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Product Description

The Hound Dog Products "Weed Hound" stand-up weeder pulls weeds by their roots quickly and easily! It requires no bending and no chemicals, making weeding easier both on you and on your garden. The weeder can also be used to aerate soil for a healthier lawn. Like all Hound Dog Products tools, the Weed Hound features durable steel construction and rust-proof finishes for long-lasting wear; its comfortable grips and upright design make gardening easier on your hands, knees, and back. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Weeding tool for efficient, effective weed removal
  • Stand-up weeder: pulls weeds by roots quickly and easily
  • Durable steel construction and rustproof finishes for long-lasting wear
  • Long-handled, patented design allows use from standing position; includes bag clip
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Works great. Fun to Use.
    I couldn't believe how well this thing worked. Just plop it on top of a weed - especially dandelions - step on the ledge, and watch the claws sink in and clamp down on the root in a single swoosh. I've found that pulling directly up slowly helps me get the entire root out, which is particularly satisfying....more info
  • It works as advertized
    I first was wondering how this thing can pick up the weed root but then it is easy and it works like a charm. However, if your precious grass is too close to the weed, it will also be picked up so just make sure you are as precise as possible when using it. I recommend it....more info
  • The Best!
    This is the greatest weeder out there. Don't know why Weed Hound has elected to remove it from the general market at ACE. Lowes or Home Depot sales....more info
  • Huge relief
    This is my first weed puller so I don't know how it compares to others, but it has given me hope to overcome the dandelions this year. It is best used after a good rain, when the soil is soft. You have to aim well at the center of the weed, then twist and pull. It's immediate gratification....more info
  • This amazing tool actually makes weeding fun!
    I just bought this tool today and had to try it out in the yard as soon as I got home. This thing is amazing. You can pull about 50 weeds in 10 minutes. I had 2 people stop and ask me what it was as I was using it. After I showed them how it pulls weeds effortlessly, they both asked me where I bought it so that they could buy one. After you pull the weed, the ergonomic plunger handle at the top is fun to pop with the palm of your hand to launch the weed to the growing pile of weeds you've extracted. I don't think I've ever been quite so satisfied with a tool of any kind. This is one product that actually lives up to every claim made by the manufacturer . . . a must have for every homeowner....more info
  • Well-made, easy to use
    The Weed Hound is all steel and is very well-made. The (few) moving parts are heavy-duty and two seasons of use have failed to damage it, beyond wearing the paint off the parts that actually penetrate the ground. It has the added advantage of leaving a tidy little aeration hole in the soil every time you pop out a weed. Just place, step, twist/pull and the weed is extracted, with all or most of the root. It generally works better on broadleaf weeds than on stuff like crabgrass that have spreading root systems but you can't beat it for dandelions.

    And it's made in the USA....more info
  • Back Saver
    This thing works really well and is a total back and time saver....more info
  • Hound Dog is right
    It certainly does everything it claims to do. Not ever having seen or heard of this product before of course I was a bit skeptical about purchasing it. It arrived on time and in excellent condition. The time came to try it out so outside I headed. Placed the Ground Hog over a weed, stepped down and drove the Ground Hog down, gave it a twist and pulled the Ground Hog back up to eye level and there it was, the weed root and all. Released the weed into the trash bag and moved on to the next one, and the next and the next one. Well you get the point!!!

    If you have yard full of weeds then this is probably not the tool to use. If you have the occasional few weeds pop up here and there, then this is in my opinion ideal for that. It saves your knees and back from stooping and dragging your knees from weed to weed.

    If you're on the fence about whether or not to buy this product, try it. After all you can return it, but I don't think you will....more info
  • It works! Dandelion roots gone - yet my back & my fingers feel great!
    This tool really does work! It often pulls the dandelion and roots out in one easy step on the parts of our lawn that have thicker grass and less rocky soil. The dandelions near the edge of the driveway sometimes take a couple of attempts to get the whole thing...as did other areas that had rockier soil. This is sooooo much faster than when I was trying to dig them out with garden hand tools. Plus my back doesn't hurt, my fingers don't hurt -- and my fingernails are staying nice and clean! Works great in the garden too (on other weeds).

    Bottom Line: Definitely worth the money! Would make a great gift too!...more info
  • Great works awesome
    I got mine from home depot and paid 25 dollars for it, had saw walmart had it for 20 but couldnt find it anywhere, but I used it yesterday on my front lawn and it worked great I love it, really improved the lawn alot works great on dandilons and fox tail, crab grass is a lil tougher because it winds into the dirt but it is doable, does best on the larger weeds I think but it will work on smaller ones. I have no complaints at all about it, I am actually thinking of going and buying the hand tiller they got to try it out....more info
  • Weed Hound
    This is the best product I have ever purchased for getting weeds up by roots. This is a great product....more info
  • Once you figure things out, this guy is a champ!!!!!
    I've had this yard tool for about 2 years and haven't gotten to use it much until this year. I had a nasty invasion of dandelions in my yard this year due to neglect from renters the previous 3 years while we had to move away temporarily. I knew I had this but I remembered it being not very good at getting the weed root. It would basically break the taproot right off about 2-3 inches down, thus not really killing the weed but merely getting the visual side of it gone. Well, I did it again this year and sure enough, it was doing the same thing. I was NOT happy! Everyone swore by this thing and I felt I got robbed. It wasn't doing what it was supposed to do! ARGH!
    Well, I happened to run across a web page about pulling dandelions that said the taproot is very fragile and that one would have better luck pulling one out complete if the ground was moistened. I thought maybe this would work with the Weed Hound. So after a gentle rain, I got in the yard and tried it. Sure enough, reading that was the key! It was pulling dandelions, taproot and all, with very little effort! I was shocked at just how effective it was. Some of these taproots were up to a foot long! And once I got this figured out, pulling those nasty buggers actually became fun and addictive! Once I started, I pulled and pulled and the next thing I knew it was nearly 5 hours later! I'm loving it now! There's something strangely satisfying when you see that taproot just hanging down off the end of the Weed Hound's spikes...
    So if you are having troubles with this tool doing the same thing, try doing it after a rain or watering of your lawn. Night and day difference, LITERALLY! I nearly thought about throwing this thing out until I read that. After this, I'll never get rid of this guy! There's nothing that works better than this short of some chemical.
    I don't remember reading anything about using this on moist soil on the packaging, thus only the four star rating. (Which, really, I would have only knocked maybe half a star if Amazon let me) Had I known this all along, this easily would have been the firmest 5-star rating I've ever done. That's how much I love this thing. And as an added bonus, it even does aeration! Good thing, because my yard needs that, too......more info
  • Much faster than Long Handled Dandelion Weeder
    This is much faster at pulling dandelions and other spot weeds. It doesn't always get the full tap root, but neither does the dandelion weeder without a lot of effort. In that time I could pull several weeds with the Weed Hound. I'll make a second pass in a couple of months if needed for those weeds that manage to sprout again. ...more info
  • Great Product!
    I just received my weed hound yesterday. My front lawn is absolutely covered in several different kinds of weeds and weeding by hand is very painful for me (carpel tunnel). Twenty minutes on my knees with a standard weed puller and my hands would ache for hours.

    I soaked my lawn prior to trying out the tool, a necessity in our area due to soil conditions. This tool is sturdy, well made, and easy to use. The only problem I had, since I was working on a wet lawn, was my foot kept slipping off the step. A piece of non-skid tape solved that problem. Within 15 minutes I had a 13 gal container full of weeds. I only stopped because it's too bloody hot outside! My hands don't hurt, my back doesn't hurt.

    I'll be back out there when I get done posting my review with a cold drink in hand and the sunscreen on.

    Great product, wish I would have ordered it sooner. I highly recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Love the Weed Hound, but I'm on my third replacement
    I love the Weed Hound. I used it to entirely clear my yard of hundreds of broad-leafed weeds over the course of a year. For those that haven't let their yards get overrun by them (or bought a house that came with them), it's a pretty painless way to go pesticide-free and have a great yard. My neighbors love it, too. It's oddly satisfying to see the weeds come up, tap root and all. One neighbor made fun of me for occasionally weeding the neighbors' yards, until she tried it herself and I just saw her weeding another neighbor's yard after she finished with hers. I've found it works best when the soil is moist, and therefore loosened. In dry and compacted soil, it's tougher to get the whole root. Yes, sometimes when I'm doing a lot of weeding, my hand gets a little sore from pushing/hitting the handle to pop them out, but if at first I don't succeed, I flip it over and hit the handle on the ground to release the weed. Usually, it's not a problem. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I'm on my third one in a year and a half. Granted, most people don't do near the weeding that I do and will be fine. But both times, I had the same problem (and I saw another review that mentioned the same thing). The metal piece that holds the nails in came loose, rendering it unusable; it seems like it should be soldered. It's so sturdy in every other regard but that is certainly the weak point. I also agree with that same user who warned against pushing too hard lest any of the nails are bent. I think I jammed it too hard on a rock hidden beneath the sod. It never worked very well after that, try as I might to bend the nail back in place. Anyway, I get about 90-95% of the weeds, tap root and all, on the first try. I don't have to bend over, I don't get dirty, and I can pop the weeds into a bucket without ever touching them. Under normal use, you'll probably never have a breakdown. Buy it!...more info
  • Good Dog
    Much easier and faster than pulling weeds by hand. Works very well on dandelions and other leafy weeds. Works okay on other weed types. My soil is a rocky clay mixture so it often times doesn't get the whole root....more info
  • Beats kneeling and bending
    This works much better than I thought it would. It takes a little practice to get a feel for just how to work it, but then it does a great job on a wide variety of weeds. I can even sit on my garden bench and use it effectively so it is a blessing for anyone who can't kneel or bend for long periods of time....more info
  • Amazon Jacked the price
    I put this in my cart, waited a day to think it over and it went from $14.95 to $23.21.
    Increase of over 60%.
    Amazon sure knows how to screw a person over....more info
  • Hound Dog Dandelion Puller
    The design concept is good but this tool needs some reconfiguration before it's truly effective.

    1. The pulling tines should be a bit longer. (They aren't long enough to grab on and pull up the whole dandelion root, even in wet soil.)

    2. The diameter of the base of the tines (where they are mounted) needs to be about 1/4 inch more. (Would give a better chance of grabbing onto the root as the exact center of a dandelion is sometimes hard to eyeball.)

    3. Shaft of tool needs to be about 3 inches longer. (So the tool-user doesn't have to bend over so much to use this thing.)

    ...more info
  • Great Product
    This weed puller works great. It does work best when the ground is wet and I found that giving it a twist allows the tougher weeds to come right up. I bought one for my 82 year father who loves to garden and he thinks it is great. ...more info
  • great weeder
    I got this from the local home improvement store to help on a handfull of weeds. This actually works well on crabgrass and pulls out the roots--at least better than hunching over and pulling (and tugging) them out by hand (then, to find out that you didn't remove any of roots will all the straining).

    This device lets you place it on top of the root of the weed, then step down to penetrate and grasp. With some turning (much turning in some of the bigger crab grass) and pulling, I was surprised to pull out 6" of roots from a problem crab grass cluster on my neighbor's lawn bordering my own. (it probably takes more effort to bend over to try to pull manually than it is to use this weeder to twist and pull.)

    I cannot imagine how to achieve similar results without having a shovel and remove much more dirt than needed.

    One thing that you need to watch out for is if you have to pull out a large cluster of crab grass, you may want to get some soil available to patch up the area. This device removes a small amount of dirt while clasping the roots. (not really an issue for most weeds, but if you have a large crab grass cluster of 3-5, I have found having a handfull of soil to level out the small holes is helpfull.)...more info
  • Weed Hound is terrific
    This is the best way to rid your yard of obnoxious weeds, down to the root. I used to get calluses on my hands from digging them out with that long stick-like metal weed popper, but now I just press down with my foot, pull up and voila, it's done. The only down side is that it can take out a big hole that needs to have a little dirt & grass seed put back in - if your yard is that perfect around the weed....more info
  • Does Not Get Root!
    I have used this on dandelions and it does pull off the top of the weed that is above ground but it does not remove the root! Looks like I am back to old fashioned hand tool to remove root.
    The product has nails at the end that close together in the ground. They should have spent 0.30 more on product and used longer nails.
    Too bad design of the product doesnt allow me to substitute nails that actually might work removing the root.
    Oh well. Return of product to store coming....more info
  • The weed hound is no dog!
    I can't beleive the weedhound works so well, its well worth the money. It worked so well for me that I bought one for my father's birthday!...more info
  • effective
    I borrowed one of these from a friend to pull the dandelions from my yard and I loved how effective it was. I had to buy one of my own. I've pulled weeds with roots up to a foot long - and I didn't have to worry about using poisins near my gardens. It does leave a hole but you can fill it very easily. ...more info
  • best weed puller ever
    This is an awesome weed puller. Much easier than pulling them out by hand. The only thing to be careful of is to get the weed right in the middle and pull out the root; otherwise it will come right back....more info
  • Don't Buy
    This item does not pull up weeds. It does make a hole in the ground. Save your money and pull the weeds yourself, because even with this you'll be doing just that....more info
    Place this tool over a weed (moist soil preferable), press your foot down on the foot lever and gently pull the weed puller up (the handle seems to serve only as a convenience): Voila! The weed plus the root is extracted from the soil.

    Now I live in the Colorado desert and much of our residential soil contains under the surface small stones. In these areas it does not work for obvious reasons. So I am limited as to how much ground I can cover with the tool. For areas where the soil is free from under the surface stones, it works great. I'm glad to have it to make life a little bit easier....more info
  • This product delivers
    If you have dandelions, this is the tool you need. We can dig up fifty dandelions in just a few minutes with ease. No bending or stooping. We have had a Weed Hound for several years, and recently bought two to give to give to family members. We highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Weed Hound
    I think that this works great. I love it and have not put down any bad chems to get rid of weeds. ...more info
  • Only okay
    Was fairly disappointed in this product's performance. Have to place it Just Right and soil needs to be Just So - otherwise wind up yanking away at branches of weed and not the weed itself....more info
  • The best solution to get rid of those horrible dandelions!
    I can't say enough wonderful things about the weed hound. I first bought was as a gift. Then when our yard had a dandelion problem (it is great for other weeds too) I borrowed it from the person I gave it to. Then I didn't want to give it back. All of my neighbors were laughing at the 9 month pregnant women out there battling weeds with the contraption. But it worked. The next year we had much fewer. It is easy to use just center over weed, step, twist, pull out weed and pop it off. My arm gets a little tired sometimes if I am doing a lot of weeds but now that I finally bought my own I can take my time. Definitely worth the price and no more weed killer to buy!...more info
  • Add me to Club Hound!
    I'm a novice gardener and have become the steward of a sadly overgrown garden. I bought this blindly after having spent a day kneeling and ripping up weeds by hand. I lucked out! What a great product. It's solidly constructed and has some real heft to it. I did have some issues getting used to how it worked at first. After a while, I got the rhythm and had a blast destroying unsuspecting dandelions and milkweed. I sure hope the neighbors didn't hear me as I laughed maniacally at the death of those weedy invaders!

    Why knock off a star? I did find that a little twisting motion applied as I pulled up slowly helped to get the entire root system. I also noted that sometimes the hound got a little greedy at times and pulled up a lot of soil. I just knocked it off and pushed it back into the divot. And finally, the metal sometimes gets a little stuck and tough to release if I get a little to carried away with weed assassination. I really had to whack it to get it to work again- but keeping that in mind prevented further issues. I also bet I could squirt a little WD40 in there to get it moving again.

    All in all- absolutely worth the money!...more info
  • Clever design. Poor durability.
    The Hound Dog did wonders helping me pull up large amounts of crabgrass in my yard. However: The tool quickly wore out.

    The first point of failure on the Hound Dog was the moving central shaft that pushes the nails into the ground. If you are working in sandy or gravelly soil, the shaft will bend if you apply too much force or weight. Once the shaft is bent, the nails will not come together at a point, and the tool will no longer be able to pinch the weeds to pull them up. You can only push down from a step located on one side of the tool, which greatly increases the chances of slowly bending the shaft in one direction through repeated use. If you get one of these, my suggestion is: Don't put all your weight on it. If it feels like it doesn't want to go into the ground, reposition and try again.

    I managed to hammer the shaft partially back into shape. This got me a little more use out of the tool before I hit the second point of failure. The nails came loose from the tool and fell out. Beating the tool with a hammer might have brought this on of course, but I wouldn't have gotten any more use out of the tool otherwise. At this point, the Hound Dog was unfixable and I threw it out.

    Of the tools that I have seen, the Hound Dog has the best mechanism for pulling weeds. I will probably buy another one, even though I know it will not last me very long. I would be willing to spend more on a similar tool that lasts longer, as I feel wasteful having to treat such a tool as a disposable item....more info
  • Incredible weed hound
    i ordered this product due to online reviews and they were right on target! this product is fantastic and easy to use, especially after rain. it even pulls up chick weed from the root. my lawn looks so much better....more info
  • Great product!
    This is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Saves my back every time I weed. It pulls the weed and the roots at the same time. Great item and well worth the money....more info


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