Holmes HAP242-UC 10- by 11-Foot Air Purifier

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Product Description

Breathe easier and enjoy relaxing at home even more with a subtle assist from this HEPA Air Purifier.

Certified for a 10-by-11-foot room, this Harmony air purifier from Holmes improves the quality and freshness of the atmosphere in your home. The purifier stands upright or lies flat, is quiet in operation, and features three power settings. An optional ionizing function improves performance. The unit uses a HEPA filter to trap 99 percent of typical airborne particles, while an activated carbon filter removes odors from the air. Both filters are accessed through a pop-off cover, and sliding switches control the settings. The unit's durable plastic housing features Microban protection, which guards the product against microbial growth, such as mold, mildew, and bacteria. Holmes recommends operating the purifier continuously on the medium setting. Measuring 13 by 9-1/4 by 5-1/2 inches, it carries a three-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

  • Air purifier for 10-by-11-foot room; includes optional ionizing function
  • Slim design with quiet operation; vertical or horizontal orientation
  • HEPA filtration traps 99 percent of airborne particulates
  • Also includes activated carbon odor-reducing filter
  • Measures 13 by 9-1/4 by 5-1/2 inches; 3-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Air Purifier
    I bought this air purifier for my nephew as I already own two myself and am very happy with the product....more info
    I have larger air purifiers, but I wanted a desktop air purifier for the convenience of moving it around the house where needed. It has been very useful near the cat litter. Our older cat has a problem making it to the cat litter box before he drops a bomb on the newspaper near his cat litter box. The newspaper has been laid down to help collect his 'bombs'
    I hear other cats do the same thing. I would recommend this desktop air purifier for anyone with a pet....more info
  • Great little air purifier
    I've owned mine for about 5 years, and I love it. I was surprised to see so many negative comments from other reviewers. If I may add my two cents to the discussion:

    * This machine works great as an air purifier for small/medium bedrooms. It is designed to remove dust and other allergens from the air, and it does so quite well in my opinion. It's not meant to clean the air in the whole house. It's not meant to remove strong odors like stinky pets, dirty diapers, etc. That's what an odor eliminator is for. (I use a Hamilton Beach 04271R TrueAir Plug-Mount Odor Eliminator next to the litter box, and I can't complain.) An odor eliminator contains a carbon filter than neutralizes bad smells. A HEPA air purifier contains a filter of thickly folded fibrous paper that strains tiny particles out of the air. The two devices have completely different purposes and methods.

    * Yes, you do have to replace the filter periodically. I run my unit continuously on the low setting and have to replace the filter about once a year. Target usually sells them in two-packs or three-packs for a good price.

    * It needs to be wiped down with a damp cloth every couple of weeks because the outer casing gathers dust and lint. In my experience it does NOT, as other users have commented, get filthy. I supposed it might if you never cleaned it. The fact that it attracts dust means it's working.

    * It's almost silent on the low setting. Medium is audible but not intrusive. The high setting is almost as loud as a dust buster. I've found the low setting to be sufficient for small bedrooms.

    I hope this helps....more info
  • Vacuum your air
    So, why do you want an air filer???

    Papers & books breakdown. Ask any bookstore in the mall. Next, let's talk about the (2) types of dirt...outside & people. Then, there's all the chemi-kills your house is built out of, the mold, and the chemicals it takes to clean it. The Environmental Protection Agency says inside pollution is 2 to 5 times worse than outside. Monitors are dust collectors. PC's suck in dust all day. Electronics act like a huge magnet pulling in yuck from all sides of the room, and then you sit your face by it for hours at a time...dust is a problem.

    So, you can spend half a grand and get some ozone poisoning if you like to kill off everything in the house. (Ozone is a carcinogen. Check up on the ppm before you buy one to see how much you are getting.) Just take out a loan and buy a Sharper Image stick cleaner. They work. The reason they don't use a fan is because the ions push the air around.

    However, for the rest of us...Holmes has a good solution. HEPA filtration was like nuclear submarine quality about a decade ago. No one had this because we couldn't afford it. Today, these little units start at just under thirty bucks. I got the HAP2400, and somehow filled the pre-filter face in less than 15 days. But, I don't know how...my room was clean! I'm reading smoke, pet, molds, but I don't have these problems. That's when I learned about the magnets in the computers, and the normal level of junk in the air. I think I read that 90% of your time is spent at home. If you saw the stuff I pulled down, why wouldn't you get one of these? I feel like I just vacuumed the air. Replacement filers only run about ten bucks, and they last 3-4 months.

    Negative side:
    - I read that small particles out the back of the unit don't wash off easy if you don't replace the filter on a normal basis.
    - I'm not big on negative ions because I don't know enough about them.
    - These should not be placed on the floor becuase of the plastic construction.
    - Smoke from fires will build up in the filter and be pushed out at a later date. But, the filters are that good, they will pick the smoke up...yes.

    (I'm going to see if I get rid of my paper piles, if that helps...dust is N-Asty!)...more info
  • No complaints here.
    After returning my Honeywell hht-081 purifier because it was louder than living next to the airport, I'm very pleased with this one.
    It's exactly what I needed... a quiet opeating, effective, small air purifier. It's not going to get your whole home fresh, and it says so on the box, so don't buy it in place of a larger purifier if that's what you need.
    It WILL reduce allergens in the home, but works best in smaller rooms (i.e. 11' x 10')

    Regarding filter replacement... People, get over it. That's how any (good) purifier works. The ones with "permanent" filters that you're supposed to vaccum... Yeah, a vaccum is going to get it good as new every time, isn't it? *shakes head* You just have to take into consideration that in order to operate this you will have to buy and replace the filter on occasion. Just like when you buy a car, you have to buy gas to make it work....more info
  • Not that quiet
    We have this product in all the bedrooms in our house. We all have allergies and really needed to do something besides medicate aggresively. I wonder how much such a small unit can do, especially since I have been reading websites which state that tabletop size air cleaners do not have much impact on air quality. I also find the noise level rather high, given the small size of the unit. Sometimes I can hardly hear my children when they need me in the night, the fans are so loud. The grilles on the front also collect a lot of dust and have to be cleaned periodically. Overall I would say that unless the area to be cleaned is the size of a large closet or an office cubicle, I highly doubt that this air cleaner is big enough to be effective....more info
  • I had to make my own filter
    We hade hade this thing for about 4 years. It was a HEAP cleaner, but I found it was not cleaning well. So, I made my own .3 stage flitter. Then, I found how good it was! My flitter showed me that the Holmes was the best air cleaner ever! { cenbared to my ORECK} every Holmes made thing has done well, but not their HEAP air cleaners. Almost all all cleaner crops say that the so called HEAP flitter is the best. So if you buy this air cleaner, you will have to make your own fliter....more info
  • Quiet, clean, compact
    I just bought this filter, and so far everything is perfect. It is almost inaudibly quiet on it's lowest setting and circulates the air well. I have a dust allergy and it seems to have helped. The unit is also fairly compact and can fit in convenient places. ...more info
  • Beware of the low price
    Like many others who have reviewed this air "purifier" & I use that term loosely. I should have done my homework before purchase. I bought 1 of these for around $30, and 2 "Tower types" which were $60 apiece. I don't see much difference in the air quality in the rooms these are placed in. I leave them running 24/7.
    The filters are $15 each or $25 for a 2 pack in my area. I have dogs and these filters need replaced at least once a month.
    I'm tossing them out and springing for a decent one with a removeable and reusable filter....more info
  • Just... no.
    I don't know what it is, but this air purifier just doesn't seem to work worth beans. I've got another, slightly older Holmes purifier (HAP-240) that for some reason seems to work a lot better, although significantly louder. With this one, the air goes through the filter and comes out the other end as designed, but you just don't get a sense of cleaner air in the room -- there's almost zero odor removal. The filter appears to fit tightly, so it just doesn't make much sense. Could be this model uses a different, less effective filter than the aforementioned model.

    Either way, I don't recommend this product at all -- despite the fact that it runs very quietly on its lower settings -- it just doesn't really do what it was designed to do. Very disappointed....more info
  • forget about it
    This product is a filthy mess, I just tossed mine in the trash today. And buyer beware, Bionire is a Holmes product....more info
  • Cleaning Suggestion
    I dont have this model, but I have a larger Holmes Air purifier, and agree with the other reviews - they get themselves very dirty very quickly. I have found though, that if you put the front cover (the part hardest to clean) in the dishwasher & run it on a light cycle, it comes out perfect. Wiping the rest down with a cleaning cloth does the job as well. I wouldn't recommending buying a Holmes product, btu if you already have one, hopefully this cleaning tip will help....more info
  • Cleans, but too bad not itself as well..
    It's affordable, does what it's supposed to (clean the air) but in the process gets itself filthy. It's almost impossible to clean, so unless you don't care about having a dirty appliance in the middle of your room all the time, I would suggest finding an easier to clean model. Also, the filter seems to get glogged up pretty fast.. maybe I just live in super dusty conditions or something, but plan on spending just as much on filters every 3-6 months as on the unit itself....more info
  • the first one's (almost) free...
    from new york, new york
    there are 2 major things wrong with this (and every?) holmes product i have been 'duped' into using. it is much like when you buy a printer, the initial unit is a mere downpayment for all the cartridges you'll need if you use it 'normally.' the holmes air purifiers i have been intermittently stuck with do help clean the air and thanks to the standardization of the hepa filter (and no thanks to holmes), work fairly well. the downside is they are extremely difficult to clean (i think i used an entire package of qtips) and you have to take the damned thing apart yourself to do so (hence i cleaned mine once and dumped it) if you like cleanliness, after using it a few months, once you look inside the thing you'll be prompted to do likewise. the reason it's popular seems attributable to one factor: it is cheap. seems like a good idea at the time. then u start buying the filters (approx $15 or more each) and attempting to maintain it and realize what a poorly thought out piece o' junk the actual unit really is. be smart, spend more and get an air cleaner from a company that cares whether or not the unit can be cleane (slantfin, bionaire, honeywell). hope this helps save others from a dirty business....more info