Vidal Sasson VS330 Professional 20-Piece Ionic Molecular Steam Setter

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Product Description

The Vidal Sassoon 20-pc. Ion Molecular Steam Setter uses negative ions in 2 ways: to dramatically increase the amount of steam for faster setting, and to infuse hair with moisture for long-lasting, super-shiny curls. The 20 soft curlers—6 jumbo, 8 medium and 6 small—feature a patented clip design that gently secures the rollers to your head. The base heats the curlers in less than 60 seconds so you're left with more time to style. Imported. 4Hx2.25Wx5L".

  • Ionic steam
  • Ready to style in less than a minute
  • 20 roller clips
  • ION switch turn ions ON or OFF
  • 20 soft, fast heat rollers in three sizes (6) small, (8) medium, and (6) large
Customer Reviews:
  • The ONLY Way My Hair Will Hold Curl Without Sleeping In Rollers
    I have totally straight and fine hair and these rollers are the only ones that will make my hair hold the curl unless I sleep in rollers. I've tried curling irons and other hot rollers, but the curl went flat in minutes to hours even with product added to make them stay. With this ionic set my hair curls and holds with NO product!! I don't even use hair spray when I'm done I just arrange the curls and go. I can even sleep on my hair (I do knot it up on top of my head so I'm not laying on the ends) and I still have wave the next day. I even went two nights to see if I still had wave on the third day and I did! I LOVE them. Curl that holds, no sticky product, and shiny hair.

    Wal-Mart sells the Vidal Sasson Ionic Steam setter for $19.84 right now 2-12-08. Here Wal-Mart doesn't have them in the store, but you can order online and have it shipped to your local store free. From what I've seen the purple set and the pink set are different. I have the purple with foam covered rollers like the Caruso....more info
  • Rave review!!
    Fantastic product! I was dubious about buying it as I've had other electric curlers before. The set did not last anytime at all. I love it so much that instead of buying more rollers, I bought a second machine. It's fast, the curl or body lasts all day plus. I couldn't be happier....more info
  • Replaced Caruso
    Bought this for my girl friend to replace a Caruso. Works with her
    old curlers. Have been replacing Caruso's every 6 months due to
    Calcium build ups from water - we'll see how this one does.
    The popping noise others describe is different, but not an annoyance
    to us. Doesn't require salt like the older units. Quit a bit less
    expensive than the Caruso's I've been buying... and buying ...

    thumbs up so far 9/7/2007
    ...more info
  • Works Great
    works just about as good as the Caruso. My hair is a little bit more frizzy with this product, but it might just be my cut? I'm satisified for the price of the product. I'm suprised they don't sell this in the stores. ...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
  • Not a good product for my hair
    I purchased this product after hearing so many great reviews on african american hair. My hair is a combination of 3b, 4a-b-- but doesn't do well with these types of rollers. Relaxer or no relaxer, my hair turns out either too frizzy and I have to eventually flat iron it to get it descent, or it turns out really limp. Not a good product for me, maybe it works on different hair types. I will probably sell my product....more info
  • Decent system for the price
    - Fast, easy styling
    - Two different steam options
    - Moisturizes hair
    - Comparable to the Caruso system

    - The light indicator on my system stopped working for the 'steam' option but works only when set on the ionic steam option
    - Not many rollers - to achieve a style with alot of curls, you have to buy additional rollers
    - Annoying clicking sound when set on the ionic steam option

    All in all, this steam setter is very good. Whenever you want to have a curly style in a short amount of time, this is the system you should use. The cons are minor making the Vidal Sassoon Steam Setter a good product considering the price. It is also a great alternative to using damaging heat appliances on hair. ...more info
  • Hated it!
    I had an old Caruso molecular setter that finally conked out. I thought the ion feature of this would be great. The clicking is annoying, but if it worked, I wouldn't mind. This puts out WAY less steam, causing the amount of time it takes to heat a curler much longer than the old system. Then, after all that, it only curls about 1/2 as much. So, it takes longer for less curl--not worth it. I hope I can get another Caruso, but I hear they have problems now, too. Ahhhh, remember the good old days when things worked!...more info
  • Gentle curls
    I love this product and the lasting results. It is so gentle on my hair. I bought two, one being a Christmas present for my neighbor who had recently had a very bad perm, and she agreed, makes the set last while not futher damaging your hair.
    If you are sleeping in curlers, sleep no more. This product is for you....more info
  • Works Great
    The steam rollers works so great I bought a back up set in the event one breaks. My hair is chemically relaxed and very porous, so I was surprised that the steam rollers worked so well (steam or humidity under normal circumstances turns my hair into a frizzy mess). I recommend using paper ends and to not over fill with water. Hair turns out healthy and consistently soft, smooth, and silky with lots of body. ...more info
  • Junk! Two broke after less than 10 uses
    The first one of these I received broke after 2 uses. quickly sent a replacement at no charge, and now that one has broken after about 5 uses. Very frustrating, because otherwise it seems like a good system....more info
  • Not Impressed
    I was just given this set- new- and was impressed by the reviews. I'm not sure if it's just my hair, but these do little more than a roller hair brush and dryer. I figured I needed to work out the kinks and give it another try. Again same look and that's all the curl I have after 20 minutes. Concept is good- just doesn't work on my fine, full head of hair. If you want curl stick to the hot rollers. ...more info
  • Great
    I've used the steam setter a couple years ago. when to a steam iron that burns the end of my hair. The Molecuar Steam Setter doesn't do that and is easy to use....more info
  • Works well but can't travel with it
    I very much liked how the curls lasted so long without hairspray. It was very easy to use, and quick. My only problem is when I would empty the water container and pack it up for a trip, it would make funny noises when I replugged it in but would eventually work. Now, after the fourth time I took it on a trip, it no longer works....more info
  • Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!!!!!
    I am African American with relaxed hair. I roll my hair at night, then remove the rollers, and the curls are so strong, they stay overnight, no matter how I toss and turn, this allows me to style my hair the next morning. It is nice not to sleep on rollers. No more burnt hair smell from the curling iron.

    Relaxed hair must be moisturized to prevent breakage and shedding, these rollers keep my hair moisturized and soft all day and I have noticed how shiny my hair is without my having to use any additional hair products. ...more info
  • Curling Hair is No Longer a Challenge
    At first I was skeptical because I've always used curling irons in the past. And on top of that, my ventures into hot roller systems weren't wonderful. They were hot for one and bulky. And a set with enough curlers to fit my head took up way too much counter space. Curling irons were an OK alternative for me for many years but it would burn if it was too hot or not curl if it wasn't hot enough. Soon I wasn't doing anything except blow drying...
    Then I decided to get this set. I've never heard of steam setter before but it sounded like it was worth a try. And I'm so glad I did!
    It's a mix between sponge curlers and heated curlers so it's pretty comfortable because it's softer and lighter than regular hot rollers. But it still easy to to snap right into your hair.
    The steam is the secret (I use filtered/bottled water because I'm afraid of having the hard water build up in the unit. I just keep a bottle in my bathroom). You hair can be unstylably dry and it would still curl. Plus the steam leaves your hair soft, just like when you first blow-dry wet hair.
    I usually put the curlers in before going through my morning make-up routine. You should take them out before you change or if you have a 30 minute car ride, take them out before you leave the house so the curls can loosen up a bit. That's all there is too it. If you want to set with some hair spray...go right ahead!
    This product comes with a unit that produces steam which has a regular and an ionic mode. I don't know what the difference is except that when it's on ionic mode, it creates more steam and is more noisy. Regular mode is silent. It also comes with lots of rollers in 3 sizes. You can stow the curlers away under the sink or in the closet and just leave the steam unit on your counter (It's about the size of a box of Olay Facial Cloths).
    You should try it if you want to curl your hair often. Unless you put your hand right up to the steam vent, there is no chance of you burning yourself and the rollers don't get hot enough to damage your hair either. Like all curling products, it takes practice and a couple of trail runs to get the configuration and timing down. Then, it's a piece of cake!...more info
  • Did not last long
    This was a great product for the price, but within 6 months the product no longer works. Don't know why. I would rather pay more for a better product.
    ...more info
  • lackluster curls.
    doesn't really work if you have thicker, longer hair and there are not enough rollers. spent an hour trying to get the steam action to work on my hair and ended up with damp hair and barely a wave....more info
  • Better than the Caruso rollers
    I have used the Caruso rollers for years, but they have changed the design and I have not been happy with the last one I bought. So I thought I would try the Sassoon Ion Steam Rollers and they are much better. I particularly like the Ion setting. I have very fine hair and can't use hot rollers because they damage my hair. The steam rollers are safe and give a very long lasting curl....more info
  • The Perfect Curl
    I have tried countless hairsetters, and this one it utterly outstanding. For many years, I have used an old Remington hot hairsetter (without steam) and because I have long, thick hair, it took maximum heat to curl my hair. Once the curls were set, I had to use hairspray to ensure they would last. However, this is not the case with the Vidal Sassoon steam setter. I decided to try a steam setter, having given up on current hot curlers (they wouldn't get hot enough, and the curls wouldn't last long). I was extremely surprised by the terrific results!! I use the jumbo size for long hair, and the curls last for days -- WITHOUT ANY HAIRSPRAY! Because this process uses steam, as opposed to direct heat, it is much safer on the hair. I have not discovered a difference yet between the ion feature, and the steam alone, but I have found that my hair is not frizzy anymore...instead I have smooth, sleek hair and managable curls and waves. Each roller only takes about 7 seconds to absorb the steam, so it is extremely time efficient. Coming from someone who used to use hot rollers, this is very easy to use, and doesn't burn your fingers. I have since converted, and I don't know why this product isn't more widely used! I haven't yet used the Caruso model but I believe the Vidal Sassoon model is very similar; However this was cheaper and I liked the design more. The 'shields' do not leave creases on the hair, which the hot rollers' clips often leave. I only wish they made a very compact travel version......more info