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"IONIC PRO" AIR PURIFIERThree stainless steel bladesTraps airborne allergies and irritantsTotally silentOne touch operationEnergy efficientNo filters simply wipe blades cleanBoxed "As Seen On TV" item.

Rid a room of excessive dust, pet dander, and pollen for enhanced respiration without resorting to chemical cleaners with the innovative Ionic Pro ionic air purifier. The electrical air purifier operates at 120v AC and 60Hz to quietly circulate and clean indoor air. The purifier air filters air in to collect debris and allergens before releasing clean air back into the room.

The ionic air purifier works by emitting a positive charge into a room. Particles in the air likewise become positively charged. As air travels through the air purifier, allergens naturally gravitate and cling to the negatively-charged metal collection plates in the appliance. The air purifier features a grounded plug for use in grounded-style outlets. Energy efficient, the purifier allows users to choose between low, medium, and high power levels to best address a room's size and allergen content without wasting energy. The air purifier works best in rooms up to 500 square feet in size. The purifier uses a LED display to indicate the selected power level. Another light indicates when the purifier requires cleaning. While many other air purifiers require the purchase of replacement filters, this model does not use filters. Users clean the purifier by wiping its collection plates clean with a rag according the cleaning directions outlined in the product manual. The purifier should be cleaned every four to five days. For user safety, the purifier should be turned off and then unplugged prior to cleaning. This item is intended for indoor use only and should be situated approximately 12 inches from the outlet. Do not use the purifier in bathrooms, near fireplaces, or in spaces with frequent exposure to flammable vapors. Ionic Pro offers a one-year warranty for this item. The air purifier measures 29 by 10-1/2 by 9 inches and weighs 10 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

  • Electrical ionic air purifier for reducing allergens and dust in indoor environments
  • Purifier quietly positively charges particles in the air before attracting them with negatively-charged collection plates
  • Operates at 120v AC and 60Hz; grounded-style plug requires use with grounded-style outlet
  • Low, medium, and high power levels available; covers rooms up to 500 square feet
  • Air purifier measures 29 by 10-1/2 by 9 inches; weighs 10 pounds; limited warranty available
Customer Reviews:
  • Better than Sharper Image
    This product produces Ozone. Get over it. (Ozone is O3 and makes a smell like after a thunderstorm) It is not super good for you, that being said, as long as you only have like 1 of these per floor, should be no problem.

    This collects particles from the air very well, the blades are just BLACK after a week or two and the cleaning method of this is MUCH better than my 2 sharper image ones.

    I will probably pick up another one of these pretty soon. I have had my first one for 3 years. I think there is a newer model of this too now. I imagine it also works very well....more info
  • Allergies Gone
    Bought two, had a Honeywell which works okay, but I still had allergies. After buying two of these, one for the desk area, and living room, allergies are gone. Clean every week or two, and can easily see the pet dander and dust on the blades. These trap the smaller particles the other filter doesn't seem to work on. Work Great....more info
    WHen it did work, I didn't notice any improvement in air quality. Once it indicated that it needed cleaning, I followed the instructions to clean, but it never worked again. The clean light would just stay on. After several other cleaning attempts the cleaning attempts the whole unit just went out. I feel embarassed to even admit that I paid that much for it. But, after reading several other reviews that complain of the same problem, I felt compelled to warn others. ...more info
  • Works but not that good>
    I got this brand new i have it turned on all the time. You can feel a light breeze when its working I mean light . It does collect some dust but a small amount my house is a dusty place . I haven't really notice any change what I have notice is a strong musk electric smell when its on . If you think this will stop from you having to dust it wont you still need to dust. All in all I would say save your money buy one with HEPA filter ....more info
  • dont waste your money
    Bought two of these, and they worked for less than a year. Both of them broke. Immidiately the clean light turns on and the product will not work. No amount of cleaning will fix this. ...more info
  • Quiet

    If you don"t like the noise of through cleaners there is No Noise at all....more info
  • I don't recommend Ionic Pro.
    I bought two Ionic Pros awhile ago and am very disappointed. After they started making crackling noises, I cleaned the collection blades and tower as best as I could. When that didn't work, I called their customer service, who apparently are located in India. I was told the collection blades were defective and that I should buy new ones, which I did. The first set of collection blades sent to me didn't fit, nor did the next set they sent me. Finally the third set fit, but unfortunately didn't stop the crackling noise. Although I was told I would be refunded if it didn't work, I won't hold my breath waiting for the refund. I don't recommend Ionic Pro....more info
  • It's all true! This is nothing but a death trap.
    What you've read and heard is all true. This product does nothing for you except offer discomfot, light-headedness, nauseousness, and utter disappointment. I bought mine a year ago in Lubbock, Texas; and all I can tell you is that I have not experienced any beneficial side effects from using this particular unit.

    Ever since I bought that thing and used it in my dorm and apartment each day, I've had nothing but problems with my heart (which I think is due primarily to use of the Ionic Pro). My doctor advised me to stop using it immediately, and guess what, after a few months the pain in my heart stopped. This thing worries me so much that I will never buy anything "ionized" or releases "ozone" particles into the air ever again - period. Please, everyone, don't even consider purchasing this.

    You will only be asking for severe health problems. An absolute waste of money!...more info
    How can anyone say this product works? It might have some merit as a boat anchor but not much. The good reviews MUST have been written by the Ionic Pro LLC? but then again, one is born every minute. If you are thinking about buying this smelly useless trash please take note of the warnings here. If you still decide to buy one then look me up, I have this bridge in San Francisco I am thinking of selling as well!...more info
  • works on cigarette smoke but turned everything brown
    i own two.havent used them in quiet awhile. they do clean up the air. but they also turn the walls,countertops etc. brown. the clock on the wall left a brown ring around it when i took it down.if i dont run the ionizer,no ring.the ions from the ionizer realesed into the air fall when they collect enough dirt,dust,smoke whatever.
    basically leaving a blanket of used smokey dusty ions sticking to everything in there path.i ran mine at 40inches off floor are more.
    maybe if set on floor the results would be better....more info
  • Exellent
    bought mine in 2005 now its Jan 2008, it works great, you just have to clean it, the key is to use a wet paper towel to clean it then use a dry one to wipe dry. It takes me 5 minutes to clean 2 of them, thats clean and dry so no need to wait for the blades to dry ;) they are already.

    When the blades and the 3 wires behind the blades get dirty it will make noises but that means its time to clean the blades and then the unit comes with a small handle on the top in the back to the right that you can pull to clean the wires inside of the unit and done, no more noise till its time to clean again. If your unit does not have this pull out thing then you got an old one and thats your fault, should have gotten the new one, I got mine at 2005 and they came with one so if you got one after that and your don't have it then you did not do your home work.

    I have had mine for 2 years and they work perfect, given the 5 minutes of blade/wire cleaning every 4 days. I have a dog and cat, here is my advise to the others, brush your pet for god sakes, they are not suppose to do the cleaning of your pets for you, I have a big dog and a cat, seems they shed all year round but I brush them so no hair is really left to be in the air, if you expect your purifier to clean after your pets, then they don't make one for you, even the HEPA ones with that much hair will cost you an arm and a leg in filters since you will have to change them every day with that much hair. Its an air purifier not your solution to not brushing your pet ;) ...more info
  • $150 for two years of use makes it very EXPENSIVE
    I was initially pleased with the ionic pro (though my wife wasn't happy about the ozone smell). Putting a piece of tape over the blue lights was no big deal. But over time it has become more and more noisy. The noise started coming on sooner and sooner after cleaning. And cleaning the blades and using the built in brush no longer fixes the problem at all. Also with time the unit is not collecting as much dust as it used to (and my wife says it no longer makes the ozone smell) indicating it isn't working like it should any more. Today after going online to see if there is a way to fix it (and coming to the conclusion that there isn't) I am throwing it in the garbage. The $150 price that I paid a couple years ago seemed like a pretty good deal; but now that it has run its course, the $75 per year price makes it awfully expensive....more info
  • Doesn't work long enough to pay for itself
    I purchased the Ionic Pro in June 2007. While it worked it did help my allergies but the problem is it only worked until October and then the red time to clean light comes on the instant you turn it on and no amount of cleaning makes it work. When I called their customer service I was told they have no record of me buying one but if I want to send in $99.00 they will send me a new one and a gift of a small one. I don't want to buy another if the first one only worked a few months. I was told I had to take this deal during this phone call or it would never be offered again. I must say, I will never deal with this company again.

    CJW...more info
  • Can't tell if it's work
    I have been using this for half year...can't really tell the different after using it. I have a cat at home, but the filter only trap a very thin layer of dust, not even one hair of my cat. ( My cat loose a LOT of hair)....more info
  • Dust in the wind
    This Ionic Pro air purifier was purchased along with two other large Kenmore units as a battery to mainly help reduce the dust in my home. With only about a month's duty, I can see a reduction of dust, but absolutely not near the 99.3% or so that this unit and the others advertised. Two nice features of this Ionic Pro are that it operates in total silence. The other feature is that there are no filters that need to be replaced, which should make this unit more cost efficient. Although I haven't had to do so yet, there is an inherent danger of residual electricity in the collection rods that must be discharged before touching them to clean them! I am not too keen on that idea!
    One other small drawback is the ozone oder that this unit produces. For me it is negligible but some may object. Simply, it has not seen enough service for me to rate this unit any higher than 2 stars. ...more info
  • Dangerous for people with asthma
    My sister bought this unit for me for Christmas and I have asthma. Not knowing much about ionic air purifiers, except from the advertisements on
    television, it seemed to be a good idea. I ran the machine for about 2 hours and got a bad headache and started to feel ill, also the machine emitted a bad smell while running it. (The plastic housing also smells bad). After reading the manual that came with it, it warns that you should
    check with your doctor if you have any medical problems, such as asthma, as the ozone that it emits is dangerous for people with asthma and other respitory problems. Consumer Reports magazine gave ionic air purifiers a bad review. (The headache went away when I turned off the machine and opened a window)...more info
  • Great air cleaner!
    This is a very nice cleaner, quiet and does the job. My home smells fresh. Can't even tell when I've cooked bacon or peppers. Quality item !...more info
  • Great for Allergies
    I have purchased 2 of these units, one for home and one for work. They do great cleaning and making the area smell great. If you have a room with oders this will make a big differce. As for my Allergies this has been a life saver and I would highly recomend it....more info
  • Do NOT buy the Ionic Pro! It is UNHEALTHY & STINKY!
    Before I start, let me write a disclaimer that this might apply to ALL brands of this type, maybe not just the Ionic Pro. (I haven't tried the others.)

    I was so excited about this item that I ordered two -- one for our bedroom and one for the room containing the cats' litter box. I only opened one, to try it out first before opening the other. The smell of the litter box was the reason for ordering.

    I can tell you honestly that it DID get rid of the litter box smell, but it may only have been because it masks the litter box smell with the ozone smell! When you read the booklet that comes with it, it tells you that "you may notice a new clean scent...Ozone is the scent you are smelling", and goes on to warn people with asthma, heart disease, lung disease, breathing problems, etc. that they should talk to their doctor before using it. I do not have any of those problems, but the smell was overwhelming. It smells like a combination of bleach and sulfur. And your nasal passages feel very similar to how they feel after being exposed to bleach fumes -- kind of a raw, stinging feeling. The instructions tell you that if the smell is too strong, turn it down to Medium or Low. I was operating it on Low. Even after turning it off and opening all the doors and windows to air out the house, I could still smell it (presumably because it was still in my sinuses). I could even smell it on my skin (after washing).

    I'm really disappointed to have to return my Ionic Pro, but there is no way that inhaling this ozone can be good for you. After using it, I did the research that I SHOULD have done prior to buying it. You can find many reports all over the internet about these devices, and the health risks involved. As much as I hate the litter box smell, I would rather smell that than burn away my sinuses. ...more info
  • Works well. Worth the money
    I was thinking about purchasing one of these ionic purifiers for a while, since I saw it in sharper image. But as I knew the technology behind it, I knew that sharper image was just gouging customers by charing $300 for a unit. Then finally at costco or frys (i don't remember), I picked up the ionic pro (about 2 years ago) and since then it worked well. I dind't deal with their support. So I coud not tell how good or bad they are. But the product is good for the price. It eliminates the musty smell in the room with ions, and gives the fresh feeling.
    But if you're really looking for purifing the air , then you have to get a powerful regular air purifier (like honeywell). I have both. Ionic pro and a traditional large volume honeywell air purifier. Together it does the job well.
    I would recommend the product. I usually leave it on in the day time with my bedroom aired. ...more info
  • POOR C,S.
    I have had 2 machines, nierther one has lasted very long, when I called thier custormer service it was a joke,Once they found out that I needed to return the item (full size) they hung up and woul dn't answer the phone when I called back....more info
  • works great
    The product was delivered quickly and works great. You can see the dirt particles it picks up from the air. It is silent, no sound at all. It looks really cool too with the blue indicator light for speed level. Really cool product. I recommend it....more info
  • Would have been a "5" but...
    We purchased our machine because we needed to get some of the desert crud out of the air, and my wife's allergies can be very bad during the summer months. We have found the maching to be very quiet and very effecient - when we cleaned it after a few weeks we noticed considerable crud on the filter (which quckly wiped away and was easily disposed of. We rated a four rather than a five because my wife had to get a piece of duct tape to cover up the power indicating light - she can't sleep with it glowing in the bedroom. She has talked to others who have it as well, and that light is their only complaint....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    This Ionic Pro Air Purifier does not do as it says.
    Theres no difference in the air. It is a total waste
    of money and Amazon says free shipping when it cost
    almost $13.00 to ship it....more info
  • Picks up a lot of dust
    I bought this unit about 2 months ago. It is used in the master bedroom, which has a 16-foot high cathedral ceiling and forced air heating. That means a lot of dusty air to clean. I have found it to be quiet and very effective. It can collect quite a bit of dirt, so I can go 2-3 weeks between cleaning. The cleaning light has not gone on, so it can evidently hold even more.

    It is very easy to clean. I put it under the shower and wipe it with a cloth. It is impressive to see how much dirt has been collected (and a relief to know I am not breathing it in.)

    My one complaint is one that others have mentioned. The power light is overly bright for a bedroom. I took another reviewer's advice and covered it with black electrical tape.That solved the problem.

    Finally, it is much less expensive than the ones advertised on TV and I am glad I bought it....more info
  • Gets the job done
    I just bought this air purifier recently at the recommendation of my dog's vet. He's a small dog and has bad allergies. I noticed the effects of the purifier almost immediately! My dog has not sneezed or hacked since I plugged it in. Also, I noticed that I no longer wake up with headaches in the morning.
    The purifier is really easy to clean, you just have to remember to do it every 5 days or so. I just wipe it down with a cloth and let it dry for a few hours and then I can turn it back on. Overall, I am very happy with this product and am extremely happy I bought it. ...more info
    Air Purifiers were recently reveiwed by Consumer Reports Magazine. They are quite ineffective and can be dangerous to your health. For further info, read article in Consumer Reports....more info
  • ionic pro
    I have one of these already for almost two years. I have notice less dust I have it in my bedroom. When I clean it black always comes off the grids. I am putting this one I bought downstairs
    I think it works just as good as the Sharper Image does for less
    money. You really need something to clean the air in your house....more info
  • No more allergies for daughter
    My 21 month old daughter was suffering with severe allergies. She had a runny nose all day and would cough all night. Sometimes to the point where she would vomit because her coughing was so severe. We use an expensive filter for our a/c and thought that would be enough but it wasn't, so we decided to try the Ionic Pro. She has since stopped coughing through the night and no longer has symptoms through the day. We were able to take her off allergy meds. When we don't turn it on for some reason, we know because she will start coughing through the night again. Now we bought a second one, one stays in her room and the other in the living room. Now we can breathe much easier : ) with her getting a good nights sleep....more info
  • Headache remover!
    I live in South Texas where the allergy season starts on January 1 and runs through December 31, but that's not why I bought this unit. We cook a lot, my wife and I both smoke, and we have a beagle in the house, so we got this to eliminate odors. To be honest with you, I don't really notice the difference until I've been gone for a weekend or something like that, or when friends come over and as soon as they walk in the house, they comment about how good it smells, so apparently it works much better than I realize at eliminating odors.

    But the main reason I wanted to review this after having it for a year now is this; when I originally got this, I placed it in the front living area of a house of 2500 sq ft. As I said, you would notice the clean air when you walked in the house, but it was probably too far away from the master bedroom to do much good. After having a particularly difficult bout of allergies and waking up with a terrific headache each morning, I finally decided to move it into the bedroom. Presto! No more waking up with a headache!

    After a couple of months, it seemed as though the allergy season was taking a respite, so I moved it back into the living room. After a week of waking up each morning with that same throbbing headache, the Ionic Pro now has a permanent place in my bedroom and I am buying a second one for the living room.

    I also love the fact that this thing is so easy to clean. I have found the little Palmolive disposable pads to work very well. A quick once over, let it dry (they recommend drying for 4 hours) then back in service. I highly recommend this product, especially for allergy sufferers.
    ...more info
    The IONIC PRO air cleaner is quiet & runs well & seems to be easy to clean. I wipe the blades & occasionally rinse off the dirt using my shower. The fact that it needs cleaning shows that the ION blades are absorbing the fine floating dust from the air.This is important to me.

    I know the cleaner is doing a job but it hasn't seemed to improve my particular nasal & congestion problems. (but neither have any of my DRs) ...more info
  • I smoke cigars, but you'd never know.
    Before I bought this my house smelled bad of cigars, I like to smoke them but I know they stink. When I would get home from work my house stunk. So I figured I would try one. Now when I get home my house smells good, like no one ever smoked here. Yes you do have to clean it about every 5 days but it is no big deal, I use windex and paper towel.

    If you own one and have doubts about how it works, leave it off for a day, leave your house for a while and come back and notice the smells that you have not smelled in a while. I am thinking of buying another one, not cause I need it, but if one works so good, what can two do? I owned an air cleaner with the hepa filter and prefilter and that worked ok if you didn't mind the noise of the fan and about $90 every couple months for new filters, once they get dirty they stink up the place more than anything.

    So I am very happy with this. The buzzing noise you hear happens when it gets dirty. Clean the blades and it is gone. My light went out too but somehow after a few days it came back on and it has worked ever since.

    ...more info
  • Ionic Pro Review
    It works really well at reducing allergens (my husband has been inhaler-free for three weeks now!). However, when the Ionic Pro needs to be cleaned (after 3-5 days), it starts to buzz. Quiet at first, then louder and louder. A little annoying, but not enough for me to return it. All in all...I'm glad a bought it!...more info
  • Very limited range and effectiveness
    I almost ordered the Ionic Breeze, but decided first to check the leading Consumer publication which Reports on such things. I was amazed to find that the Ionic Breeze repeatedly scored last on their air purifying tests. They noted that the Ionic Breeze's poor performance is legendary.

    Remember that the "ozone" smell is actually not good for you: it irrates the lungs of ashmatics and often those with allergies. The question is not whether you smell ozone, but whether particles are being removed from the air, which, according to the Consumer publication I read, they aren't. It removes very few particles, and only just around the unit for a couple of feet. I don't understand their "500 feet" claim: it doesn't make sense.

    Do yourself a favor and at least check up on some comparison shopping/reports first.

    Another thing: the title of the Ionic Breeze changes here periodically just enough so that they get a new listing with a clean slate of no reviews. That's a red flag to me. ...more info
  • Ozone Generator
    This thing is literally an ozone generator. I turned it on and immediately was hit in the face with a wall of ozone. Within minutes there was so much ozone in the room, I had to shut it off. Even on low setting, I can't go to sleep. If you are looking for a good ozone generator, buy this. If you want an air purifier, get one with a blower motor and an air filter. Forget the "ionic" type. And that includes the Orick. They don't work!...more info
  • A few problems...
    I bought this product for a christmas present and it worked great for a little over a week. Then, we noticed that two of the three little light bulbs that display whether the setting is high, medium or low had burned out. We called amazon and they said to send the machine back and they will send us another one.(free of cost) When we plugged our second one in, we noticed a very loud noise. We checked the blades and they did not need cleaned. So, once again we called amazon and they sent another one. (Free of cost also) We've had the third machine for a little over a month and have had no problems other than a little crackling noise every 5-7 days (meaning the blades need cleaned). Even though we had a few problems and it took about 2 months to actually receive a good working machine, I am satisfied with the purchase. ...more info
  • Ionic Pro Air Purifier
    Not sure I can tell a difference in the air quality. The noise I read about in other reviews has only been the sound of static, and only when the filter blades need cleaned. I found that operating the unit on Medium is just as efficient & the time between cleaning the blades is much longer than when operated on High. Overall, I'm glad I paid less for this unit compared to the Ionic Breeze unit by Sharper Image....more info
  • The concept works, but some science is lacking
    This review is after one month of ownership, and having read all of the reviews posted for the ionic air purifier.
    Without trying to overwhelm the masses, this device works because of electrical forces that "grab" onto particulate matter, as well as other "elemental" atoms. These "electrical forces" also move the air. Consider it a different type of fan. It's not a fast fan, but it does in fact create enough pressure to move the air.
    1- The air we breath is 21% oxygen- O2, and 79% nitrogen- N2.
    2- Ozone is O3.
    Our bodies were not designed to breath ozone. It causes all kinds of biological troubles. I've provided a "how stuff works" link near the end. READ IT!
    What happens with this device is that it strips the N2 gas, leaving only the oxygen molecule, which in turn must restabilize to a neutral component, thus leaving ozone. I.e., without the 79% nitrogen, the "air molecule" we normally breath has been disrupted, and is "unstable (this is what is called ionization)." (It must be said that this ozone-zone is only within the distance the air is moved, and returns to 'normal' rather quickly. The normal o2/n2 mixture remains outside of that zone.) So, the oxygen that remains must go to a neutral state, which is ozone. To state it simply, these devices do exactly what lightning does, but on a much smaller scale, and in a very controlled realm. When lightning strikes, the air surrounding that strike becomes "ionized." One of the results is the smell we all seem to love.
    I purchased one of the smaller models for my bathroom, and another my wife's car-- she's got allergies up the wazoo, so I thought it'd do the trick.
    With the bathroom model, I get the distinct ozone smell-- what it smells like after a lightning strike. It has a tendency to heighten the frequency/intensity of my headaches. Which I know is due entirely to the ozone concentration.
    The moisture that once left a ripe smell in my bathroom no longer exists, and the "bug zapper" sounds only occur once every few days. Cleaning is much easier, and takes only a few moments with the smaller model.
    In general, the device works. It does not however put out "pure oxygen" as mentioned on the TV ads. It puts out ozone, which can be deadly to humans, and animals-- over the long haul. To give a more accurate perspective, please read the How Stuff Work's link:
    If you're considering buying one of these devices, you should consider these things, as they will affect your overall health.
    If they ever figure out how to make them work, without stripping the nitrogen, I'll be the first to buy one. ...more info
  • Ican breathe clearly now....
    I have two children and two dogs. My children and I have bad allergies. After setting up the ionic pro we all slept like never before. When we woke up we were not congested, the dog smell was gone and I had to put my ear next to the machine to make sure it was still running, it is soooo quiet....more info
    I purchased my ionic pro about 4 months ago. Liked it the first 2 weeks. After that it must be cleaned everyday. If you don't clean it everyday it sounds like a industrial strenght bug zapper. I finally gave up on product after 3 months. Called ionic pro to complain, it was worst customer service I have ever experienced. They told me since I didn't purchase it through their website, that it should be the store where I purchased the products responsibilty. Hello, it's not the stores product, it's and ionic pro product. I finally spoke to a supervisor that agreed that I could ship it back. However, they would not refund my money. They would send me a new one that I had to pay another 20.00 for. They thought that was a great deal. I think it is horrible. I feel like I threw 150.00 in the trash. Why would I want to spend another 20.00? I finally called the store where I purchased the unit they agreed to give me a gift card for 150.00 to spend in their store. Which I think is wonderful since their return policy is 30 days and I have had the unit for about 120 days. The manager at the store also told me that over half of the ionic pros they sell are returned. DON'T WAST YOUR MONEY ON THIS HORRIBLE PRODUCT, WITH HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. ...more info
  • Alsome
    I live in a city that has two oil refinerys and a person that lives in my house that smokes! I have had it for a week and, and boy oh boy does this machine work great. The air seems to be lighter, I can see better, the air is not full of smog. I can breath ALOT BETTER. I am hopeing my parents will buy another one for the upstares. I rccomend this machine to anyone. Would you drink a glass of water full of dirt? I don't think so. You will be amazed what this machine has to offer....more info
  • Ionic Pro
    This air purifier works great,I bought another after just one week. I put one in my dining/living room and the other in my childs bedroom(asthma) . The diffrence in the dust alone made it worth the investment. My wife has noticed the amount of dust in the entire house has just about disappeared. You could run your finger on the wood furniture a week after cleaning and find dust . Now after using the air cleaner we dont see any. It's been a month now and we are thinking of buying one more for the basement room .
    Good product.Works great. As with anything electronic, read the directions . I recommend cleaning once every seven days. When the collector is removed for cleaning it is amazing to see all the dirt we breath .
    The only drawback is when you clean it , you have to wait overnight for it to dry before reusing it....more info
  • Hey, it works
    In spite of what previous reviewers said, this machine got a lot of crap out of the air. You can hear the buzzing as the dirt in the air is zapped by the electrostaic filter. The metal blades are alwyas full of black fuzzy dust....whatever that stuff may be. The only thing that bothers me is the LED power light. The blue LED is so incredibly bright that I have to keep the control panel coverd, otherwise I can't sleep at night....more info
  • Not mature product
    It looks like good when you buy this product new. However, it works only for a couple of weeks, then noise comes; the longer the more, and finally, you cannot tolerate and have to give it up. I have bought this product for six months and threw it away. My conclusion is that this is a not mature product on the market. Don't buy it. The manufacturer should make more lab research before put it into market....more info
  • Buy an Ionic Breeze Instead
    I have an ionic breeze and an ionic pro, i wish i hadnt wasted my money on an ionic pro and got 2 ionic breezes. The Pro needs to be cleaned twice as frequently as the breeze, not becasue it collects more (actually it collects much less) but because it starts sparking in its chamber if theres a little dust on the collection grid. My breeze collects more, never sparks and works totally silently. Save yourself aggrevation go with the Ionic Breeze....more info
  • I did my research!
    Copied from

    December 2005
    An air cleaner that does little cleaning

    Our latest tests show that the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Professional with OzoneGuard is as ineffective as earlier versions and, unlike most room air cleaners, emits ozone as a byproduct. Based on its poor performance, we do not recommend it.

    Sharper Image began offering its Professional Series air cleaners with the new OzoneGuard catalyst in July 2005 as Consumer Reports' October report on air cleaners went to press. Our air-cleaning tests show that the Ionic Breeze with OzoneGuard does a poor job of removing smoke, dust, and pollen particles from the air when new and after 500 hours of continuous use. We consider any air cleaner with a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of under 100 to be ineffective; CADR values for the Ionic Breeze were consistently in the 20s for dust and smoke and in the 30s for pollen. Indeed, our highest-rated air cleaner removed particles from the air roughly 20 times faster than the Ionic Breeze Professional.

    Ozone is also a concern, especially for people with asthma and respiratory allergies, which ozone can aggravate. While earlier versions of the Ionic Breeze significantly exceeded the ozone limit in the voluntary, industry-standard Underwriters Laboratory test, the Ionic Breeze with OzoneGuard still adds ozone to the air, measuring just within the test limit.

    The bottom line: The Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Professional with OzoneGuard does little to clean the air. If you own one, try returning it for a refund. Also remember that even the best air cleaner may be a questionable investment, since there's little medical evidence that air cleaners alone reduce the effects of indoor pollutants for those with asthma and allergies."...more info
  • Good
    Since I've bought it, I've had no problems with it. Had some buzzing after 3 weeks, but cleaned it, and the buzzing went away. Cleans the air well....more info
  • Excellent results
    Impressed so much that I ordered and received a second as quickly as the first. Those reviews stating a noise issue (buzzing) it is probably due to failure to properly clean both the collection grids AND the charging wire. The latter is utmost important in eliminating the buzzing and avoiding a "fire hazards"; and secondly, for the unit to properly work it must be plugged into a GROUNDED outlet. While the outlet may be three pronged that doesn't guarantee it is grounded....more info
  • This thing is a fire hazard
    While my ionic pro worked great for a month, it started making buzzing noises that have prgressively gotten worse. I can now turn it on and sparks shoot between the collecting rods very frequently, and even when i clean it. This was a terrible waste of money. Don't keep this product plugged in if you are not in the house, it is a definite fire hazard...more info
  • Cleans good
    I know this thing cleans the air. It only took me 5 hours to figure that out. I bought the thing, hooked it up, and a little later I pulled up the rods and they were dusty. Maybe some people have clean houses without dust but not here. The funny thing is, is that my buddy bought one the same day same time and his collection on dust was nothing. I think it has something to do with our different A/C systems. I have centeral and he has individual. I wonder if Consumer Reports was using centeral A/C in there tests. Who knows. As for 50 parts per billion ozone...I think a fart is more that that. If you smoke, buy it. If your house is dusty, buy it. If you beleive ther is a hole in the ozone and want to do something about it, buy it. If you are a memeber if PETA, don't buy it cause you are crazy....more info
  • Cleans, but noise became a problem
    I've had this unit for two months now, and as an allergy sufferer and Los Angelino, it seemed like the perfect solution for my problems. (Although I was a little wary at its lack of a fan--how can it clean air from the other side of even my tiny dorm room without some way to cycle the air around?) At first, however, it did the trick: lots of thick black gunk got caught on the blades and my symptoms became a bit less severe. However, about two weeks ago, I started hearing an intermittent buzzing noise from the machine. I cleaned it, hoping that would help, but it didn't. Then I started keeping the setting on medium instead of high, which did ease the buzzing. Then, I started hearing the buzzing more often...and it got louder. Much louder, to the point where it distracted my studying. Furthermore, I walked into my room this afternoon to find an overwhelming and pretty unpleasant "electric" smell, if you know what I'm referring to. I finally just had to turn the machine off altogether.

    I can't recommend this product--I'll be returning it to the store myself soon, in fact. ...more info
  • ozone alert
    I bought this for my home due to difficulties with allergies. After I had ordered it, but before it had been delivered, I read the Consumer Reports article reporting that these Ionic purifiers (this brand and other brands) put out ozone, and are NOT recommened. The reason the air smells so "clean" and fresh when in use is the ozone it is putting out. Not what you want when you already have respritory difficulties.

    WARNING: Before ordering this please read the review in Consumer Reports!...more info
  • It does what it says it does, just not as well as it says it should
    I bought it because I saw someone else cleaning theirs.

    After having it for a couple months, I've some to the conclusion that it does what its supposed to, but not as well as the advertisements say.
    Plus: It does remove the odors, allergenes, and dust out of the air and it does work almost silently.
    Easy to clean. Room smells better than it did. Cheaper than competition's similar products.

    Minus: You almost have to have a fan blowing air into it to keep the air circulating, otherwise it'll barely move the air around.
    Designed for smaller rooms. So I wouldn't plan on your entire house smelling better. Smaller HEPA air purifiers designed for 1 room are much cheaper and don't cost near as much as the advertisements make them out to.

    In the end, it does clean the air, but it takes awhile to work without a fan....more info
    I am a military spouse with kids, 2 cats, and a dog.
    This thing works. I no longer see pet fur floating in the air. Based on the product instructions if you hear a buzzing it's time for you to clean the blades and or wipe off the small wire blade section as well. I would advise anyone to purchase this over the expensive models. This machine is silent,
    and my allergies are not as bad. ...more info
  • Consumer Reports finds air purifiers churning out ozone
    When I first purchased the ionic pro I thought I was buying a great product, but after waking up in the middle of the night with the inability to breath, I wanted to do some research, and see if the sleek and smart ionic pro was a good buy compared to other products. Apparently, not, after reviewing consumer reports for air purifiers. Fortunately, there are some low and no cost methods to purify and better the air in my room.

    Here is a piece of the article.

    Experts agree that an ozone concentration of more than 80 ppb for eight hours or longer can cause coughing, wheezing, and chest pain while worsening asthma and deadening sense of smell. A 14-year study of 95 urban areas in the U.S. found a clear link between small increases in ozone and higher death rates. The study, which appeared in the November 2004 Journal of the American Medical Association, predicts that a 10-ppb increase in ozone over eight hours could lead to roughly 3,700 premature deaths per year in some cities.

    While ozone dissipates indoors, it can create other pollutants in the process.

    Air cleaners need not meet ozone limits-not for the Environmental Protection Agency, which regulates only outdoor air, nor for the Food and Drug Administration, since it does not consider them medical devices. No federal agency sets indoor ozone limits for homes. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is reviewing data on all air cleaners that create ozone and is evaluating whether the 50-ppb industry standard is adequate protection for consumers.
    ...more info
  • Great
    That's what we expected. It runs perfectly.I don't know how much it affects our sleep(we keep this in our bedroom).But I would reccomend to anyone that's looking for the Ionic air purifier....more info
  • good product
    purchased this product and i am very pleased with it. The first couple of days, it collected a high amount of dust, and after cleaning, you only have to do it like once a week, and when you do, just move the bar up and down a few times afterwards and the buzzing noise will stop. But for smokers, it will collect tar and nicotine and it will stick to the blades, particularly to the tops and bottoms of them, to clean them use luke warm water mixed with a little bit of dishwashing detergent (i use dawn) and rub with a non abrasive sponge and it is amazing how easy the tar and nicotine comes off. Just make sure it is dry when you reactivate it. I got a set of extra blades so changing is fast and no air interruption. If you don't have an extra set, the cycle is interruped and will take about 2 to 3 hours to get the room back to par. However the blue light on it at night will light up your ceiling with a circle of blue light (sort of like a night light) which isn't bad cuz i live in the country (no street lights) and i can see to go to the bathroom! lol. It does work and emits a pleasant clean rain smell. To circulate the air, i use a small fan and it is wonderful. Great product!...more info
  • seems really good
    I've been running this thing for a month now, had to clean it about twice. The first time was within 3 days which had a lot of black/white dust on the blades. Makes a lot of noise when it's dirty, simply cleaning the blades and the wires fixes it. After running for a while, it takes longer to clean (I guess it collected all the dust initially).

    Still dust on my table, but I do like the smell it emits, must fresher. People used to say my apartment had a bad smell to it, everyone says its gone now. I didnt notice much of a difference, but it seems to work if other people told me my place smells really good without actually seeing that i have an air purifier.

    So yeah, I'd recommend it if you have the money....more info
  • This product is not worth your money
    The Ionic Pro did not do what it is suppose to do. It makes too much noise and does not clean the air very well. The blue light on it is nice to see, but at night it is way too bright if you want to use it in your bedroom. Also the customer service from the manufacturer is terrible. They do not respond in a timely manner and give you the run around while they try to appease you with apologetic e-mails. It is worth it to buy a similar product that cost more, because they work and their customer service department gets you results.
    ...more info
    I recently purchased the Ionic Pro.
    After I purchased it, I wanted to know more about the product and how it cleans the air.
    After searching the internet, consumer reports and other sources indicate that any Ionic air purifiers do more bad than good.
    It releases "ozone" into the air, which is bad for your lungs.
    And consumer reports says it does a very poor job cleaning the air. Yes, it is quiet and don't need to puchase any filters, but I don't think its worth the risk.
    I have a 7 month old son.
    After I found out about this, I decided to return it and puchase one of the HEPA air filters.

    For more info, click on the link from consumer reports

    (...)...more info
  • Wonderful purchase!
    After reading some of the previous reviews I was skeptical. I needed an air purifier in my bedroom because I have two cats, people smoke in the room, and it generally has a musty smell.

    I bought an Ionic Pro a few weeks after reading these reviews. I'm impressed!

    After the first night I had to clean the blades because there was so much junk in the air. The next cleaning was about a week later because the machine had already powered through most of the offenders before (the instructions even state that it cleaning periods will be farther apart after the first use due to the fact that the air is generally cleaner and many of the pollutants have already been disposed of).

    Some of these reviews talk about taking it from room to room... it doesn't work that way. This item is designed for small, medium, or large rooms (rooms closed off by four walls and closed doors) and not huge open spaces or outside. It's worked perfectly in my large bedroom and I still haven't heard a sound from it after a month of constant use.

    The best thing to do is to purchase it for use in one room (don't take it from the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom, etc.) because it still takes time to clean the air. It's not an air freshener and does not make the air smell like citrus pleasentness. It simply cleans the air making it smell cleaner, feel less thick, and reduces the ammount of dust in the room (this I can vouch for).

    If you're looking for a quick air freshener buy a glade plug-in. If you're looking for a long term air purifier this is a very good buy....more info
  • Don't buy! Here's why!
    I bought this and then did my research. I know; that was dumb. Let me share what I found out and what led me to return the product. 1) This does not do much to clean the air. Consumer Reports did a study and found out that there is not enough air circulation produced by this gadget to clean the air. Sure, it will grab some of the dust floating around but so will fly paper. 2) This emits ozone and ozone can be dangerous to anyone with lung problems. This unit is made in China. Do you really want to trust that a foreign made product is going to be made so well that ozone levels will not exceed what is healthy? I don't. Sharper Image sells a gazillion of these - but you should check out what consumer reports says before you go for one of these....more info
  • Works, but ...
    I bought two of these. I live near a heavy traffic street, and it gets filled with black particles every three of four days, and I believe my allergies and my son's are getting better.

    The problems:

    1. The power light is so bright that you do not need a night lamp to read.
    2. Good thing is that the power light stopped working after two days, I had to put some black tape on the other unit to have a dark room for sleeping.
    3. One of the two units I bought makes and extremely loud noise. I tried to change the blades from the other, but the problem seems to be in the unit and not the blades. Being outside the U.S., bad luck for me.
    ...more info
    I fail to understand ANY of the positive reviews of this item since it so obviously doesn't work. I've been running it now for several months in a very dusty house (with 3 dogs, no less) and it hasn't removed enough dust to bother with-certainly no where near what the manufacture claims. And given the cost of the unit, hardly justifiable.
    It's just another attempt of corporate America (or maybe China,I don't know) inventing any gimmick to relieve consumers of their hard-earned cash.
    You're far better off buying one of the $20 fan-driven units that have been around for years. In spite of the drawbacks to these units, they do work.
    If you're in the market for a tall, black, ugly, object that takes up space in your living room, by all means buy this!
    So one more time: IT DOESN'T WORK! IT'S A PIECE-OF-CRAP! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!...more info
  • Similar to Ionic Breeze, but not quite "silent" (as claimed)
    I got this because it was about $50 cheaper than a refurb ionic breeze. It seemed to do something - there was some crud collected on the blades - but I didn't notice any difference in the smell of the room really. Worse is that it has a very faint buzzing sound even when the blades are completely clean. It said that it is supposed to be completely silent on the box.

    I returned it for this reason and just received a refurb ionic breeze from Sharper Image today. Hopefully it will work better and will be silent (my friend has one and claims you can't hear a thing even if you put your ear on it, so hopefully that's true).

    If the manufacturer reads these reviews: please fix the buzzing and you'll have a decent product....more info
  • Great Product
    I just cleaned off the blades in my ionic pro that i bought a couple of weeks ago and they where completly caked and covered with dust. I have noticed a huge difference since I bought this product my allergies have been reduced considerably and their is no more dust or other allergins floating around the room. I have also recieved comments about how the air in my room seems fresher. This is a great product and for the price it can't be beat. If you suffer from allergies like I do you really can't put a price on any kind of relief. ...more info
  • Works pretty well
    I clean the filter every six weeks or so. It's usually dirty, but not caked on filth or anything like that. I guess the dirt that IS on there would have been floating around in the room without this air purifier, so I have to give it props for that....more info
  • Great Air Cleaner
    I bought this air cleaner after debating what to buy for almost a year, and so far have been very pleased with my purchase. I regularly run a ultrasonic humidifier in the winter, which works great but leaves a white dust over everything. It never occured to me that this air cleaner would help with that problem, but it has worked wonders. If I run the humidifer on high usually the aircleaner has to be cleaned about every other day because it starts making a static noise and the collection plates are covered with white dust. I would much rather clean the air cleaner several times a week (takes only a minute to do) then have everything in the house covered with white dust. Also, the air has a very clean smell to it. Great buy, would recommend to anyone....more info
  • When it is sounds like static, then clean it!
    I have had similiar products and all you need to do is clean it when it makes noise. A previous reviewer obviously didnt read the directions. These are great products! Not perfect, but worth the money!...more info
  • I have only had it 2 days but love it!!!!!!
    I have only had it 2 days but allready think it has helped my allergies alot. If this product works as well as it seems to be and lasts a long time it will be a good purchase. It is as quiet as I have heard(or diddn't hear,(HaHa!). I purchased 2 and hope they work as well as they seem to be and work this way as long as I have them. By the way the static zapping sound can be annoying but is seems to be going away now that the air has been cleaned and there is less dust, pollen, cat and dog hair along with their dander.Update: 3/19/05 Well, I just cleaned the collection rods and and my sponge has a streak of black junk on it! I love my Ionic Pro. ...more info
  • Broke
    Ok, I have to flip flop from my previous review. It was working good, but just the other day after cleaning the plates and being sure to follow instructions of how to insert them correctly, the device doesn't work anymore. No lights no nothing. I've tried a few different things to get it to work, but without success. Its dead. The reliability of this product is now questionable in my view....more info
  • Solution to my allergy
    I first tried a hepa filter air purifier. It was noisy and circultated so much air that it created uncomfortable drafts. I primarily bought the Ionic Pro air purifier to help me with my allergy to my cat. Within a couple of days I noticed a major improvement. It is virtually silent and does the job well. This prompted me to buy a second one. It takes only a couple of minutes per week to clean. For my purpose, it was a great choice....more info
  • Ionic Pro is noisy.
    When I first bought the Inoic Pro I was really happy with the product. We had just finished construction in the house and the Inoic Pro really cleaned up the dust. However, about 1-2 months later, the my Ionic Pro started to make little static noises. Eventually, the noises became more persistent and non-stop. While the Inoic Pro works, it's to0 noisy to leave on, it almost sounds like one of those blue light bug zappers you use during the summer and the Inoic Pro is zapping a bug every 30 seconds. I really hope that there is a way to complain to the manufacturer of this problem because for the price, it really would have been a great product. ...more info
  • pleasant surprise
    Purchased this unit because of it's high area coverage and convenience. After a short period of usage it has reduced some of the oppressive feel of the air. Looking at the area in front of a window during afternoon sunlight I do not see noticeable dust highlighted in the sunbeams. The classic light shaft/ swirly dust effect is not visible. It is my impression that the amount of dust in the air is reduced, and the air has a noticeably lighter feel. This is from a single unit in the living room of a 1br apt. Note: according to the way ionizers work the unit does not purposefully collect dust it only causes dust to drop out of the atmosphere faster. Dust collects on the blades because they are generating ions, but the ions that are dispersed by the unit do the actual work. This probably explains why it may help some with allergy problems but not others: some allergy inducing dusts may be more or less reactive with the ions generated by these units than others, and the dust that is removed from the air may still be stirred up again if the surfaces of the room aren't maintained sufficiently....more info
  • Good product
    Same performance as the ionic breeze and $200 less! But a study of consumer reports says that these ionic air cleaners don't work very well because they don't move the air. Easily fixed with a small fan! So for this price + $10 fan you get better performance and price than an ionic breeze and the same performance as an orek ionic air cleaner that has a built in fan. I'm happy with this purchase....more info
  • Really cleans the air
    The Ionic Pro ionic air purifier is an amazing air purifier I have had it over 2 months. it is Quiet. And there are no filters to replace on this product.

    You will fall in love with this amazing air purifier....more info
  • Ionic dust fighter
    One of the big misconceptions about air Ionizers from reviews below is that people expect them to collect dust inside somewhere and get rid of it that way, where the biggest advantage of the technology is actually reducing dust, polen suspended in the air! The way it works, is that Ionizer releases negatively charged Ions into the air, they attach to dust particles that float around and force them to be "dropped down" onto the more positively charged surfaces such as your floor, shelves etc. Yes, part of them gets trapped inside the unit that you must clean. To evaluate the effectiveness of Ionic Pro performance, you should look on the sunny day in your room and see how much dust you actually have floating in the air and NOT how much dust your TV or book shelves have collected! Dust from the air will be attracted to the floor carpet/wood and still will need to be vacuumed or dusted. Only fan/filter-type air purifiers collect dust inside the filter so you have to replace it. Remember-this technology makes your air inside the room dust free, not claims to collect all the dust inside the unit!
    I used the unit for days, and the amount of floating dust is minimal to non existent! ...more info
  • Excellent Product For Allergy Sufferers!
    I was very skeptical about an air purifier being silent, so I was very suprised when I saw this model in the store and turned it on. I put my ear directly to the unit, and there was no sound at all. I was also very suprised when I smelled the air it was putting out, which definately had a fresh smell to it. Since it was such a good sale at BB, I decided I had to have one to try in our house. Imagine my suprise when my husband brought this home! I turned it on immediately, and within a half an hour my head started to clear up. I have had pressure in my sinuses for months now, and all of a sudden my nose started to run and I could breathe more clearly. I continued to run it off and on for a week, and I could tell that the air quality was getting much better. I actually started to wake up being able to breathe, not being all stuffed up and coughing. I noticed that my children's eyes were a little less red, too. I am very suprised at how well this unit works. I am very glad that I bought this product, and I would definately recommend it to anyone considering an air purifier....more info
  • too soon to tell
    Have had an Ionic Pro for about a month. The room air certainly smells cleaner. Don't know if this is from ozone or not. The filter blades begin to give out a slight sizzle after about a week of use. Booklet recommends cleaning every week. You have to lay it down horizontal to extract the blades. And a damp paper towel with some cleaner on it is best for removing the black build up on the blades. Then the instructions tell you to let the blades dry for 24hours. A bit inconvenient. Extra blades are $30....more info
  • I don't know what to say about this
    The unit itself is ok. I like the design, I like the idea of no loud fans or expensive filters. But my problem with this is the ozone it produces. It may be at low levels for household uses, but I can't continue to comfortably use this knowing that. Also the ozone is suppose to be there to produce a fresh clean smell, but most of the time I never smelled a thing. The times I did smell it smelled like a burned electronics and fresh rain together type of smell. So IMO it didn't smell good, but not bad either. (unless you put your nose to it and smelled it up close then it stunk)

    I only got it hoping to keep the dust down in my room because dust seems to build up very quickly even after I just cleaned 2 days ago. This unit does collect dust on its blades and it will make a crackling sound if it gets too dusty so it may need to be cleaned before the light comes on. I also tried this over my mom's house and she doesn't like it. She says it does nothing for her allergies. So she just doesn't like it and I don't like the ozone it produces so that's why I rate it a 3....more info
    This thing emits a burned electronics smell, that the instructions say is ozone. After running the unit for 4 days, my TV screen collected more dust than this thing did. Forget it....more info
  • Ionic Pro Air Purifier
    This product is FANTASTIC!!! We've had it for a week and already we can tell a difference. We used to have a small table top air cleaner & the noise & the cost of replacement filters was getting to be too much. This is absolutely quiet & very easy to clean. My husband & I are amazed at how well this works. We love this & are telling all of our friends about this item! It is definitely money well spent....more info
  • It seemed to work but not good enough
    I finally got this one delivered after 2 months of waiting. The unit seems attractive but I really don't see the difference in air quality as the prevous reviewers claimed. I put it in the kitchen when my wife was cooking and the smell of fish was still there. I put it into my bedroom and had it all day long, my allergy is still there. After about 6 days of constant use, I took their blade(=filter) out, but there wasn't much dust trapped on it. I would still keep this device (I don't think it's ethical to return it after 2 weeks of use), but in my opinion, I don't think it's worth $149....more info
  • Fantastic!
    I cant believe what a difference this item has made in my life. My friend who purchased this item is a completely different person. He smokes 2 packs a day and I can now tolerate being at his home! You dont even smell the smoke. No more second hand smoke. We are now making wedding plans! Thank you for such a wonderful air purifier!!...more info
  • I hate pollen
    Wow! This really works! My allergies have been far less severe since I brought this home. It's quiet but kinda ugly. For less allergy problems, I can deal with ugly....more info
  • Exceptional Air Control
    I purchased the Ionic Pro Air Purifier and within one day, I noticed the difference in the air quality in my apartment. It smells clean and it also seems to have improved my respiratory problems. I would recommend this to anyone with allergies, etc. Best of all, it is silent and cleaning is very easy....more info