Joyce Chen 3-Piece Burnished Bamboo Stir-Fry Set

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Product Description

3 Piece, Burnished Bamboo Kitchen Tool Set, Includes 9" Rice Paddle, 12" Mixing Spoon & 12" Stir Fry Spatula.

In today's rapidly changing world, using renewable resources makes sense, even in the kitchen. Joyce Chen's burnished bamboo utensils are not only earth-friendly, but beautiful and practical. Bamboo, a grass, grows quickly to harvestable size and is considered an environmentally-sound replacement for slow-growing trees. Stronger than wood, the tools in this set won't scratch nonstick surfaces and are so tough they won't swell, split, or absorb moisture like wood can. Moreover, these are dishwasher-safe. The burnished honey color comes not from a stain but from oven-roasting, which caramelizes the bamboo's naturally occurring sugars.

Designed for stir-frying, this three-piece set includes a 9-inch rice paddle, 12-inch mixing spoon, and 13-inch stir-fry spatula, each with a hole for hanging. All are safe to use on any nonstick surface. Joyce Chen produces an impressive range of burnished bamboo kitchen tools and cutting boards, along with traditional woks and Asian-style cutlery for the dedicated home chef. --Ann Bieri

What's in the Box
Stir-fry utensil set. The set consists of: 9-inch rice paddle; 12-inch mixing spoon; 13-inch stir-fry spatula. 3 pieces total.

  • 3-piece set: 9-inch rice paddle; 12-inch mixing spoon; 13-inch stir-fry spatula
  • Made of bamboo, an earth-friendly renewable resource
  • Burnished honey color results from oven-roasting the bamboo
  • Tough, wood-like tools will not swell, split, or absorb moisture
  • Perfect for cooking on nonstick surfaces; dishwasher-safe

Customer Reviews:

  • Good workmanship
    We are trying to reduce plastics in the kitchen and these items fill the cooking utensil void nicely. Easy to clean and they don't scratch up pots and pans....more info
  • Excellent, sturdy spoon set!
    I ordered these spoons for just one of them, and found out that ALL of them are VERY useful. They are HIGH quality wood, much better than I expected based off of the VERY cheap price, and mine didn't have a perfume odor at all! The shape of two of the spoons are excellent, with flat edges so you can easily have a spoon/spatula, which was a pleasant surprise. Then you have one spatula and one regular wooden spoon. All of these are wonderful, so I'm coming back for more!...more info
  • Excellent set for healthy cookware
    People complain about these kitchen tools because they are difficult to clean. This is durable wood, and you can run it through the dishwasher, but consider washing them as soon as you are finished using them. ...more info
  • Wok and Roll!!!
    I received this yesterday. They are very sturdy and well made. I used one piece to stir fry last night and was very pleased. It also cleaned up easy. I am very impressed with the weight and quality of each piece. This particular set (in a clear plastic box) is treated wood. The price is very much worth what you get.

    I purchased a similar Joyce Chen cooking utensil set from Bed Bath & Beyond - this set came in a red nylon-string type bag. Same price, but the wood on these utensils is bare.

    I prefer the Amazon set and if you're looking for wooden utensils for any of your cookware - not just your wok - I recommend these!!...more info
  • Perfect for those who can't stand the feel of a wooden spoon!
    I bought these mainly because I can't stand the feel of a wooden spoon after it's washed a few times. It's like fingernails on a chalkboard for me ... popsicle sticks, wooden spoons ... ugh.

    These utensils can be washed in the dishwasher and always stay just as smooth as when you receive them....more info
  • Cheap and still working great a year later
    We've been using these over the past year continually with no complaints. These are much better quality than the freebies that come with some woks. They are sealed and still look like new even after washing them repeatedly in the dishwasher. If you want something sturdy to use in pans you're worried about scratching, these are the way to go....more info
  • Why the perfumy odor?
    These spoons have a nasty perfumy odor. I have to wonder what smell are they trying to hide with that perfume? For myself, I will return these rather than take a chance. ...more info
  • Works well
    I bought these because I was tired of scratching up the wok with a stainless steel spatula. The spoons work very well, are sturdy, and the spatula does not scratch the wok. Exactly what I wanted. I bought two, and will replace them with the same thing when (if) they wear out....more info
  • Think again. These are very thin pieces.
    I don't mind thin wooden utensils, but these are very thin and smaller than I thought they'd be, which suggests they won't last long before they need to be replaced. I can buy better at Wal-Mart, sadly. Joy has let us down with this set. Skip it and find better....more info
  • Joyce Chen Stirfry Set, 3 Piece
    Good quality, sturdy, nice finish,and fun to use. Very versatile equiptment for most cooking situations....more info


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