Holmes HAP422U 12 x 14 Ionizer Tower Air Purifier

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Hepa Tower Air Purifier, 99% Hepa Filtration, Quiet Operation, Thin Tower Design, Electronic Ionizer Increases Performance, Filter Change Indicator, Carbon Odor Reducing Filter. 26.75" (h) x 6.75" (w) x 10" (d) Uses Replacement Filter Model #HAPF30PDQ-U

Over time, any household room can get stuffy and dank, especially in the colder months, when windows stay shut for months on end. Anyone with respiratory allergies knows how that stuffiness, which is the result of an increase in airborne particles, can affect the mere act of breathing. Not to mention the odors. The Holmes Harmony Air Purifier can scrub those particles out of the air with a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. Particles of dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and even smoke larger than 2 microns are caught in the filters tiny screens. And there's an ionizing function that helps even smaller motes clump together, so they're big enough to get filtered out. A lungful of air scrubbed by the Harmony Air Purifier feels and smells like it's from a snowy mountaintop

The Harmony Air Purifier is designed for a 180-square-foot room, or about 12 by 15 feet. The unit is a slim oval tower of ivory plastic less than three feet tall, easy to place in an unobtrusive corner of the room. There are two control knobs--one for the three power settings, and one to turn the ionizer on or off. An indicator light lets you know when the filter needs changing.

The outside of the unit can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The air inlet grill can be washed in hot soapy water (not dishwasher-safe); it should be completely dry before being replaced into the unit. The top air outlet can be swept clean with a small, soft brush. The air purifier measures 26-1/2 by 9-1/2 by 6-1/2 inches. Holmes products include a 3-year warranty and come with detailed operating instructions. --Garland Withers

  • Air purifier uses 99% HEPA filtration with filter change indicator
  • Thin tower design with quiet operation
  • Electronic ionizer increases performance
  • Carbon odor reducing filter
  • Modular filter system 3 speed settings
Customer Reviews:
  • So far so good
    We bought this for my husband's allergies to the new puppy. So far it's helping but not eliminating the allergies. I have to say the air feels and smells fresher. ...more info
  • horrible
    i got mine from target. i initally bought it to circulate the air in my room and not necessarily to filter it...

    it certainly did the job of moving the air and filtering it.

    however, after only about a month of use this thing started squeaking/chirping.. and it just got worse as the days went by...

    after 2 months of use it wouldn't even start right. i would put it on the highest setting and it would just hum like it was on the lowest setting and then eventually get up to speed (after a few hours, sometimes days).

    i am thisclose to throwing this in the trash because it makes so much noise. as soon as i use up the new filters i bought for it, it's going in the trash.

    the noise is just unbearably loud. sounds like a bearing has lost its lubrication and is just rubbing plastic to rubber.

    very annoying....more info




  • clicking sound
    When turned on high it is OK, but when it is set to medium or low, there is a clicking sound, like the fan inside is hitting something. I have other Holmes units and they don't do this. It's going back after only one night....more info
  • Good product overall
    I own this for approx 4 month now and its been working fine. The only thing that I have noticed is that it is loud when turn on high (Like a Fan). I leave it on the entire day and now it seems that it is making a lauder noise (even on Medium). If you dont mind the noise that this product makes, then buy it. If you want something that its quite, find something else....more info
  • Great product for allergy sufferers
    We bought this purifier for our 2 year-old daughter about 3 months ago. She has terrible allergies and is always congested in the morning. Since we started using the fan in her room every night, no more stuffy noses and coughing in the morning. Plus, the noise of the fan keeps her sleeping longer! It is the perfect size and we often move it into other rooms during the day to freshen them up. We will probably purchase another in the spring for our allergies. The only down side is replacing two filters, but an investment worthwhile and cheaper than cough medicine....more info
  • great, room purifer
    Takes up less room than a conventional "boxy" style of air purifier. It's quiet fan is a lot less noisy than others we've used. Works like advertised to remove odors, unlike the "metal blade" units that are so popularly advertised. Overall, a great unit and less than what other comparable air purifiers are priced....more info
  • great air
    My daughter is away at school and living in an old dorm. Her room reeked of mildew and the air quality in the room was very poor. Since the air purifier was placed in there, the air quality in the room has improved 100%. When the de-humidifier arrives we expect even better results....more info
  • Placebo?
    I was sick of waking up every morning with red eyes and a stuffy nose, but I didn't want to dump a lot of money into an air purifier I wasn't sure would work (some of the similar looking purifiers out there cost $200-$300). So needless to say, cost was a factor in my choice of this Holmes purifier. And...I guess it's working (?). I left it on in my bedroom all day every day for about a month, and I sometimes wake up feeling less congested, but mostly I feel the same, so I can't tell if it's some sort of placebo thing. If you're looking for something that's going markedly alleviate your allergies, don't bother with this one (I can't speak for other companies/models). But it does seem to help a little....more info
  • nice machine for the $$
    I bought this machine due to my son being diagnosed with several allergies...dust, dust mites, mold, pollens etc. It seems a bit noisy, but nothing I cant get used to, and the air seems cleaner and fresher already!! I guess that means less housework when it comes time to dust..woohoo! Also, if you read consumer reports tells you how BAD the Ionic Breeze is for you, as it creates ozone, which is a toxic emission, that may clear odor, but can poison you as well...hmmm I think I will save my $ and stick with my HEPA filter from Holmes!!...more info
  • My allergies win!
    I purchased this unit during spring after realizing that the air quality (extremely high pollen count) in my new town is not compatible with my allergies. I chose this one because of the hepa filter in addition to the ion feature. I will say: I'm disappointed. I have tried running the unit overnight to wake up to clean air, but I sneeze an equal number of times as if it was turned off. It gives out a pleasant cool breeze, which is the only reason why I'm not returning it. It will come in handy during the hot Atlanta summer. ...more info
  • Loud? yes. Works? yes.
    Ok this machine IS noisy, but certainly not annoying to any degree. Sounds like a fan, not a motor. I recently changed the filter and noticed that it had picked up a ton of airborne dirt and debri. I also feel less stuffy in the morning. So, I will happily accept the fan noise and highly recommend this unit! It's also rather inexpensive for what it can do. Overall, a sound investment....more info
  • very happy!
    my 1 year old has had allergies pretty much since he was born. poor baby. i have always felt so sorry for him, his eyes always watering and waking up with goopy eyes. and all that wonderful allergy stuff.
    i pluged this in 4 days ago and yesterday i realized my sons eyes are clear and he hasnt been itching his face for a couple days!! i have noticed the air quality is better in my boys room than in the rest of the house. i wish i would have grabbed a couple of these when i got this one! (i got it at frys for $50)
    exactly what i wanted, exactly what i needed!
    i also want to note that when this is on low you can barely hear it, on medium setting (the suggested setting) it is not loud, but definitly audible, on high, it it quieter than a box fan on high. but i love the high setting for when my son is taking a nap, it helps him sleep better, i keep it on low during the day, high at night and during naps....more info
  • Very Noisy!!
    I was looking for a cheaper version to my Ionic Breeze Quadra...This is definitely not it. I can't believe how loud this was on low. I don't really see anything being pulled into it either when I kick up some dust. It's going back to the store today....more info
  • Now it has three stars
    This purifier is quiet on the lowest setting, but the cleaning rate will drop as well. Its loud on the highest setting and the medium setting is between loud and quiet depending how loud you want your TV to be. The dust problem in my room seems to have slowed down a bit, but not much since I run this on the low setting during the time I'm in my bedroom. I only use the high setting when I'm out of my room or when I'm sleeping. So far I've been running this purifier since 1-9-05 and it hasn't had any problems with the motor or anything. Also the ionizer will charge you with static electricity if its blowing directly on you. So touching anything metal will give you a shock.

    My LEDS just went out. I unplugged it to move to another outlet (which had been used before) and now the LEDS won't come back on. I don't know why, but it seems this purifiers lights will go out if its unplugged and then plugged in again too quickly. That's a shame if the lights go out that easily. So now I probably will have to return it because if the power/ionizer lights are out then chances are the replace filter light will be too. So I won't know when to replace them now....more info
  • Very Quiet!!! Very effective!!!
    Don't believe what you read from the previous reviews. First of all, they probably haven't or didn't even take the plastic wrapper off of the filter that the box clearly indicates to do before you plug the device in. So how can they claim this device didnt work for them, I can only imagine. Put it this way, I have birds, dogs, and children that make a mess, but with this QEUIT device(with 3 speeds) purifying my rooms I feel that it is such a relief to come home from a hard day of work and feeling the clean air (it cleared my sinus ever since I used it). Not to mention the cool breeze that comes out of it, is a plus when I'm playing poker with my buddies, it works as a a/c haha. I'm not getting anything from Holmes, I'm just a user who feels that this device have been poorly reviewed as of late....more info
  • Definitely cleans the air
    I got this filter because I have cats and birds, and before I started using it, I always had a coating of "bird dust" on everything and was concerned about breathing it. I bought it in mid summer, and in early fall, I opened it up to see if the filters were "catching" anything, and sure enough, they were covered with a fine powdery silt, and then I realized that the bird dust that used to cover desks and other surfaces had almost disappeared since I had started using it. I was grateful to know that the machine had been doing its job. Whenever it was on, I did notice a subtle change in air quality...it seemed fresher. I have kept it running almost constantly for three months, and have not had any problems with it.

    While it's working, I don't notice the sound that much, especially on the lower setting which is what I usually keep it on. It simply becomes "white noise". The higher setting is definitely louder, so if that's something that bothers a person, it should be kept in mind, but it's a humming, blowing sound, not rattling or harsh.

    I can't compare it to other air purifiers because it's the only one I've ever had, but for the price, and for a person on a budget, I think it's done an amazing job. I'd like to get another for a different part of my house....more info
  • Nice Device
    I used to wake up everyday with a severly stuffed up nose. And it would also gets stuffed up throughout the day when i am home. I have had this unit for about 5 days now and I love it. My air is clean and my nose is clear! And this unit pulls a lot of air! Yeah it noisy on the highest setting, but you shouldn't really use it on the highest setting all the time anyway. I have a fan running 24/7 cuz I don't like heat much. The sound of this unit is about as loud as my fan so it doesn't bother me at all. I recommend this unit highly....more info
  • It is noisy, but works for us.
    I was hoping for a more quiet, blowing sound myself, but I put the purifier on a foam pad and it's quieter. I have found that it really works in cleaning the air in our bedroom. We used to wake up with stuffy noses, but since having it on low all night, we wake up with clear noses. And the constant white noise type sound helps with the traffic noise outside. So all in all, we are happy enough with the product....more info
  • Awful
    I bought this unit at my local K-Mart cause I could not wait till it shipped due to extreme hay fever this year. Plain and simple, this thing is NOISY, even on the lowest setting. They say it is quiet on the box but it is not. This thing could wake the dead. I am boxing it up and returning it this evening. DO NOT waste your time or money on this piece of junk....more info
  • Piece of Junk!!!!
    Stay away from this one!!! Did not last more than 8 hours. It just stopped working!!!!! Don't waste your time or money on this one....more info
  • poor quality/noisy obtrusive tower
    Wish I read other reviews before I bought this product. First, it's much larger and obtrusive than expected. Quality looks cheap (though it attempts to look like the ionic breeze in style),and when you turn it on it's noisy - even on the low range. Put it on high and the noise level rises dramatically. Have noticed no real improvement in air quality. Stay away from this one....more info
  • low quality plus crappy style--stay away!
    I bought this at walmart for $70, because the picture on the box looks kinda like the sharper image ionic breeze (but it's not!). it requires you to remove the wraper on 2 filters inside, which is easy enough. Like the ionic breeze I had, it wasn't able to clear out the paint smell my new apartment have. But I figure I would give it a couple more days before I return it. 2 days later when I try to unplug it and move it to another electrical outlet, the LED indicators burned out. It is now on it's 5th day and the fan seems to be noiser than before--as loud as my frig. I knew for $70 I can't ask for much, but knowing what I know now I wouldn't even take it if it's free....more info