Factory-Reconditioned RotoZip RZ20-2100-RT Premium Cut-Off Kit

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Product Description

Includes RotoZip Pro Cutoff Kit w/ Worklight - RZ20-2100-RT, ZipMate? ZM3 Cutting Attachment, Masonry Cut-Off Wheel, Metal Cut-Off Wheel, Dry Diamond Cut-Off Wheel, Circle Cutting Guide Attachment, Bit Accessory Pack, Soft Carry Bag

  • Reconditioned Skil Products have a 1-year warranty through the Skil factory or an authorized service center
  • Variable speed control from 15,000- to 30,000-rpm
  • Integrated LED worklight
  • 3-jaw chuck
  • Includes-zipmate attachment, 3 cut-off wheels, 3 zipbits, zipbit case, wrench, and soft tool bag

Customer Reviews:

  • RotoZip
    Very good product - got me through a lot of tough cuts that other tools simply aren't made for. I'd buy again; a bit cumbersome to change tool heads, however....more info
  • This is one of those tools I just don't use
    You know, it looks great in the video, and it does what it says, but honestly, I never use it. I can do the same thing with other tools I already have on the job, and none of the guys are used to working with this. The attachments are a pain to swap, and easy to lose. A drill, a grinder, a sawzall, and a handheld drywall saw are always on site and in use anyway, so this stays in the shop. Also, it's a lot harder to get nice straight cuts than it looks. If all you were doing was cutting circles in drywall for two days it might make sense to break this thing out, but in reality, it's more of a pain to bring an extra tool, and switch over, for the few things this might actually do better than another tool. If you don't have other tools maybe this is of more value to you than it is to me, but I would not buy it again....more info
  • good
    Good product but not so good at cutting wood 1/2inch or thicker becomes difficult to control and greatly reduces cut quality....more info
  • RotoZip Disappoints
    Doesn't meet the minimum operational quality I have come to expect from Bosch. Although it does the basic work expected, the Zipmate attachment has a very flimsy flip lock to lock this attachment to the basic RotoZip tool, this poor design error was made twice when they used the same system to lock the cutting wheel guard to a fixed position on the Zipmate attachment. After becoming disconnected several times with almost no use, both of these quick lock clamps broke, without any adjustment on my part, ruining the rubber bit lock-on grip. I solved the clamp system by replacing both with SS radiator clamps that requires a screwdriver to remove or adjust...more info
  • Great Tool-Great Price
    I have researched all of the tool sellers in my area and found this particular kit to be the very best value. The kit arrived as scheduled and it's performance matches, or exceeds, it's value. I could not be more satisfied....more info
  • reconditioned is like new
    The reconditioned tool came and it could have been new. For the price, I don't see why you'd bother buying this new. Completely pleased with the purchase....more info
  • tool king review
    great product, real bargain at half price and less than the zip `10 model
    good delivery from tool king, condition was new w/ all the parts
    ...more info
  • Rotozip
    Great product! Looks new and, so far, works like a new unit. Very fast shipping, too. Thanks!...more info
  • Factory-Recon RotoZip kit
    I have 2 other RotoZip kits (an early unit, and a batt-operated unit) this unit was needed for use with a close-cut R/A adapter. The price, features, and power of this unit makes it a "real-deal" in my tool arsenal....more info
  • RotoZip Pleased
    I have had the unit for a month now. I have used it twice and must say that I am pleased so far....more info
  • All I needed, and then some
    I bought this thing several weeks ago because I have a project coming up that looks like this would be useful. Well, today another problem came up that set that project on the back burner again. A window sill that I have a room airconditioner in was rotting out threating to drop the AC. I had rebuilt this sill 10 or 12 years ago and after pulling off the trim I discovered that the plywood sheathing was also damaged and a few years earlier and I had since sided over it. Now I was faced with cutting out 3/4" of plywood about 5/8" below the surface of the adjacent siding. I have never used a Rotozip before but figured what the heck..... To make a long story short the thing worked beutifully. I had a little trouble controlling it until I figured out I was going the wrong direction but after that I got the rest out and went back and cleaned up the cuts.
    Machine was very smooth and uncomplaining. bucked a little when I hit a tough spot (never did figure out what those were) but as far as I'm concerned the thing paid for itself, and then some, today. Surprisingly easy to control as long as you let it do the work, It doesn't like to be pushed....more info
  • Great product and great price
    Saw and accessories work great , shipping was faster than expected.

    I would buy again.

    Tom...more info
  • Superb tool -provided you know how to use it!
    I believe the Rotozip is a superb tool and an absolute necessity for any professional or devout amateur. I recommend the premium model because it offers the most power, and the LED lights ("headlights" as I call them) are a nice accessory that makes using the tool in less optimal conditions more effective, such as cutting holes in ceiling sheetrock for recessed lighting. For tile work, the diamond blade is excellent provided you don't exert too much pressure and cause the blade to overheat; having said that, it does an amazing job of cutting eccentric or irregular tile pieces that cannot be obtained by using a wet saw. Ditto for using it to cut metal pipe, masonry, plaster, or drywall. You should be very carefull to use the right cutter for the targeted material; for example, plaster will literally roast a saber cut bit; the company sells a special carbide cutter bit especially designed for plaster that costs around $8-$10; it is a must have if you will do this type of work. Overall, most of the replacement items and accessories are reasonably priced and of high quality. Be cautious with the speed adjustment, as some cutters such as the diamond blade are rated for a top RPM and going too fast will burn them out and possibly be dangerous.

    The disk attachment is well made and allows rapid change of the cutters I have described. I was able to retro-fit this accessory onto an older model Zip Mate and have been very happy with its quality. Provided you know the limitations of this tool, it can be one of the most usefull around. Word of advice: keep a set of safety goggles, a dust mask, and perhaps ear plugs in the tool bag at all times. The cutters-especially those supplied for drywall and wood-cut at 25,000 rpm or so, and a lot of dust is thrown off and they can be loud as hell depending on the material you are cutting. Therefore, it is very easy to be distracted if dust is flying into your nose and eyes while trying to do use this tool, especially for extended periods of time. The more you can isolate yourself from the noise and debris that are normal byproducts of use, the better the results. Overall, anyone with half a brain will find zillions of uses for this tool and it will save loads of time for almost any project it is used for. ...more info
  • Replacement parts unavailable
    Just a month beyond the warranty expiring, one of the brush springs broke. There are no parts available for this tool. For lack of a 5 cent spring, the entire kit is now scrap metal. Unacceptable! ...more info
  • Graet price
    I had a rotozip and just wanted the updated features and at this price I was sold. Item as stated and fully warranted....more info
  • Love my RotoZip
    I'm buying this unit to replace the original infomercial model I bought 9 years ago, which finally died when I loaned it to some numbskull who rammed the zipmate into really thick mortar under ceramic tile.

    You just can't imagine how often I've said "No problem. I have my RotoZip." I had three guys look over my shoulder as I put up drywall, with a bunch of holes for electrical, an angled drain and two shutoff valves, and they were amazed at how perfectly the holes were cut (with my RotoZip). Same thing with the sink base. Just a couple of minutes later and we were pushing that sucker into position. Cutting a 6" hole to run ducting from one cabinet to the next was no problem either. Now watch me as I dazzle them when I install ceramic floor tile and a marble mosaic backsplash! Over the years, I've also cut Lexan to replace my tailgate window, cut swirlies on a bathroom light fixture cover to match my bathmat, cut perfect notches on laminate countertops whenever I needed to (like when they were in between walls), and countless other things that I can't even remember. For anything involving drywall or tiles of any kind, this tool is invaluable.

    Mind you, I've had 9 years of practice. This tool has a lot of torque and is not easy to control, but once you get the hang of it, the tool becomes quite handy. I was all set to buy a Dremel XPR instead (for the added control), but you can't really install floor tiles with those, and it would only piss me off whenever another limitation came about. And now that I know they've started making RotoZip Flex Shafts and a grout removal tool, I think RotoZip is still the way to go. Now if you're doing lightweight, intricate hobby stuff, probably not. But if you're doing heavy DIY construction like me, then you'll appreciate the extra power. Get the kit with as many attachments as you can afford. You don't think you'll need them now, but trust me. You will. Plus, don't forget about the cool little LED light on the RZ20! I won't have to wear that nerdy little bike light on my head anymore! Messed up my hair! :-)...more info
  • Great Tool
    I am an air conditioning contractor is south Alabama.I was in need of a cutting tool for cutting through new pre-fab I-Beam trusses they have started using in local housing construction, in order to route my ductwork.Was using a reciprocating saw,but it was realy hard to get the saw in between the joists and therefore ,holes were not very neat looking.I purchased the roto zip with circle cutting attachment and now the holes look like they were cut into the joists when fabricated.Superb looking job.Great tool at a great rice.Thanks...more info


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