Chef's Choice 677 Cordless Electric 1-3/4-Quart Teakettle

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Product Description

The powerful 1500-Watt heating element is hidden beneath the stainless floor of the unit, so it's never in contact with water, eliminating build-up of mineral deposits on it and allowing for easy cleanup. The revolutionary cordless design allows the kettle to be lifted from its base for convenient filling and serving. Handsomely constructed of high-quality brushed stainless steel, the kettle ensures years of service. The automatic shut-off, double boil-dry safety shut-off and lid-lock features guarantee safe use UL listed.

  • 1500-watt cordless teakettle quickly boils up to 1-3/4 quarts of water
  • Concealed heating element eliminates build-up of mineral deposits
  • Automatic shut-off, boil-dry safety protection, and secure locking lid
  • Brushed stainless steel housing; water-level gauge; cord storage
  • Measures 9 by 7-1/2 by 10 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Cordless coffee pot
    We (my wife and I ) liked the pot very much but the handle is a little cumbersome and we tend to hold the pot near the center of the handle where the balancing point is better or near the bottom of the handle (where the balance is off).
    We use the pot more then our microwave because the max fill location gives us just enough hot water to brew a pot of (Makita Drip 8 cup) coffee and have enough left over to brew a cup of tea concentrate for our ice tea pitcher....more info
  • so far so good!
    I've only had my Chefs choice kettle for a few weeks, but it works great so far! I really like that the majority of the kettle is metal and not plastic. It swivels nicely, so you can aim the spout in whatever direction you want (so you're not constantly steaming the underside of cabinets etc.)...more info
  • Great, easy to use product
    I bought the kettle a few weeks ago and think it's perfect for what it is--simple, fast and good looking. It has an automatic shut off which is great. The only thing I think may be a drawback for some people is the medium/small water capacity, although I think you can buy it in a larger size. ...more info
  • Great Purchase
    I ordered this tea kettle as my old one was about 25 years old and needed replacing. The company gave me speedy and great service. The kettle turns itself off when the water boils and since I am older I do not have to worry about leaving it on the burner, and forgetting to turn it off. It helps in not using as much water (since we are in a 10 year draught). I love it and would not want to be without it....more info
  • Really excellent
    This kettle replaced my plastic Bodum kettle that finally bit the dust after daily use for four or so years. I wanted to get something that matched the appliances in our kitchen and that could hold a LOT of water.

    This fits the bill beautifully. It's gorgeous, and of a high quality. I love that it holds a lot of water -- we also make a lot of ice tea, and this is how we make it in the winter time ;) -- so the reviewers who are saying it's too heavy: that's why. It's because there's a lot of water in the kettle.

    The only negative -- unlike the Bodum, the outside of this kettle gets VERY, VERY hot once it's "done its thing." Like so hot that if a child touched it for more than a nano-second, it could result in serious injury (I'm guessing this is due to the stainless steel, which is not insulated). We have a 2.5-year-old, and if I'd known this, we may have gone with a different kettle. But we just keep it out of the "grab zone" and stress that it is a "no touch." ...more info
  • great for non-consistent usage
    This boils water extremely fast and is perfect for the single user. I even use this to heat water for making pasta (much faster than using the stove to heat a pot of water)....more info
  • Love, love, love this teapot!
    This product is perfect in every way! Fast, auto shut off, easy and it looks great!...more info
  • Good stainless steel kettle
    The kettle works well. I prefer the pouring spout on the Braun electric kettle which I used previously, but I have some concern about plastic kettles, such as the Braun, and the Chef's Choice is entirely stainless steel so that I am happier using it....more info
  • Beautiful Waterkettle, but ...
    the lid does not open far enough to make it a one-handed procedure when filling with water from the tap. Also, being stainless steel, you see every fingerprint on it.(Makes for frequent polishing!) As for heating speed, it boils a cup (8 oz) of cold water in less than a minute, faster than my microwave. Would buy another model from company with wider lid opening....more info
  • Doesn't last
    I have had three of these and will never order another. They work really well for about 3 months then they die. I am a heavy user of these kettles and while they work they work great but they just don't last. I gave it three chances but no more. I am looking into different kettles because my third kettle just died. ...more info
  • I feel like a German and love it!
    After living in Germany for a year, I came home and felt a big loss. Having never seen a water cooker like this in the states I was saddened, but accepted it as "American living".. Christmas came and BOOM this was the best present ever, it turns off when hitting the boiling point, is quiet and boils water so much faster than on the stove. I love this kettle and can't say enough great things about it!...more info
  • Disappointing - Cheap construction
    I bought the Chef's Choice for its size and speed at heating water - which the product does do. What I did not expect was the handle to detach from the base of the unit - creating a job for Gorilla glue - which did not work either. So, each time we pick up the unit (as in the picture) the handle separates from the unit creating moments of anticipation - wondering when it will come apart once and for all.

    This is my second Chef's Choice water boiler, and my last. The first unit (entirely different model but still Chef's Choice) worked wonderfully for a year. Due to design flaws, the boiler works when it wants - not when I need it....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I purchased this kettle two years ago for $39.99 here on Amazon and have used it almost every day. It's far superior to any other electric kettle I have ever owned. I love the auto shut-off feature that keeps it from boiling dry if you aren't watching it. If it ever quits working, I won't hesitate to replace it with another one....more info
  • Great product fast shipping
    I received it fast and it is working very well. No bad test of the water, heat fast....more info
  • This kettle is great!
    This is the first kettle that I have had, although I have used other types at work. It heats the water extremely fast. I like the stainless steel look. The black plastic handles are adequate but I wish they had a better look. It is great that the kettle removes from the base so it is easier to pour.

    Overall, I recommend this tea kettle to anyone.
    ...more info
  • Boils Quick !
    This is a nice little kettle. It does boil water very fast, but I was dissapointed with the spout - it's awkward to get water in it ! Not a reason not to buy it though ! Good for the price....more info
  • Died in 6 weeks
    I did a lot of research and expected this to be a great purchase. It worked wonderfully while it worked but died after 6 weeks. It simply will not turn on any more. I flick the switch and it no longer heats. There seems to be a short....more info
  • Very good, lasted a year so far
    We are extremely pleased with this kettle. For over a year now, it has faithfully boiled water quickly and easily. Our last kettle was the Braun version and that one began to leak after six months and this was our replacement. I just bought this one again as a gift for my mother.


    1. 1 year + without any problems
    2. super easy to clean
    3. no need to replace filter--just pop it out and clean it
    4. cordless and automatic shut-off
    5. quick
    6. does not spill when you pour


    1. automatic shut-off does not work if the lid is up (i've forgotten to close it a few times)
    2. the outside does get hot but neither of us have ever scalded ourselves
    3. some discoloration on the base but not an issue
    4. hard to read level but after a few uses you can estimate how high to fill it

    Our usage: every morning we drink four cups of tea, followed by afternoon tea, and tea for the evening (yes we are tea addicts!); also I use this to boil water for pasta and to make stock because it is much faster than the stove

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Chef's Choice 677 TeaKettle is the best
    I gave Chef's Choice 677 as Christmas gifts and bought one for myself also. I am so pleased with my purchase. The teakettle met and exceded all my expectations....more info
  • Great product
    I am a Big Tea drinker and did my water in the microwave for years. While visiting family this summer they had this type of kettle. It is a great product. I also boil water for making pasta just to get the quicker result. I have and always will use filtered water. I especially like the cordless feature, and the stainless/black coordinates with my kitchen. I would recommend this to anyone....more info
  • tea kettle
    After several weeks I'm liking this very much. it looks good, heats quickly, and handles well. It can be filled from the faucet through the spout and keeps water hot a good while after it shuts off. i've also liked the water level indicator on the side....more info
  • Sturdy, reliable and inexpensive
    This teakettle is reliable, functional and fairly priced. Even nice to look at...what else do you need in a simple appliance that works hard for years?...more info
  • Waiting to use this item....
    I was delighted when I received this item, but when I was doing the initial recommended "clean up before use", I discovered on the bottom that it was "Made in China." I called the manufacturer to find out if these teakettles have been tested for lead content, but did not get a satisfactory answer. SO, I have ordered a "lead tester" kit (from Amazon) .... when my kit arrives, I will test this appliance for lead content. If it proves to be free from lead, I look forward to using it. (Had the catalog listing indicated that the appliance is Made in China, I would have looked for one made elsewhere.)Chef's Choice 685 International Deluxe Cordless Electric Teakettle...more info
  • The lid falls off after about 3 months
    I bought this kettle. Love it EXCEPT, the lid is attached to the kettle with plastic so the heat from boiling/steam finally broke the attachments on each side of the lid. So, no when i pour the lid falls into my cup if I am not careful. also, very hard to clean. ...more info
  • It tastes like poison
    Bought this as a Christmas gift. After many washings and dozens of uses there is still a metallic/chemical taste remaining that makes us afraid to use it. Apparently others have had similar complaints (based on web search my wife did). "Manufacturing Residue" is supposedly what the manufacturer said it was. Their solution was cumbersome and I'm afraid that wouldn't make me feel any better. Don't buy it....more info
  • Perfect
    Originally I purchased this for safety reasons. With 2 small children I can't rely on a whistle or memory to take a tea kettle off the stove. Now that I have used it I can't believe I ever went without it! It is such a time saver and makes enjoying tea throughout the day simple. I ran two full pots of boiling water and dumped before drinking and never experienced the metallic taste others mentioned....more info
  • good tea kettle
    it's good. i've had no problem. quiet. there is no indication that it's done boiling.
    so no wistle if that's what you were wanting. I like it. It turns off when it's done and i don't have to rush to turn it off or burn the house boiling water in a pot. ...more info
  • 3 problems that make it not worth the $
    I purchased this to replace my old electric kettle that was on its last legs. I like the look of this kettle, but there are three problems that make it not worth the price. 1) It occasionally has a high-pitched wistle when it's heating water. Loud and annoying. 2) The area were you fill it with water is narrow and makes it difficult to fill up. 3) The sides of the pot get very hot. Individually, these are all problematic. Together, it makes it a pretty disappointing purchase.

    My old non-metallic kettle was cheaper and better. ...more info
  • AWESOME quality
    this is a superb water kettle. i had a t fal b4 and it was ok. this one is definitly much better. would recommend to anyone who loves tea and wants a kettle that will deliver. I loved it so much, i bought my boyfriend the exact same one. ...more info
  • Need Hot Water Fast?
    This really does heat water super quick. It's perfect for those who like a proper cup of tea without waiting for the kettle to boil on the stove. It took only a few minutes to bring a full kettle to boil. Also, it's not too heavy when full of water. The kettle detaches from the base easily too. So make room for a 6-8 inch circular plate on your counter because you'll use it every day....more info
  • Lever Broke and Interior RUSTED after 2.5 Years
    Fairly attractive unit with convenient on/off switch, heats quickly. I've had this over two years and used daily.

    CONS: The inside has started to RUST (so I'm throwing it out). As other reviewers noted, the mechanism for opening the lid is somewhat flimsy. The mechanism on mine BROKE after 1.5 years, so I had to manually open to add water and hold lid when pouring (not good as lid gets hot!)
    There is also pitting around the top (I've only used water in this unit).

    The interior rusting is a health issue. Who knows how long it was rusting before I saw the rust-- terrible!!
    ...more info
  • Very poor durability - about a year
    Like other reviewers here we had this kettle around 12 months only before it died. On average we probably used it 2-3 times a day to boil water for hot tea and a coffee press. We weren't unhappy with it while it worked but one day it just died - seems like some kind of electrical issue as the power socket it was plugged into showed signs of overheating (browning, slight melt etc.). If it only lasts a year that's very poor - there are much better options I believe - we replaced it with a T-Fal and so far have been very happy with that (plus it seems to boil faster than the Chef's Choice)....more info
  • Good product. I use it all the time.
    Heats water amazingly fast. The only issue I have are that it is not easy to reach in and clean the inside (I have big hands).

    Other than that, I love it....more info
  • Doesn't shut off fast enough
    Keeps boiling for a long time before shutting off (if indeed it does; I haven't waited). Also doesn't switch off when lifted from its base -- when you put it down again, it keeps boiling). Otherwise seems fine.

    The search for the perfect kettle continues!...more info
  • Sad but true!
    I was so sad to see that the reviews that I read were very true. I liked the style of the kettle, so I threw the reviews to the wind and got it anyways. Mine didn't even work for 6 weeks and it started to not shut off consistently. One day it does, one day it doesn't. You can't trust a kettle that way. We still use it because I spent a lot on it and I can't find a pot that I like the shape of better but now we have to stand and wait for it to boil or constantly check back. And by the way it boils VERY slow. All in all I can't possibly give it a good review....more info
  • Chef's Choice 677 Cordless Electric 1 3/4 quart teakettle
    When I searched to find a cordless tea kettle I used the search term Cuisinart. So when I got the product, I was surprised it was not the brand of my choice. It is fine however, and I like the large capacity....more info
  • Does Its Job!
    Ever since staying in European hotels where electric teakettles are often an amenity in the room, I have enjoyed the convenience of an electric kettle. I only use it for the occasional afternoon cup of coffee, but it is nice to not accidentally boil a pan dry on the cooktop as I have done many times in the past. This particular teakettle has all the convenience features you could want; holds a lot of water, click-on setting, auto-off, separate base and very fast heating. ...more info
  • does the job
    It works. It does what I bought if for. One small issue - filling from the top is a bit awkward, since top cover opening is narrow....more info
  • Good stuff
    Love this kettle. No concerns of it boiling dry if I forget about it. Boils quickly. Looks good out on the bench, love its portability being cordless.

    100% satisfied....more info
  • Low quality kettle
    I have long been a big fan of electric kettles. I recently decided to upgrade from a plastic Braun model when I become concerned about the plastic leaking into the water. I bought the Chef's Choice and knew I had made a mistake as soon as I unpacked it. It just feels, looks and operates like a cheap appliance--the on/off switch is flimsy plastic, the metal is thin, it just seems like piece of junk. I hope to return it and in the interim bought a Breville model that seems much better....more info
  • Pretty good
    This kettle works very well so far. We've had it for a couple of months now, and it sees a lot of use-- this is an office/classroom setting, so it heats water for people several times a day. My only complaints are design-related: the long cord is a bit difficult to stow out of the way, and the lid doesn't really open wide enough-- this might be intended as some sort of safety feature, but it makes filling the kettle slightly annoying. But it gets the job done! ...more info
  • My wife's favorite appliance.
    It is one of my wife's favorite appliances. She is not a fan of using our microwave and this product allows her to heat small to medium quantities of water for tea and other uses quickly.

    The only downside to the product that she has found is that it is easy to inadvertently turn on the product because of the location of the switch. This is not much of a safety risk because of the automatic shutoff, but a better location for the on/off switch would be an improvement in our opinion....more info
  • Stopped working
    This was a perfectly acceptable unit until it quit heating one morning just after the one year warranty was up. According to the service center, it would cost me more for shipping and repairs than to buy a new one. Hate to see things just go in the dump. I will replace, but not with a Chef's Choice product....more info
  • Chef's Choice Cordless Teakettle
    I love the kettle, just what I wanted, except it is rather heavy, which I did not expected. But overall its ok....more info
  • Too short a life-span...not happy about the online purchase...
    The kettle was great while it lasted, which was about a year and a half. Off late I noticed quite a bit of rust at the bottom of the kettle. Unfortunately the manufacturer only extends a one year warranty, which in my opinion is weak. Since it is a direct purchase from the manufacturer (through Amazon) replacing the kettle has been a problem. The manufacturer's customer service keeps harping about how to clean the kettle and refers to pages in the owners manual. I wish I had purchased this from a retailer, who would typically either replace it, or would at least would have the decency to offer a promotion to help me replace the item. ...more info
  • Very happy
    I've never had an electric teakettle before so I have nothing to compare this one with, however, I'm very happy with its performance and I'm glad I purchased it....more info
  • I love this "teapot"
    My roommate had this exact pot, and I couldn't live without it when he moved out. Best price I could find on the internet ($38) with no shipping and no tax was great compared to 69 plus tax in the store!...more info
  • Good while it lasted...
    This kettle is great for atleast a year. If you use it as much as I do (boiling water at least twice to three times a day), then you can be assured that the hinge at the lid will break, which causes the lid to not close which causes the kettle to happily keep boiling away because the automatic shut-off relies on the lid being closed completely, the partially broken hinge gives you false assurance that the lid is closed, but not close enough.. ! This is after a year and a half of use. Whereas my husbands old screw cap kettle works a charm even after 8 years of use.
    The good thing about this is that you can remove it from the base and it works like a cordless kettle.

    I will probably not buy this product again.

    FAIL on - Automatic shut-off, boil-dry safety protection, and secure locking lid
    ...more info
  • Chef's Choice 677 Cordless
    The tea pot works well. It boils water very quickly and will shut off automatically. I never have to worry about forgetting to turn off the teapot!...more info
  • So Convenient!!!!
    This little pot is great! I use it daily and have had it for well over a year now. I am buying another for the office. If you have hard water, it does need a quick rinse with vinegar every couple of months or so. If you don't keep it free from deposits. It lights but will not heat. Possibly the reason why some other owners are unhappy with the product. But I love mine!!!...more info