AIR-O-SWISS 1355 Air Washer / Humidifier - White

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  • Self-regulating evaporation principle requires no additional control systems to ensure optimal humidity level
  • Equipped with a special anti-bacterial protection system
  • Two whisper-quiet performance settings
  • Transparent, removable water tank with handle
  • Easy to use and clean -- discs are dishwasher safe
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Air Washer
    Was looking for a device that would humidify the air but not use filters that needed changing, which adds cost, plus filters provide a good medium for bacteria growth if not changed frequently. So, after doing a lot of research I found the Air-O-Swiss 1355 Air Washer, which by spec, should meet my criteria. Ordered through Amazon, which I must say was a great experience and fast service. The Air-O-Swiss 1355 met all of my expectations and more. It is not a light-weight in the field of air washers. It is very quiet and does a great job with what it was designed to do. The nice by-product is that it has minimized the allergies we all seem to suffer, must be the air washer part......Highly recommend the Air-O-Swiss 1355 and Amazon, a great combination....more info
  • Wick/Filter free evaporative humidifier
    I chose this unit because, although it costs a bit more initially and humidifies at a slower rate than other cool-mist technologies, it is easier and cheaper for me to maintain, and intrinsically cannot cause "white-dust" or a "falling cloud of cool mist" like the ultrasonic units might.

    I've been very happy with it over the past few months. I use a liquid anti-microbial agent and do not use the ionic silver stick.

    This technology is very similar to evaporative "wick" models. However, because many plastic discs are used instead of a wick, there is no wick to replace or get moldy. If the discs should ever get moldy, they can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand.

    I added a humidistat to mine....more info
  • Works Fine...
    The product works fine but the fan jiggles and is not as quiet at night as I would prefer it to be....more info
  • Best Humidifier I've Owned
    ...And I've owned many. I've tried the traditional "wick" humidifiers, steam vapor, ultrasonic, and even ones with pumps. None can compare to the convenience and reliability of the Air-O-Swiss, though.

    Steam Vapor ran my electric bill through the roof (it eats electricity like crazy). Ultrasonic created white dust that got into everything, no matter how small the crevice (even got on the CD inside my CD-ROM drive). As for the one with pumps? Um, the pumps burned out after 2 months.

    My traditional wick humidifier was the most reliable of my previous humidifiers, but wicks need constant replacement (which can get expensive if you live in an arid region like me) and their performance degrades as you use them more (eventually even with frequent cleaning, they will just not absorb water any more and the reservoir on your humidifier will frustratingly be full).

    The Air-O-Swiss works like a wick-based humidifier, except instead of a wick it uses slowly rotating plastic discs (about a dozen of them)to increase the surface area of water-to-air contact. A fan facilitates the flow of air through the housing. It does a great job of keeping the air breathable, and thus keeps my associated allergies at bay, but it's also so quiet that I can't even tell it's on unless I put my hand over the inlets/outlets to feel the air flow.

    The simplicity of its design lends to its reliability (it's just a fan and a motor to turn the discs very slowly). It doesn't have any wicks that need to be replaced, though it still needs regular cleaning (to get rid of mineral buildup). I've had it for about 3 months now and have had no problems with it. After trying so many different types of humidifiers, I was almost ready to just settle for my old wick-based humidifier (for which I was spending about 20$ a month in wicks). I'm very glad I discovered this humidifer....more info
  • Factory Direct Return Policy
    Make sure this is the product you want. The cost to return this was 20% of original price plus shipping....more info
  • A+ for service
    Very good customer service from the manufacturer, Plaston. I had a slightly older version of this humidifier that stopped working after about a year. When I called the company someone picked up the phone who knew all about the product. I sent them the broken humidifier and they sent me a new one right away.

    Apart from the fact that my first one broke down, I've been pretty satisfied with this product. My old humidifier used expensive disposable wicks, which used to get filthy after just a few days of New York City air. With this one, you just empty the water pan and wipe it down once in a while. Once every month or so, you have to clean the discs. This can be a pain without a dishwasher....more info