Ultrabreathe ASI7492 Compact Breathing Exerciser

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Product Description

Ultrabreathe Respiratory Trainer It's weight training for your breathing muscles! Introducing the Ultrabreathe - the world's no. 1 selling respiratory trainer. Reduce shortness of breath with daily exercises for your lungs. Whether you're into sports and looking to supercharge your breathing muscles - or maybe you suffer from a medical condition such as asthma, the Ultrabreathe is a highly effective inspiratory muscle trainer, providing an easy and convenient means of increasing the strength and durability of the respiratory muscles. It works on the principle of resistance. As you inhale, the resistance created makes your respiratory muscles work harder, and the harder they work the stronger and more durable they become - and as your breathing power improves, the Ultrabreathe can be gradually adjusted to provide more resistance.

Athletes who want to boost their performance and folks who suffer from breathlessness can all benefit from using this ingenious breathing exerciser. Here¡¯s how it works: after positioning the soft mouthpiece between the teeth and gums and biting down to create an airtight seal, the user breathes in sharply and continues to breathe in hard for as long as possible. Then the breath is slowly exhaled. When repeated 25 times, twice daily, for at least a month, the exercises should noticeably increase breathing strength. As improvement occurs, the user can increase resistance by simply turning one or both parts of the device: the end cap (which holds a lightweight ball) and the valve sleeve. Measuring 5 by 2 by 1-1/4 inches, the Ultrabreathe is so compact it will fit in a pocket or travel kit for use at work, in bed, or on the road. --Ann Bieri

  • Breathing exerciser boosts respiratory performance
  • Great for athletes and those who suffer from shortness of breath
  • Resistance easily adjusts for varying lung fitness levels
  • Recommended use: 25 sharp inhalations, twice a day
  • Compact, convenient, and safe

Customer Reviews:

  • Ultrabreathe is a breath of fresh air.
    My wife is a weak breather when she sleeps, and she also has obstructive sleep apnea. When she would drop off to sleep (and she would many, many times at night) her air pathway would close and her breathing was too weak to pass the obstruction. Because of this situation, for a number of years she has been using a by-pap machine to keep her air way open.
    Now enters this wonderful product into the picture! When I saw it for the first time, a light bulb went off in my head. She now uses the ultrabreathe every day and sleeps through the night without the by-pap.
    We are saying good bye to expensive high-tech sleep studies and breathing equipment. Ultrabreathe may not cause everyone to achieve the result my wife has had, but it is well worth the effort and small expense to find out! ...more info
  • Well Made Product and Easy to Use
    My doctor suggested a device something like this to help improve my breathing. My understanding of my symptoms are that basically my breathing was too shallow and needed to be improved. After a little searching around I purchased the Ultrabreathe based on price and features. It is simple and easy to understand with the main control being an adjustment to increase or decrease the effort required to take a breath. This is important because if you are a shallow breather you will be surprised at how little lung power you are using and need to work up to the more strenuous levels. Think of it as barbells for your lungs.

    Note: There are some very misleading and confusing reviews for this product that clearly were submitted by somebody with no knowledge of the product or it's purpose. If you have been told by a healthcare provider that you need to improve your breathing try the Ultrabreathe. It has helped me!...more info
  • Ultrabreathe
    Only after a bout with a recent lung infection was I informed that I have COPD. The doctor said that I have lost my "elasticity" in my lungs. Yes and unfortunately I am a life long smoker, and have only recently been very short of breath. I have cut back on smoking but I also want to strengthen my lungs. After much research did I purchase this product. I LOVE IT! I have noticed a huge difference in my breathing since doing the morning and evening exercises. Matter of fact, doing just one round of the 25 breaths using this unit has helped me take a deeper breath than I have in years. Do yourself a favor if you want to strengthen your lungs for whatever reason and buy this....more info
  • Because some people are morons
    I'm giving this product five stars.

    Just like the one who gave it a 1 star rating, I don't own it, but I think my opinion of myself is so high that my experiences with internal medicine and autolaryngology make me a qualified reviewer of this product.

    Yes...this is called "Sarcasm."

    People...if you don't own a product, have never worked with the product, or even have had a friend of your sisters-in-law's cousin's brother who passed the product in a Wal-Mart, YOU SHOULD NOT POST A REVIEW.

    It's a "review" section of the products' page...not "your opinion of what you think the product will be like" section.

    ...more info
  • Won't ship to california
    Very disappointing. Claim they can't ship to California saying it is a compressor product. This product is not a compressor....more info
  • Convenient and easy to use
    I got my Ultrabreathe a few weeks ago and started using it as part of training for the NY marathon. I found it easy to use. I could feel that my breathing muscles were working harder. After a few times, I learned to breath out slower so I wouldn't build up too much oxygen from the deep inhaling. My only complaint is that saliva drips out of the device. Not a big problem, but I wish it had some kind of containment system....more info
  • amazed
    I'm amazed that this is working, but it is. It's only been a couple of weeks, and already my breathing muscles (which, who knew I had?) are stronger. Two thumbs up, or should I say lungs up? Har har! ...more info


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