Coldplay - Live 2003 (DVD & CD)

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Studio: Emi Music Distribution Release Date: 04/17/2006

Riding high on the phenomenal success of A Rush of Blood to the Head, Coldplay is in peak form on Coldplay Live 2003. This CD/DVD two-pack was filmed (on Super-16mm film) and recorded in Sydney's Horden Pavilion on July 21 and 22, 2003, during an exhaustive year-long world tour, and the medium-sized arena provides a fitting stage for the London-based rock quartet, not so grand as to overwhelm the music, but large enough to indicate their large and loyal following, which includes enthusiastic fans of either gender. Especially when played in DTS 5.1 surround, this 90-minute concert is richer, thicker, and (of course) louder than Coldplay's studio recordings, lending a wall-of-sound expansiveness to the band's signature sound, which draws from such diverse influences as Genesis, Pink Floyd, The Verve, U2, and their own unique sonic landscape. "Politik" gets the gig off to a rousing start, and other impressive highlights include "Daylight," "Yellow," the as-yet-unreleased new song "Moses," and the popular hits "In My Place," "Clocks," and "The Scientist." And while the concert visuals are slick and professional (perhaps placing a bit too much emphasis on singer/frontman Chris Martin), this DVD and CD--the latter containing a truncated 70-minute version of the same performance--are best appreciated for their pristine audio quality. Culled from 400 hours of home video, the 40-minute "concert diary" represents a wasted opportunity, enjoyable for hardcore fans but offering no insight into the band or its individual members. Much better, then, to play the concert at healthy high volume, and appreciate Coldplay in the prime of their young career. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • so much for so little
    With only two albums under their belts some might think a concert DVD a bit redundant. However, this is anything but... it is a wonderful investment of your time and money. coldplay is exceptional live and the complete recording of these austrailian concert dates does their spacious music justice. In addition to a great visual experience it includes an audio CD of the same concerts, a 40 min tour diary, and photo slide shows of the group, etc.

    When it comes down to it though, buy it for the pretty little acoustic piece "see you soon". For all those radiohead fans, its in the same category as "true love waits"....more info

  • A piece that all Coldplay lover most have
    Is a complete set including sound and video. Some interviews and behind backstage icluded.

    Can see come videos with differents camera views.

    Good piece to buy....more info
  • Awesome CD and Awesome DVD
    Coldplay's albums were both great, but honestly, their songs really come to life live. The rock songs rock harder, and the ballads are more emotional live. You can see the track list above, it has all of their hits, including 'See You Soon' which was a b-side, but is included on both the CD and DVD, and is a really good song. The quality of the audio is great on the cd and dvd, and the video gives you a good feeling that you are actually at the concert. I didn't get the chance to see Coldplay live, but after seeing this DVD, I definately will the next time they are on tour. I highly recommend this DVD/CD!...more info
  • Amazing DVD
    I would describe myself as a fan. This DVD is far better than I even hoped it would be. This is almost better than a live performance -- and the group's live concerts are the best with a sound quality not captured on regular CDs. A great addition to any Coldplay collection or any current rock/pop collection. The version of "Clocks" on the DVD is superb....more info
    Everyone should see a Coldplay concert. And if you can't see it live, this is the next best thing....more info
  • Love Coldplay - But the DVD isn't that great
    First, this is a great price for what you will be getting.

    -A concert
    -A Music live CD
    -Behind the Scenes tour.

    The concert DVD isn't made very well. It's a lot like their music videos, with quick cuts from one angle to another. Hard to enjoy the concert, its more like watching a music video.

    You do get different angle viewing if your dvd player has such capabilities.

    You pay 5 bucks more than you would for a regular cd and you get the concert and live recording of the concert.

    Get to hear two unreleased songs - "Moses" and "See you soon"

    Overall, very worth it, but be prepared to be disappointed in the concert dvd....more info
  • Excellent
    I've dreamed of seeing Coldplay live. Ever since they first came out and performed live in many award shows, I was enamored to their intimate and yet rock innovated performances that makes you hungry for more. Until I do get to see them live, this DVD will appease my appetite. I notice that many reviewers were disappointed by this DVD, which i could understand. But no concert DVD is perfect, you have to actually be at the concert to truly enjoy it. But for the price, it's not bad, and if you look past the tiny flaws this concert will truly be a wonderful experience to view over and over again. Coldplay is the best British band of today's generation. It shows in their albums, their singles, and their concerts. They continuously experiment with rock while still conveying an aura of intimacy and personal reflections in their lyrics and performances. Really, don't judge a concert DVD so technically. It's not meant to be perfect. At the end what should matter most is the experience, the feeling, and the emotion you get out of the live performances. I am sure most of us who have bought this DVD can say that we got some type of feeling or emotion out of it that makes the tiny flaws very obsolete and nearly non-existant. Just chill and enjoy the music. ...more info
  • Next Best Thing to Being There!
    I'm a huge Coldplay fan and have been waiting for this DVD ever since I saw them in Phoenix earlier this year. I just got the DVD today and couldn't be happier. This is not just another concert video. The editing is clean, crisp, and is rivaled only by the audio quality. The bonus features and included audio cd make it perhaps the best concert DVD in my collection. Get this DVD!...more info
    COLDPLAY LIVE, what else can I say. If your a Fan of one of the greatest bands ever, then you need this for your collection. Because of the commercial success the band has recieved over the past year, it is getting harder and harder to get a ticket to see one of their shows. With this new DVD you can have your own private concert in the comfort of your own home anytime you want. When I heard they were going to come out with a live performance DVD, I was one of the first in line. I was in line and when the doors opened, I ran to the DVD section pushing people out of the way to get there and screamed in joy when I got my hands on it. Just joking about pushing people out of the way, I would never do anything like that, but I did scream for joy. I got a SHIVER when I popped the DVD in. This has a Live Concert with multi-angle features, you have a link to all their lyrics, and a bonus 40-minute Tour Diary documentary. Simply Amazing, and its all in Dolby Digital.
    DON'T PANIC, stop looking at the ticking CLOCKS, EVERYTHING'S NOT LOST, put your POLITIK's aside, because when you watch this DVD it is like A RUSH OF BLOOD TO THE HEAD, and after it feels like GOD PUT A SMILE UPON YOUR FACE. I'll SEE YOU SOON....more info
  • never thought that i'd be buying a concert dvd...
    This one was one of my first dvd buys of a band in concert. And I was amazed. The dvd is amazing, and the cd that comes with it is great too. My only pet peeve is that the cd does not have all the songs that were included on the dvd, (obviously due to time constraints.) If you are a fan of Coldplay, or if you are just getting into their music, than this is a must have, trust me, you'll be hooked after hearing this.
    -Chris-...more info
  • great
    i love coldplay and the concert was great but i dont like how the filmed it its like a fan filmed parts of it from far away....more info
  • Brilliant
    I love Coldplay.. and I love Coldplay even more live!! Chris' voice is absolutely perfect, and the rest of the group is amazing! This is a great addition to any Coldplay fan's collection....more info
  • One of the greatest bands around gets a solid DVD.
    Coldplay is one of my favorite bands and it's hard for anyone to argue that their musical talents don't match up with the best of them in the modern scene (U2, Radiohead). While not quite at classic status, they certainly have the potential and this live concert DVD is a pretty good package.

    Unfortunately, there is one major quibble I have with the actual concert footage: it's very poorly edited. Some of you may remember that Dave Matthews concert that came out last year (from Boulder, Colorado, I believe). The editing is extremely "herky jerky," not focusing on one band member for more than a second in most cases. I found this "technique" to be very distracting in some cases, especially when I felt like watching any particular band member. This kind of detracted from the overall experience.

    On the plus side, Coldplay puts on an awesome show and the music itself is really good, so it works out for the best. You'd be hard-pressed not to at least enjoy the aural experience this DVD provides. So if you're at least a casual fan of Coldplay, then don't hesitate to pick up this DVD for the music itself.

    The picture quality is pretty good. It's anamorphic widescreen, which is always a plus. And unlike most concert DVD's, it's shot on film, so the image is actually a lot better than what it could have been. There are a couple of scenes where there appears to be a bit much grain or certain colors seem overly bright, but for the most part, it's a solid transfer. Not a whole lot of edge enhancement and compression problems are thankfully next to nothing. Looks pretty spiffy for a concert film.

    The audio is the true star here. Presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS ES Matrixed surround sound, this mix is just right. It's not overly loud, which is really a good thing. The spaciousness and overall presence in this mix can only be described as pleasant, as Coldplay's melodies eminate from all around you. Usually concert mixes are too front-heavy, but this one is balanced out quite nicely. As expected, the DTS mix is a bit more open-sounding with tighter bass. But either one is a treat. Good show!

    Whether you are a casual fan of the band or a die-hard fanatic, then you'll love this DVD. It's one you'll watch quite often, and with a solid transfer and great Dolby and DTS mixes, this disc will make its way to the top of your favorites....more info

  • You have got to be kidding me!
    I loved Coldplay's other two albums, but I have never heard such crap! I am ashamed to say that it is not worth the money. He sings out of tune and can't harmonize for crap! Five stars come on people...rate the CD not the Band!...more info
  • Amazingly well done DVD & CD
    First off I wasn't a huge fan of Coldplay until I saw them live in September of last year in Boston. They put on an incredible, energetic show that blew me away. When this DVD came out I had heard Moses, the new single and was impressed so I bought it. I have to say I ended up stay up WAY too late the night I bought it watching the whole concert and the Tour Diary. I actually got goose bumps watching it. This DVD/CD is worth every penny....more info
  • ColdPlay DVD a stunning achievement!
    I wondered if it was possible to sound so polished live...? Well, having seen Coldplay live twice it's not often I am blown away by a bands energy, meloday and vocals (we love you Chris). I was delighted to see how well the DVD brings this all out. With amazing editing techniques you feel that the camera is flowing with the bands tempo. The close up camera angles show the human side to the band and the clever use of color and B&W keeps it fresh. For anyone who has heard of Coldplay or never been fortunate enough to see them live, this is as good as it gets to being at the concert! And believe me they are bloody good!...more info
  • Coldplay in Fastmotion !!!
    This Video I thought could have been recorded in higher Quality
    Some of the songs were using such fast frames it makes your head spin, NOT enjoyable to watch.
    Not a total poor video but could of been better !! Such a Great Band
    Rich...more info
  • The best concert I never went to!!
    I got the Coldplay 2003 DVD as a birthday present in '04. Coldplay's my favorite band, so you can imagine my excitement. Back in the days, I never thought I could ever be in a real concert of the band, I lived too far away from any place they toured.
    Almost four years later, I still think the DVD was the best concert in my life. That is, taking into consideration that I went to see them, against all odds, in NYC in 2006. It's not that the concert was bad, it was one of the best days in my life. It's that to me, the DVD is so good that I can't get enough of it.
    The band plays perfectly, the connection with the crowd is real, the choice of songs is fantastic, the sound is epic, the transitions that go along with songs, including colors, angles and views of the crowd and the band are nothing but exciting and bright.
    If there's any DVD I would ever recommend, it's this one. It's the closest you'll come to live the Coldplay experience if you haven't got the chance to live it already....more info
  • From the producers of Blair Witch Project......
    Musically the concert was great, and if you're the type that enjoys music videos as opposed to concerts you may enjoy this. I'm the type that enjoys live musical performances, and that's what I look for in DVD concerts. This was a letdown from that aspect.

    Bottom line: TOO MANY CAMERA CUTS.

    The recording is ok played through a Denon DVD2200, Anthem AVM20, Studio 100's, Servo 15 and AVM50.

    The selection of songs is great.

    The cinematography simply distracts one from the music.

    Here's to Coldplay getting a newer concert out with filmed in such a way that the viewer feels like they are part of the audience and not simply watching a music video on MTV....more info
  • Great into to coldplay
    As a bit of context to my review: this was given me as a gift before I really knew anything about Coldplay. I couldn't name a single song of theirs, although during my first viewing of the DVD I did recognize three or four songs (which I liked, just didn't know who the artist was).

    I thought the concert was fanstastic. I got more and more into it as it progressed, partly because I thought the concert itself got better and better, and partly because I come to know the band a little better as I watched, which adds to the concert experience.

    While I had a few favorite tracks of the concert, there were not any which I classified as one of my all-time favorite concert moments (I own quite a few concert DVDs). At the same time, there were not any weak moments in the concert, and I was never tempted to skip any tracks.

    Regarding the extra documentary, I understand the complaints some had that it didn't really include anything new. But for someone who knew nothing of the band, I enjoyed it and it added to the concert experience.

    All in all, a very enjoyable conert, definitely worth the purchase. I finished watching it wanting to watch it again with an increased familarity of the band....more info
  • Great Music...OK Visuals
    Coldplay is absolutley amazing and puts on a great show. The DVD is great to listen to you favorite songs played by the band live. After going to their recent X&Y Tour concert I was blown away by the visuals (lighting and video) so I was a little disapoint to see this one which didnt have all the bells and wissles. So I cant wait till the have an X&Y tour DVD.

    ...more info
  • One word AWESOME
    Have been waiting for this DVD for a long time. My daughter got me listening to Coldplay and I just love the songs. The DVD is has reltively good sound. I was dissapointed with the camera angles especially from behind the crowd where the heads of the crowd use up part of the screen. Maybe thats just me. A lively performance none the less. If you are a Coldplay fan get this DVD, if you are not get this DVD. For the price you get a CD and a 45 minute tour behind the scenes footage. You cant beat that....more info
  • Coldplay DVD Captures the Excitement of a Live Concert
    I have never seen Coldplay live, but have enjoyed their previous albums. The DVD captures the excitement of a live concert from your own living room couch. Except for the circles of light that occasionally obscure a clear view of Chris Martin, the DVD made me want to see them in person. It is crisp, entertaining and shows off the talent of this band. I found the bonus CD which is also live was even better. Without having the distraction of the lighting, the bonus CD rocks. This is a worthwhile package that can serve as an initiation into the band's repetoire, and a collector's item for those who are familiar with the band....more info
  • Director got in the way of a great performance
    Coldplay is my favorite band and I've seen them live 2 times recently. I just recently rewatched this dvd and could barely get thru it. As has been previously stated by other reviewers, its like watching a 90 minute music video. Most of the concert is in black and white. Most of the camera shots are out of focus, very close up and not focused on anything for more than 2-3 seconds. In the beginning of Politik, when the guitars and drums are heavy, it looks like the camera is vomiting. Its pretty much unwatchable. Its like watching a strobelight with a different image every second. Hopefully if Coldplay decided to release another concert dvd (and i hope they do) they can get the director of U2's Vertigo tour dvd to produce it. ...more info
  • Perfect...
    For Christmas my mom and Dad got me The coldplay:Live 2003 which was probably the best thing Ive gotten so far in my years of being alive. The concert frist of all is beautiful....and powerful...watching it is so perfect it put me in an unexplainable feeling...The whole concert is one giant music video in which the band plays many of their hits (before x and y).

    Also which makes this Dvd even more perfect is the tour Diary. This is a documentry which follows the band though the tour... Watching the tour diary it helped me realize that Coldplay are just 4 really great friends who just happen to have one of the best jobs in the world....

    I hope that there is more Dvds to come for Coldplay because this one was so nice......more info
  • Leaves you wanting more
    I thought the concert part of the DVD was good, not great. I've seen better live performances from them. You can by their confidence levels that they are not the same band they are today. I think they definitely put more rock into their sound for this show. Chris Martin and guitarist Johnny Buckland seemed to be experimenting with different sounds, modified tempos and lyrics. "Yellow" and "Life is for Living" were my favorites, but unfortunately LIFL and several others weren't included in the CD. I wish the tour diary was in a more straight-forward documentary style, instead of haze, nightshots, and shaky camera, which was fine for the actual concert. I think the tour diary gave me a better feel for their personality but not any real stories, history, or insight....more info
  • Wasn't expecting greatness
    This double disc combo is nearly perfect. Every minute of it will capture you attention and deservedly so. If you like coldplay even a little then this will make you love them. The songs are performed extremely well....more info
  • Coldplay Live Will 'Open Up Your Eyes'
    I saw Coldplay live this August at the Verizon Wireless Ampetheatre in Irvine, California. An avid concert-goer, I was eager to see how the definitive band for my generation would stand up to the hype live. Of course now with the bands' most recent CD, X&Y, there were new songs and changes to the concerts' line-up, but the pure musical genius I witnessed live was almost identical to that of the DVD.

    Some anal retentive types may find flaw in this interpretation of live performance. There are numerous camera angles, focus changes, and photography elements used to capture the raw energy and essence of Coldplays' live show. I for one thoroughly enjoy the non-linear approach taken by the director. Coldplay is such a creative and talented band, always paving the way and becoming innovators for the industry, why not mirror that in the approach to their DVD? With such a plethora of color and sound, it's truely artistic and beautiful.

    The chosen playlist includes without a doubt some of the best tracks from their prior CDs, some of my personal favorites being 'In my place', 'clocks', 'shiver' and 'yellow'.

    The best concert dvd in my collection.

    Maybe before you rip apart the editing and direction you should listen to the music and take a hint from the band, and "open up your eyes."

    Sometimes one straight shot, isn't all that interesting. ...more info
  • Wow. That's all I have to say.
    Not only is the music CD great, but the DVD packs quite the punch. The only tiny thing that bugged me was how the CD didn't have every song off of the DVD, but I guess that's what makes the DVD that much better. If you like Coldplay, but this DVD, you will not regret it. Best $20 musical purchase I've made in a long time....more info
  • What a show- double treat for both your eyes and ears!!
    If you usually like "Live" recordings, you will really like this. And if you're like most people and love to see your favorite bands in concert, this is an awesome concert DVD that you will enjoy time and time again. Hearing Coldplay's music is ONE thing, but SEEING it is yet ANOTHER. What you see only amplifies the intense emotion you hear. Taken from their '03 tour, this set includes hits from their first two wonderful albums, and also features never-before-released "Moses" and "One I Love". All in all, this is a GREAT package for the fans, and if you love Coldplay, then this will really make you smile!...more info
  • Brilliant
    For those who are fans of Coldplay this collection is a must for your DVD library. I am a fan of Colplay but more importantly I am a fan of "Live" DVDs that capture the essense of the live experience. After seeing Colplay live numerous times this DVD perfectly captures the experience. Although Colplay is still a band in its seminal stages this CD/DVD collection offers and eclectic collection of the bands material. I was quie impressed to hear "See you soon" certainly a favorite. While U2's Elevation DVD was wonderful, at times it seemed over produced. The variety of camera angles an editing techniques make the Colplay DVD memorable and a worthwhile purchase....more info
  • Confirms their status as the new kings of pop/rock
    Although vastly overplayed and overly-worshipped in the past year or so--to the point of nausea--there's no denying this band's ability. I have been a fan from their debut on, and have collected just about every obscure b-side and live cut there is,
    which are all superb, but there comes a point (maybe this happened with The Beatles at one time, I don't know), where the amount of airplay the band receives (radio, television, etc.) simply begins to reach a certain saturation point. The only thing a band can do at this juncture of success is to keep releasing quality product, to keep themselves constantly fresh, but release it at slightly longer intervals to give audiences time to adjust.

    By that strategy, this live DVD may seem to be coming a little to soon in their career (after only two albums?), but it's quality is such that it still renews my faith in the group. Coldplay are trying very hard to project the same sense of wide-eyed idealism, musical and political, that invested U2 in their early years, and although not quite at their mentor band's level, they're getting there. The concert film is superb, all of the songs are terrific, and the three new songs are equally as strong as the standards. The editing is stylized enough to keep Chris Martin's sometimes gangly on-stage dancing from being a distraction, and his vocals have hit a peak. My only complaint is that many of the songs sound virtually identical to their studio counterparts, although a few are changed around a little (ie the harmonica on "Don't Panic"). Although I do not wish the band to keep recycling their early sound on future efforts, for the moment "Live 2003" serves its purpose and reminds one of their new crown in the pop heirarchy....more info

  • The Best Live Video Performance Concert Perhaps Ever!
    Everyone who has gushed about this DVD/CD combination has been far too restrained. Coldplay's melodies, musicianship, lyrics and overall sound are AMAZING!!!! The production values on the DVD regarding cuts, pans, scans, etc are top-notch.

    Folks whose memory spans back to some of Zep's live concerts or perhaps to Yessongs will not be disappointed.

    This band, this CD, this DVD totally rock!!!!...more info
  • Can't Miss It!
    This DVD captures one of the greatest bands ever in absolutly stunning concerts. See all of Coldplay's best songs performed live. Their concerts are never disapointing. The concerts are filmed well and in excellent quality, it won't let you down......more info
  • Coldplay is the GREATEST band around!
    This DVD is just confirmation that Coldplay are among the most talented musicians in pop culture today. With this live performance, we see Chris Martin really involving the audience, he further proves his vocal prowess and stage presence is as great as anyone else out there. Coldplay is the first band I have encountered that actually sounds ten times better live than they do on their CD's (which are also excellent). I found myself drawn to songs that I was never too fond of on the CD's, but are so incredibly moving live, such as "A Rush of Blood to the Head," "Everything's Not Lost" (that is one that NEEDS to be heard live). Also, the fan favorites such as "Yellow," "Clocks," and "Trouble" have never sounded better. There's also great exclusive songs in this concert, including the B-sides "One I Love," which is a very up-tempo and catchy song, and the very sweet acoustic song "See You Soon" that almost makes me cry, and the new song "Moses" which is just excellent. Also, this performance features the classic "Shiver," a song that Coldplay has not performed in ages and a live version of which is very hard to come by. The directing is top-notch on this DVD, as is the sound quality. On top of this wonderful DVD, you get a VERY good quality CD of the performance, which is now my favorite Coldplay CD. When you hear thousands singing the lyrics to "Trouble," you can't help but get goosebumps, and you realize that this band is not a "flash in the pan," that they will be around for a very long time, and their music will be around for longer. If you are not a huge Coldplay fan, you will be after viewing this DVD, and if you already are, then needless to say, this DVD is a must....more info
  • A great insight into coldplay's tour life
    What can I say that would truly describe the feeling I got from the DVD. Once I got home I popped the DVD in and can't get it out of the player for hours!!! I just kept it on and watched every second of those two DVD.

    For die heart fan like me it's a great treat and for those who only like coldplay you will be a die heart fan after this DVD. And I think everyone should give coldplay a chance!!! It's a great deal for only 20 dollars!!!...more info

  • Coldplay continues to rock on
    I saw the special showing of the dvd in theatres and now I have it on my own dvd. I seriously have watched it five times in the past three days since I got it. I definitely recommend this title to any fan of coldplay. It's definitely worth the money paid!!!!!! Everything is so good. The way it is shot. The quality of the performance. The tour journal. Everything. BUY THIS TITLE, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! :)...more info
  • Coldplay proves to be a young yet mature band.
    For a relatively new band they put on a very deep and moving performance. You will give some of their best songs a second take into how well written and meaningful they are.

    To visually impress me its not all about having the biggest and most expensive stage. Moreso it is how the stage and lighting are used. I highly recommend you youtube "Coldplay Politik Live 2003 DVD" and you will see how effective the lighting show complements the music.

    Plus - I bought about 15 music DVD's and this one was the cheapest for me!...more info
  • You need this one!
    This DVD is simply stunning! Thankfully someone decided to capture one of the world's most exciting bands as they are on tour during their breakout into commercial success. You owe it to yourself to pick this one up...and you get a live cd as well!...more info
  • Wow!
    This DVD is next best to having attended the 2003 concert in person. The concert shown was played in Sydney, Australia, including 2 sets of encores (the playlist was identical to what I saw during a concert in North America on the same tour). I felt like I was experiencing the concert all over again.

    During the concert, there are lots of close ups, meaning you'll even see the beads of sweat on the bandmembers' faces. There are several seemingly 'private moments' caught on tape, when the members of the band look particularly thoughtful or serene during songs. The audio is 100% authentic to the point that a few minor musical/sound glitches remain. (You want to feel like you were really at the concert, right?!)

    Visually, I found the film really well done, artistic even. Some parts of the concert are shown in black & white, others in color. There are some scenes that are shown in a kind of hybrid, with most of the shot appearing in black and white and highlights brought out in colour. It's quite stunning to the eye.

    Another feature of the DVD that I really enjoyed was the tour diary which is a behind the scenes look at the band's travels. This gave me a chance to see a side of Coldplay I didn't know at all. The bandmembers seem to still be really close friends in spite of their rapid rise to fame. Some of the candid moments caught in the tour diary include a super-fast impromptu version of Trouble (it's funny!), the guys doing radio interviews, rescuing a kitten from the ceiling of their backstage dressing room (!) and much more. I had a smile plastered on my face for the entire tour diary. I enjoyed it at least as much as the concert portion of the DVD itself.

    All together, the DVD (which includes a live concert CD) is a wise investment for any Coldplay fan. You'll be enjoying this one for years to come....more info

  • COLDPLAY anything but COLD
    If you saw Coldplay on Pay Per View, you gotta get this one. Coldplay is awesome, especially live. Live performances taken from the last 2 years on the road. DVD also includes unrealeased songs MOSES and ONE I LOVE, Plus an Audio CD.

    God Put A Smile Upon My Face
    A Rush of Blood To The Head
    One I Love
    Don't Panic
    See You Soon
    Everything's Not Lost
    The Scientist
    In My Place
    Life Is For Living
    God Put A Smile Upon My Face
    A Rush Of Blood To The Head
    One I Love
    See You Soon
    Everything's Not Lost
    In My Place
    Amsterdam...more info

    Ok, so one of my fav. bands releases a Live cd.

    The question follows:
    what for?
    are they going to be singing new songs?
    are they reinventing some of their songs?
    will they show that they can "loose it" if they want to?

    One of my first impressions on this Coldplay cd is that they believe in the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

    I mean, Yellow has a new beginning, Clocks has a more definitive ending, but that's about it. See you Soon is executed the same way as it has been for the past 4 years, In My Place is EXACTLY the same as the studio version. It is plain to see that songs like Everything's not lost can last 9 minutes (like in this live version), but it is NECESSARY to improvise a little bit; otherwise the song is simply too long for nothing. A Rush of Blood to the Head starts with a Pink Floydish instrumentation, but soon every part of the band starts "copying" the original version.

    There is one new song called Moses which is fairly good, but too U2 sounding. It is really catchy though, but we already know that Coldplay is about catchiness; it would be interesting to see if there's more to them than that. Songs like Clocks or Daylight (which is not in this cd) certainly prove so.

    See you soon is a very beautiful song and we can forgive them if they play it as originally invented. But One I love... what's the point of excluding classics like Trouble and The Scientist and including that song?! I mean, imagine a medley that mixed the 2 aforementioned songs and tell me which of the options is more exciting...

    I rate this 3 starts simply because the songs are absolutely mesmerizing. But that's not merit of LIVE 2003 CD, but of PARACHUTES and A RUSH OF BLOOD TO THE HEAD.

    Pd. Not to mention the fact that this cd was not necessary at this VERY early stage of their career, specially since they were not planning to do what I have suggested in the paragraphs above....more info

  • A Pleasant Surprise ....
    I'll be the first to admit, I'm nothing more than a casual fan of Coldplay. But I am in the process of building a collection of Concert DVD's, so when this came out I figured, "Why Not ?"

    Let me tell you, this package ROCKS ! From the first track of the DVD I was hooked. Chris Martin's presence onstage is impressive to behold, and the passion with which he & his bandmates rip thru their material is stunning. The crowd is amazing as well, and the feeling of excitement is heightened by the quick cuts between cameras. As I said, this is my first exposure to Coldplay outside of what's on the Radio, so the only material I really knew was "Politik","The Scientist", and "Clocks." All were represented well, especially the latter.

    Add to this the fact that you get nearly the entire concert on a companion Audio CD, all for around $15 and you have a set that you cannot beat for the price. I'm thoroughly impressed & look forward to Coldplay's future releases. So if you're even the slightest bit curious about this band, pick up this DVD ASAP....more info

  • Wasn't a fan until I saw this DVD concert
    I didn't know any of Coldplay's music until I watched this DVD, which a friend recommended. I am very grateful to him for making me aware of this band that I thought was just another bunch of young guys churning out 21st century formulaic pop. How wrong I was!!!
    You know, I appreciate people's criticisms of this DVD--it does jump around in the editing a lot, but in my opinion it underscores the pace of the music throughout the performance. And what a performance--what a frontman. Such charisma. Contrary to what many people have commented about Coldplay lacking talent--they may not be vertuosic on thier instruments, but they play within themselves. Other bands that do this: U2 and Pink Floyd. Enough said.
    Certain songs made me well up--Trouble is achingly beautiful, and Moses is one of the best songs on the DVD. It's such a wonderful song, with great chord progressions and very Edge-like lead guitar work. Many of the songs are indeed formulaic brit-pop (I think of other "Manchester-sound" bands like Oasis and The Verve) but they are crafted so brilliantly as to make you forget that they have the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus-end structure. They write such clever songs that stay with you long after you've heard them. They get under your skin and you're happy they bounce around your head instead of some other crap that makes you crazy. 5 stars easily....more info
  • Excellent concert DVD
    The band plays very well live and it shows on this concert disc, video quality is good and recorded in DTS! A must have for Coldplay fans....more info
  • Amazing that its not dubbed
    I can't believe someone wrote Chris Martin sings off key. I spent the first 5 minutes trying to make sure it wasn't dubbed, because the band and singing sound so excellent! Better than probably anyone I've seen live, in being able to reproduce the quality of a studio album. I do so love Cold Play, but usually hate live albums and this cd is incredible. The video is great, and their performance is so exciting. Crank it up and groove!...more info


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