Brussel's Chinese Elm Outdoor Bonsai Tree

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  • Chinese elm bonsai; deciduous, outdoor tree
  • Grown in Chinese nurseries under carefully controlled conditions
  • Only well-established, healthy trees shipped
  • Larger trunk base; balanced root spread; evenly tapered trunk
  • 5 years old; 6 to 8 inches tall; 5-inch pot

Customer Reviews:

  • Great deal
    Tree was better than pictured, came in only a few days and was packaged very well. Looking forward to ordering more trees from Brussel's. ...more info
  • A Great Buy For Beginners!
    I recently became interested in becoming a practitioner in the art of bonsai, so I went out and bought a book about indoor bonsai for beginners. After reading the book throughly, I decided to go with the Chinese Elm, since it looks great and can stand the hard tap water in the area where I live. The tree also is capable of withstanding most pests, with the exception of spider mites, but I got a humidifying tray to aide with that. I literally just received this tree and it is just great! It took approximately four days to arrive and only lost about fifteen leaves, which in my book, is just fine for four days without sun, only about of three leaves were yellowed. The coloring and branch placement are exceptional and it looks like this is the start of a great relationship. :)...more info
  • 3 Years later, tree is beating the odds
    I love this little tree. My husband got it for his birthday about 3 years ago, and it's traveled with us from Boston to California. We do NOT have green thumbs, and the tree has had to struggle back from drought and drastic climate change and overpruning and inexpert attempts at wiring, and there were times I confess I thought I'd killed it for good, but each time it's magically brought back all its leaves and continued being one of the most beautiful green things I own. The shape is lovely, and I remember it arrived packaged incredibly well. ...more info
  • needs to be outside
    Item came in good shape and was packed well. However, be aware this is an outdoor plant. I thought when you order a bonsai it is usually for indoor decoration but the instructions say it is to be left outside. Hope you have the weather and irrigation for this or your plant will die as ours did....more info
  • Brussel's Chinese Elm
    I just received my Elm, It was in perfect condition! Brussel's did a great job packaging it. It looks just like the photo, same "S" shape trunk. I just ordered two more trees from them!!...more info
  • Great purchase
    I received the bonsai very quickly (3 days). Very good service for a live plant purchase online. Even better was the free shipping. The bonsai came packaged very securely and I had no problems. The bonsai is a beautiful plant formed in the Moyogi style. I am very pleased with this purchase and look forward to caring and forming this plant in the future. There was only one little scar from wire on one of the turns but it is hardly visible....more info
  • Bonsai Tree
    The tree came in good condition It was healthy and looked great My grandson was very pleased with it....more info
  • Great! Fast Shipping
    1st: product is great for the price. Beautiful tree... even better then the one pictured w/ more curves. Comparable trees at the local Saturday Market were about $90 (big investment if you arent sure if you will be able to keep a bonsai alive)
    2nd: shipping was fast and good packing kept the tree from getting damaged during transit.
    3rd: some other people mention scarring from the training wires. There was a bit of that but lucked out.. on my tree its very minimal and gives it a bit of character - so I dont mind. Besides, not gonna complain for $35 bucks (including shipping).
    4th: nice neutral cream pot - lucked out with the color... goes well with the humiditry tray i evenutally found.

    ...more info
  • nice tree
    This item was well packaged and arrived safely and would still look great had my roommate remembered to water it. It's coming back though which speaks well for the trees general health....more info
  • Great Bonsai
    I'm very happy with the product. It was nicely packed when shipped, and it looks just as you'd expect from the picture....more info