BonJour Primo Latte Frother with Stand, Black/Brushed Aluminum

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Product Description

BonJour's Primo Latte Frother is the ultimate fusion of excellence in design and function. The curvaceous black and matte silver frother features a unique, comfortable design. The spring disc effortlessly turns milk into lush, creamy froth in seconds for cappuccinos, lattes and mochas.

If your espresso maker doesn't froth milk, you can still make creamy lattes and cappuccinos with this hand-held frother from BonJour. Simply insert the stainless-steel wire disc into a tall glass one-third full of cold milk (the health conscious will be pleased to know that nonfat milk works best), press and hold the on button, and in seconds the milk will froth to more than twice its volume. The milk can then be heated in a microwave and the espresso or coffee added. A wire stand keeps the frother handily located and displayed--its ergonomically designed handle with non-slip accents is quite eye-catching. Measuring 10 inches in overall length, the frother requires two AA batteries (not included), and should be washed gently by hand. --Ann Bieri

  • Frother whips up rich, creamy milk froth in seconds for cappuccinos and lattes
  • Elegant ergonomic handle features non-slip accents
  • Stainless-steel stem and spring coil frothing disc
  • Wire stand keeps frother handy

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent
    The Bon Jour Primo Latte Frother with stand is simply excellent. We use it and have given many to friends who admired ours....more info
  • great lilttle gizmo
    We love our frother! Looks great on the counter and works so well for latte in the morning....more info
  • Works like a champ!
    Simple to use and makes great latte and hot chocolate foam. As the instructions do say, it works best on skim or lowfat milk (it's GREAT for soy lattes!). Well worth the price....more info
  • BonJour Latte Frother
    Excellent! Bought this for my husband for Christmas and we have the best coffee because of the froth!...more info
  • Works great!
    I was skeptical about whether or not this would actually work well. I have a Tassimo beverage machine and can make lattes with that, but they do not have a fat-free option for the latte discs which is what led me to try this. Now I can make the espresso with my Tassimo and foam up my milk in seconds. I heated 1 cup of milk (in a 2c measuring cup)in the microwave and frothed it and it foamed up to the 2 cup mark! Definitely worth buying....more info
  • Will be Charging for Lattes
    Move over Starbucks!! I am selling my lattes after receiving my Primo today! I immediately had to see what all the hype was about, but lo and behold, i was parading around my office with my iced cappuccino and bragging about this bad boy. IT IS AMAZING and a Must Have! I am a gadgets person, so it takes a LOT to impress me, but Dog-gonnit, BonJour did it!!

    Every HOME/OFFICE should have one.... it's so QUIET, no one would know you have one.

    Gotta go... time to go to Starbucks to purchase some bottled syrups... Oh Wait... I can get syrups from Marshalls/TJ Maxx/etc. Oh well, Starbucks...Say Goodbye to your Leeeetle Friend!! LOL!...more info
  • Froth Happy!
    This little gadget makes owning a cappuccino maker obsolete and over the top! So easy and surprisingly no problems after 2 years of making frothed milked for my coffee. Why bother having another large appliance around when this nifty item costs a lot less and takes up practically no space? I am ordering another one for my friend who has lived in Europe, wants her lattes, but doesn't want to bother getting her espresso machine out. It's the perfect little gift!...more info
  • great product
    This works well and is so much simpler than trying to foam milk with the attachment to my cappuccino machine. My first one lasted about 3 years and I just bought a replacement....more info
  • Design Flaw....but I LOVE it
    I had never used a frother before, and I love it. Makes stirring drinks a snap. My kids used it for hot chocolate, tea, etc.... I use it for latte's.


    The battery release buttons are on the side. My kids seem to hit them and release the bottom half into their drinks at least once a week.

    It finally died--after 3 months of 10-15 uses a day. But--I'm replacing with a different model....more info
  • Cappuccino !
    I was given this as a gift. Absolutely love it. I have ordered 4 more for gifts. It froths incredibly. Must use Skim milk. I fill my glass 1/3 way with skim milk. Put in microwave for 40 seconds. Froth. Add a little flavored syrup and some real cream. Sprinkle with cinnamon. I am addicted. I even use one at work. Love This Product !...more info
  • Starbucks is safe, but this is a good at-home option
    This handy little battery operated whisk is great to froth milk for coffee or cocoa. No fat milk actually froths better than whole! We use it almost daily, but don't expect it to last forever. It is unstable when on the stand and will break apart if dropped. It usually snaps back together okay, but getting the battery compartment wet will lead to early appliance death. Rinse only the whisk, not the handle. ...more info
  • Awesome frother
    A friend shared her excitement with me over this frother and raved about it's performance. I saw for myself how easy and efficiently it worked and had to get my very own. I can say that I haven't been disappointed and would also recommed this to others. The stand makes it very convenient to use and provides space saving storage at the same time. ...more info
  • Best froth I've ever had
    I was tired of weak froth from my home cappucino maker. Now I get better froth then a coffee shop. It's so easy, quick and makes a lot of froth that lasts. ...more info
  • Great But Fragile
    I love this little frother. When my mocha went over $4 I got this and have been using it for a couple of years. But I think the design is flawed. The plastic into which the handle inserts after replacing batteries began to chip and finally one broke away. It may be that I didn't push both buttons in each time and thus put pressure on one of them. But it was the end of my beloved frother....more info
  • Excellent On-line Purchase Experience
    I found this product at a good price and it was shipped when seller said to expect it. Very good experience with this seller. ...more info
  • Works Great!
    This product does exactly what it claims to do: froth skim milk quickly and effectively. A nice tool to have if you like some froth in your coffee....more info
  • Just buy one!!!
    I love this little product. Forget about reading all the reviews to decide whether you want to get one. You'll find a use for it. I actually received a second one for Christmas and instead of returning it. I'll just hold onto it in case something ever happens to my other one. It's light, it's powerful and it's fun!! Just be careful that your cup is not too full or it will spin it right out and over the edge. ....but I only did that once ;)...more info
  • Bonjour latte...makes lattes as good as Starbucks
    I love this whip...and when I am dieting, it turns nonfat milk into a great frothy whip and then I just add my coffee. Yum! And great protein for pennies!...more info
  • Excellent
    I purchased this for my wife

    She has two of these, one in each home and she loves it. Easy to use. She has said her morning coffee would not be the same without it....more info
  • useful for frothing milk and other random things
    As other reviewers have stated, this is a niftly little device, although a bit pricey, i think, at 18, considering that it's a battery powered little vibrating whip-in-a-circle, coil gig....but it works exactly as intended and advertised, in that it makes a mountain of froth to pour on your coffee drinks if you like that kind of thing, which i do. i actually have found it useful to have handy in the kitchen for other purposes- such as quickly mixing eggs with milk for scrambled eggs, or smoothing out small amounts of batter (for frying...such as tempura) or even adding my yogurt starter to a bit of heated milk, before making yogurt. i've found it handy on a lot of random occasions, so much so that i use it rarely for frothing milk in comparison. The device is not big, or very powerful, but i find that the ease of cleaning it makes for a convenient boost of power when mixing any dry power to wet liquid (corn starch into water), or mixing paste into liquid (mustard and apricot preserves into balsamic vinegar for pan pork), when i'd normally just be using a fork. again- it's not very powerful, but it's handy none-the-less. i wouldn't be trying to make whipped cream or anything like that- i doubt it would work. But, nice to have around anyway. i have it hanging next to my Braun hand-mixer (the type which looks like a stick), which happened to come with a wall attachment and a little slot for an accessory i dont use, but which fits the frother reasonably well. if you have everything, and want just that extra random device that will smooth your batters, or LOVE coffee drinks with froth, (or have children that prefer to drink milk if it's frothy--bubbles!)this is for you. i give it 4 stars because it is a bit of a random device, and really not completely necessary to my life...but that's a weak criticism, i guess. i'd buy it again, yes....more info
  • Love the Froth!
    I love this little tool. On a cold winter day, have you ever just wanted something hot and soothing and frothy? I don't know why the foamy top makes steamed milk so delectable (I never really even drink milk!) but it is a yummy comfort beverage! All you need is milk sweetened with sugar or honey to taste and a little flavoring like vanilla extract or whatever you've got (they sell all the kinds that coffee shops have in specialty stores) and heat it up and then froth. So FUN for kids to do also. Just one handy tip, always froth in a very deep mug or a quart jar and then transfer to your cup because the frothing motion can make it slop out of the containter if it's not large enough! Enjoy....more info
  • Works great, but a fragile item
    I bought mine in May and it worked great. I was changing the batteries and it popped apart faster that I expected and I dropped the whisk side on the counter - not a far drop - just from my hand to the counter top. It never worked right after that. Now it's August and I'm ordering a new one. It's just a little too fragile, otherwise it works like a charm. Just don't ever drop it.
    UPDATE March 2009: I bought a second one in August. Was very careful with it - and this morning it just died. I changed the batteries. Dead. 7 months. Not worth the money. I'm going to look for something new. It's too bad because it really is a great frother - but to not even last a year? Sadly disappointed and the company totally does NOT stand behind their product at all....more info
  • This Little Guy Is The Best!
    I love Dry Cappuccino - two shots of expresso with about two cups of froth. I have tried quite a few different types of frothers, but none did the job that well. I got this one as a gift last Christmas and went into a complete nirvana state: the PERFECT frother! Starting with 1/3 C. of 2% milk I get 2 cups of froth in less than 20 sec. Then I microwave it twice for 30 sec, watching that it doesn't overflow. (You don't want cold foam.) The BonJour Primo Latte Frother worked great every single day for almost a year, changing the batteries maybe 2-3 times. I just bubbled over when I was able to replace it at Amazon! I guarantee this is THE BEST FROTHER ANYWHERE!...more info
  • Love this frother
    This is an awesome gadget - I froth everything now - hot chocolate, vanilla milk (milk with a touch of vanilla extract and sugar) for my 2 year old, and even whip up salad dressings. It is my new favorite gift for others also.
    I just wish the battery compartment was a bit stronger - occasionally it snaps apart, but it is still a wonderful powerful little frother....more info
  • Frother
    Coffee at home will never be the same again. ALWAYS use frother & impress guests with my fancy at home "latte". ...more info
  • Bonjour frother
    this is the best frother i have used. it makes the best foam in the shortest amount of time....more info
  • Best frother around
    I've owned one of these for probably 2 years now and I use it every day. I've tried several other kinds, and this is the best I've found....more info
  • Fabulous frother
    I have purchased both the cordless and the rechargeable BonJour Primo Latte Frothers and have given them as gifts, as well. My preference is the cordless. I use the frother almost daily. I heat skim milk in the microwave for 45 seconds and the frother makes thick foam which holds its body for about 30 minutes. I love this product....more info
  • Good quality
    I've had a few of these, and so far I'm impressed. The motor is great quality, it's nice looking and the stand is functional....more info
  • Love it!
    This frother is the best I've found. It works best with warm milk (I use skim) and makes a fairly thick froth, perfect for coffee!! It is lightweight and the button press is also very light. The only problem I've found is that they have a lifespan of only a couple of years (possibly because my cats tend to knock it over a lot). I've purchased 3 of these, plus 2 for friends. The other version of the BonJour frother is a 4-battery heavier model with a flat disk (instead of wire). That version is best used for cold milk (skim works best) and makes a very thick froth. It also works wonders on small amounts of heavy whipping cream - easier than dragging out the mixer when you only need 1 cup of whipped cream....more info
  • It works as advertised
    I'm always buying gadgets that look promising, but don't work.
    This is such a simple little tool, but it works great and I use it every
    day. And if you're getting a frother, be sure to get one with a stand....more info
  • Bonjour
    I think the bonjour is an excellent product and I am very satisfied with the complete transaction....more info
  • Weak frother, overpriced, get the one from Ikea for $3 instead
    I've been looking for a good frother to make my Greek Frappe coffee. I got this for Christmas and I'd have to say it's SLOW. I had bought a different frother from Ikea for $3 and that one spins so much faster and stronger than this one (don't use Ikea batteries). So save your money. Other notes: the stand is so lite that it falls over when removing it, the unit itself looks cool but that's it. I recommend buying one that uses 4 batteries instead or just get the cheap one from Ikea....more info
  • New Gadget for the Coffee Lover
    What a great product! Works great, looks great, and takes up hardly any space. ...more info
  • awesome product
    This little frother works perfectly. It is lightweight, easy to clean and especially easy to store on it's own stand....more info
  • Great little gadget
    I had my wisk for over a year and it performed wonderfully. The batteries last quite a while and even though other reviewers found changing them complex I think that reflects on them more than the unit. Mine died only after I was careless and got it very wet; don't do that. I'm going to buy another one now....more info
  • A must-have and worth your money
    I was introduced to this product by my Italian boyfriend who makes me cappuccinos when I'm at his house. I knew I had to have one after seeing how well it worked in action!! I did not have any problems at all with the battery compartment like the other reviews stated. My boyfriend doesn't have the stand but I ordered the one with the stand anyway. It works great! It's very sturdy. Cleaning it is easy as I just run it in a cup of hot water after using it and that's it. It cleans itself. It creates perfect froth every time I use it. I wish I had this years ago. I also ordered the espresso shakers so I could dust cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and cocoa on top of the light froth the frother creates. I love it!! ...more info
  • Wow! This gadget is incredible and portable!!!!!
    I just purchased this frother and was amazed at how it made hot frothed milk (after I microwaved the skim milk for 1 minute)! I just purchased a Capresso milk frother and could kick myself for spending $70 on something that does the same thing (although that is an excellent gadget too). I was delighted with the stand it comes with because it take up minimal room on my countertop. For $20 I don't know what more anyone would expect! I've used stovetop steamers for 30 years and this does the job EXACTLY as a steamer (but you do have to microwave the milk). The batteries didn't take much to figure out and the cleaning is a breeze. The machine is delicate and you just have to be careful not to scrape the twirler, which is why it comes with a stand. I'm buying this for this year's presents for my family! And, I'm taking one to the office for quick cappucino at my desk! Heaven made this gadget! Thank you....more info
    This is perfect! Just what I had been looking for. I plan to buy another to take when I travel. ...more info
  • I love this product
    This product makes great frappes and looks very stylish on the counter and it is not too bulky. I loved it so much I bought one for everyone I know who loves frappes. I had bought the same one and it lasted me about 4 years before it went kaput, and that is the longest any frappe maker has ever lasted in my house, and they get used and abused in my house....more info
  • Much better than other frothers! Definitely worth the money.
    Before purchasing this frother I had a frother from the Dollar Tree and then the bodum frother. The Bodum frother did a decent job but it was a bit flimsy and broke after a few months. The froth that it made also tended to `melt' into your coffee.

    This frother is very sturday and makes amazing froth. I have had it for about a year and half now and use it at least 5 times per week. It makes wonderful froth that stands up on its own.

    To get the best froth, pour a small amount of cold, skim milk into a tall narrow glass. Froth for a few seconds and the milk will double in volume. Place it in the microwave for 30 seconds and it will further increase in volume. It does not disappear in your coffee!
    ...more info
  • It pays for itself in 4-5 uses
    This is so much better than spending $4+ on lattes at coffee shops. I can make a great cup of coffee at home. What a treat to not have to get up and out of the house just for coffee I thought could only be made with a big fancy machine. I love it and want to get it as gifts for everyone I know who likes coffee (or even steamed milk)!...more info
  • Love it
    I got one of these last year for my wife. She loves and so do I. I am going to get another one for my work place. Great little gift....more info
  • good frother for the $
    I feel this is worth the $ you pay. The frother is lightweight, doesn't take up a lot of space, and does what it claims to do--froth really well. The only disadvantage to me is that the frothing component which actually goes into your beverage to do the work sits exposed to dust and other contaminants between usages. It's for my husband, who's not such a big germaphobe as I, so it's OK. I just think for others who are a bit more concerned about cleanliness, you may consider washing it a bit before each usage--thus the reason for 4 stars. The last frother we owned by the same company had an enclosed vial to keep it clean. Other than that, it's a great product and I wouldn't hesitate to order it again!...more info
  • Amazing!
    I was skeptical about how well this device would actually froth milk, but the answer is "perfectly!" I frothed milk and poured it into my coffee... it had more froth than cappuccinos I get from Starbucks & DD. Definitely worth the money....more info
  • Super easy frothing & cleaning
    Originally I wanted to replace my old Bodum hand frother but I found this little thing and decided to try it. It is excellent :) I froths cold or warm milk no problem and makes yummee lattes, chocolates etc. It is real easy to clean which is an absolute plus - otherwise I would not use it.
    The only draw back is that if you hold it to hard one can accidently push the sides and the buttom comes of as if you wanted to change the batteries. It does not happen to me but to my husband so he is slightly upset with it.... until he tastes the delicious latte :)...more info
  • A great little gadget
    I love this frother!

    I use it for all sorts of purposes, not only for frothing milk, but mixing chocolate milk, and a variety of other drinks, or even for making my own salad dressings. (So long as I'm not mixing more than 16 oz or so of fluid).

    It is easily cleaned up and performs well. I've had it well over 6 months and it still works just wonderfully.

    The stand it sits in is very handy and compact, which I appreciate in my smaller kitchen. It's a little tippy, but not a problem once you get used to putting it back properly. (I have another frother I purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and admittedly looks a little nicer, but is *very* top heavy and tips far more easily than this model.)

    Replacing the batteries is very straight forward and simple.
    I love it and have found far more uses for it than I had anticipated.

    This little frother is well worth it's counter space. :)...more info
  • Works great for hot chocolate
    Works great for mixing coco powder with milk to make rich creamy coco. Creates a lot of froth. Make sure to use batteries with the correct voltage 1.5v because using weaker ones will decrease power. The stand is a great protection and it takes up very little space. ...more info
  • Recommended by Chef Don
    Primo is a good name for this frother. It works exceptionally well after you get the hang of it. Make your own "Poor Man'" latte with it. Make a frothy milk in a cup, warm it in the microwave for about 15 seconds and bingo, pour in your decaf or regular coffee and you've got a latte. Or use for a topping on a hot breakfast cereal on cold mornings. My battery in our frother has lasted for two years, and I use it nearly every day. The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook, The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium International Cookbook, The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Light Meals Book, The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Baking Book...more info
  • Works exceptionally well
    Works very well. I use skim or low fat milk in a metal container. Then I tranfer it to a cup and heat it until it rises and pour over my coffee. I have two costly espresso machines but this works even better, faster and easier clean up. I also travel with one, though with out a microwave it won't be warm... Well worth it...more info
  • Great for cocktails, too!
    I bought this item after seeing it in use in several local cocktail bars for frothing egg-based drinks. Normally to get a really nice head on these cocktails you have to shake hard and long, which is difficult for me since I have RSI in my wrists.

    Using this at home to make a Ramos Gin Fizz, a notoriously difficult drink, I had one of the best I've ever made. Just combine all your ingredients, use the frother for a minute, add ice and shake to chill, and you'll have a wonderful drink!...more info


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