Leifheit Rotaro S Manual Carpet and Floor Sweeper 12.25-in.

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Product Description

Don't sweep dirt under the rug when you can get a clean sweep with the Rotaro S. For carpet or hard surfaces, this sweeper helps loosen dirt and debris with height-adjustable brushes then sweeps it up into a holding bin. The pullout bin is easy to empty and clicks back in place for continued use. Use it for high and low-pile carpets, rugs, hardwood, tile and linoleum. It's economical and lightweight, so you won't strain or exhaust yourself. Rubber bumpers on the side protect furniture and walls from scratches and scuffs.

  • Model No.: Rotaro S
  • Color: Silver and black
  • Weight: 5.45-lbs.
  • Cleaning Brush Width: Center brush - 7.5-in.; Actual Unit - 12.25-in.
  • Warranty: 10 years
Customer Reviews:
  • Just does not work
    I was looking forward to using this item because I have been using a simple $9 carpet sweeper that work good but did not get the walls. I thought the Leifheit would solve that problem but it didn't, very heavy, very hard to push, Kept streering to the right and just didn't pick up as well as the $9 sweeper....more info
  • Terrible product!
    I purchased it to pick up after my twin one-year olds. I had used a Hoky when I worked as a waitress and loved it -- that thing picked up everything! (french fries, cracker crumbs, etc). So, I was excited to try a carpet sweeper at home. I purchased this one because it was the only version Hammacher Schlemmer carried -- and I assumed the quality would be good based on their testing (see their website for further info). Big mistake!

    It says that it works on bare floors and even plush carpet. I could barely manage to push it across my ceramic tile floor and, when I did manage to move it, it wouldn't pick anything up -- it just broke the cheerios into smaller crumbs, then pushed them around the floor and made an even bigger mess. (There is no way that this could pick up things like sugar and oatmeal flakes!)

    Being a glutton for punishment, I foolishly tried to use it on a very low pile carpet (similar to berber)--- it wouldn't even budge. I cannot fathom how a prior reviewer was able to push it across their berber carpet without doing serious damage to their back.

    Save your money and stick with the Gold Standard: a cheap broom and dustpan...more info
  • Do not waste your money
    This is the most expensive piece of trash I have ever owned. It does not roll at all on bare carpet or floors. Please do not waste your money. ...more info
  • Great Balls of Dust! No More!
    Solid construction, easy to use, very quiet, works great on my berber-like carpets, picks up even cat hair. I'm very pleased with my purchase - no more loud vacuuming or having to deal with the cord....more info