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Riding high on the phenomenal success of A Rush of Blood to the Head, Coldplay is in peak form on Coldplay Live 2003. This CD/DVD two-pack was filmed (on Super-16mm film) and recorded in Sydney's Horden Pavilion on July 21 and 22, 2003, during an exhaustive year-long world tour, and the medium-sized arena provides a fitting stage for the London-based rock quartet, not so grand as to overwhelm the music, but large enough to indicate their large and loyal following, which includes enthusiastic fans of either gender. Especially when played in DTS 5.1 surround, this 90-minute concert is richer, thicker, and (of course) louder than Coldplay's studio recordings, lending a wall-of-sound expansiveness to the band's signature sound, which draws from such diverse influences as Genesis, Pink Floyd, The Verve, U2, and their own unique sonic landscape. "Politik" gets the gig off to a rousing start, and other impressive! highlights include "Daylight," "Yellow," the as-yet-unreleased new song "Moses," and the popular hits "In My Place," "Clocks," and "The Scientist." And while the concert visuals are slick and professional (perhaps placing a bit too much emphasis on singer/frontman Chris Martin), this DVD and CD--the latter containing a truncated 70-minute version of the same performance--are best appreciated for their pristine audio quality. Culled from 400 hours of home video, the 40-minute "concert diary" represents a wasted opportunity, enjoyable for hardcore fans but offering no insight into the band or its individual members. Much better, then, to play the concert at healthy high volume, and appreciate Coldplay in the prime of their young career. --Jeff Shannon

The two-disc set includes a 90-minute, nine-camera, super 16 live shoot taken from their July 21 and 22, 2003 performances at the Horden Pavilion in Sydney, Australia, as well as band commentary, a never before broadcast behind-the-scenes documentary, a special tour diary and the edited audio CD. The DVD and CD will also include two PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED live tracks- "The One I Love" and "Moses."

Customer Reviews:

  • hit and miss
    Overall, this is pretty good, but the sound quality comes and goes. 5.1 dts locks in but sure does not sound it some times. Camera work is sometimes handheld and jittery, quite amatuerish.....more info
  • Coldplay is the Bomb
    The CD/DVD combination is a great idea. Their live performance is right up there with their studio efforts. Several aspects come through in their performance and accompanying documentary:

    1. They are an extremely TIGHT band. The cohesiveness of their sound is due to the fact that they are always "on the same page" with each other because they've known one another for so long.

    2. I don't think of them as great musicians necessarily; but they are pretty darned good.

    3. They are overly conscious of their sudden success and are not all that comfortable with it. They seem nearly embarrassed and apologetic about it, almost to the point of ridicule. The documentary points that out repeatedly.

    4. As a result, they try to avoid being pretentious at any cost. As a result, Chris Martin realizes the futility of such a pursuit since they are playing to 20,000 people at a time, not a drunk 100 in a stinky pub in London. Rock n' Roll by definition is a pretentious pursuit. Always has been, always will be. Nature of the beast.

    5. The electronic keyboard parts on their studio CD's are piped in during their live performances, which sort of sucks. Eventually I am sure they will hire ancillary musicians to make their shows more authentic.

    However you describe it, they come off as a unique quartet....more info

  • Left me wanting more
    As a recent convert to all things Coldplay, I was hoping for more insight into the band beyond what I've heard on the album. What I got was a great live performance, with a couple new songs -- but it did not rise above. Don't get me wrong - I love the album - but I expect to hear a different side of the band on a live album. And I want to hear MORE of them. 40 minutes of audio? C'mon people, throw us a bone? Love the music, just want more of it....more info
  • can it get any better?
    once again coldplay shows why they are the best band in the world. i remember in the 90's asking myself will there be another band that will pass u2's success... well, here is coldplay. ...more info
  • Poor Sound Quality
    I was looking forward to Coldplay live, popped in the DVD, and took it out after 10 minutes because the sound quality was so poor. This wouldn't be such a problem if all of the same songs were on the CD, but not all the DVD songs are on the CD. I thought it was two audio discs when I picked it up... talk about misleading advertising. Why do I want to be near my TV to listen to it? Although I love Coldplay, I'm very disappointed in this release and would have avoided it had I known how shoddy the quality is, and that I was really buying a DVD with bonus CD....more info
  • coldplay CD&DVD live 2003
    it's a awesome album that everyone should have , the performent on DVD , the music on CD's beautiful....more info
  • One Word - Magnificent
    Just buy it. It is one of the best albums I ever bought with the best songs of Coldplay. Praise Coldplay....more info
  • Very Cool Play
    This live CD sounds pretty much like their studio recordings, but there's nothing wrong with that!...more info
  • Awful sound quality
    For the sake of avoiding getting this review tagged as unhelpful, my comments are geared specifically towards "audiophile"-types who are very concerned with the quality of sound reproduction. If that isn't your thing, feel free to ignore my comments.

    I really enjoy Coldplay, but the sound quality here is unforgivable. I couldn't bring myself to listen to much of it on my high-end system. For Coldplay fans who are also audio freaks, this album is not for you. ...more info
  • Jumping to conclusions!
    Well, first things first:

    1. I am a coldplay fan.
    2. This isn't a bias views.

    This is a great CD/DVD. Its quite cool the way you can hear the crowds etc on the cd (no duh - it's recorded live), and it makes you feel more like you're acctually there. The dvd is really good, the lyrics options allow you to view single tracks of your choice which is great when you dont have long. The CD isn't compatible with all CD players etc but with the majority it'll play. It will play on computers, dvd players and most CD players, so you're safe.

    The tracks chosen are a GREAT mix and the recording of "Everything's Not Lost" is BRILLIANT. I felt it was spoilt on Parachutes rather because of life is for living was on the end - YOU OUT THERE GUYS??? THEY'RE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Yeah, this is one great dvd a must have for coldplay fans and people who just enjoy their music too!...more info

  • very nice value
    This combo is well worth the money for any fan. I was unable to see a show this year and this dvd has gotta be the next best thing. True, it's disappointing that the live versions of these songs are mostly identical to the studio ones but it's still a lot of fun to watch. Martin's voice holds up surprisingly well and the guitar work is also emphasized nicely. The set list is sweet and 'One I Love' and 'Moses' are new classics. I recommend it....more info
  • Coldplay music is not very good 'live'
    I loved both "Parachute" and "Rush of Blood..." and they've seen some heavy rotation in my CD player for the longest time. Nonetheless, I've never had a chance to catch the band at a concert and I thought that this would be a great way to make up for the lost opportunities. It was not.

    To me, the strength of their music is in the tight composition of the songs and achieving the right balance between emotion and virtuosity -- the topics in their songs are always pretty sober, but the reason why they sound beautiful instead of dragging and depressing is because of this. In live, however, this balance is totally thrown off and the songs do not sound as 'put together' as they do on the albums.

    In my opinion, music from bands such as Dave Mathews Band are inducive to improvisations and live concerts; music from Coldplay, however, is not. Fans will still appreciate this album, but I would not recommend this....more info

  • Good deal: musical, visual and financial
    This CD/DVD bundle works well in many ways: it is a nice compilation (though not comprehensive, containing ALL the band's hits, but which compilation does this, for God's sake?!) of Coldplay's two albums so far. In doing so, the music album serves as a great intro item for those that are new to their work, one that touches on Radiohead, Travis, U2, and a host of other influences (and similar sounds), yet retaining a very particular identity that makes Coldplay unmistakeable.

    On the flip side, "longtime" fans of the band are up for a nice couple of treats: live versions of their best songs, most of which work very well in concert and remind me more of their likeness to U2, than their similarities with Radiohead that come out so strong in the studio. In addition to this, there's the concert DVD, which conveys all their live energy and, when combined with the CD, makes a very good deal!

    I guess the only "negative" thing I see about this bundle is the smell of record label claws all over it. Considering the short span of the band's life, such an offering after only two studio albums (as successful as they've both been) can only mean one thing: greed. I can only hope that this is the label's greed and not the band's, because one the best things about them has been their simplicity all the way, having been taken by surprise by world acclaim....more info

  • Truly amazing.
    After I hearing this cd for the first time, I went out and bought tickets for the next Coldplay concert in Buffalo. Quite frankly, there isn't one Coldplay that is below average. Some people say this music is too mellow, but the way I describe is with an oxymoron: "intense-mellow" will agree with me if you really enjoy this music as much as I do. If you're new to coldplay, go out and buy Parachutes or A Rush Of Blood To The Head before getting this cd. ...more info
  • To Cranky Reviewer
    Excellency is what I meant....I don't care what the hell it need to get a hobby or something man....seriously....because if criticizing my grammar is on top of your list of comebacks...get a new list.....Coldplay's awesome....more info
  • Would be 5 Stars if the DVD and CD were released seperately
    First off, I am quite impressed by Coldplay's performance here. I am slightly disappointed by the CD - DVD combo basically consisting of the same material. I think fans would have been better served by a more complete 2CD set and a seperate DVD that seems to be more common for other groups.

    That being said, I don't think Coldplay should be compared to other great groups like Pink Floyd, U2, Radiohead or not so greats like Oasis. Coldplay is great on their own. I actually fell in love with them on hearing Clocks on the radio and Chris Martin's performance of Politik at the Grammy's. I am actually a big U2 fan, but find that Coldplay are every bit as good in their own right.

    I am especially a fan of the piano aspect that is often missing from rock music, yet can easily fit in as Coldplay proves. While there is nothing terribly complicated in Martin's use of the piano, it sounds fantastic especially on this live release.

    I only hope that Coldplay will continue to write great music and release great albums. They can definitely surpass other great British (or Irish) groups in terms of greatness....more info

  • Wowwwwww
    These guys rule I dont usualy like live albums this one rules. They sound awesome live. I grew up on u2 rem etc this group is becoming one of my favorite groups. ...more info
  • truly beautiful
    this music has depth and integrity. while their songs can be considered mainstream and "for the masses", they don't rely on the typical themes and riffs of pop music and that sets them apart. this music is refreshing beacause it isn't just words (which are amazing in and of themselves), it's beautiful guitar, piano, drums and an amazing voice to bring the songs to life. this music can make your spirit soar (clocks, everything's not lost), make tears fall (the scientist, amsterdam),remind you how absolutely beautiful life is (clocks, don't panic) or make you realize that there are things beyond the worlds we build around ourselves (politik, a rush of blood to the head). you can tell that coldplay as a band is passionate about the music they make and that shines through in its presentation. plus they're all really hot (ultra-super). I LOVE YOU JONNY!...more info
  • Vivacious and Animated!!
    I will admit, I have yet to be at a concert for over a decade. Coldplay is one of my favorite bands and when I saw this DVD come out, I was thrilled. From the beginning, I was on my feet in front of my television for a good two hours experiencing the phenemonal energy flow through my blood while watching Coldplay Live and browsing its features. This concert was energetic and lucid. Though it was basically the band playing their music within a huge light show, the atmosphere just seemed so much alive. I was impressed more so when they got deeper into their show as it seemed the band itself became more alive and the energy reflected off of them onto the fans. This is truly a remarkable collection to own, especially if you are a Coldplay fan. It also includes 2 new songs, which are not too bad, but I'll leave that for you to judge. I would strongly recommend purchasing this DVD/CD. The energy produced will flow into your stream of blood quickly and will add vivid colors into your imagination! If money is an issue, try getting this burned. If you are not a huge fan of Coldplay, but still enjoy their music from time to time, try borrowing this DVD and check it out. (My favorite performance was when they did the song "Yellow" :> )...more info
  • Decent, but not nearly as good as other concerts
    I am very picky about the concert CDs I buy, and this was no exception. I was a bit disappointed after having downloaded a handful of prior Coldplay concerts (as well as attending one). The songs add a little variety to the recorded versions, but not really enough to justify buying this set. Other groups (Dave Matthews comes to mind) have set the bar very high on producing variations on the originals, and Coldplay tends to stick to the studio formulas pretty closely. If you can ever find a recording of their 2002 concert at The Forum in London, it is a fine example of what this album should have been. The band is capable of a lot more, I'm just not sure why the label decided to use these particular tracks....more info
    First I want to say that when I say "some of their best songs" I'm refering to some of my favorite coldplay songs like "Green Eyes", "Warning Sign", "Brothers and sisters", "Easy to please", "Spies" and "We never change". But don't worry all Coldplay hits are in here like "Clocks", "Yellow", "The scientist", "in my place",etc.The performance of Coldplay on stage is totally awesome and the documentary is interesting. This DVD is very close to be PERFECT but the fact that some of my favorite coldplay songs are missing makes me stay waiting for another coldplay DVD.
    Check out the new songs theyre really good
    If you like Parachutes and a Rush of blood to the head go buy it
    Also listen to some travis wich is with coldplay my two favorite British bands.
    ...more info
  • A Virtual Concert In Your Living Room.....and it's in 5.1
    Coming from a guy who couldn't stand this band a few years back, I now Love the ambient beauty of Rock that Coldplay brings to the stage. If you haven't heard a lot of their older hits, then this albumn has everything to offer. The way each track runs into the next, and being mixed in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround, It can't be replicated from a simple mp3 download. There's even a few multi-angle options you can choose on a few of the tracks on DVD. I realy hope more labels start producing these DVD/CDs. Maybe then I'll stop downloading and do more purchasing....more info
  • coldplay put a smile upon my face
    IT'S BLOODY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • this is a great release, but...
    because it sucks so bad i give it one star.

    the cranky reviewer knows exactly what he's talking about. i was AT the show on the 21st and it sucked so bad i vomited all over my girlfriend. and she had on this great red tight new shirt that i'd bought her just so we could go to the show together. man she was smoking. anyway, she broke up with me that night cause i threw up on her. man that sucks. because of this band the love of my life is gone. AND her smoking body.

    while i may not agree with his assertions that duran duran are the best band ever - i think that it's whitesnake - he raises some very valid points about many of his very well-intentioned and well-researched opinions. mike and dan, get a life - stop playing D&D!!!...more info

  • awesome
    im going to keep it simple This live cd/dvd from coldplay is awesome. listen to it and find out for yourself.I highly recommend this one!...more info
  • Completists only
    Yeah, yeah, I know that, coming from a discerning, proto-punk loving hipster, liking Coldplay is an impeachable offense. But I do. I like them a lot. That said, do we really need this live disc? After all, Coldplay are not a band especially known for their live innovation. So what Live 2003 comes off as is highlights from the two records with added reverb, worse mixing and slightly off vocals. That's not to say that the songs here aren't great, because they are, but this stands as one of the least essential live documents in recent memory. New song "Moses" is one of the most average songs in their catalogue and is nowhere near enough of a reason to give this a purchase. So, Live 2003 is barely recommended, but only for the completist....more info
  • Completely worth your money.
    If you like Coldplay, this DVD/CD is completely worth your money. Buying a CD nowadays is around say, $15? Well imagine getting a live CD AND a 17 track live DVD for less than double that. The DVD is really good; as you should know, Coldplay is amazing when it comes to live performances. The CD is basically the DVD without the visuals, but it is missing a few songs; (nothing to get worried about). Just trust me, this is an awesome deal. They have great transitions, the sound is rich, and the visuals make you feel like you were there. Its an awesome set and any Coldplay fan should really get it. Also, there is a nice set of pictures from the concert in the booklet you might like. Again, GET IT....more info
  • Going to be a classic
    I have both "Parachutes" and "Rush of Blood to the Head". This package combines the best of both in exquisite live performances destined to be classics. If your a fan, or a newcomer, you'll enjoy this CD/DVD over and over.

    The video is a bit MTV'ish. To many camera angles and edits, but the sound quality is perfect.

    The CD eliminated several great tracks. Not sure why. Kind of a bummer but still very satisfying....more info

  • DVD Problem
    The rate would be a good 4,5... but the DVD doesn't play in Europe... So don't buy it if not American... otherwise music is neat, enjoy it, America.

    Marko Smolej, Slovenia...more info
  • delay delivery
    i bought it in october 18, its november 22, and im still waiting for it. where is it?????????...more info
  • I love it coz its Coldplay
    This is quality. I wasn't lucky enough to see them live on the rush of blood tour, and this is probably the next best thing. The concert DVD is the highlights of Parachutes and A Rush, and B-side One I Love, and new one Moses. I fell in love with the songs long ago, and they sound great live (especially A Rush Of Blood To The Head, the guitar at the beginning sounds better than on the album). The best thing is Chris having a go at dancing, in the words of NME, like a "rock and roll morris dancer". He's gorgeous though, and he's so sweet, you can see he's putting his soul into the performance. I think that's one of the reasons why I love Coldplay, they're so genuine and honest, and it really comes through in the live performance. The CD is OK too, good quality, but some real highlights left off. Still a 5 star effort, just coz it's Coldplay, (love the beginning of Yellow)....more info
  • Amazing...
    Anybody who is not convinced by this DVD/CD package simply does not recognize musical magic when they see and hear it.

    This is a rare gem in the world of concert DVDs and live albums. Shot in a mix of black & white and color, the visuals are absolutely unmatched. The musical quality is extraordinary.

    When listening to their albums, one might wonder how they could recreate such a rich, produced sound on stage. This package answers such skepticism with bold, tasteful style.

    Their energy and passion on stage is quite unique in today's pop culture, where the bulk of what is percieved to be amazing stage energy is a hard rock band bouncing around in circles, bobbing their heads and holding up the devil sign to their adoring fans. Coldplay have proven that the greatest form of stage energy comes from a true connection to the fans. In the DVD, their energy and presence shines through the screen.

    Chris Martin has a unique presence which is somewhere between Bono and Dave Mathews, while creating an image all his own...he performs with the passion of a rock god, but interacts with the crowd in such a humble way that he can only be percieved as one of them.

    It is hard to deny that Coldplay are truly the next big thing. Frank Sinatra defined the 40's, Elvis the 50's, the Beatles/Stones/Hendrix the 60's, Van Halen/Michael Jackson/U2 the 80's, and Nirvana the 90's. If/when Coldplay's followup to "A Rush of Blood to the Head" surpasses its predecessor, there is a good chance they will define the first decade of the second millenium....more info

  • 3.5 Stars.... (Sorta) Greatest Hits Live
    (CD 3 Stars; DVD 4 Stars).

    Only 2 proper albums into their career, and already we receive a (sorta) greatest hits live album from Coldplay. The CD (12 tracks, 67 min.) covers familiar ground for anyone that saw Coldplay on the "Rush of Blood" 2002-2003 world tour, opening of course with the high energy "Politik". "See You Soon" (originally on "The Blue Room EP", the outstanding 1999 EP--still available, including from Amazon) is one of the highlights. "Shiver" is another, and reminds me why I like "Parachutes" so much better than "Rush of Blood". "Moses" is the only true new song on here, quite good actually. And of course the "hits" "In My Place", "Yellow" and "Clocks" are here.

    In all, not a bad collection, but nothing that made me sit up and take notice. Unlike, say, the other live Coldplay collection "Trouble: Norwegian Live", a 5 song EP from a December 2000 show (still available, including here on Amazon), where Chris Martin works the Oslo crowd into a frenzy. Compare "Everything's Not Lost" on this EP against the "Live 2003" version and you'll see what I mean.

    The DVD is quite nice, though. For one, it adds 5 more songs including three "hits" ("Don't Panic", "Trouble" and "The Scientist"), inexplicably left off of the CD version (which at 67 min. could have easily added them), and the show closer "Life is for Living". The tour diary is goofy fun but inconsequential. For Coldplay completists only....more info

  • epic rock
    A band that brims with excitement and delivers their musical repertoire with great energy and passion. I'm leaving off a star only because I believe it is on their current tour (2005) that they have truly mastered the stage. They are absolutely electrifying to see live. The X & Y album has proven that more guitars and rocking' songs are a step in the right direction. The ballads are beautiful, but no one wants to spend two hours watching Chris Martin swaying at the piano. What we are treated to now is a spectacular live ROCK show that is infused with total commitment, musical expertise and keen showmanship (captured brilliantly on the video screens, as well as the stage). Noboody is slacking in the band. They come out with a spirit of perfection and keep it going for the entire show.

    The ballads now coalesce smoothly with the epic rock sounds. The band seems more confident in their tight delivery and the powerful effect it is having on massive audiences throughout the world. They are constantly pushing themselves to become better and better; and the results are certainly paying off. I see about 30, or forty, great concerts a year and Coldplay has proven to be one of the top five experiences....more info
  • A must have for any Coldplay fan
    I love Coldplay so of course I purchased the live CD/DVD. I was not disappointed. Seeing the Scientist live was one of the most moving experiences. Chris' voice is so emotional that you find yourself singing along with him, helping him hit those high notes.
    A few notes:
    *Yes, Gwyneth is in the DVD. She's in the part where Chris is doing yoga and also at the very end when they are leaving the concert.
    *The reason Green Eyes is not played live anymore is because it was written for an old girlfriend of Chris' and he is trying to respect Gwyneth.

    The boys are so down to earth. All of them. They seem shy by their sudden success and that makes them so likeable. The segment about Chris' Spanish shirt was particularly funny.
    This DVD/CD is a must for a fan of Coldplay's waiting for their next album....more info

  • Good stuff
    Despite everyone talking about the bad sound quality, it really isn't that bad. It sounded fine to me...more info
  • Get it!
    First the cd...EXCELLENT! I've been a Coldplay fan from the start but the only thing better than listening to Coldplay is listening to them live. Blasting this cd in my car makes me feel like I'm at a show again. I love it. They included many of their old favorites and added a few new tracks such as "Amsterdam" and the amazing "Moses." Before the cd was released I heard "Moses" on the radio one day and almost drove my car off the road as it was one of the most amazing things I had ever heard. Chris goes into U2's "Pride" chorus at one point and it is incredible. The guitars and everything blow me away.

    The dvd...AWESOME! If you haven't had the opportunity to see these guys in concert then at least see the dvd. Chris Martin has such incredible energy on stage. They are such amazing performers.

    If you love Coldplay, you will love this set! Get it!...more info

  • Justice To Their Live Show
    This combination live CD/DVD is taken from Coldplay's performance in Sydney, Australia on their 2003 world tour. Having attended Coldplay's concert in Austin, Texas on the same tour my opinion is that this package perfectly captures their live performance. I give both the CD and the DVD a rating of five stars because of the combination, the price, and the quality.

    Instead of screwing the consumer and giving everyone yet another reason to download rather than purchase, someone in charge made the intelligent decision to package the CD and DVD together. Additionally, the packaged material is doubled, while the price is not. Smart.

    The quality of both the performance and the production value are the real stars here. Personally, I don't like to see live releases from bands until after at least three to four studio albums to their credit; it usually makes for a more balanced concert experience. However, even with their growing record career, this recording presents a solid set list.

    The CD works as a kind of live collection of Coldplay's greatest hits to date, taken from their rare first EP, "Parachutes," and "A Rush Of Blood To The Head," with a B-side and new song thrown in for good measure. Overall, the audio CD is a great recording and a great selection of tracks; shinning stars are "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face," "One I Love," and the great big sing-along "Everything's Not Lost."

    The DVD is awesome! I have seen far too many live concerts that fall short of capturing a band's live performance. Additionally, there have also been an onslaught of bad "free" DVDs that have recently come packaged with new CDs, which are simply a weak ploy to try and combat rampant internet piracy. In sharp contrast, "Coldplay Live 2003" presents the band perfectly. Taken from the same Sydney performance from July of 2003, it shows the band in top form, featuring the entire concert, whereas the CD runs out of available space. Special features include lyrics (which the CD booklets do not), simultaneous multiple angles on fours tracks (taken from the stage show's giant screens), and a 40-minute documentary, featuring footage from Italy, a hometown gig in London, at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, and at Red Rocks in Colorado. Overall, knowing that the 90 minute concert was shot on sixteen 16mm cameras in near-dark exposure conditions, edited in only four months, and features a very decent documentary detailing live concerts and backstage footage, "Coldplay LIve 2003" is a good accomplishment. The focus of the DVD, performance and documentary, remains on the band which is a great creative decision and the most entertaining for the fans.

    The most important thing for me as a fan, whether live in person at a concert or watching live footage of the band, is that they perform just as well live as in studio, if not better. Coldplay did that in Austin and they do that here from Sydney. Additionally, the members of Coldplay seem to be good people: as seen from their on-stage performance (wanting to offer their best musically and include everyone in the audience) as well as in the documentary when they did not complain about a late night concert and an early, next morning radio show performance.

    Overall, a solid concert, a great concert film, and worht watching or listening to again and again....more info

  • Ho Hum
    I LOVE Coldplay! But this isn't all that incredible. The two new songs are great and might be worth the price of admission if you're a die hard fan. Otherwise steer clear if you've got the two studio albums. The LIVE versions are really no great shakes. I remember when they came around on this tour and I DELIBERATELY didn't go because I KNEW they'd just repeat the stuff LIVE as is. The ticket price was waaaaaay overblown and mostly because the show was at a corporate, elitist BS venue, but I wasn't paying it. Not for Coldplay. Not now. This LIVE package proves my intuition correct.

    They're going to get a LOT better as time goes on. I can feel it. They've got a lot of songwriting to do and they're a GREAT band! The LIVE release is just a little too soon. Let them develop fully with a back catalog to pull from before releasing this. There are much more horrible purchases you can make, but I wouldn't put this at the top of my list....more info

  • Music excellent as usual, just one niggling thing...
    Coldplay makes for a brilliant live band, with no fuss and no unecessary flash. They might be a bit dull compared to others but they offer what many dont, the pure uncommercialised soul of what music should be.

    Now we get to the dvd (which is frankly, probably more than half of what you pay for). I had to experiment with about 7 dvd players (wouldnt work with ever-so-efficient microsoft windows media player.. something to do with copyright protection apparently *rolls*eyes*) before i could get it to play. i'm just wondering whether it's to do with different region codes (region 1 on my computer). anyone else have this problem?

    nonetheless, very much worth the money for anyone who apprecites coldplay....more info

  • I like their albums better but........
    Overall their albums are better. I want to see this band live but I have a feeling their more of an album band instead of a live act. Its very mellow. Sometimes too mellow. However each song is great. ...more info
  • A must for Coldplay fans!
    This is Coldplay at its best, live! I was a bit hesitant in buying another Coldplay CD with the the same songs that I have on several other CDs, but the boys don't dissappoint here. The fact that the CD was recorded live just adds another layer of depth and emotion to what I thought were already terrific tracks. The DVD is probably one of the best produced music DVD's that I've seen to date. Way to go Coldplay!...more info
  • Live Coldplay
    I love this CD and DVD set. The CD is sounds great. It is an awesome cd to take a long drive with. The DVD is nice for background noise at home. I highly recommend this purchase for anyone who enjoys Coldplay. The live noises are a great touch to their songs....more info
  • Great doubble set
    This album is great. I love watching the lead sing his heart out to these inspireing lyrics. Style sounds simmilar to REM and U2, but the songs speak for themselves. DVD quality, good selection of songs. I question anyone that denies this band's originality, this is a disc worth watching; the live cd is icing on the cake. Buy it, try it, u'l love it....more info
  • Awesome!!!
    I am a new fan and just love this CD/DVD. Haven't had a chance to view the DVD yet, but I have been playing the CD in SUV every day....more info
  • I love it
    It's like I'm actually there and it actually SOUNDS good. Unlike some other live albums...Get this if you're a lover of true, good, rockin music....more info
  • Hey get off the Cranksters case.
    I aint bought this yet but will do because old cranky has the opposite views to me. What he says is bad is good as far as I am concerned. Most of his reviews are getting repetitive though. Any chance of a another review similar to the blender review? Another thing this bloke or blokess must be an unemployed millionair. He reviews 4-10 cd's a day. I wish I had the spare time and the cash to splash like he does! Anyway Cranster keep up the work but lets have a little variation of the theme....more info


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