McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner

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Product Description

Providing 1500 watts of steam power, this heavy-duty cleaner requires no chemicals and is easy to use. Ideal for cleaning and detailing cars, trucks, motorcycles, or boats, the cleaner removes stains and odors from upholstery, carpeting, and floor mats, as well as grease and grime from engines, wheels, and chrome accessories. It also works well for removing stuck-on dirt from the BBQ grill, patio furniture, or garage. The "steam ready" light indicates when the unit is ready to use, and a steam-control switch provides control over the amount of steam coming from the unit. The cleaner features a storage compartment for its 10 attachments, which include a steam jet nozzle, two extension wands, a triangle brush, an upholstery/floor brush, and a utility brush, as well as a squeegee, funnel, measuring cup, and terry cover for the floor brush. Its 12-foot power cord, caster wheels, and included accessories offer convenient mobility and make it easy to clean nooks and crannies in hard-to-reach places. The 13-pound steam cleaner has a 50-ounce water-tank capacity, which allows for one full hour of use. The unit measures 17-1/2 by 11-3/7 by 9-1/4 inches. --Catie Unger

1500 watts 50-oz water capacity 45 minutes of steam time 5-7 minutes heat-up steam on/off control switch storage space for utility brushes easy rolling casters 17 accessories UL Listed 1-year limited warranty.

  • Heavy-duty steam cleaner with 1500 watts of steaming power
  • Requires no chemicals; 50-ounce water-tank capacity; steam-control switch
  • Removes stains, grease, and grime from cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats
  • Storage compartment for 10 included accessories; 12-foot power cord; caster wheels
  • Measures 17-1/2 by 11-3/7 by 9-1/4 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Eco-friendly cleaning without chemicals!
    I love this steam cleaner! It is truly heavy duty and well-made, and easy to assemble and use.

    You don't have to use any weird chemicals to get rid of dirt and germs. Get everything truly clean and nice-smelling with no chemical residue that might harm kids or pets. It's wonderful for bathrooms and kitchens. You can really get into all the nooks and crannies that you thought were clean and just blast the crud away!

    It's also great for your off-season clothes that have been in storage, as it will take out any wrinkles or musty odors - again without having to pay for dry cleaning.

    I can't wait for warmer weather to try it on my grill, lawn furniture, window screens, patio, etc!...more info
  • Exceeded expectations!
    I really was impressed with this little machine. It did a great job on my kitchen tile floor, as well as the bathroom. The grout tool looks as if it will wear out pretty quickly with repeated scrubbing, but it did effectively clean very dirty white grout which I had not been able to get clean without strong chemicals. Since I have a dog with epilepsy who is sensitive to strong odors, this is a great option. I found that it will clean for a half hour or more when full, and doesn't take long to reheat the water if I take a break. I used a towel to clean up the residual water on the floor after cleaning -- using the cloth provided would take too long on a large area. I liked the way they included a screwdriver (the screw is already in the part, which I found after looking all over the packaging for a screw!), and that the fittings on the machine are brass and very sturdy....more info
  • McCulloch MC 1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner
    Excellent and effective cleaner. Nothing worked on my tiles except this powerful steamer. As a result, I was able to clean my bathroom grout and tile to like new. This machine will save anyone hours and hours of work, such as having to retile or regrout an entire bathroom.

    Great product! A time and money saver as well.

    Rosemary ...more info
  • Not as great as I had hoped.
    I bought this machine for my tile grout. It didn't do such a good job. But I did find other uses for it. I can clean the washing machine rim and in the nooks and crannys. It does blow stuff out of the cracks in things. The steam has not got the force it claims but I do like the machine. It does window pretty well too. I was also able to clean the inside of my fridge. I don't like using chemicals in there. With this machine no need for harsh chemicals....more info
  • Satisfied
    Steamer worked as expected and even a little better on bad mold in the shower....more info
  • Great "Green Product" for the money
    For excellent cleaning without chemicals, this is a great unit for bathrooms-grout cleaning, kitchens and tile floors, granite countertops, and windows. Can't get much "greener" with the environment. Excellent buy at AMZ....more info
  • Don't waste your time or money on this joke
    I wanted something that could finally clean the 1/2" white grout between my white kitchen and bathroom tiles. I've tried chlorine beach, pool bleach, even muriatic acid with a toothbrush. I thought this, if it worked like the other reviewers rave, would be a life saver. Wrong. It doesn't even remove stains that plain ol' soap & water get! What a joke. Makes a lot of hissing noise and steam fog, but no action. I only used it for about an hour on various things around the house to test it (bathroom tile, kitchen tile, kitchen sink, cabinets, even some carpet stains). After about 15 minutes, the first cup of water I put in it was gone and it stopped steaming. At least I assumed it ran out since there's no way to know how much, if any, water is still in it. That's why you're suppose to empty it (out of the tiny hole you poured the water in) when you're done. Otherwise, you will probably overfill it by mistake the next time you go to use it. Anyway, I put 3 cups in it this time and had to wait about 15 more minutes for it to reheat to use it again. If you are so sensitive that you can't even use soap and water to clean, AND you have a lot of time (like 3 hours just to try to clean your shower tile by tile), then go for it. Otherwise, don't waste your time or money because you'll be returning it like me....more info
  • not impressed
    This steamer is not what i thought it would be. When you use it it loses pressure right away so you have to sit and wait- pain in the ____ One of the brushes , the green scrubber, is attached with glue. This came off immediately and had to be thrown away , dumb design. The steamer cleans fairly well , but is very time consuming to fill, heat up, and wait forever for pressure to build....more info
  • The Freak back in Clean Freak...
    I, like many other reviewers, did a lot of research and reading before making the purchase of this cleaner. I looked at much more expensive models, but ultimately it came down to buying an affordable, durable product that would get the job done. And that it did...
    I did not have a prior experience with a vapor steamer which I'm sure does an even more amazing job with higher psi and temp, but honestly, I'm not sure I needed it.
    I am so glad I bought this item and that it was, indeed affordable. It cleaned everything with relative ease. I thought my home was pretty clean, but I was amazed at the grime this steamer lifted from kitchen cabinets, my stove, the fridge, the bath, baseboards, louvered doors, light fixtures, chandelier glass, appliances, etc...
    It's really, really great for getting gunk out of nooks and crannies-- especially crevices like windows, track doors of sliders, around the base of the toilet, and anywhere dust/dirt build up over time.
    As some other reviewers said, it did take a few more passes to get the tougher build up residue off the oven/stove/microwave, but ultimately the gleaming clean you get is worth the time it takes. Plus, no chemicals.
    My house really feels clean because it truly is.
    We purchased this not only to deep clean thoroughly, but also because our daughter has allergies to dust mites, cats, dogs, dust. The temperature of the steam helps to kill dust mites, de-nature the cat and dog allergens and eliminate the need for us to use chemicals to do that on a regular basis.
    You do need to be careful when refilling the machine right after it runs out of steam as when you pour in the room temperature water it will "geyser" out b/c the heating tank is still very hot. Watch out to not get splashed.
    Also, as other reviewers said, grab more towels because once you get started you won't want to stop.
    One other thing, there's some "blow back" of debris the steam kicks up when cleaning crevices, so be careful not to be in the line of that as it can splatter a bit in your face.
    I got my unit today and literally got on a three hour cleaning spree...I did not use any of the brushes b/c I had read that they were only good for one cleaning. I was able to use an old toothbrush when i needed it and that worked just fine.
    I was most impressed with the way it cleaned gunk from my fridge doors where condiments were and how my appliances literally gleam.
    I thought I had a clean house, as I clean regularly and thoroughly, but using this machine has taken it to another level.
    I love it!
    The unit comes with one terry cloth towel for use on the brush attachment. Other reviewers said to buy more, however they have designed the brush in such a way that you could easily use any other lint free towel (such as a microfiber towel), which is nice.
    the unit was a snap to put together and to use. It does need refilling every 15 minutes, however it's nice to take a break between filling.

    I'm very satisfied with the price I paid and what I got.
    ...more info
  • Not sure why this thing is getting 5 stars
    I was a little reluctant to buy this cleaner at first because the reviews seemed to be so mixed. Now that I've used it a few times I have to say that it is pretty useless. I have not been able to remove anything of significance from anything. This includes grout, bathroom scum and stove grease among other things. In fact, whatever the steamer does remove can be easily taken off with a wet sponge. I give it 2 stars only because it is well built. However, the steam and temperature output are wholly insufficient to get much of anything done. I really have my doubts about the integrity and/or judgment of people who have given this product 5 stars....more info
  • Does a fine job
    I have owned other steamers that simply exhaust warm mist and are ineffective. This one actually cleans and does a nice job. I spent a lot of time reviewing these steamer products, and believe this one to be the best....more info
  • great steamer
    I have tried nearly every brand of household steamer. This McCullogh steamer is the best of all that I have tried and the only one I would recommend. I have those large glass showers and this steamer is the best thing I have used for keeping them clean -- cleans the glass and the track as well with way less effort than traditional chemical glass cleaner. Also this is so effective for cleaning a large, deep master bathroom tub which can be problematic. Other items that I'm surprised this steamer handles so well are: shutters, lamp shades, inside refrigerator and microwave, glass top tables, fans.... I could go on and on about this item. I am truly impressed with it!...more info
  • The Most Fun I've Had Cleaning - EVER!!!
    I originally saw a similar steamer advertised on TV, and then checked the web to get some background info and found that this steamer was rated higher than most I bought it. I used it to clean the tiles in my shower, window blinds, tile and hardwood floors (all without the use of chemicals!!!)...And it was actually fun to use--I'm not kidding! It did a particularly beautiful job on the hardwood floors. Very easy to use and comes with a bunch of attachments (although the scrubber fell apart after the first use, it was quickly and easily replaced by manufacturer). You will, however, need to order extra terrycloth pads for floors as the one that comes with the steamer is just not enough for large/many floor surfaces. But they are very inexpensive. I would recommend this product to anyone--it just takes all of the smelly toxins and rigorous scrubbing out of housecleaning. Yay!!!...more info
  • Fantastic
    I did a lot of research before buying this product, and I am glad I finally decided on this. I had asked around and everyone who had steamers said they wished they had one with multiple attachments which made sense. This is so easy to use and I was surprised at how long the steam lasted. I can do my house with only 15 oz and half an hour. Sure beats mopping (which I rarely got around to because it was so time consuming). We have been finding so many uses for it: noseprints off windows (make sure you have a towel for the excess water), getting the scum out from around the faucets (we have really hard water), etc. I think it was well worth every penny. However, I replaced the mop pad that came with it with a Vileda pad and I like the results much better (I go through about a pad per large room)....more info
  • Nothing to Write Home About
    The McCulloch MC-1275 steamer is good for small jobs and maintenance cleaning. The attachments seem to be poorly made. After using the green circular sponge-like attachment for less than 10 minutes, it separated from the holder and is no longer useable. Overall the McCulloch MC-1275 steamer is average - just nothing to write home about....more info
  • Nice product
    I have used steamers for a long time and I was pleasantly surprised to find this one. Its sturty and easy to carry around with the wheels that are attached to it. The steamer is very powerful and I love the fact that you can steam for a long time on just one fill up....more info
  • The Mculloch MC-1275 heavy duty steam Cleaner
    The Mculloch heavy duty steamer has so far worked out wonderfully for me. I am a very detailed cleaner, and have used a few different steamers in the last 8 years. This steamer I would recommend to any one who loves a clean home!! ...more info
  • Wish it did more
    The steamer comes with lots of attachments so you can apply the steam in the most suitable way. The main problem is that it does not extract what it loosens up . Also, I tried it on some embedded mildew and it wasn't effective. So even though the product does what it promises, it was a pretty big disappointment and I haven't used it much ...more info
  • Steamer review
    This is the second McCulloch Steamer that I have purchased and I have to say that this one has been cheapened up a LOT! The plastic holder will not stay in the slot, and the hose cannot be interchanged with other steamers (which is why I purchased another one in the first place). I'm very dissappointed in McCulloch, but I love the steamer machines. They make my cleaning so much easier!...more info
  • Convenient and Powerful
    I purchased this item in order to sanitize and deodorize a fairly large area of new carpet. My poor cat had eaten a portion of a plastic bag and got really sick. My Simon recovered and I got the "accident" out of the carpet, but I wanted to make certain that the carpet not only looked clean, but was clean. I had a small Hoover steam cleaner - but it wouldn't work. I read a couple of reviews, and I decided to order this item. It was easy to set up and to use. With so many attachments, there are all kinds of things I can clean and disinfect. I give it a 2 thumbs up....more info
  • Happy
    I bought this product to mainly clean the grout on my tile floors and it worked very well. I also wanted it to remove the soap scum from my shower doors that didnt work very well but have found alot of other uses like cleaning silk plants etc Happy...more info
  • Heavy Duty is a misnomer
    Great packaging and sleek design. Easy to put together and put in use. Takes 15 minutes to get up to "steam". My "steam" wasn't hot enough to burn your hand. More like hot tap water. It dribbles or slobbers water residue everywhere. Won't remove simple grease smears off a granite counter top. Most of the cleaning effort comes from your elbow power scrubbing with the tip brush. I'm better off using a brush and Soft Scrub to clean my tiles.

    I certainly don't want to completely "dis" McCulloch. Their distributor was very helpful in the return of my first machine which arrived with a broken reservoir. Prompt and courteous customer service. Likewise, Amazon was great service in getting the second machine to me. they also were great in sending a UPS pickup tab to return the machines and in refunding my money.

    My advice is get what you pay for. You can't expect much work out of a $100 machine. I think you may need to spend at least $800 on a real heavy duty consumer unit to get real steam, pressure and continuous fill twin resevoirs. You don't want the hassle of waiting for the unit to cool down before you can refill and reheat for extended work sessions. A true steam cleaner should clean with little or no scrubbing with a brush!...more info
  • Not a miracle, but still pretty handy.
    I had seen the cheap steamers on TV late at night and that made me want to get one. However I had no interest in an 'as seen on tv' product so I looked on line. The steamer was the right price and the other reviews were pretty favorable so I chose this one.

    The thing that I found out pretty quickly is that if you don't clean your bathtub for a year, and then expect this steamer to blow away the mess, you're going to be dissapointed.

    However, the thing that I now use it most for is the removal of a spot from the carpet, or in some cases a muddy footprint. I bought it right before we moved and on the move in day a couple of muddy footprints were left on the carpet. With the use of this steamer and a rag I had them gone in about 2 minutes! I've also used the squeagie attatchment to clean mirrors, and the floor attatchment and extension arms to clean my kitchen floor.

    All in all, I'm glad I have this steamer and it will help me to keep my apartment clean so no massive dirtiness can pile up....more info
  • What else can I say??? IT CLEANS GROUT!!!
    There is nothing else I could add to the reviews written by "Meanwhile" and "Magnus Opus" about how well this machine works other than to say that it thoroughly cleans grout. I have porcelein tile on my kitchen floor and have not had the grout look this new since a month after the floor was put in. I have 4 kids, 3 dogs and a lot of floor traffic through the kitchen. I always assumed that the floor would need to be regrouted because of the discoloration, but NO!! I just steamed the dirty area for 5 seconds, then used the brush to scrub the dirt out. I am very chemically-sensitive so I was interested in finding ways to clean thoroughly but with no chemicals. Yes, you do need to scrub. Yes, you do need to spend time cleaning. But I believe it can do a great job on certain cleaning projects. My bathroom does not smell like pee anymore because the pressurized steam gets all the gunk out from under the holding tank and toilet, and anywhere else little boys spray. It really does a good job and I'm glad I spent the money on the higher end machine as opposed to the H20 mop. My sister in law loves her H20 mop, but she does not have kids or pets tracking in dirt, mud, grass, etc. If your family is like mine, this machine is a good choice....more info
  • Consumer Reports was right!
    I'd ordered a 400 dollar steam cleaner which didn't arrive on time. My husband checked the consumer magazine which recommended this McCulloch, and I ordered it from who could ship it overnight. Later, when I finally received the more expensive one, I had a chance to compare them, and the McCulloch is everything the other one is and MORE! I sent the expensive one back and kept my McCulloch....more info
  • McCulloch - 1275
    I hated this product. I am returning it because it is not hot enough and it spits water. I tried it on soap scum, toilet rust, water sediment around the sink and it did not clean any of them. It was very loud; it actually hurt my ears and impaired my hearing for a few hours after using it. I don't even give this product a star rating, because it doesn't even rate one star. Funny, this page would not let me submit my response without giving it at least one star so I must, but only because I have to....more info
  • Good Value
    The first tank of water I used in the machine was phenomenal cleaning power, but the 2nd tank lacked pizzaz. I left the machine for my father to use again (maybe I didn't let it rest long enough before the next use, etc) and he says it works just great for him, so, it's a winner and a keeper. Also, I really liked the variety of useful attachments and the machine's versatility. I have purchased and tried several other steam cleaners, one example, the shark, but the uses were too limited for my needs- and customer service returns were terrible-most other machines could not handle upright cleaning. This machine cleans the walls of showers, my heavy velvet curtains, tile floors, apolstery, and carpet floors and is not big and bulky. Small enough to take in my little Saturn car for travel to parent's house, powerful enough to provide impressive clean, and gentle enough that I don't worry about my clothes (just give it a little more space). And, it uses no chemical cleaning fluids, so it's safe to clean and let kids and pets back into cleaned area quickly--like within minutes of use. Neutralizes cat dander on velvet curtains well. Good value, best steamer I've tried so far....more info
  • Great cleaning!
    Steamers are a great option for cleaning without chemicals. They are safe around children, pets, and are especially helpful for those with asthma/allergies. The McCulloch is a heavy-duty, fast working, high temperature steamer that loosens dirt quickly and easily for mop-up. Once the dirt is gone, the surface is sanitized! It's terrific, I love it....more info
  • mcculloch steam cleaner mc-1275
    This has been a great purchase. I relied on the other buyers reviews with how it cleaned tile grout which was our min purpose for the purchase and it is fantastic. We have tried every chemical cleaner we could get our hands on and none of them worked. The last person we contracted cost $300 and did the job but we now can do this on our own and the product has paid for itself twice over on its first purchase. ...more info
  • Steam Cleaner
    Powerful cleaning of though grime. Grout, outdoor grill, grime on a WWII Jeep, were no match for the power of this steamer. Small, lightweight, easy to use. ...more info
  • excellent steam cleaner
    I am familiar with TV infomercial steamers. Lightweight in all aspects. Well, the McCulloch is a serious steam cleaner. It offers a lot of steam for a long time, is easy to assemble and operate, does big jobs and little ones with equal ease. Once I decided on the McCulloch, I found that Amazon had the best price....more info
  • Very pleased!!
    I am very happy with this purchase. So far it has done an excellent job! I almost purchased a handheld model but after reading reviews I am so glad I went with this one! It has great pressure and is easy to use. ...more info
  • Save your money for a better quality steamer
    The McCulloh MC 1275 steamer was a big disappointment. It did not appear to be the same steamer advertised, & after the first initial use where it steamed nicely (no pressure just steam), I could not get this thing to steam again to save my life. All it did was squirt water and leak all over my floor. This does not appear very "heavy duty" either, as pretty much the entire machine is plastic. I thought I would give it a try though, but what a big mistake. I really expected something better than this for $130!

    I am going to look into getting one of the expensive ones that is around $500 in the hopes that it will perform better than this thing. I needed it to steam my sofa and loveseat, but this doesn't do much other than get it wet. My advice is to save your money....more info
  • Fume-free cleaning
    I have owned this steamer for about a year, and I find it extremely useful. The different attachments mean you can clean carpet AND bare floor AND upholstery--making it a very good value for the price. It cleans as well as the chemical cleaners I have used, but without the headache-inducing fumes.

    As others have noted, while you do get 15 minutes of steam per refill of water, you don't get 15 minutes of continuous steam--you have stop and let the machine build up pressure. I haven't found this to be particularly onerous, though. The hose does get soft when it gets hot, but I am careful with it, and the steamer has not needed repair....more info
  • Decent cleaner
    Overall I think this is a fairly good steamer, however part of the reason I purchased it was to clean my bathroom, and kitchen floors without having to bend over. I still have to bend over a bit to scrub them and mop up the excess water afterwards. It does a good job, but not great, of cleaning my shower and tub. If you want to clean your floors with a steamer I would recommend an upright model....more info
  • Works well on most surfaces
    It works well for cleaning stuff like bathrooms and refrigerator/freezer messes. Deep soap scum or a neglected grill grate will take some effort. (Buy a new grate but the shower looked new after an hour of steam cleaning). The unit holds a lot of water so you don't have to refill it every 5 minutes. Its very loud. Also, you can get about 45 seconds of (effective) steam before it has to reheat for 30 seconds or so. So you end up steaming for a little bit, then wiping up, and waiting for the signal the temperature is right again. All in all Im happy with it but its not quite the magical machine I was hoping for.
    ...more info
  • Great Products - Would highly recommend!
    Being a green conscious person, I really love this product because it is lightweight and easy to use - not to mention, the price is fantastic. Similar models tend to be quite expensive! Would recommend highly....more info
  • McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner
    I am very happy with the McCulloch MC-1275. The steam capacity is greater and last longer than my little Scunci Steamer. I wish there would have been an instruction booklet that shows you what tools are best used for steaming carpet and other surfaces. I used it as soon and I receive it on the promised date. The greatest concentration of steam comes out of the point without one of the tools. This is great for getting into hard to reach crevices. I like it, I am happy with it....more info
  • Best Ever
    I am so happy with the steam cleaner. It's almost addictive. I keep finding more and more uses and my grout is back to buttercream. The steamer even took out olive oil stains that have been there foew a couple years. My windows and patio door sparkle, the appliances are beautiful. I can't give this little machine enough praise. The steaming time if magnificant. I strongly enourage eveyone to even thnks about this purchase to absolutely do it. Kudoos - Top notch product...more info
  • For normal use -- just buy it
    Had some qualms based on some reviews. I have used this several times by now and it works surprisingly well. Extra accessories will cost you tho'....more info
  • Disappointing
    I purchased the MC-1275 two weeks ago. I have used it three times and it has already stopped working! I have tried to contact customer service and could not get an actual person...just voicemail. Initially, it seemed like a good unit. Now I will find out how good their warranty is!...more info
  • Fabulous
    I just love this little machine. Talk about men and their tools, this is women and their tools! My house has never felt cleaner, I only wish I had this 10 years ago....more info
  • McCulloch Steam Cleaner
    product performance is great. We've been able to remove some stains in the carpet we had around for a long time and were not able to get resolved otherwise.
    What's lacking is a convenient storage facility for the power cable, hose and extra brushes. It would be great if the power cable would be retractable and there would be some storage on the body of the cleaner a you find typically on canister vacuum cleaners...more info
  • Made in China with lots of plastic - NOT heavy duty
    First the good news, you can expect almost a half an hour of steam with each fill. Yet, this should not be sold as a "heavy duty" steamer. I have owned this steamer for about 4 years now. There is too much plastic to be considered heavy duty. Please Note: there is one major design flaw: the handle attaches to the extension with only a thin layer of plastic. If you put any pressure down on the handle it will break. The manufacturer sold me a new handle with the promise of a better design. Yet, the replacement handle is exactly the same. Now the plastic wheels have snapped off, the plastic hose connection has broken, the plastic on/off switch has popped out of it's seat hanging somewhere in the interior. In summary: This is a pile of plastic that will soon be at your local landfill....more info
  • Best Cleaning Appliance Ever
    I purchased the McCulloch steam cleaner after reading the Amazon reviews.
    It has lots of little attachments and I thought it would be difficult to assemble but it was very easy and took just minutes. I mainly wanted to use this in the bathrooms but found all kinds of things that it is perfect for. First, the bathrooms. I started with the shower and found that it blasted away years of gunk in the grout that I never could get clean with chemical cleaners.I also used it on the glass shower door which was pretty effective. I think I like it the most for the toilet. You really feel like it is disinfecting and the porcelain just shines. My husband must do a little dance everytime he pees so needless to say I was impressed with how it gets all the little areas under the seat. The floors were next and with a quick change to the floor attachment I was in business. It was perfect. I also used it on my sealed hardwood floors and they look great.
    I agree with the other reviewers that the steam action is very loud so I just popped in my iPod earbuds and was all set. I have not found any negatives about the unit so far. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who is looking for that deep cleaning and sanitizing without using any chemicals. You don't get that nice fresh scent like you do if you use your Clorox but I sure feel better putting my butt down on that wonderfully disinfected toilet seat....more info
  • McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner
    Nice size unit. Does have good steam. Steam is not hot enough to remove the dirt as promised. Not as good a deal as I had hoped....more info
  • best thing ever
    I used this on my shower floor that is textured and it couldn't come clean at all, no matter how much bleach or scrubbing was involved. Well I used this and it is so clean! It looks like a new white shower! I also used it on my carpet where my dogs thought they would mark. It took out all of the stains and smell! Yeah! I also used it on my wainscotting and louvered doors, it is so easy to use. I am working my way through my house steaming as I go. It is the best $100 I have ever spent. ...more info
  • santizing cleaning machine
    McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner
    Best cleaning & sanitizing ever. Gets places cleaners & wipes cannot. Windows come out crystally. Baths come out squeaky. Stove grease melts & sanitized. Jewelry comes out sparkly. My tile floor, counters & grout come out tight, especially where my dogs lick their food off the floor, ugh. Now that is sanitized. Bestest of all the steam last 45 minutes plus, a whole lot of cleaning going on. After which the steamer & I take a cool-down break of 15 minutes, refill, good to go again....more info
  • great steamer
    I originally bought this for my kitchen tile grout. First time i used it without any attachments to just steam the grout...worked beyond what i had hoped for. Now I use it weekly with the floor attachment terry cloth head and it keeps my tile and grout looking like new. Very impressed with this steamer, recommended it to all of my family and friends!!!...more info
  • I like my McCulloch Steamer
    I like the steamer. I really enjoyed the results of using the steamer on the toilet. Spraying the toilet hinges.

    I use it on mirrors, then squeege them, on grout, around the faucets in the bathroom and kitchen.

    In the microwave, on stainless steel, it did a lovely job on marble.

    My car had an overcoat of paint on one door. Wax had built up in the grooves of the overcoat. The McCulloch Steamer got the old wax out. I used it to detail around the trim, also, on the car. I like my steamer. This is, however, the only one that I have used. ...more info
  • Too early?
    So far, so good. Product works exactly as described. Appears sturdy, with bayonet fittings made of a appropriately tough-looking polycarbonate. But the unit's still very new and I'm too early into the learning curve to give much of an opinion. Maybe if Amazon would solicit these reviews after three months, then again after six months, they'd better reflect product quality and applicability for use? The device does produce REAL steam, the threads on the boiler look resilient (ie: not some crappy alloy, priced right that day). ...more info
  • McCullouch Steam Cleaner
    I have been looking for a good steam cleaner to help with housecleaning and I truly have found it in this product. I steam cleaned walls, windows (even those hard to reach casement types), baseboards, and even furniture. It has made cleaning easier and the whole house feels clean and stays cleaner longer. The steam lasts a long time so you can get a lot done without refilling. I haven't tried it on the ceramic tile floors and grout yet but I will. We have a non-skid surface on the bottom our bathroom and it is very difficult to clean. Nothing gets in those small nooks. I used the steam and Vola! Dirt is gone! Would I recommend this product - most definitely and I have!!!...more info
  • lots of fun
    I was nervous to order because even though there are lots of good reviews on this product, there are bad,too. It is probably an expectation thing. It met mine! I wanted something to keep me from destroying my back trying to scrub the grout on my kitchen floor. This did the trick! The floor is the cleanest ever, my back is in good shape, and my kids even took turns helping. To do the job, I didn't use the floor attachment though. I used a smaller brush to scrub it more thoroughly. I use the floor brush now that the grout is clean. It does the tiles fine, but not so good to get really dirty grout. I was fearful that there would be a lot of water clean up, but not so. It is really a minor amount. If you let the machine rest a bit, spray the first spray into the sink, as it will put out a bit more water at first, but then it is small amount after that.
    I have a ball everytime I use my steamer, amazed at how fun it is to clean things. ( want to clean things, too!) I did my baseboards when doing the grout. Awesome! Toilet got sparkly! (Be prepared for strong odor as it blasts off all the pee from careless boys and men!) Think I'm going to try the window attachment today.
    I had read a review that said how sturdy all the attachments seemed, and it was how I decided on this brand. I agree with that person. Seems well made and not cheapy as other brands were said to be. It very well may be a Christmas gift this year for some on our list! Would make a great wedding gift, too!...more info
  • I'm in love with this steamer
    I just bought my steamer today and it is wonderful. I have cleaned all the bare floors in my downstairs. My kitchen is the worst. I have 5 kids and a golden retriever so it takes a beating. It's vinyl with a lot of grooves to trap dirt when I would use a regular mop. It's not the fastest machine so thats why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. You do have to let it heat back up very frequently. But I don't have to get on my hands and knees and scrub with a scrub brush so this is a major plus. It's not for everyday cleaning, but I know I'll use it weekly espically for the floors. It does just what I needed it to. I can't wait to see what it does in the bathroom!...more info
  • McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy Duty "Compact" Steam Cleaner
    Very easy to use and store out of the way! Don't let the size fool you, I use mine to clean everything from my car's Hub Caps & engine, to my house rugs! works great. Very Happy with mine....more info
  • Great Product
    It doesn't work miracles but I love using this steam cleaner. It is easy to use and does get alot of the grime off. It is very loud and hearing protection should be used. So far satisfied with this purchase....more info
  • Save your money
    This is a very poorly designed product. It doesn't clean nearly as well as traditional soap and water. Since I live on a farm, I hoped to use it primarily to clean my floors, but to use it according to the directions, you would have to wash the floor first, steam the floor, and then wash the floor again. What a waste of time! Also it is awkward to use, it tipped over twice.
    I tried it on several different surfaces and under different conditions hoping I could find at least one thing it was good for. It did a poor job on the floor, a worse job on the oven, and was useless cleaning the porch railings. If you want a clean and disinfected house, buy a mop and some Clorox. Don't waste your money on this thing...more info
  • Really Nice
    So far I dont have anything bad to say about this product. Only one thing I wish It had was the cord wrapper and tool storage.. its very difficult to store. ...more info
  • McCulloch Steamer
    The McCulloch Steamer delivers many uses as promised. The large water resevoir enables it to be used for a long time. While it is a bit cumbersome at times, it is easy to use and works well. We used it to clean grout in our kitchen. We used it to remove wallpaper border that would not come off with any other method. So far, it is worth the money....more info
  • good for general household cleaning
    I have had my cleaner for a few months now. I have tried it on a variety of household chores. Overall it does a decent job. It doesnt do as well as advertised but for the price it is decent. I tried it on the drip pans on my stove. It didnt really clean them at all. But on things that arent too dirty it does well. In the shower I did steam it then had to follow up using bathroom cleaner to finish though it did make it easier then just the chemicals alone. I would buy it again but if I had the money to buy a better steamer then I would spend the extra money for one that is a little more powerful....more info
  • Very Pleased.....
    The outside of our house was under construction for several months so our dog tracked in mud everywhere, especially the tile kitchen. I spent over $100 on different types of cleaners but nothing was working. I thought I was going to have to replace the entire floor until a friend told me to try a steam cleaner. I found several and compared prices/features and decided this was the one for my project and budget. It was HARD work - two 4 hour days but I got my tile floor looking brand new and back to the original grout color (beige). I was impressed and so was my family members who told me to give up. ...more info
  • Light Duty Cleaner
    I purchased this product with many high hopes. I have cleaned 2 bathrooms, a foyer, and a kitchen. In the bathrooms I had to get out some cleaning supplies to use in conjuction with it. When I did that it helped loosen the soap scum, but by itself it was taking FOREVER. It did a wonderful job cleaning the tile in the foyer, but I was hoping it would serve most of its helpfulness in the bathroom. I am not sorely disappointed but I am not overjoyed either. I am going to use it in a few weeks to assist me in cleaning some outdoor furniture. I hope it works like I think it will. I did not run out of steam while I was cleaning. I wish it had a compartment to hold all the attachments, right now they are in a wal-mart bag. ...more info
  • Works very well on all sorts of cleaning, I don't ever want to be w/out it again!
    I did quite a bit of research on steamers before purchasing this one and I am very glad I did because I couldn't be happier. It works great on everything I have done so far, the attachments are really nice and the construction of the product seems very solid and it is easy to use. I literally use it to clean everything now, it cleaned the inside of my stove last week perfectly! I was so happy not to have to spray any nasty chemical disgusting oven cleaner, I just steamed and wiped and the oven is cleaner than it's ever been. It works great on all our floors, cleaning toilets, bath tubs, windows, shining up things like our stainless steel tea pot. I also used it to clean my couch cushions that have had a very unfortunate "funk" on them from my cat for ages. While the smell is not completely gone it did eliminate it more than any of the cleaners I have used before and made my couch look much nicer. Both my husband and I LOVE this steamer it's our answer to all household cleansers and I have used it every weekend on something or other since I bought it. Well worth the money!!!...more info
  • Safe buy if you are unsure
    After researching most of the units out there, I finally chose the McCulloch. If it is grout you want to clean, this one works. Easy to use, good steam, still takes some scrubbing, but if you saw my grout before using this unit, you would be amazed. I had settled into accepting my grout would just be a darker color for now on. NOT! So, if you are unsure, not that my word carries the weight of gold, this unit works like it should to my specifications. IT is not magic, but it works reliabley. Just my thoughts....more info
  • Does NOT have a 50 ounce water Capacity like stated
    The only complaints I have about this unit are that it does not hold 50 ounces of water as stated in the item description. It only hold 16 ounces at a time and then you have to refill it and wait for the water to heat up which is about 8 minutes. The other complaint is the floor attachment with the cloth is pretty substandard to clean a kitchen floor. The cloth is not attached to the unit. You have to just place it on the floor and put the brush attachment on top and it will slip around a lot. It doesn't melt the soap scum as well as I would have liked. Over all I am pretty happy with this machine....more info
  • Love it
    I would recommend this product over anything else I looked at. It is made very well, you can tell by the quality of the fittings, and connections. There are no leaks when running, it's a very sturdy steamer.. It does everthing it's supposed to do, I did save my floor mats in my new truck which had gotten very dirty, they are tan so they show all the dirt. After a steaming they were "almost like new" huge differance.. CAnt find any negatives worth mentioning. I would buy another one if needed....more info
  • McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner
    This product is excellent for the price. I have not found a stain I could not get out with it. The attachments are a nice added feature. I am very happy with the purchase....more info
  • McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner
    It does a good job. Not as easy to use as I hoped. I have never used a steam cleaner before. Maybe in time I will be happy with it. I don't like the window attachment left lost of streaks. It did preaty good on my gas range. also on my tolets. ...more info
  • Worth every penny!!
    A friend of mine recommended this steam cleaner and I have to say, it was a worthwhile investment. I use it mostly to clean bird cages and it gets the job done without harsh chemicals and odors... I would not hesitate to purchase this product!...more info
  • not good
    i returned this product to amazon because i felt the performance was not up to snuff. i tried cleaning the standard things; stove, wheels etc. after i was finished cleaning them with this steam cleaner i was able to wipe off additional gunk with my bare hands. this product did not leave much of an impression on me....more info
  • Still evaluating, useful but no magic here
    I think the review should address two questions.
    1) Is a steam cleaner the right thing for you?
    2) Is McCullough MC-1275 the right steam cleaner for you?

    For the first question, one thing to keep in mind is that the steamer will not do magic but will do the work after you get some practice. Whether it is right for you, that will depend. I thik the best way to describe the steam cleaner is to think of a capuccino machine with a hose and a brush attached. The steam wets and warms the cleaning area, but most of the cleaning is done by brushing. Think about trying to clean an area with a toothbrush that you constantly dip in hot water. How effective that is? Well, here are my impressions so far:

    - it was so-so to clean the grout of my bathroom tiles, and that was after a lot of scrubing. Using tilex brings a similar results with less scrubing but will lead a strong smell, plus you'll need to wipe the floor dry which takes quite a bit. Using oxy bleach gives also a similar result with a similar amount of scrubing and you'l still need to wipte the floor dry; however, it will not leave a smell.

    - it was not too effective on the bathtub, I think tilex here wins because rinsing and drying the tub is less messy than on the floor because of the tub drain.

    - it worked quite well to clean the tiles of the hallway - the results were better than the chemicals - but required a substantial amount of time

    - carpet cleaning is ok. It will not take stains out of the carpet, but I felt the result of using the steam cleaner together with a wet-dry vac better than renting a carpet steamer. In addition, there is no smell of chemicals (a big plus) and my carpet feels "refreshed."

    In short, the steam cleaner is a good choice if you don't want to mess up with chemicals and do not mind doing some extra work.

    With respect to the second question, I found the McCullough quite decent, th parts and gadgets look ok, the size look ok, it warms the water pretty quick, you can use it for roughtly 45 minutes per filled tank. I found the tank size quite adequate. I wish the pressure were higher and the steam were hotter but I guess that the specs are adequate for a $100 machine.

    One thing I realized is that the little brushes do not last long (and one of the reasons they won't last is because of the heat): each brush will not last more than one filled tank.

    will do more test and update this review

    ...more info
  • Steamey
    great product....just moved into this farmhouse and it was extremely dirty. I am so glad I bought this was well worth the money...I love it...more info
  • Works great
    Bought this to clean my tile floors as my dog is messy and drops food and water all over them. Can't believe the difference since I have been using the steamer. Easy to use. Can hardly wait to try it on other things....more info
  • McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner
    I use this unit to defrost evaporators that freeze up on household refrigerators in my appliance business. The small handheld steamers takes about 30 minutes and don't usually hold enough water to complete the job the first time. The McCulloch Steamer takes 15 minutes on 1 fill of water. I think it is great!. I have also used it to clean small dirty spots in my carpet and it takes the spot right out....more info
  • Poor to Mediocre Performance
    This steamer does a good job on lightly stained surfaces, but don't expect it to be the "wonder drug" of household cleaners. I have used the steamer only in a shower, and I have to say that Tilex and Comet work much better than the steamer. Forget about this thing removing any soap scum.

    The steam coming out the end of the nozzle cools enough that I can hold my hand in the stream about an inch from the nozzle. I have used several of the wired and plastic brushes, plus the scouring pads included with the steamer, but I have to say that a little elbow grease and some standard household products do a better job than this steamer.
    ...more info
  • Great Machine
    Works quite well. Very quiet. Cleaned an old lineluem floor that had a huge amount of wax build up and lacked any luster. After the cleaning it looked shiney and clean. Super easy to use and assemble. Water tank was ample to clean for 45 minutes or so which was plenty. It does create a lot of water on the floor so I was hesitant to use it on my Pergo floors. Great in the shower and bathroom also! Great deal and FAST shipping....more info
  • Selective uses
    I've had my Mccollouch steamer about two years now. It is great for stripping old caulk, too messy to clean walls or the stove. That makes it a rather expensive caulk cleaner. I am still trying to figure out how to use it to clean my carpet but with all the water, I probably won't. ...more info
  • Love this steam cleaner
    I brought this back in March. I just got around to using it this past weekend. We have a full wall of white brick fireplace in our den. I have cleaned the bricks in the past and they were ok. This machine REALLY CLEANED the white bricks, they are brighter and cleaner. It wasn't hard, the machine really steams up and does a great job. I started cleaning everything in sight. My house smells better and best of all no harsh chemicals. I wish I had ordered this years ago.

    ...more info
  • you get your moneys worth.
    I had this about 6 months, and it has worked very well. Now it is not a shop model, but it is far superior to those little hand held steamers. Not large enough to clean a very dirty car engine, but almost. You can use it instead of an iron, on clothing, and it will clean a very dirty floor, or a greasy stove. It has worked well on grills and bikes and I would buy it again. ...more info
  • Wonderful
    I have had this cleaner for over a year now. It was my 3rd but first of this brand. It performs as they say it will. We had a minor problem with the hose and customer service was GREAT!

    You must be realistic in your expectations though. If you have 20 years of built of goo, it will not work miracles. It will still take a little time and effort on the users part.

    We have about 2000 sq ft of tile. It cleans the light grout exceptionally well. I also use it on my oven.

    I am very pleased with my little machine!! ...more info
  • Pretty good...
    Didn't know what to expect but was hoping for a miracle grout cleaner. Using the metal brush attachment in the bathroom, the fairly clean grout is now cleaner but the not so clean grout still looks not so clean - plus I had to use earplugs in that small space. I like the floor attachment for mopping and when I have time (and the strength) going to go after the grout in the kitchen. Although not the miracle I was hoping for, am fairly satisfied with the purchase....more info
  • I love this little device
    It heats up really fast. It doesn't take up a lot of speace. It's got plenty of replaceable heads although watch out for the smaller cleaning brushes they will loose their bristles. I only wish you could put cleaning fluid in it. Other than that it's extremely versitile I've cleaned everything from my baseboards to my bathroom to my upholstery! ...more info
  • Great Steamer
    I have just used this steamer twice, but what a great product. My tile floors have never looked better....more info
  • Please don't waste your money on it
    Not a very good steam cleaner; with 48 oz water the steam lasted just 15 minutes and i wasn't satisfied with cleaneing. Came with some parts missing,too!...more info
    I bought this steamer about a year and a half ago, and for various reasons (including a move and a whole-house renovation) it stayed in the box and I didn't didn't start using it until about six months ago. This steamer was FABULOUS, while it worked. It conked out a few weeks ago. The water heats but steam won't come out. So far, customer service hasn't been great. The McCulloch rep, while very nice, was not very helpful. She said it probably was the hose, and I could buy a new one for $21.99 plus shipping. After spending $120 on the machine, and not sure it will even work, I hesitate to throw good money after bad. A word on steam-cleaning: once I tried it, I LOVED it. Yes, I had to wipe with a cloth a bit, in addition to blasting with the steam, to get off tough dirt, but it's better than scouring with chemicals. I have asthma, and for anyone who doesn't want to breath chemicals, this is the way to clean. And, it kills germs as well. The dirt melts off my stove top. No danger of scratching the finish. And, everything feels so much cleaner, including my kitchen floor. Best of all, I know the dogs' little paws (and mine) won't be picking up chemical residue. Just make sure to get a tough machine that lasts longer than this one did....more info
  • Doesn't clean well.
    I tried cleaning my vinyl floor, it didn't get much cleaner than the swiffer wet ones.
    I attempted to clean windows with the squeege and I spent more time wiping the windows because of all the water the steam cleaner produced.
    I didn't have much luck cleaning around the kitchen sink either.
    I also had shipping issues with Top Innovations. The original machine I received wouldn't turn on at all. It was a month before I got the replacement machine....more info
  • LOUD!
    Although this product does a good job with cleaning, it is EXTREMELY loud. I suggest wearing ear plugs when using it. I used it in the morning to get a head start before my kids woke up but unfortunately, the noise woke them up! A little cumbersome when carrying up and down the stairs. I think this product would do well for the garage and outdoor use. Although I have only used this product once, I can see how the bristles would need to be replaced quickly because the durability is not that good....more info
  • Save your money! Trust me!
    Expecting this to clean your tub or remove soap scum? If so, don't waste your time or money. I've tried cleaning just about everything (shower, toilet, build-up around the sink, fingerprints on stainless steel trashcan.....) in my house with this thing, and the only success found was in the microwave. If you use hot water on a rag, it works just as well. It will not blast away grime like you are expecting it to. If you want to spend $100+ to clean your microwave every few months, then this is the machine for you. Otherwise, just do as you've been doing and spend a few dollars a month on the cleaners that you'll have to end up buying when you realize what a disappointment this is....more info
    I had the steam buggy before this which was way too small. This holds twice the water so it emits twice the steam as the steam buggy. It is the right size for the average cleaning job you have in the house....more info
  • I have used it
    I have used it for a month now, cleaned the BBQ, the oven, under the stove, the bathrooms,detailed the cars. This one is so much better that those hand held ones, I have filled it in the morning and cleaned til lunch, refilled it and cleaned all afternoon. if you want a steamer this is the one since we cant all afford the 3-4 thounand $ pro models....more info
  • Lots of steam for small jobs
    The good: It puts off an almost endless amount of steam and can run for a long time when filled. It follows you around like a puppy so moving from place to place is easy. The attachments are sturdy. It heats very quickly and stores fairly nicely although a cord wrap would have been a nice addition. It is clearly far, far better than those TV infomercial units.

    The bad: I was, honestly, disappointed at the cleaning power. Never having used a steamer perhaps I just expected miracles. I was hoping it would blast away those stubborn grease spots on the stove, scour that shower scum, and eliminate that dark spot on the carpet. Alas the steamer didn't do much to help. It took ultra-fine steel wool to remove the grease spots, a good soak in shower cleaner did in the scum, and I still haven't found a solution to the spot on the carpet.

    Final Thoughts: I give it top points for quality of materials. I'm pretty convinced its the best little steamer out there. What I'm not sure on is how/when/where to use the thing to my advantage....more info
  • i'm happy...
    I really like this thing, in the morning I fill it, while it's heating I knock off morning dishes, its ready when I'm done. I can then blast through the kitchen and bathroom in about 10 minutes, at first I was using lots of paper towels, but then I got some microfiber cloths (I feel like a tree hugger) I'm really happy with the way it was packed too. It seems solid and well made except the brushes (they melt) (I hope by writing all this good stuff I didn't jinx myself)...more info
  • McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner
    This product is fun to use and it feels good to know that I'm using only steam instead of harsh chemicals to clean my floors. I'm only giving it 3 stars though, because my floors don't look as good as when I mop them. However, I'm still glad I made this purchase because I'm sure it'll come in handy for other things like area rugs and upholstered furnishings. ...more info
  • So many uses.
    I purchased this steamer more than a year ago and have cleaned many items inside and outside. Just refurbished a free gas grill by steaming it clean. Works quickly and stores easily. I placed the steamer and accessories in a large plastic tote and store it on a shelf between uses. Would definitely recommend this steamer over smaller, cheaper steamers. Attachments are nice, but I found they bend after a few uses (plastic bristles). I am going to order more brass attachments for keeping the grill clean....more info
  • Heavy duty steam cleaner (McCulloch)
    I love this product! It cleans very well. It met my expectations and is very easy to use....more info
  • Terrific idea, tho doubt it gets hot enough
    I like the compactness of this device, and used it to clean bathroom fixtures. Tried it on grout, and not happy, as did not remove stains or mildew in corners. The steam of course turns to water, so I find that it requires additional labor of wiping and drying. I bought a thermometer to test the temperature of the steam and it did not reach high enough to sterilize. I did web research and find that certain high temps sterilize while lower ones fail. This fails. I used it a half dozen times in the kitchen on sink and stovetop, in all cases finding it inadequate to the tasks. The only thing it did superlatively well: wet the caked mud on my shoes and blow it away....more info
  • Steam Cleaner
    This product is cleverly designed using quality materials, including Brass fittings. The extra long AC cord, pivotal casters and approx. 6 foot long steam hose, allowed me to clean my entire car without changing the plug connection. More attachments then I expected and it's cute too.
    I find myself having to show and explain the Steamer to every one who enters my garage.
    Best purchase I made in a long time....more info
  • Not worth the money or trouble
    This was my first steam machine. I primarily purchased it to do my floor grout. To get my grout clean, I first used a small brush, and it melted within a 20min. Then I just tried the reg nozzle with no attachemnts and it took hours for a few small sections. Next I tried the wire brush that comes in the kit, and that worked pretty good for a 30mins but then the main attachment itself broke in half. Next I just tried scrubbing the floors with the big scrubber/mopper, but I kept running out of steam, literally.
    I spent 2+ hours, and I only finished 1/4 of the grout in my kitchen not to mention the rest of my house that I never got to. I've decided to return the whole unit. It was, in my opinion, defective. Rather than try another steamer for my floors, I'll just rent one when I need it....more info
  • McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner
    I like the unit as it does exactly what I need it to do. The only problem that I have with the unit is that I can't get replacement parts or new attachments as I was told this unit is no longer manufactured. The unit can be preplaced but the small attachments can not (I didn't understand that????) I use my unit in the home and on my detail jobs to clean carpet and upholstery. Don't use it on headliners as the steam will cause the glue to lose its adhesive properties and you will end up with a sagging headliner.

    To make this unit better I would make it a continuous fill unit with more metal attachment (steam has melted a few of the brush britles) and had more attachments that will change the spray of the steam such as full stream, Flat, U-shaped etc. with the new attachments I think that this would be a top tier product for the money....more info
  • Quick work of a big job
    I purchased this to clean the grout in a tile floor. It does a quick job of dissloving the dirt. You do have to mop the floor after you've steamed the dirt out of the grout,and that's what you would expect. I think this will work great when spring cleaning the boat too. There are lots of attachments for all kinds of jobs. I'm happy.
    ...more info
  • Not for your car
    I purchased this steamer for use on my car (inside and rims), but this steam cleaner is virtually worthless for this use. Dirt and grime only sprays away when the nozzle is directly on the dirt. Therefore, for hard to reach places, it does not work well. Furthermore, the steam is not that hot. A few inches from the nozzle, I can hold my hand in the steam. Directly under the nozzle, I cannot, but I was under the assumption that the steam was significantly more powerful that this.

    Now that I am resigned to the fact that I have to keep this unit, I tried it on my shower, and it is not all that impressive there either. Scrubbing Bubbles work better!...more info
  • I love it!
    I love my new steamer. I cannot use chemical cleaners in my home or degreasers. The McCulloch steam cleaner melts the grease spots right off my stove, cleans my kitchen floor so quickly. ...more info
  • Great product
    This steamer is powerful enough to clean entire tiles in the kichen area, floors, stoves and so on. It is very worth buying this. Price is very reasnable, but it works perfectly. I recommen this item!!...more info
  • Great portable home steamer
    This unit puts out a lot of steam. When you run continuously, you may have to stop for 20 to 30 seconds every few minutes to let steam build up. This posed little inconvenience when I use it. It did an incredibly good job at removing wall paper. It comes with a good variety of attachments. I am also pleased with the way it cleaned the bathroom fixtures, windows, and under the hood of my car. Well worth the extra money over those small units. Having a wand on the end of a hose makes it easier to get into tighter places. Very impressive piece of equipment....more info
  • Steam Away
    This is a good cleaning product. The quality is good and the unit is easy to use. It has enough water capacity to clean an entire bathroom, unlike some of the smaller units. Also, there are variety of attachments which give you several options for cleaning various items. Strongly recommend!...more info
  • Works OK But Not Enough Uses
    I bought this steamer, knowing the handheld types were jumk, thinking I would have lots of uses for it. But what I found was that it did not really do anything that a sponge with hot water and soap could do. It has now been sitting in my garage for almost a year. It is decently made, but unless you are constantly needing to steam clean heavily greased equipment, the same amount of money could buy lots of sponges and soap....more info
  • alright
    It works alright, but it takes 15 mins to warm up, I would use it if I have a lot to clean, not good for quick clean up....more info
  • Okay, but not great
    Did clean some things, but did not clean my shower mold. We moved into a new home and wanted to get all the dirt out from the last family. This was helpful on the countertop tile dirt, but not shower mold. Does work and clean well, just not all the things I had hoped or with the power I was expecting....more info
  • Lots of cleaning power
    A little bulky, but a good product. Easy to use and cleans very well. ...more info
  • holds lots of water
    so you can steam clean to your heart's content. But like most appliances of this type, the storage of the unit and its accessories is a nuisance. i still haven't found the right spot. SUGGESTIONS?...more info
  • does what I need & a little more...
    I won't rehash on all that's been pointed to in the other reviews -> so here's my $0.02

    First off, I'm a guy who only bought this to primarily clean the toilet in the bathroom. Yes a bit of an overkill, but I hate to scrub that thing.

    My first attempt result in the paint on the toilet seat wrinkling up. DOH! at least we know it works! (That & not to use steam on painted surfaces) But, yes it definitely cleaned the bowl without contact being needed. & no, you got me, I normally keep my bowl "looking" clean but I just wanted to be super confident with a steam cleaner.

    I've also used it to clean a sofa (works okay) & the stovetop & greasy tiles. It will loosen up the grease but you will need a lot of towels/elbow grease to scrub it off.

    -dries your throat out! I now soak a bandana with water & wear it over my mouth to fight against this.
    -short spurts (feels like 20secs of spraying & the recharge light comes on.)
    -doesn't really do anything for stains on carpet (I know, I need to get a carpet steamer for that.)
    -doesn't seem like it can clean an engine like they show in the picture (granted, I never even bothered bringing it into the garage)
    -canister shape sorta takes up more room than it should. girls say it looks cute though. go figure.

    All in all, recommended as long as it matches what you need. For my self, being a $100+ toilet cleaner, sometimes I wonder about the purchase......more info
  • A moderate performer... do your research.
    You'll be surprised at how much easier it is to clean your home with a vapor steam cleaner, although this McCulloch is not one I'd recommend. The problem with the McCulloch is that it has a flimsy 1.4 liter aluminum boiler with a 90-day warranty. You want a larger boiler so that you don't have to stop to refill and reheat while cleaning. And 90 days is a really short warranty. The better vapor steam cleaners have a durable 2-liter stainless steel boiler with a 3-year warranty. It took a while to figure all this out but if you go to the Vapor Learning Center at 1800GOVAPOR DOT COM where I got a stylish red one after returning this McCulloch, you'll learn all there is to learn about these gems. For example, you want more pressure than the 35 PSI offered by the McCulloch. 58 PSI is more like it. And to effectively sanitize you need more than the 250 degree heat of the McCulloch. The better vapor steam cleaners reach about 320 degrees. There's a blue model which features a continuous supply of super heated vapor but you don't need that unless you'll be cleaning all day. The red one is plenty sufficient to keep everything in your home sparkling like new....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I love steam cleaners,this was my fourth machine,all from different manufacturers. I use them for all my hard surfaces, on a daily basis and expect them to burn out within a few months. But this one failed on day one. It was shipped with a crink in the hose, still, no big deal as these things happen, and when I contacted the service rep, I was offerred both sympathy and an opportunity to send for a new hose, without charge, except it never came. So I sent a check to the address listed on the owners manual which was returned as undeliverable. The address was correct, but these things happen, so I sent another one, which was summarilly returned as undeliverable. Sooo, after contacting the service rep and recieving another sympathetic, and baffled apology, I waited four months before I took the hose apart, cut out the kink and put it all back together,no leaks everything firm and correct, except it spits hot water instead of steam, so it is, effectively un-usable. Here I should say that I've been purchasing items online for six years and have never found a reason to offer a complaint.But this little machine has not only been a waste of money, it has been a waste of time and an active irritant, and deserves a warning to others....more info
  • Happy in the Harbor
    The McCulloch MC1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner is fabulous. Easy to set-up, easy to operate, easy to maintain:)
    ...more info
  • Almost perfect
    I found the steam cleaner to be all that it was advertised to be with one little exception. Some of the attachments (brushes and scrub pads) simply didn't last beyond one or two uses. In the case of the scouring pad, the glue that was holding it to the plastic attachment simply melted with the use of the steam.

    The larger attachments and brushes work fine and are very useful. The machine generates a generous amount of steam and was able to clean the grimiest messes with just a little bit of elbow grease. My first use was to scrub a kitchen floor that hadn't been scrubbed in over fifteen years. All it had known was a wet mopping once a week. Over the years, the dirt had embedded itself in the linoleum. With a little diluted bleach and the steam cleaner, the floor now sparkles. The glass enclosure on the shower sparkles as well.

    I am well satisfied with the performance of the steam cleaner. I just wish the handy smaller attachments lasted a little longer....more info
  • moderate performer
    not great but not bad too. a few more enhancements would do the trick ..
    portability, more steam pressure(steam pressure weakens too quickly),better accessories(brush sizes are very small and wears fast), storage space for accessories.
    does its job fairly though i have not tested it for heavy duty work
    Thanks...more info
  • deceiptful shipping costs
    I was about to buy this because the price and product looked good. I was suprised to see shipping and handling is $30. This is really deceiptful. Don't buy from this seller....more info
  • the other reviewers must be McCulloch employees
    I do not understand all the rave reviews for this steam cleaner. It makes a deafening sound when in use, does a poor job cleaning my tub, sink, and bathroom tile. I purchased this item 3 months ago and wanted to give it a fair assesment and experiment with all the different attachments and I can safely say this was a complete waste of money. Good for virtually nothing. Maybe i can get 5 or 10$ for it at a garage sale next summer....more info
  • Steam Cleaner vs. Elbow Grease
    If you are like me you're buying this steamer to do all the "work" for you. If you are, get ready to be somewhat disappointed.

    This steamer does what it says it will do. It puts out a reasonable amount of steam for a reasonable amount of time. However, you will quickly learn that it "softens" the dirt, grease etc. only for a moment and if "elbow grease" is not applied almost immediately, little by way of cleaning will take place.

    The attachments, brushes etc. allow you to immediately apply "elbow grease" but they are generally undersize for the task (quickly clogging with grease or dirt) and you find yourself just pushing the offending grease around. It never just flows off the surface.

    You find you need the steamer to clean your attachments.

    I've found that if you use the nozzle to apply steam liberally that you should have a paper towel or nylon scouring pad in the other hand ready to apply the needed "elbow grease".

    The product comes close to being worth its purchase price. Hotter steam could cause problems permanently harming the working surface. Just do not purchase without understanding the need for your own "elbow grease" to be expended.

    ...more info
  • Attachments.
    Its a powerful steamer and does do the job. However, the brushes and other attachments tend to break-up because of the heat. Be prepared to buy attachments like brushes etc. The company suggests to use their products only and I find that these add on's are expensive to buy when one takes into account shipping charges....more info
  • Super Star
    The McCulloch MC1275 is a time-saving, work cutting little machine. My husband was impressed when we first opened the box and he saw how sturdily built the MC1275 was. I previously had a hand held, rinky dink steamer which broke down after two cleanings attempts. With this machine we've stripped wax off of three floors, steamed cleaned two bathrooms, cleaned windows and the machine is still going strong. The MC1275 is about 2 - 3 times the price of other hand held steamers. But when you consider how ofen you have to add water to the little steamer, how small an area the hand held one is capable of cleaning at a time, how little the hand held can actually do before it breaks down (which it will) the MC1275 was well worth the price....more info
  • Love this steamer
    This machine is very easy to use. The attachement go on and off very easily. It heats up in minutes. I love that it is on wheels it is much easier to do the floors with this machine than one without wheels. Extra long hose can reach all walls and ceilings. The only thing I don't like is the steam button when in the locked position will sometimes come out, but this is a small problem. This is a great little steamer to get those jobs done around the house. Do yourself a favor an order more of the pads to do the floors and walls. ...more info
  • Great for stripping wallpaper!
    The product description doesn't say so, but this unit does a GREAT job stripping wallpaper! We've rented a number of "professional" wallpaper steamers and this beats them all. Considering the price of a rental unit is >$30/day, two or three days of use (one person can do 1 room/day, no problem) would make the unit pay for itself.

    We've owned ours for just over a year and have used it all over the house (not just on walls). One caveat would be to use distilled water (as the manual recommends) instead of tap, especially if you're in an area with hard water. ...more info
  • A new level of clean
    This machine is addictive. I've already used it for five hours after it arrived today. The construction and user manual are impressive for ease of use and durability. I would agree with others that the brush attachments quickly wear out. Be forewarned, also, that the steamer is NOT magic. If you try to clean something with caked on, dried up years of grease and gunk, it will require much elbow grease. Still, I think it will help clean things you didn't think you could ever get clean, for example, the inside of a toaster oven. I was able to clean the bathroom without reeking of bleach or getting a buzz from chemicals --- highly worth the money. ...more info
  • Steamer OK
    Did not clean grout as others said but did nice job on tile. Plastic in bottom of shower was cleaned of soap scum but not discoloration. Very hot to use inside shower might not do it again. Outdoor pillows cleaned nicely. Did not clean mold from bricks and cement, bleach worked better. Cleaned most off of grill that is only 6 months old. ...more info
  • MC-1275
    Should not be called 'heavy duty'. I returned it in a day and want to know the status of my return. Did not perform to advertised expectations....more info
  • Useful product
    We purchased the McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner because we just moved into a new house with lots of tile. Make sure to follow directions and get familiar with your Steam cleaner.
    It will definitely clean grout, with the appropriate attachment head. However, it can be tiring to do so and hard on your knees/back to bend over the tile. I recommend doing it in small doses.
    Using other attachments, the steamer does a great (and quick) job breaking up stains on the actual tile surface.
    We are happy with our purchase. ...more info
  • Better than promised
    This steam cleaner removed years of paint from the tiled bathroom of our apartment and leaves windows and wood floors sparkling. The steam lasts longer than promised. It even comes with a screwdriver to place the one screw it requires for the handle - and a funnel to help add water to the tank.

    Love it!...more info
  • Recommended for most tough Household Cleaning Chores
    Great for cleaning greasy kitchen areas, great on stainless steel, tiles, glass, window and door screens (can clean from the inside), inside window frames. Doesn't work on stained grout that is not longer sealed, will clean but not completely remove accumulated stains on scratched acrylic and plastic shower floors, will clean old porcelain bathtubs, but takes many repeats. Even when the stains, such as grout, are not removed, the surrounding areas are shiny. Will not clean dirt accumulated in scratches or gouges in wood floors, but will clean dirty wood floors (steam it mop it,steam it mop it, a section at a time), will clean dirt accumulated in the thresholds and frames of doors to the outside, and the doors themselves. Great for frozen on refrigerator spills, periphery of oven doors not cleaned by regular methods, oven racks, and the old George Forman grills with stationary plates. Maintenance cleaning is fast, neglected cleaning takes more time and repeated cleanings. It's the shine that makes the effort worthwhile

    Downsides: brushes are awkward to use and get bent after one use. Unit is awkward to move around while using, but it is lightweight.

    And now you know how I spent the last two weeks since the steamer arrived....more info
  • Worth every penny
    I am allergic to everything, especially dust. For this reason, I have no carpet - only hardwood floors, or tiles in the kitchen and bath. I saw an infomertial for some Euro-steamer thing, where they touted how well the "steamer" cleans hardwood and tile floors with water and no chemicals. I figured I'd buy through Amazon for quicker shipping. However, most of the reviews explained that the unit was cheap, and that it would break in just a few uses. Other people burned themselves. One reviewer suggested this McCulloch steamer.

    I bought the McCulloch MC-1272 in December 2005, to clean all the floors in my apartment. I've used it every 2-3 weeks since. In general, using this steamer is a little more inconvenient than a vacuum because you really don't want to bang it around or tug on the hose.

    Here are the negatives- it doesn't have a handle, which makes moving it from one room to the next a bit of a pain. But I guess that's because they don't want you walking around, carrying a tank of super-scalding pressurized water. Nuff said. Also, the device ships with one cloth that's used for the floor-cleaning attachment. It wears pretty fast, so if you're getting the steamer primarily to clean floors, I highly recommend you order some extras right away. They are machine washable. Also, I recommend you get a six or eight inch funnel from your hardware store, for filling the tank. If you try to use the spout of a pitcher, you will spill water everywhere - but that's mopped up pretty easily once the beast is fired up.

    Here are the positives- fill it up, turn it on, in about 10 minutes you're steamin' away. The hose is quite durable, and despite the warning stickers everywhere, none of the surfaces on the attachments have gotten so hot that they could have burnt me. This was a subject of many complaints with the EuroSteam thing. Also, none of the attachments has sprung leaks, or melted - another common complaint with cheaper steamers. With a gallon of water, this steamer pushed steam for about 45 minutes, which was ample time for all the floors in my apartment. I figured I'd plug in some of the wire-brushes and attack all the mildew in the shower while waiting for it to empty. The jury's still out on the shower; I think a few squirts of Tilex do a better job on grout. But for cleaning hard surface floors, I have found nothing better than this steamer.

    The bottom line- if you're thinking of getting a steamer, here's what you should consider: this model steamer is the low-end of the "good" quality devices. Anything cheaper will be a waste of money, and will only be good for a few uses before it breaks, melts, or springs a leak and burns you. If you have the cash and can spend more, do so - you DO get what you pay for. There are more expensive models with fancy features, and greater capacity. However, if you're like me and trying to get the most bang for the least possible buck, this machine is where innexpensive and quality meet. It has been reliable for me, for the past 5 months....more info
    I purchased this steamer primary to use on my shower doors and BBQ grill. I soon learned that it is not as easy as on those "Seen on TV". This particular steamer comes with some brush attachments. The heat created from the steam will melt the plastic bristles. I used it once and decided that cleaners and chemicals work MUCH better!!...more info
  • Easy to use, not good for bathrooms.
    I purchased this steam cleaner to clean my bathroom, particularly the walls and fixtures for my tub. It did nothing to help clean the grout, nor the mildew stains in corners and such. I was most surprised however how little it helped with simple soap scum.

    Otherwise, it's very easy to use and manufactured well....more info
  • Great HOUSEHOLD steamer
    After some research and contemplation, I bought this unit to clean and disinfect bathrooms and other household stuff. By in large, most of the observations from the reviews here have been consistent with what I've seen.

    1. Steam lasts a very long time. The manual says it can hold up to 48oz of water from which to generate 2 hrs of steam. This appears to be right if you're holding the nozzle open constantly. In reality, its longer because you have to steam-wipe-steam-wipe repeatedly, letting the machine rest during "wipes". I can get a good 3 hrs of cleaning done on one full tank of water. Also keeping you from holding open the nozzle is that you have to give it time to "recharge" since it appears that it does not generate steam as fast as you use it.
    2. It works on what it claims: most "organic" build-ups like soap scum, toothpaste, dirt, etc. Cleans darkened grout nicely. Doesn't damage the finish on fixtures. I was expecting a little too much on the calcium deposits from hard water... steam just wasn't effective.
    3. Nice supply of attachments (brushes) although its unclear what types of surfaces these brushes can be safely used on. In particular, I refer to the smaller round brushes. For example, my guess is that the brass brushes are not meant for highly polished finishes.
    4. Good enough to clean hard to reach crevices like sliding door tracks (shower doors or patio doors), faucet details, etc.
    5. Works well on car wheels. Brake dust is very fine and a pain to clean by hand. Not to mention that the chemicals are often not meant to touch the brake disc surface (I have yet to figure out how splashing water from a hose can be directed only to the wheel and not the brakes within).
    6. Steam is the only option for cleaning chemically-prohibited surfaces (I never knew chemical cleaners were not recommended in microwaves!).

    1. Its loud! Not the machine, but the steam as it comes out of the nozzle. I strongly recommend hearing protection while you use it when indoors. My ears were ringing for about an hour after my first session.
    2. Steaming takes time. If you're not opposed to using chemicals, often I find that bleach works as good, if not better, than steam. Compared to 5-10 mins steaming a polished chrome bath fixture to get it sparkling, it took 30 secs using your household bath cleaner with bleach.
    3. Steam just doesn't work efficiently on mineral build-up. Chemicals are far more time-efficient. Hard water stains and deposits require lots of time and lots of elbow-grease (scrubbing). And even then, I'm not convinced it was cleaner than using chemicals (i.e., judging from the "gleam" off the surface).
    4. The steam pressure is not very high. It isn't very low either, but definnitely not high enough to "blow" debris away more than an inch or two from where the steam jet hits. The best approach seems to loosen with steam then wash away with water or wipe away with sponge. Hence, I don't recommend using this for something like cleaning a car engine where neither wash nor wipe are feasible. (I guess you could steam long enough so that the condensed water from the steam was enough to wash away the gunk on its own, but that would take forever.)
    5. It needs time to build up steam pressure while you work. The light is supposed to turn off when it is ready. While in use, the light will come on when the pressure reaches some threshold. Continued use beyond that point without letting it rest means you work with less pressure. When the tank is full of "condensed" water, the light comes on more frequently. As the water is depleted and more volume in the tank can accommodate vapor steam, the light comes on less often.
    6. The width of the brushes simply do not permit reaching into 90 degree crevices or those really tight spaces. This is minor, however, but a flat or low-profile brush attachment would have been nice. A medium bristle toothbrush is a nice companion in my cleaning adventures...

    Overall, pretty happy with this unit. To be efficient, I've found using a combined balance of chemicals and steam is best. It definitely reduces the amount of chemicals I need to use. For hard-to-reach or delicate surface areas, steam wins outright (with the mentioned toothbrush).
    ...more info
  • McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner
    I was initially attracted by the McCulloch brand name and further attracted by the features offered at a very competitive price. Having received and used the cleaner, I can concur that it is a heavy duty cleaner: its construction is commercial grade, it has a large water capacity, and has the wattage capacity to produce copious amounts of steam. I would particularly recommmend it for cleaning bathroom and kitchen ceramic tile, and for ceramic and stone floors...more info
  • New User
    I never had any experience with a steamer before this, but I love it. I read the reviews of others before purchasing this model. I agree with those who complained about the brushes not lasting. I used one for the first time yesterday, and I had to throw it out after the first use. But the steamer itself works well, producing a lot of steam. I have used it in the bathroom to clean shower doors and around the door track, to clean around the outside of the toilet and to clean around the faucets on the sink. I was very impressed with the way it cleaned windows without streaking. I can't wait until the weather warms up, so I can try it on my hubcaps. ...more info
  • Well worth the money for small jobs...
    Shipped well. Good owner manual. Heats fast & plenty of steam for small jobs. Comes with good mix of attachments, but there should be more of the basic small round head brush, because they wear out quickly....more info
  • Workhorse of a Cleaner
    This is the 4th steam cleaner I have owned and the only one worthy of keeping. It is a workhorse. I love it. My bathrooms are now so sanitary. I have been thru 2 steamcleaners and sent one back. This one is a keeper. Steam gets really hot and has a lot of force. Good on grout. Great for disinfecting bathrooms and doorhandles when people have the flu The only downside I can find is that I do have to carry some of the accessories, however there is a convenient place for brush storage. My son just bought a house on the beach, and it was an older home. I left it there and the 2 guys who normally don't like to clean, were cleaning everything. Thanks amazon, great product. ...more info
  • Love it, love it, love it.
    Tis is a really great product. i can't believe i lived without it all this time. I should say that i'm a cleaning freak - my house is never clean enough for me no matter how often a clean it and how much effort i i put in it. But with this thing i'm proud to say that my house is really clean! I clean absolutely everything, you name it - windows, glass tables, sinks, toilets, floors, oven, cabinets, stains on my sofa, i didn't need to iron my sheer curtains - i just relaxed them with the steam, i clean floors ( nothing would make them cleaner that steam cleaner, unless you want to do it with the toothbrush ;) ), fridge took me no more that 20 mins to slean it 100%. I really like this particular cleaner, because it gives me enough steam to clean for about and hour without being worried that i'm running out of steam. The materials it's made of are durable and solid ( we've dropped it from about 4 feet hight to the concret and not a single mark). I wish the brushes were more durable. Because of the high temperature they deform so fast, but you get get a replacement kit for a reasonable price. Get couple of extra towels for floor cleaning and you are good to go. Highly recommend it to anyone ( a friend of mine already bought it after borrowing it from me).

    Bottom line - of course you cen get similar results with chemicals, but sometimes you are just unable to reach some spots that steam would and with steam the process is so easier. And i would defenetely prefer a clean steam to any chemicals....more info
  • amazing steam cleaning!
    My friend highly recommended this steamer and I am very glad that I bought it!
    I have two cats in a large apartment. Between their "accidents" and my coffee spills, my linoleum floor has taken on an interesting array of stains that mopping alone does not take care of. Only 16 ounces of water converted to steam was enough to remove them. I like the fact that I don't need to resort to potentially toxic floor cleaners.

    My only beef is that I wish the main steam compartment had a handle for picking it up when I move from room to room. This is OK however since it's lightweight, on casters and has a long enough electrical cord to compensate.

    I can't wait to use this cleaner on my bathroom tile and windows. The possibilities are endless!...more info
  • Very pleased with the product.
    I purchased this item becuase I own a car detailing business. I bought it originally for use in the cars I clean. It's a great tool for cleaning the air vents in cars (something I previously had to use cotton swabs on), the interior roof of the car as well as in the doors where dirt accumulates.
    I have used it in my house as well for things like decorative pieces with many grooves, the rubber seals on the refrigerator as well as the refrigerator doors, in the tracks of the sliding glass doors, on walls, ceiling fans, tops of door frames, the stovetop, mini-blinds, vertical blinds, the microwave..the list just goes on and on.
    Another great use for this is cleaning any silk flowers and plants.
    It's great for cleaning previously hard to reach areas that used to require either a toothbrush or even a toothpick to get to (yes, I'm that detailed in my cleaning). This has simplified the task for me and I love it.
    The cleaner produces a lot of steam and lasts long enough to complete the tasks I require of it.
    I'm sure there are higher dollar steamers out there that probably work better, but for the things I've need it for, it was has been a great product for the money.
    Amazon has the best price of any site on this product as well, I recomment buying it here and the shipping was very fast.

    ...more info
  • Best household gadget I ever bought!
    I recently purchased this product to prepare a home for an elderly relative returning from the hospital who hadn't been able to clean in some time. I couldn't have been happier with the performance and results and would most highly recommend this steamer to anyone - I am also very hard to please! I'd estimate that it cut my cleaning time by 2/3 and I used it on every surface of the house, with the exception of rugs. I cleaned fiberglass shower/bath stalls, glass shower doors and tracks, porcelain commodes, faucets and sinks, mirrors, wood cabinetry and baseboards, walls, stove exterior, linoleum, and even telephones. The fixtures of the home I cleaned are 27 years old, and they sparkled like new. Everyone who knew the home and saw it after cleaning commented on the results.
    Pros are the unit is lightweight and easy to transport, the steam cord is extra long, it is easy to fill, the steam lasts and lasts, quick heatup time, steam can be in bursts or continuous, extra long power cord, and overall very sturdy. Cons are that changing attachments involves lining up a groove that's very hard to see and a certain amount of force. However, I really didn't change the brushes and used the unit to steam the dirt/grime to the point that it would lift easily with the aid of a scrub brush or cloth sometimes in conjunction with a spray cleaner. Other than that I really did not see any downsides to this tool and I am going to purchase a second one for my own home. ...more info
  • Great little steamer for the $$$
    I initially purchased this steamer for the purpose of cleaning our Grand-Turbo barbeque grill (I haven't tried it on the BBQ yet). One of the big selling points are all the included accessories. Like other reviewers I also think the brush attachments don't hold up long enough, but the duration and quality of the steam output is excellent.

    Another 'deficiency' is the lack of tool storage. Also.. a funnel should be included to fill the unit.

    The reasons above are why I didn't give this steamer a rating of 5.

    I have used a swiffer wet-jet and a Eureka Enviro Streamer on our porcelain tile floors with what I believed were very good results.. until I used this streamer.
    The tile we have has a textured surface. It was unbelievable how much dirt was left behind by the swiffer and Eureka streamer. You have to be patient when doing this kind of cleaning - removing 4 years of dirt from high traffic areas. We are totally delighted with how our floors have been revitalized by the use of this steamer.

    We're anxious to try it on the BBQ (hoping for the same great results)...more info
    I expected this to clean the grout in our bathroom.I scubbed tru two pads and the dirt is still there!!!Our shower was clean before,I just wanted it to work on the grout and the shower doors.It did remove the mold from the deck railing,and it did remove a stain from a chair.There is not enough steam,and it does not last long enough.It is built well,I am puzzled why it did get such good reviews???I have read the reviews several times looking for hints.I guess I was expecting more....more info
  • Average cleaner
    Works wonders on ceramic tile. Does well on bathrooms, around tight spaces that are difficult to clean. It does take a lot of time initially to clean but shouldn't to maintain. I didn't have much luck on cleaning my hub caps on the car. It just seemed to move the grease around. The brushes don't last very long but the machine itself is sturdy.
    Bottom line: It's not a miracle worker but it does work on regular every day cleaning. I am rating this 3 stars, doesn't mean i don't like it, just not everything i was hoping it would do....more info
  • Well built, but disappointing!
    I do agree with everyone else reviews about the unit being well built. The craftsmanship and the sleek design is top notch. All the additional extensions & attachments are a plus. I'm not impress at all when it comes to the pressure & temperature the unit produces.

    For instance, if you are planning on steaming your car engine like the illustration on the package... good luck! Not enough pressure to blast the dirt buildups and it's extremely difficult getting to the cracks. The only time the buildup comes off if you apply the steam & use the little brush nozzle and scrub throughly, then wipe it with a clean cloth. Maybe you can get some off. Almost impossible to steam your engine if there are limited space under the hood.

    As for the bathroom, yes it did some improvement, but again still under pressure & low temperature in this case. Maybe light soap scum & mildew buildup is okay for the job. If medium to heavy buildup, you have to scrub & steam a long time, just to get an area clean. I still recommend the traditional way to get it clean & still need to use the typical bathroom cleaners.

    I know this particular unit is much better than any other handheld units out there on the market. If you are looking to ease your cleaning with this steamer, you'll need to look elsewhere with much more pressure & much hotter steam to remove any kind of medium-thick buildup.

    Pros-Sleek Design, sturdy unit & the large water capacity for steaming.

    Cons-Poor steam pressure & temperature....more info
  • Will it clean paited walls?
    Can anyone who has bought this steam cleaner tell me if I can clean the walls in my home? My walls are paneling that has been painted with a water based enamel. I'm concerned that the hot steam will strip the paint off the walls. Has anyone tried this?...more info
  • multipurpose unit
    I've just recently purchased this unit and have not had a chance to try it on many different items. I was able to degrease and get the baked on gunk from my oven door prior to repainting the door. The stuff came off great. My son used it to clean the engine area of his vehicle and loved it. It is compact and stores well inside a closet. It is easy to use and easy to clean after each use. I did try it on my blinds but the steam was so hot that it caused one slat to become disfigured. Be careful on plastics of that nature. I had considered buying the scrunci but I am glad I chose the McCulloch instead....more info
  • Great but takes time to learn to use
    I really have loved the short time I've had my steam cleaner. I"ve gotten up gunk and grime that I've been unable to scrub off previously using all sorts of different cleaners. The two biggest things about it are ...

    1) It takes some patience to use the cleaner. Sometimes you have to steam an area for a little while to get an old spot off. So once you have steame cleaned an area then I'd suggest maintaining the cleaning weekly.

    2) The scrubbing brushes that comes with the unit tend to last only a few real scrubbing jobs. I'd suggest getting an extra set if you know you'll be scrubbing a lot in the beginning.

    I got it for the whole family since we suffer from allergies and I find a lot more uses than I thought.

    Great product!!!...more info
  • I Love It!!!
    I bought this stream cleaner after lots of research including reading Amazon's excellent feedback from customers on this product. I was not disappointed. What is surprising is, just how well made this sturdy steamer is (brass fittings!) as well as all the nice equipment that came with it!! I purchased the steamer to clean my shower & grout and I am very pleased with the job it does. It takes awhile, but the steamer is constant & with the large reservoir, I can surely do it by stages as I have time...keeping in mind the last time I had my shower professionally cleaned it cost me over $500.

    Hats off to the McCulloch a world of so few products living up to their reputations, this fine steamer is a credit to this manufacturer. This is a brand name I WILL remember! ...more info
  • Not bad for the money
    The instructions don't state if you can place cleaning products in the water holder so I use it just as a well....more info
  • Fantastic steamer
    This product not only works great; but it is beautifully designed. Quality materials and design. Comes with all the attachments necessary to clean anything. I love it....more info
  • Does a great job
    The unit seems very well built. It cleans as advertised, but remember that it is an acquired skill using a steamer. Commercials show these things blasting stuff into oblivion, but it doesn't work quite like that. Once you get the hang of it, it works very well. It is really nice to have so much steam available....more info
  • Great for what it is

    What it will do:

    - Clean surfaces without using chemicals
    - Melt away the "soap" part of "soap scum"
    - Melt away grease from any painted or chromed surface
    - Make vinyl flooring look almost new
    - Clean the porcelain on the sink & toilet without leaving any film, chemical scent, or residue whatsoever
    - Save you money on a lot of the household chemicals

    What it won't do:

    - Magically clean anything without wiping it (unless your toilet is covered with grease for some reason like in those commercials. I think you might have to see a doctor for that, but I digress. . .)
    - Dust any surface that has a layer of dust on it
    - Remove scale or heavy hard-water stain
    - Bleach any white surface that is seriously dirty/stained
    - Save you money on distilled water

    I bought this machine because I wanted to use less chemicals & cleaning agents around the house, and it doesn't disappoint. I do use distilled water in it though. It doesn't create a huge amount of puddles either, as I had feared. After the initial warmup (~10 minutes), I never ran out of steam or had to wait for the thing to replenish. The capacity is more than adequate for household chores. Excellent on greasy stoves (no heavy rubbing) and vinyl flooring. I don't really use the brushed nozzle tip to scrub anything (A separate green scrubbing tip is included for just that.). I do wish they had included some more replacement pads for the mop attachment, but you can easily make a couple of your own with cheap terry-cloth rags (It's not some exotic fabric.). Everything just smells genuinely clean, instead of "Lemony Fresh". . .

    If your textured white tub is stained, then you're still going to have to use some kind of bleach-containing chemical on it, although it will power right through caked-on soap. If you clean your tub regularly, then this won't be a problem. There is temptation to grab a citrous cleaner for lighter jobs (cabinet handles, etc.), unless you actually enjoy firing up a steam engine for everything. It also tends to be very loud, especially in the confines of a fiberglass shower stall. Ear protection wouldn't be a bad thing. Seriously.

    My objective was to cut down on the closet full of half-used chemicals and their fumes. And this machine accomplishes that big time. ...more info
  • Excellent steamer , but
    This is an excellent machine for producing steam for light cleaning and especially for disinfecting. It is not anything like the industrial type steam cleaners, I have used in the past ,that literally melt the grime , dirt and grease away. This one is going to require some scrubbing and removal of dirt etc. by hand. I think it's best application is for disinfecting tubs, showers , sinks and kitchens....more info
  • Waste of time
    This thing is a clumsy hassle to set up and use, but I thought it would be worth it because of the advertised qualities. Not so. The steam is barely warm and after less than 30 seconds all it does is sputter until I wait for it to heat up again. The wire brush type tool cleans just as well with a spray bottle of cold water and the tool hand held. I tried it on all kinds of surfaces, tile, tubs, windows, mirrors and saw nothing I couldn't do faster and better with a nylon scrubber and a little detergent at most. After being absolutely sure I wasn't missing anything in the instructions, I've come to the conclusion it is totally useless. My friend returned the unit she bought for the same reasons....more info
  • It's takes me 2 different machines but it's worth it
    My first steamer was a heavy duty handheld, with simular attachments. It was heavy, and hard on the hands and arms to lug around. The tank lasted for 10 minutes and often required filling even when it wasnt empty. It finally broke down and I bought this one.


    I had recently purchased a hard floor scrubber, a hoover floor mate plus and it was fine except it couldn't take out some of the really ground in dirt out of my light colored floor tiles.

    The steamer took out all the dirt and quite rapidly that the floor mate left behind. The nice thing about steamers is it doesn't require you to buy chemicals like the lysol machine hard floor cleaner for the floor mate.

    The steamer leaves alot of water behind, and I use the floormate with water in the soap tank and no lysol and it not only does a great job of picking up the dirty water, I can add an extra rinse to the floor and vacuum it up at the same time with the floormate. I'm getting alot of dirty water in the floormate after using it behind the steamer.

    The reason for 4 stars instead of 5:
    The heater in the steamer will come on when you've used it continously for about a minute and requires about 3 minutes for the light to go off(indicating it's ready? I think they got it backwards, but the only light that comes on means the heater is heating up the water again and you'll have reduced or no steam)
    On the handheld, as long as you held the button down there was steam.

    I can steam about a 2' x 3' section before the unit needs to heat up again. I use that time by running the floor mate over the section I just steamed to rinse and pick up the leftover water. Then the steamers ready light goes off and that means its ready to steam again.

    All in all I think it's a great steamer, the water capacity is great and the attachments are a nice bonus. I've tried straightening out the bristles while they were still warm (not hot!) and they are holding up as long as I don't use to much pressure on them.
    ...more info
  • The steam is good, but...
    Ok, I bought the machine based on so many reviews at amazon.
    I have to say the mc-1275 is the best steam cleaner in the market. Great design, long operation time.

    But I found out the steam itself cannot make cleaning easier than soup and scrub.
    And I think the easy cleaning result on TV only because their "grease" is not as tough as my home....more info
  • Uber Steam Cleaner
    I love this thing! The day it arrived, I assembled it (the user manual is very clear) and immediately put it to work steam mopping the kitchen floor. It worked extremely well, much better than a sponge mop or one of those Swiffer or Grab-it type things, which I have tried in the past. And no chemicals are needed.

    The next day I used it in my kids' bathroom, and mine, too. I'm a single dad, and don't get around to these areas very often. The squeegee attachment allowed me to just wipe down the shower walls to a sparkling shine. The smaller brush was handy for getting the buildup off the folds in the shower curtain. It also worked great on the toilet and sinks. It even cleaned up some old dried latex paint spills on the floor.

    The MC-1275 puts out lots of steam for a long time. I give it 5 stars for usefulness and quality of construction.

    I have found yet another use for this device: it blasts that window tinting right off of car glass--especially useful in the back glass when you don't want to damage the defroster wires....more info
  • Brushes break
    Well... the first time I used it I went thru 3 of the little brush attachments.One broke and they all got smashed to the point where you can not use them....more info
  • Wish I had Read These Reviews
    I wish I had read these reviews before getting a t600. My neighbor has one of these and loves it. The t600 comes from some small company in Canada. Reliable Corporation. What junk. And the company I ordered from, Vapor Clean Products (Florida) is absolutely useless. They know nothing and care about you even less. Next time I'll read before I buy. The t600 doesn't come with a safety cap so watch out. It makes real hot steam. If it hits hurts. ...more info
  • Lots of steam!
    This item is great if steam what you are looking for. But if you want to use it for cleaning, be prepared to use a lot of elbow grease along with it. Does nothing ordinary soap, water and detergent couldn't do. ...more info
  • Works Well BUT
    The unit itself works well, however I don't find steam cleaning all that great.

    It did not clean the grot in our shower and is a lot of work to use.
    ...more info
  • Soo Much better than Euro
    I picked out this steamer based on reviews for my Birthday and my husband bought it for me. I can't say enough good about this product. It's nice not to have to lug it around because it's on wheels. It's got great steam power and it last much longer than the Euro that I used to have. Ladies if you have arhtritis like me this is one cleaning tool you need to get. It make life so much cleaner. The only other thing I'd like to add it that the brushes that come with it wear out very quickly so order a few extra's....more info
  • I AM CLEANING!!!!!
    I am cleaning things that used to be such a drag! I have panelled doors, and some doors with louvres (that are painted). The dust collects in the nooks and crannies. Well, a few blasts from this machine, and a swipe with a cloth, and dirt is gone. I used the floor scrubber on the bathroom floor, and it works great! I use old diaper rags instead of the one terry cloth they provided. Any rag will do. The floor scubber has these heavy duty clips that grab the rag so you can steam and go as you please.

    As for the toilet? Well, we have little boys that come over and do their thing all over the place. The steam gets in the cracks of the toilet, and you should see all the gunk that came out.

    I am not sure if it disinfects, so I just put some disinfectant on the towel that I wiping up with.

    As for the soap scum? Yes, it is hard the first time you use it, but the next time it goes much easier. Slick as glass, and it does stay cleaner longer.

    Plastic foliage? Done in a snap!

    I have steamed base boards, walls, most of my spring cleaning is done, and I've only had it a few days. It also works great on miniblinds!

    I've even cleaned the black stuff off the brick of the fireplace!

    Grease and grime on your kitchen cabinets? Gone!

    Vegetable bins in the fridge? Glass shelves. Done in a snap! Be careful though, if the shelves are cold, you may crack them with the hot steam. I take my shelves out and let them sit for awhile.

    The glass door of the oven looks great!

    I am going to try to peel off wallpaper with it next.

    The only con is the constant fill up of the "little mouse", that's what we've begun calling it. The steam lasts maybe about twenty minutes, then you have to turn it off for five, then fill, then wait five more minutes. No big deal for me, I can use the breaks.

    All in all, an excellent purchase.

    If anyone else has any other cleaning hints for this machine, please post them. I'm sure there are lots that I'm missing.

    ...more info
  • the BEST steam cleaner
    I agree with all the favorable comments others have left on this steamer, and I bought it based on those comments. It is very well-made, with high-quality heavy-duty materials. The tank is big enough that it will steam a long time without being refilled. We are preparing to move into a rental house, and I shudder to think of the germs left by prior tennants, even though it looks fairly clean. Today I took the steamer over and attacked the dirtiest thing in the house - the electric cooktop. I took off as many parts as I could and steamed and wiped them one-by-one in the sink. I'm sure some of these parts haven't been this clean since they were new!
    I highly recommend the McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner....more info
  • I don't use it any more
    At first I liked. It did clean our grout but it takes too long. I wound refilling it a couple times for one shower. I finally went back to bleach....more info
  • What other steam cleaners only wish they could become
    Well after seeing those little hand-held steam cleaners all over the place, I decided having a steam cleaner would be worth it. Of course never ever trusting an `As Seen On TV' product, I ran across this McCulloch steam cleaner. I noticed two very positive reviews on Amazon so I decided to order one.

    My first impression upon opening the box was very positive. All the steam fittings were a heavy copper and tight fitting. The plastic hose, extension pieces, and accessories were all very heavy plastic and looked like they would hold up quite well. I also found it interesting that they would bother to package a long shaft screwdriver (a pretty decent one) for the solitary screw needed in assembly (and by assembly I mean attaching a small plastic bracket for holding the handle when not in use).

    After using it for a couple of days I was just as impressed. On 48 oz of water (max amount) I could easily use the steam cleaner for the 40 mins estimated in the manual or longer. This is not just 40 mins of spot use either...I can literally use the trigger lock and have constant steam shooting out the nozzle for almost the entire time.

    I don't recommend one of these cleaners for anyone wanting something for small spot cleaning (as the heat up time doesn't make that practical), or planning to make cleaning much faster. Cleaning my stove top, covered with baked on/burnt splotches from my most recent batch of chili, took roughly 30 percent more time (Although it did get it cleaner then I ever think it was before).

    Over the past few days I've used the cleaner on my floors, sinks, essentially everything in the bathroom, and refrigerator with good results. It is a bit noisy to use, but no louder then the average vacuum cleaner. Also the attachments and handle can get a bit warm, but they've never been uncomfortable to use.

    If you want an alternative to using chemical cleaners and don't mind having another household gadget around, I highly recommend buying one and believe they should hold up to years of use....more info
  • Handy Cleaner
    First I want to remark on the quality of this machine as it is extremely well made. For example, I knocked it off my counter onto a cement floor and it just bounced, nothing was even dented or cracked.

    I did not think I would be comfortable using steam as it is not the safest cleaning item, but with this little machine it just perks along until you push the button. The pressure is not so heavy that it moves everything it comes in contact with, just enough to penetrate the goop. The machine is very easy to fill and one filling gives over a hour of steaming. When steaming it does not run out of steam, the steam keeps up with the output. Several different cleaning attachments come with it and they too are all very well made. I bought it to clean bird cages, which are very difficult to clean and I have to admit I was not confident it would do the job, but I was pleasantly surprised. My birds have never had such clean cages and the cage cleaning went so much faster and easier. After passing the cage cleaning test I have a lot of confidence that just about anything else will be a cinch. I already have a lot of jobs in mind for it, plus my husband is eying it too!!!!...more info
  • Cleans better, but takes longer
    I bought this for my mom as a gift. She loves it. I borrowed it from her to steam off wallpaper and it's working good. As for cleaning, the trick is to constantly steam and wipe without letting it cool too much. It took me about 30 minutes just to clean soap scum off my bathtub. It didn't do anything for the dots on the bottom from old sticky bathgrips. However, my mom said it cleaned the bottom of her shower great. The best thing is once you clean, things stay cleaner a lot longer because there is no soap reside. My bathtub stayed clean for 2 weeks. This unit is easy to fill and empty. We did break the steam nozzel tip, but the company sent us a new one in 3 days. It comes with lots of parts for different types of cleaning. My only complaint is the scrubbing parts seems to wear out pretty fast....more info
  • I can't stop steaming!!!!!!!!!
    I absolutely love this steamer! Unlike the smaller hand held steamers this one holds enough water to steam for almost an hour! And it packs a punch! I can't stop steaming! I've steamed my cupboards, refridgerator, oven, microwave, floor boards, carpet, silk plants, tile floor, showers, tubs and more! I haven't been disappointed once! Also, cleaning without harsh chemicals is such a blessing because of my sensitive skin! Light weight, quick and easy to use! Love IT!! ...more info