MIU Stainless-Steel Tomato/Vegetable Mill
MIU Stainless-Steel Tomato/Vegetable Mill

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Product Description

Using the food mill unlocks the aromas and textures of fresh vegetables and herbs, enhancing the flavor of any dish. The 2-Quart capacity is ideal for preparing fresh tomato or pesto sauce, applesauce, mashed potatoes, peas or yams. This larger size is ideal for home or restaurant use. Health conscious parents can use this food mill to create their own baby purees that are chemical and preservative free. It includes 3 different sized attachments for mashing, milling or ricing. The food mill is supported by foldable legs. The legs help to stabilize the food mill over pots or bowls. A quick turn of the large crank handle forces food through the blades and directly into a pot or bowl. The entire mill is made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe.

This food mill is an excellent tool for making homemade baby purees from fibrous ingredients, such as peas, dried apricots, or prunes, as it pushes through the smooth pulp and leaves the fiber behind. In addition, it strains seeds and skin from tomatoes to make soup or sauce and makes the fluffiest mashed potatoes. Made of high-quality stainless-steel, this tomato/vegetable mill has three heavy-duty blades with fine, medium, and coarse holes to accommodate many different foods. After inserting the proper blade, you can load up to 2.1 quarts of puree ingredients into the mill. Then simply rotate the handle to push fruits and veggies through the strainer with the paddle. The food mill has three non-slip legs that allow it to rest on any pot or bowl with a 9-inch or smaller diameter. For mess-free clean-up, the mill is dishwasher-safe. --Cristina Vaamonde

  • High-quality stainless-steel construction
  • Three blades: fine, medium, coarse
  • 2-quart capacity
  • Measures 9-1/4 by 3-3/4 inches
  • Safe to use in dishwasher

Customer Reviews:

  • pretty good for the money
    this doesn't come with any instructions, but fortunately I've seen them used and it wasn't hard to figure out. Reading the 1 star review, it's possible that the blade was in upside down which does make it very hard to turn - the blade should be curved side up, inside the mill, so underneath is concave. Once that's done, it's a champ, easy to clean, fairly easy to assemble/take apart. These can be really expensive, so this was a pretty good price. I'd recommend it....more info
  • Works Beautifully
    Very well made. Sturdy, nice looking, but most important of all, it works great. I think it is easy to assemble and that it turns easily. It does not come with instructions, so if you need to know how to use it read the other good reviews.

    There is an online set of directions in one of them. If you are mechanically challenged there are videos at the company web site here.


    I love it. It's easy to clean, looks good and works well. Very sharp, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, fits all my pots and bowls. It isn't as fast as a food processor, but it works better, does more, and is very satisfying to use.

    The price is really up. I paid 37.99 on March 18th with free shipping and a 4 for 3 offer so you may want to wait for a sale....more info
  • Awesome Food Mill!!!
    I don't understand these negative reviews.......I got one of these mills, and it works beautifully. When you insert the blade assembly, put the pin in the center hole, insert one hook in the side tab, and then hook the second tab into place. You use less force, and get more leverage. It's so easy to do, my 5 year old son could do it!!!!
    Don't let the negative reviews bother you about this product. I didn't, and I got a wonderful piece of equipment that should last for many years in my kitchen.
    BTW-I'm a former chef that has used all the commercially available equipment in a variety of kitchens, and this is a very easy to use/clean piece of equipment.
    Buy one, and you won't be disappointed (unless you're a total spaz!!)...more info
  • Baby Food
    This machine is okay.

    No directions, but it is pretty self explanatory to use.

    The hand crank is pretty hard to turn, I hope it will become easier the more it is used.

    I like that it is dishwasher safe....more info
  • Great for baby food, soups, pasta sauce
    Everyone where I live in central Italy uses this thing, called a "passatore"; means you can "pass" the vegetables through this mill. With scandals about homogenized baby food abounding, people make their own. Great also for soups (passato), making PASS-ta sauce (kidding, but it removes the tomato seeds nicely). Sorry to hear about the injury, as the other reviewer points out, put the grater disk round side up, commmon sense, the sharp side should come in contact with the vegetables; it's not easy to get the blades into the notches on the base becasue the spring is tight, that may be where she hurt herself, but it's not hard either! I think there's a picture on the box. Anyway, nice stainless steel, as easy to clean as a food processor, more expensive than the Italian ones (aroud $5!) but it's bigger and much more sturdy and the stainless is a plus. Try it!...more info
  • Great product!
    I was a little skeptical at first, but then I realized that you have to put in a certain amount of elbow grease. Once I realized that, this product lived up to my expectations and helped me make my first (and many more) batches of home-made spaghetti sauce! I would recommend it to anyone. I can't wait to try it for other things like mashed potatoes and such!...more info
  • Simple but effective - don't let the low price fool you!
    Pros: it sits on top of the receptacle instead of hanging into it, like many other food mills do (including many priced much higher); the bowl and disks are all stainless and don't rust like my old one; it's made of metal and not plastic (again, old one)

    Cons: The guage of the metal on the bowl is a little thinner than I'd like, but it's really only an aesthetic issue.

    This is a wonderful device for processing tomatoes (use the smallest-holed disk to strain out the seeds from canned ones!), cooked potatoes and squash and other stuff like that, avocados, and so on. For tomatoes in particular the processing gives you nice smooth tomato puree with relatively little introduction of air, like you get with a blender....more info
  • JUNK
  • Great for applesauce
    I make homemade applesauce every year. I had an old (regular steel) Foley Food mill which is probably 25 or more years old. It's starting to show it's age. I wanted to get one for my daughter who is setting up her own household, so picked up one of these. After using hers, I decided to give up on MY old one and get one for myself. I also had a minute or so of difficulty assembling, but not bad. The only thing I wish I had was some sort of guidelines on what kind of food goes best with each insert (e.g., which to use for mashed potatoes?). I guessed to use the middle for applesauce and it worked great. I plan to experiment with mashing potatoes....more info
  • Extremely hard to use
    We use it once and it works fine. The 2nd time we use it it's so hard to turn and maneuver that we eventually give up. I would not recommend this product....more info
  • Good product
    The unit is very well made and does the job quite well. I would recommend it to my friends....more info
  • Directions to Food Mill
    I found the directions from the manufacture. Click on the link below. Hope this helps.

    Stainless Steel Food Mill Directions:
    Step 1: Select the Grater setting you wish to use. I.e.... Fine, Medium or Course.
    Step 2: Insert the Blade "Convex" or rougher side up, so that the grinding plate has a
    textured surface to mash the food.
    Step 3: The hole in the middle of the blades is for placement of the center pin with spring
    located on the underside of the rotating grinding plate. If the hole on the grater plate is
    not filled with the center pin, then your Grater plate is probably upside down, smooth
    side up or "concave" side up. This will not work so flip the blade over.
    Step 4: Once the grinding plate center pin is in place, Push down slightly on the center
    pin spring. This will allow you to hook the arms into place. If you are not able to turn
    the grinding plate easily then your grater plate is probably upside down and you will have
    to start over....more info
  • beautiful item and works very well....
    I would recommend this food mill...

    easy to use and really a nice looking piece of equipment.

    there are mills that cost 2 to 3x as much . this is a value.......more info
  • Easy to Use & Easy to Clean!
    This is an excellent food mill for the price. It comes with three different sizes of blade, making it useable in a multitude of ways. I have been using the finest blade to make baby food and have been pleased with how much better it processes the food than my food processor did. The mill is easy to take apart for cleaning and just as easy to reassemble. The handle has a nice grip and turns nicely without any harsh grating noises. The only drawback is the base with the legs - it seems to only fit one bowl of all I own! But overall, I am so glad I purchased this mill!!...more info
  • Excellent Food Mill
    Love this mill. It is far superior to the old aluminum ones with the little wire bar underneath that food got caught up in. I love the larger size and shape too. Makes wonderful mashed potatoes and tomatoes for soup. No peeling with the food mill! Yeah! I also like the fact that there are 3 different sizes of discs "cutting blades" so I can adjust the size to what I am preparing.

    I highly recommend this food Mill...more info
  • great for mashed potatoes
    This product is great for making mashed potatoes. I love it, it is well made and sturdy. My kids like to turn the handle and I do not have to worry about any electric blades cutting their fingers. The price is very good for this item. I prefer non electric kitchen gadgets, (to save space) and this one is great. ...more info
  • Extremely disappointing
    Very disappointing product. Besides the fact that the disks are not very sharp, the unit is difficult to stabilize on any pot or bowl in our kitchen, making it difficult, if not downright dangerous, to use. it also was missing one of the three disks it was supposed to come with. We got two of one size, and one of another, and as luck would have it, the missing disk was the one we needed most. Any savings completely negated as it's nearly unusuable....more info
  • Great Food Mill
    This food mill works great. The people who review this and say that the "blade" is difficult to insert are very confused. The piece of metal that turns around and forces the food through the discs is just that. It is not a blade, and is not sharp. Yes this might be difficult to put together if you have severe arthritis, but for a normal person it should be very easy to put together. There is no need for instructions as this is very simple to understand for anyone who has used a food mill before or seen one used before. This works almost as well as any other I've used before. My only complaint, and I'm still trying to figure out if I'm doing something wrong, is that when you reverse the rotation to scrape of the disc, it only allows you to move about a quarter-turn before it catches and stops. It should really let you rotate fully in both directions. That is the only reason I've given this four stars instead of five. And again, I'll change it to five if I figure out it's me doing something wrong. I am overall very pleased with MIU's products....more info
  • Well made for price
    This is a great food mill compared to others in the price range. It has a larger diameter than my old mill which makes it faster. The disks are well made and are sharp/abrasive enough to process the food. The spring is strong enough to force most of the food through.
    My only complaint is that the feet are too small to fit over my largest mixing bowl so I have to use the mill with a medium bowl instead.

    There are no instructions included but it is very easy to assemble. I didn't find it dangerous to assemble or use....more info
  • Learn how to use it and it works great
    As you read the reviews on this unit, it falls under two sets. Those who figure out how this work give it a 4 to 5 stars. Those who have no idea how this works give it a 1 to 2 stars. People, comment when you know what you are doing before you can rate it. Compaints about how difficult it is to swap out the disk, go to the company website [...] and view the short video. Not very hard. Now on the unit itself. Depending on the food item, some are harder to mill than others. Tomatoes are the best, perfect for making fresh sauces. Potatos are a bit tougher but if you cook it long enough , it will mill easier. This goes for all food mills so complaints about how tough it was to grind it would apply to all the other brands too. So if you like your food freshly prepared this unit works like it intended, nice stainless steel surfaces, fairly large capacity and a great deal...more info
  • no more peeling potatoes
    I like mashed potatoes with a number of dishes. I hate peeling red potators. Now I just slice them up raw, boil until done, toss them into the food mill and go at it. Skins and eyes don't go through, potatoes do.

    Tra la. ...more info
  • Great until you try to change the disks.
    I absolutely loved this food mill until I tried to change the disk. Neither I nor my husband could get the disk back into the mill properly once I took it out to change disks. I finally pushed so hard the mill broke. Going to try the Oxo next....more info
  • Balanced and Sturdy
    I bought this to replace my Amco model from Sur La Table. The AMCO was $80 but was poorly balanced and didn't work well at all. I like this model for several reasons--

    1) It balances well on the bowl because of the three leg design
    2) It strains well. Please note that you have to crank the handle in both directions to keep the food moving through the holes
    3) It comes apart easily for cleaning and reassembles quickly
    4) The bowl is wide for holding about 1-2 cups of food at a time

    I agree that you can't attach it to a larger bowl because of the short legs, which is the only drawback I have found so far.

    In short, I recommend the product and believe it is sturdy enough for long term use, although I only use it occasionally for making applesauce....more info
  • Don't buy
    I bought this to prepare baby food. After about a month, one of the tabs that holds the crank popped off so now it's useless. I've received no response to my inquiries from Amazon or MIU. ...more info
  • MIU Food Mill
    Excellent operating device that cleans easily. We've had ours now for over a year and does beautiful work. Some reviewers had assembly trouble on the account that there is no instrucion manual. I had similar difficulties initially. So, if you cannot get the mill to turn, you have the grater (insert) upside down. (This is somewhat counterintuitive because the whole device is shiny and the correct upward facing grater surface is matte. The shiny side goes down)

    Good luck with your food mill!...more info
  • Nice mill, easy to use and works fine for the money.
    I would not recommend this if you plan to use it daily! The metal is about a thick as a beer can, really thin. But for a twice a month user and it's cheap price makes for a good deal. The unit works just fine, easy to use and clean but the feel in your hand gives the impression of cheaply made....more info
  • Maybe not for me.
    I guess its a good food mill, but I'm not as into it as I thought I would be. It only grinds up soft foods. And even then, the food needs to be in chunks.

    I tried to make hummus with it, but the onions got stuck. I guess thats my own stupidity. So no onions. But, the chickpeas went through fine. I haven't tried raws garlic yet. It would be cool it the thing could handle raw garlic. Or, I could just get a garlic press.

    Anyway, I just think this item is not my thing. Even with tomatoes, I am personally fine with using canned tomato, for general eating.

    I do have to admit, spaghetti sauce, or whatever tomato sauce you make, is amazing when using fresh tomatoes. I will probably use this mill, for that, for special occasions....more info
  • Impossible to insert discs
    We had the same experience as the person who mentioned that the discs were near impossible to insert and remove for arthritic hands. Neither my mother (with arthritis) nor my step-father (without arthritis) could properly insert the discs. Purchase the Oxo good-grips food mill instead; it is extremely easy to switch discs, plus has rubber legs to grip the pot below the mill....more info
  • Inexpensive, but does the job
    This mill does what it needs to do, and looks pretty good too. It is fairly lightweight, so if you wanted something for daily use this is not the choice I would make. For the rest of us, who use a food mill once every few months, this does the job....more info
  • How about fruit Mill?
    We used the Mill for making all kinds of jellys & jams. Worked like a charm....more info
  • Make Life Easier
    The mill is very easy to use and makes tomato processing much easier for me. I do not have to go through the process of boiling water, pouring it on the tomatoes, peeling them, etc. I just chop them up, put them in the mill and go to town! I then put the puree on a simmer, and by adding some favorite herbs and spices, let it reduce til it's nice and thick and rich, I have the most delicious sauce I have ever made. I love it AND clean up is a breeze. ...more info
  • Just okay, not superior.
    I had researched food mills and really thought this one would be great. It's just okay. It can be difficult to turn and feels a bit flimsy. It also can only fit over one size bowl with it's supports which makes it a bit inconvenient. ...more info
  • Avoid at All Costs
    This is one of the most poorly-designed devices I have ever seen made for kitchen use. First off, it comes with no instructions whatsoever. As another user noted, inserting the blade is difficult and dangerous, because one has to push down on a very hard spring to insert the blade. One wrong move and it will pop up and hit you in the face. Even when put together, the blade is insanely difficult to turn, and I'm a strong guy. It also feels unsafe using this device, because the blade is attached to the walls of the bowl by the underside of these tiny metal hooks, wobbles constantly, and feels like it could pop out at any second. I returned mine and am better off for it....more info
  • Real Good Food Mill
    I am totally satisfied with this food mill.I admit I was a little intimidated when I read some of the reviews saying sieves were hard to change/did'nt mill properly,it didn't come with instructions,etc...toilet paper does not come with instructions either! Believe me,folks this is an awesome,easy-to-use product that I think I will have for a long time!!!!!BUY THIS WITH CONFIDENCE!!! Chef Jimmy D. of BREADBASTARD....more info
  • Easy to clean, works well
    This food mill disassembles easily for cleaning, and it works very well, especially at passing the flesh of vegetables and not the skin. I use it for not just tomatoes, but squash, pumpkin, and anything else with a distinct skin I don't want to mill together....more info
  • Could have been a bit cheaper
    It could have been a bit cheaper but I can't complain. It does a good job. I made leak and potato soup with this and it turned out beautifully. I liked it better than when i used my food processor to make the soup. After cooking, I put it in the dishwasher. No problem. It didn't get rusty or anything. Also beautiful job with tomato sauce. I'd recommend this to anyone....more info
  • soooo practical
    I just got this a couple of months ago and have used it to make tomato sauce, applesauce and pumpkin puree. I have never used another food mill before so I can only compare it to my food processor. It is WAY better than the latter since you can determine your own coarseness. With a food processor, you end up with chunks and the rest sauce-like. So you puree it for longer just to get rid of the chunks and then the rest is just too runny. With this food mill, it all comes out uniformly and it is very easy to use. And you don't have to worry about stuff flying around your kitchen (if your food processor leaks) since it all ends up in the bowl you set the food mill onto....more info
  • hopeless
    this product was recommended to me by several people, so imagine my surprise when it failed to work at all! i froze a summer's worth of tomatoes, then at thanksgiving i thawed them with the intention of making tomato sauce. i put two completely thawed tomatoes in the mill, started cranking, and they immediately released their water into the pot. i can't make sauce out of water, so i kept cranking, hoping that eventually the pulp would make it's way out. no joy. the pulp and the skin just kept spinning, and the skin got stuck in the holes and plugged the whole thing up. and that was using the plate with the largest holes. maybe it's because the tomatoes were frozen? anyway, i ended up just putting them in a blender skins and all. not ideal, but at least i have something to show for it. not sure if it is just this mill, or if all mills are ineffective....more info
  • mostly ok with one big PIA problem
    I won't repeat what wveryone else has said which is generally ok to good. One problem I had that I found annoying was that if what your were straining or pureeing was too thick, it clung to the sides of the strainer requiring you to constantly try to push it down into the blade area, crank a little then push it down again, repeeat repeat repeat. If it was thinner then it might be to thin for your recipe. Of course if what you were straining was more than you needed, you could just throw away what was sticking to the sides and the hell with it. ...more info
  • inimical to arthritic hands
    Inserting and removing a disk was almost impossible. I suspect it would be difficult for anyone with weak hands. There is no reason for the disks to be so difficult to manipulate. Our former mill, simply a smaller version of this, gave us absolutely no trouble. Had it for many decades; finally, a part of it broke....more info
  • A lot of bang for your buck
    Beautiful finish, good range of disk hole size and ease of use assemble/disassemble.
    This is most definitely the food mill for your kitchen, no need to go to those upscale stores and pay for something "almost as good" two to three times as much.
    I love my mill....more info
  • baby rice is very nice...
    Great for making mashed potatoes, babyfood etc. Durable, easy to clean, fits various sized bowls-what else could you want?...more info
  • economical and easy to use
    Very easy to put together and easy to use. Three types of blades makes this food mill versatile for straining tomato seeds to mashing potatos. The price is unbeatable, the size is convenient for single person or small family. The construction is sturdy and simple, which i like because it means less parts to break, put together, and clean. The food mill is great because it purees and strains the food at once. No more fighting with strainers or losing your purees through transfering them between food processer and strainer. I decided to buy this foodmill after realizing a decent sized chinois strainer with pestle (yes, sometimes you have to buy the pestle separately) can cost the same and often times more. This mill has been a real pleasure to use and I am grateful of the investment.
    NOTE: THE BLADE-PLATE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE MILL IS CONCAVED AND SHOULD POINT TOWARD YOU, IE, POINT UPWARD. this way the rotating blade will slide snugly over the plate. It should be very easy to turn. If you find the rotating blade hard to turn, or hard to fit into place, you've probably have the 'blade-plate' upside down. Device only have 3 pieces when put together, not too many variation as to how to put it together... ...more info
  • It works fine if you can figure it out without the directions.
    In response to the other reviews...
    No there are no directions included with this food mill, but it works fine. As to putting the disk in upside down, I'm not sure how you could make this mistake, you couldn't even come close to assembling it with the disk upside down. However, you might accidently put two disks on top of the each other. It comes with the coarse disk already in place and you might think at first glance that the finer disks go on top of this disk. Just take out the coarse disk and put in the one you wish to use. Turn the handle clockwise. It works just fine and for the price it is a great buy....more info
  • Guess I don't have the proper technique
    I've used this a few times, trying a make some tomato sauce from my home grown tomatoes. But I have trouble with this - its cumbersome to balance on a bowl and turn the handle - the tomatoes seem to get stuck and I'm hand pushing them under the blade. So, after all this wonderful fun, what do I have - tomato juice with seeds! I gave up and put it away. If anyone knows what I am doing wrong - please help me. I used one a million years ago and really can't remember any problems or not being happy with the end product....more info
  • Scrap heap material
    Absolute rubbish.Cheap, inferior product, don't waste your money.
    It doesn't hold in place while you mill anything. This product is
    guarenteed to make you lose your temper....more info
  • Great product
    Cleanup of this is NOT fun, however, no food mill is going to be fun to clean. It works great and comes apart for cleaning/blade changes. My only issue is storing it in my little kitchen, but I use it often enough, that it's worth storing....more info
  • worst buy ever
    MIU Stainless-Steel Tomato/Vegetable Mill
    I bought this item hoping to strain tomatoes for sauce making and also for soups.The blade simply will not catch the food and push it through, be it tomatoes, potatoes or any other soft vegetables. The food will just spin forever and never get processed. A waste of $30....more info
  • Good value and works well!
    I'm overall very happy with the MIU France Food Mill. The finish is nice, it's very easy to use, and I like the interchangeable blades (my old food mill had no interchangeable blades - I was stuck with one sieve). I'm not sure why the reviewers who gave the unit only one star had so much difficulty in changing blades. I found the process relatively easy and it really does not take a great deal of force. The only reason I did not give the unit FIVE stars is because I feel the handle is a bit flimsy, but considering the value price of the unit, I wasn't expecting professional quality....more info
  • Stainless Steel vegetable mill
    After looking at many, decided on this smaller one and have really loved it. Does everything I need it to do and more. Easy clean-up and does not take up a lot of space. Would recommend highly!...more info


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