enough that it won't blow the filter off.

    - Try epoxy or a similar plastic bonding agent. I used epoxy to bond the adapter to the filter mount. You can then screw it on by holding the rotating ring in place. This is an irreversible and permanent solution, but it will make it so that there is only one point that will leak.

    - Another poster suggested you can contact Brita to get a metal replacement adapter. That may be a good solution. However, keep in mind that you will still have to screw the metal adapter into a short length of plastic threading. That may simply shift the weakest point to a different part of the mount....more info
  • second one
    i find it a bit annoying that it ends up breaking after 2 years - meaning slipping off the tap and squirting water everywhere - but overall it's a great product....more info
  • i'm happy with it
    bought the unit in Houston, where it worked nicely, and then moved to Indiana. Was so disappointed when it didn't fit in my new place. but I reread the booklet which said to call them if the adaptors did not fit. so I did and was sent a package within 5 days. yes it now fits perfectly! sounds like i should check the filter more than i thought but i don't have a problem with that. also maybe some of you should be more patient. i like the way it took the iodine and chlorine taste away (coffee) overall i'm very pleased, as it seems to be working great!!...more info
  • easy
    one of the easiest filters to install. differance from tap to this filter was amazing. water tasted better and was very clear in color....more info
  • Brita Faucet Filter Works Well
    This product seems to do everything they say it will, and I'm quite pleased with the purchase. This looks sharper than the chrome and white model in my opinion (this one was chrome and black). I'd recommend the product, and Amazon shipped it right away as well, so the whole experience has been very positive....more info
  • Slow and Steady
    OK, so the water comes out at it's own nice easy pace now... sloooooow.... at least it's nice and clean! I had lots of trouble with my New York City tap water before I got this little gadget, and now I feel a million times better when drinking what is significantly cleaner water from my faucet. It is the best bit of change I've spent in a long time!...more info
  • So far, so good...
    Well, after reading the conflicting reviews, I was hesitant, but figured for under $30 I can't go wrong. Installation was a breeze and took about 5 minutes max.

    Read the brief manual first!!!!

    Everything went together perfectly and it works great! Water tastes like, well, clean water....more info
  • Brita you're slipping...................
    Brita 42633 Faucet Filtration System, Black/Chrome
    This purchase was a replacement purchase. The one I bought before this was identical, except that it leaked and kept falling off the faucet. I used plumbers tape, changed the gasket and did everything I could to make it work without success. I've never had this problem before with the Brita filter systems I've purchased, that's pretty much why I took a chance and bought another. This one went on without a problem and didn't leak, and so far one full day of use hasn't fallen off the faucet....more info
  • OK for NYC water
    NYC water clogs faucet filters fast. I've tried a few systems and so far this one has lasted the longest. It'll go for a month+ before it needs replacement. Not the full four months Brita claims but the other brands I tried lasted less than two weeks. I've had the system for 6 months....more info
  • Filter works, attachments don't...
    We have gone through 3 of these in 2 years. The actual water filter works great but the way it attaches to your sink will eventually fail and end up spraying you or completely falling off. The attachment parts are plastic and if the threads don't get stripped while you put it on the first time, they will eventually wear down and then there is nothing you can do except shell out more bucks for a new one - mainly just for the little plastic threaded connector. Also, the indicator light is not 100% reliable. I recall it flashing red for weeks even though we had just put a brand new filter in the holder. ...more info
  • Only OK
    There are a couple of things to be aware of before you buy this.

    The indicator lights are powered by a non-replaceable battery. Britta says it has a 5 year life but if it fails sooner it can't be replaced. After that, no indicator for filter replacement.

    The mounting fittings that come with the filter are cheap plastic and I couldn't mount mine without it blowing off if the water was turned up too high. Call Britta and they will send (free) metal fittings but it takes a couple of weeks.

    Britta automated phone assistance is horrific to navigate.
    ...more info
  • Pricey but a good filter.
    I recently moved to Pearland, a Houston suburb. The water straight off the faucet is bearable but has a very noticeable after-taste. Since I am too lazy to use the pitcher filters, bought this tap mounted filter and after two months of continuous use it has worked just as promised thus far. I can do a blind taste test anytime between the plain tap water and Brita filtered water and easily see the difference.

    Outside of the fact that the light indicator hasn't been very reliable (it was off for a few uses and then came back on) and that the replacements filters are pricey compared to the pitcher filters, its a good buy overall.

    Update: Amazon doesnt allow me to take off a star after the initial rating. I would if I could. The light indicator system seems to be the biggest pitfall of this model. After the first indicator broke, they sent me a replacement immeidately ( Brita gets a 5 star for this), but the replacement ran into the same problem not long after. I am giving up on this model for now. As mentioned earlier, indicator aside, this is a good filter....more info
  • Brita filter
    This is the second filter Brita that I bought (the first one slips off the tap after more than 2 years of usage). I'm happy with Brita system. I'm planning to use it in the future as well....more info
  • Attachments don't work!!
    We just returned the third one of these filters. The filter itself may be good or not, we don't really know, because we couldn't use it at all. The attachments that come with the kit, to secure it to the faucet are defective, and pop out as soon as the water pressure gets up. We initially thought that we got a defective one, but after three attempts, well...
    Don't they have a quality control before they let those units out of production?? Bottomline, if you have a faucet that will require you to use the attachments, don't even bother!.
    ...more info
  • Cheap Construction
    They really need to use metal adapters and threads on the unit. After a couple uses, I would turn on the filter and the whole thing would fall right off the faucet. I guess I have high water pressure because the plastic threads were striped. No...I did not tighten it with a wrench. I went through 2 units before I gave up and bought a Pur system. Pur uses metal....more info
  • Cheap is what cheap does.
    This is a cheaply made piece of dung. It looks chrome and nice, but it's plastic. The treads that connect it to the facet are so soft and cheap, it only takes a couple times coming off (and it will repeatedly) before the assembly is rendered completely useless.

    DO NOT BUY....more info
  • excellent filtration system
    Easy to use, excellent filtration system. I had some trouble originally installing it because I didn't know that plumbing threads are the reverse of screws. Once I got it on correctly, it has worked fine for over one year. The filters pop on and off easily, last a long time, and a red light tells you when it's time to change. Sometimes, the water pressure gets too low and I change to a new filter even though it is still showing a green light. The replacement filters are a little difficult to find....more info
  • Britta faucet connect just OK - mechanical design somewhat weak.
    My wife likes the faucet mounted filters. This is our 3rd of this model.

    Two of them did not seal well over time to the faucet end - started squirting water all around and the threads on the Brita stripped out. the little connector piece should probably be made of metal.

    We like the taste of the water we get out of the faucet and feel the value is pretty good....more info
  • Doesn't last
    I agree with most of the reviews already written for this. The bottom line is that if you've had this for a short period of time it is great. Water tastes great, everything is fine but after a year coincidentally about the same time the warranty is up the plastic threads holding it to the faucet start to weaken and water leaks until eventually one day you're washing the dishes with very hot water and it springs a major leak and sprays scalding hot water on you.

    Given the price, even if you bought a new one of these every year or so (my most recent one lasted almost a year and a half) it's still cheaper and better for the environment than bottled water. I'm about ready to switch brands and try something different. ...more info
  • Free bath with every filter
    Had one of these eons ago. You know, back when they shipped with metal adaptors? sigh...

    Anyway, I hated them passionately back then. Just found them in the way all the time BUT they never popped off.

    However, my wife likes them. Idiot that I am I bought one for her birthday a while back. So, in the past year went thru 3 of them. Yes, popping off.

    And oddly enough, we have a hose that has a filter in it. Has a button that's either spray or filtered. That's handy. But, she won't use it. Gotta have the britta. Go figger.

    In the process of glueing the adapter to the filter to see if that works as a last resort. In a way, I'm hoping it doesn't work! :)
    ...more info
  • Pretty good for the price and great and safe water taste
    I received this around 6/24/07 and I had to buy pliers to unscrew the thing from my fauce. The installation took me 5 minute because of that.

    The green light flashed as soon as I turned on the water. The water tasted excellent, no more like tap water. Used this for 2 weeks and still works 10/10.

    The speed that the filtered water comes out is pretty fast, but not as fast as normal water. I will continue to use it. ...more info
    I purchased this item and have had only one problem with it. If your facet threads are inside then you have to use one of the provided plastic adaptors. I did but every time I turned on the water the unit fell off of the facet. I tried several times making sure that it was tight and it still did the same thing.
    I contacted and got a number to call (800-24-BRITA(27482)) and they sent a new set of special adaptors free of charge. It now works great. The problem that I see is; that this seems to be a known problem for which there is a free fix, so why are they still selling them with inferior adapters?...more info
  • Great filter, slight installation problem
    This is a great little filter that makes my well water taste like high-quality bottled water. The problem was how it attaches to the faucet head. It's very fiddly, and it took some time to get it tightened enough not to leak without overtigtening it and having it pop off when I turned on the water. I love the filter, but have to remember not to use the pivot or I'll have to go through the whole process of putting it on again....more info
  • Better than Pur
    I've used a Pur faucet filter before, and found it much more difficult to install, bulkier, and less reliable (it sprung leaks again and again). This Brita was no hassle to attach, once I managed to remove my faucet's aerator. The chrome look is attractive, and the water tastes great. I use this to make tea every day.

    Others have complained about the filters not lasting as long as advertised. Yes and no. I've found that when the light turns amber, you can remove the cartridge, shake it, and then replace it to get several more weeks of green light. In other words, the problem isn't so much with the filters as with the feedback system. If you're using this for about a gallon of water per day, I'd expect each filter to last 3-4 months. Two replacement filters cost about as much as the system itself, so keep that in mind when you make the investment....more info


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