Electrolux EL6985B Harmony Ultra Quiet Canister Vacuum

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Product Description

EL6985A Electrolux Harmony Canister Vacuum Cleaner - Harmony at home comes easy when dirt, dust, allergens are kept under control with this canister vacuum cleaner. True HEPA H12 filtration captures dust and allergens in the air 2-Quart Capacity Dust bag indicator tells you when the bag is full 11 Cleaning width 9.2 Amp motor Construction Quality Motor overload protection w/auto shut-off Noise Sound reduction system Recommended for Bare floor cleaning, Stair cleaning, Carpeting Easy release attachment change Combo, crevice, caddy tools

  • Ultra-quiet operation--so quiet you can clean while others are sleeping
  • Designed for convenience--clean difficult areas with telescopic wand
  • Adjust for different surfaces with motor speed control and turbo nozzle
  • Attachment parking device provides stability for compact storage
Customer Reviews:
  • Harmony Vacuum Cleaner
    Nice product for the price. It is very quiet and convenient for hardwood floors. Came with carpet attachment that I did not know would be included. Not sure if it a genuine Electrolux product. Manual states to contact Eureka for repairs. ...more info
  • Electolux Harmony
    I recieved this very quickly and used this for a few months now.
    The main hose came crushed in one spot which does not effect the use.
    The outside of the box was not damaged so the quality control at this facilty is lacking.
    The directions are disappointing considering the price of this unit.
    It is quiet and did very well on my hardwood. I used this under the bed right away and it sucked the dust right up.
    This does not do well on flimsy/throw rugs and I had to drag my other vaccum out of the closet.
    I do think the filtration system has worked wonders, it blows up instead of on the side, it doesn't end up blowing your dirt everywhere. I feel the air is truly more filtered, I don't smell any foul odors when it's turned on....more info
  • best of the best!
    what a fantastic vacume! quiet as a little mouse, lightweight, and good suction to boot! highly recommended!...more info
  • Lovin' my new Vacuum
    I love my new vacuum. It is so quiet and has great suction! It glides over my hardwood floors and so easy to switch to carpet. It gets under all my very low furniture and the retractable cord is so handy. I highly recommend this vacuum. Buy with confidence. ...more info
  • post #100: excellent value
    bagless upright convert here. i purchased this can-vac as refurbished ($170) back in dec05. no problems at all, and i still LOVE using it. my apartments have become smaller and smaller, yet there's always a suitable storage spot for it. nothing has broken/nothing is "flimsy."

    suction: decreases every time the bag is near full. i completely forget to change the bag; increase the suction and this puppy just keeps on taking it.

    - powerhouse
    - QUIET! (i was amazed at how quiet this is; i often vac late in the evening and the wheels are quiet, too.)
    - light weight (yes, when compared to all the past uprights i owned)
    - convenient attachments holder
    - long retractable cord (always wanted this feature)
    - tiny disposable bag with closure (love this, too!), so everything stays clean

    CONS: *none*, but
    - i thought the color i was getting was more orange - current pic is somewhat accurate - paprika, not chili powder.
    - i would have liked power controls on the wand as well as a light at the head, but that would have made the can-vac bulkier to store and heavier. would have cost more, too.)

    * when i received my can-vac, the user guide noted complimentary (free) bags. these were not included. i promptly called electrolux about this and i received my bags about 3 days later. all it takes is a phone call, so stop complaining and do something already. *

    pay attention, people - this is not the same electrolux company. i won't go into details since you can google it.

    **i would highly recommend this can-vac to anyone and i will buy it again should my current can-vac die. next model up is sold at bj's if you need it in a hurry, and i think lowe's has it because that's where i go (once a year - no pets) to get bags....more info
  • Love the Quietness
    I purchased this vacuum back in Jan '08 & it has been easy to use, lightweight, my cats don't mind me vacuuming anymore, I can easily vacuum and talk on the phone and the other person can't even hear it, easy to change the bags and it's a nice size for this small apt. My husband even vacuumed with it!! He actually was enjoying doing it, too! For the price, I highly recommend this one. ...more info
  • Electrolux
    Electrolux EL6985B Harmony Ultra Quiet Canister Vacuum

    PROS: machine is compact, very quiet, has plenty of power which is adjustable according to the surface. CONS: combination brush sometimes falls off the wand when you are using it and also falls out of its holder at times. Also the attachment releases on the wand are sometimes difficult to use. Pros out-weigh cons. The owners manual directs you to a "Eureka" vacuum repair facility for service...more info
  • Oh My God, this is so good!!!
    Upright vacuums are among the US design peculiarities we europeans will never be able to understand (others include sliding windows in cold regions, ungrounded extension cords and the like).

    Upright vacuums are heavy, bulky, cannot go under furniture, nor on the ceiling corners, in one word: stupid. Add to that the two options you have if you really want to buy one: either spend <$100 on a <100W one that will not do the job (ours was a disaster, I would have to pick stuff by hand on the floor after going over it 10 times with the upright). Or spend ~$400 on a "powerful" upright to get a rocket science head that makes a 1000 rotations per minute and can compute 100 decimals of pi but make the damn thing even heavier and unpractical. Stay away!!!

    Do yourself a favor, spend a few more bucks and buy a canister vacuum (not a bagless one, another stupid design probably invented by a guy that never vacuums himself :-). The deal on this one is quite good: $220 instead of $400, if it ever was sold at that price.

    Oh, I forgot I am actually supposed to review the thing, well, here is a few things:

    - It is powerful: about 1100W, actually so powerful it is sometimes difficult to move the head over a rug when running at full blast (but you can reduce the power to make it go)!

    - It is very quiet: our 1 year old daughter can sleep while I'm vacuuming in the next room.

    - The head can go almost everywhere, for instance a couple feet under a sofa, and you can remove the head to replace it with a smaller thing to get those spider webs on the corner of the ceiling (try to do that with your hoover shmoover).

    - the canister itself has the right size, i.e. it accomodates a sufficiently large bag without using much space when not in use.

    Retrospectively, I cannot forgive myself for having bought an upright and kept using it for so long (3 years, I should get a medal). Now I actually look forward to my next vacuum session. Need I say more?...more info
  • Love this Euro made product!
    I had just returned a Dyson to HSN because it was so heavy and loud my neighbors were blasting their stereos and I live in a solid 1929 building! This vac was so much easier to use and work with and fun. It's has some small things I'd improve upon but they are few and not that important compared to performance and value. You'll get attached to this ladybug in no time even if you're a man in a hurry to clean the apartment.
    Also, thinking that if you've got an elderly person or Mom that needs to vacuum, get this lightweight, quiet, healthy filtered, and easiy to move-about vac with a handle/hose that extends and reachs way back and under the bed. Great purchase and a super buy at this price!
    -Donald...more info
  • Harmony Electrolux
    I really like this vaccuum. It is quiet.( cats are still afraid though)We had electroluxes growing up which lasted probably 30 years. We electroluxed. We didn't vaccuum. What was vaccuuming?It was, whose turn is it to electrolux? Anyway,the hose is cheap plastic which is flexible but no comparison to the hoses of past with a tweed like covering and the natural hair bristles on round brush were really,really full. So prices are higher but they do short change a bit on the quality I would say. If I had never used and operated an old electrolux and didn't know any better, I would be 100% pleased with this one. I still recommend this vaccuum as I believe Electrolux makes an excellent product that lasts.
    Just as Lazy Boy Recliners are the best recliners ever made.( worth paying more once )than buying twice or thrice....more info
  • Great product
    I love this vacuum ! I read the reviews on the Amazon site and decided to give it a try. I does work great on the bare floors, and is also very good on carpets. I would but this again !...more info
  • First one is great, but second one howled!
    It is hard to decide how many stars to give, because I have ordered 2 of these and the quality was very different! First, I got an Electrolux EL6985A Harmony vacuum from Amazon in 2006, and that one definitely deserves five stars. Then I ordered an EL6985B as a present in 2008, and it had such problems that we had to send it back. I hope Amazon processes my refund quickly!

    First, my beloved old EL6985A: it is quiet, lightweight, powerful, and really rather cute. To the extent that it's possible to make me like cleaning the floors, this machine does it. I ordered this after researching HEPA vacuums for allergy control. It does a better job of filtering than my old (more expensive) Hoover. (By the way, I recommend the Clinic bags -- Electrolux S-Bag Clinic Vacuum Bags, Set of 4 -- when your reorder. They cut down on the dust inside the compartment and save on how often you have to change the HEPA filter.) It was really important to me to get a vacuum that was lightweight and easy to move, and this was the lightest HEPA vacuum I found. Also, the automatic cord winder, carrying handle, sliding adjustable power control, and little bracket for storing the hose and tube are very nicely designed. It has been trouble-free for almost 2 years. Not surprising then that when my mom needed a new vacuum recently, I wanted to get her another one just like mine. But then. . .

    The hated new EL6985B: far from being "Ultra Quiet" as advertised, this new machine literally shrieks. Even on low suction, it makes an intermittent really loud whining howl. It is not a problem of the hose being blocked or the bag being full -- it just sometimes makes a terrible high pitched sound. The noise comes and goes, but using the tools that came with the vacuum only makes the problem worse. And I don't care how lightweight and powerful a vacuum is if it makes a startling noise that makes the dog start howling! Also, while all the gadgets on my old one work smoothly, on the new one the clip on the extension tube (where it latches onto the hose) absolutely refused to release. It took quite a bit of effort to get it to work so we could box the whole thing up and send it back.

    Right now I am wondering if the quality has gone down in the past two years, or if the problems in the second machine are just an unfortunate fluke. Has anybody else had a similar problem with the Harmony? Because I haven't been able to find another model HEPA vacuum with comparable features and weight, I would really like to re-order one for my mom, but not if it will just repeat these problems. What to do, what to do? ...more info
    I have had this vacuum for about a month now. It is fantastic. We live in the country have 7 dogs and 1 cat all inside/outside pets. Yes it does get
    dirty in the house and we sweep and sweep. My wish was to have a vacuum that would work so well that i could just walk barefoot on my floors and not feel any grit or dirt. Well since we have had the Electrolux my dream has come true. I have always said we could be a test house for vacuum manufactures. If they can tackle our house then they can do anyone elses. I love the way I can get under furniture and dressers and in the corners and baseboards. To change attachements is easy and simple. Its lite weight that I can hold the handle and vacuum. Yes I have to vacuum every day but now I love the results. We have the peel and stick tile in every room since we have alot of dogs and this vacuum does great on our floors.
    Would highly recommend this vacuum. And one last comment. My dogs used to run and hide when I would start to vacuum with other brands. With this
    one they do not. Must be a little quiter then the rest. ...more info
  • Handy Vacuum
    I found the Electrolux EL6985B Harmony cannister vacuum to be quiet, light and easy to manuver. Negatives are the expense of operation due to the size and number of filters and a heavy extension tube. Otherwize it seems to be a very satisfactory product. ...more info
  • Best vaccuum ever!
    I just finished vaccuuming our 3 bedroom apartment and I must say that this was, without any question, the best vaccuuming experience of my life. From the moment I picked it up until the moment I put it away I was continuously amazed at the ease of use of this vaccuum. The Electrolux EL6985B Harmony is not only light as a feather but it is also as quiet as a hummingbird. We live in an all-harwood floor apt above another family and I just vaccummed the whole place at 10:00 pm knowing that our neighboors down below heard absolutely nothing. I used 3 of the 4 attachements (floor, carpet, and corner, not crevise) throughout the session. Adding and removing attachments was as easy and effortless as changing a radio station. The Harmony quietly followed me through the apartment as I moved along, self-extending the cord with ease. When I finally needed to plug into a different outlet (the room in the back of the house) the cord was extremely easy to contract. I only had to go over each area of our place once, never having to go back and re-do areas. If I were to summarize this experience in one word I would say 'easy'. If I were to summarize this experience in more than one word I would write a review on [...] similar to this :) The other best thing about this vaccuum is that my girlfriend does not yell at me for doing a poor job of cleaning like she did when I used our old vaccuum!
    In summation I say buy this vaccuum. I can't imagine there being a better piece of equipment on the market for this price.

    I hope this review helps.

    Lightweight, quiet, easy on floors, easy on carpet, easy in corners, cord extends efforlessly on its own, attachments easy to add/remove.

    none...more info
  • design flaw
    I have had this vacuum for about a year. I absolutely loved it. It's very very quiet and really just a nice, simple machine. BUT...the other day the prong broke off of the cord when i tried to plug it into the wall. When I took it to have it fixed, the guy told me that because of the way the vacuum was made, i would have to completely replace the entire cord winding mechanism...and of course, this would have costed about as much as I paid for the vacuum. The cord winding spool is wired to the vacuum and you cannot just replace the cord. Just FYI. I ended up buying a Hoover Wind Tunnel canister vac from this same company (Allergy Be Gone) and I love it. I have no idea if it has the same design flaw, but i will say it works much, much better than the Electrolux. The first day i had it, i picked up three canisters (it's a bagless) of dirt and cat hair off of what looked like clean floors. In my opinion, it's money better spent.
    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum for bare floors with shedding pets
    I have a small home mostly laminate floors and a few area rugs with two extreme shedders, one cat and one dog, and this vacuum picks up everything! My floors haven't ever felt so clean after sweeping. It's super quiet, lightweight enough for me and I'm seven months pregnant, has a telescoping handle so it's at a comfortable height, and gets under furniture easily and up next to my baseboards like a dream.

    Did I mention how quiet this thing is? No need to raise up the volume on my music while cleaning and I could probably hold a phone conversation easily too!

    It's incredibly easy to switch from bare floors to carpet, there are two switches on the cleaning head that you just press with your foot. Another great feature is the suction control up near the handle so if you get something stuck, corner of a rug, you just release the suction no need to turn of the vacuum.

    It also has attachments, a turbo brush, which I used on my bedroom carpet and it was eh, I prefer the normal brush, plus there is no where to store the turbo head on the vacuum. A crevice tool which works well but is really narrow so it's for super tight spots and an upholstery brush which rocks, I was able to clean my couch and my curtains with it with no problem I just adjusted the suction.

    My only complaint, besides not loving the turbo brush, is that there isn't an on/off switch in the handle, it's on the body of the machine, so if you want to turn it off to move something you have to do so at the canister.

    Overall I've been using this vacuum for three weeks and it's been perfect. I couldn't recommend it enough....more info
  • I really like the quiet part!
    We have had the Electrolux for about a month now and it seems to be all that we asked for. I would have to say the best part is how quiet it is; we were, indeed, able to vacuum while the children were sleeping, though watching TV and vacuuming was still only done with close-captioning! The vacuum is light-weight and seems to pick the dirt up off the carpet. We have Berber carpet and I wonder how effective it would be on plush carpeting, as the agitator brush doesn't, to me, spin as quick as our last upright did.
    Overall, I am pretty happy with the purchase....more info
  • Great vacuum!
    This vacuum does everything I expected it to. Plus it is a very quiet machine - perfect if you have pets who do not like vacuums....more info
  • Electrolux Vacumm Cleaner
    First of all, I must say, the price on this Vacumn was excellent. Thumbs up and I give it a five star rating. It is very quite and light weight. Makes vacumning much easier and quicker than the old one I had, which was not an Electrolux. I am pleased to have this one and look forward to enjoying it for a long time. I also appreciate the fact that Amazon.com offers such great buys. I always check with them when I start looking for an item and usually have very good success in finding what I need....more info
  • Sooo quiet!
    The vacuum is very quiet for a vacuum cleaner, has two levels "quiet and very quiet". I have never been able to hear the phone ring while the vacuum was in use before this model - wow! The suction is good - gets up everything my 7 yr. old spills and the cat hair. The cats don't even leave the room when operating the vacuum. For carpets I still like the upright vacuum better for deeper cleaning. But I use the Electrolux EL6985B for in between cleaning of the carpets. It is light weight and easy to manuver. I would highly recommend this product for hard surface floors and light duty cleaning on carpets. The tools are nice and stay on the wand. I have cleaned my ceiling fans and base boards with ease. Great little vacuum....more info
  • Great Vacuum, Very Quiet (4.5 star)
    First of all, I got this vacuum from a Z-seller named Ace Photo Digital in 7 business days (and I have a FPO AP address) and only paid standard shipping. Amazon takes a month to get to me a book with standard shipping and Ace Photo Digital takes a week to get to me a vacuum. What gives Amazon? Amazon, please contact Ace and find out what is their secret. Your shipping guys could take some notes from Ace Photo Digital.

    For the price, and according to the Consumer Reports reviews, your getting the most bang for your buck in this price category for a canister vacuum. This canister vacuum is great and very quiet as well. It is also very light which I recommend for someone who doesn't have a lot of muscle strength and has some good features as well (check out the Electrolux website to see/hear what I'm talking about). I have used it a few times and have noticed some very minor flaws. For one, the suction on this canister is slightly less powerful than other vacuums that I previously have had. However, it still picks up everything in sight. Another minor flaw (that I wished Electrolux would have given me the option for on this model) is that the Harmony only has two wheels. While it moves around quite well, I personally prefer four wheels that other models have. Other than that, I have nothing bad to say about it and it certainly beats out my previous upright Hoover and the ear plugs I had to wear when I turned it on. ...more info
  • Good Value-Right Price
    We've had a Miele vacuum for ten years and bought this as a replacement.

    It is a very good piece of equipment. Reasonably quick, good suction, pretty light, great filtration system (our cat followed us around the house with it) a reasonable set of attachments (the brush attachment comes off easily). In short, it does the job very well and costs less than 1/3 of what it would cost for the new Miele....more info
  • Roddy Review
    The vacuum was received as adbvertised in excellant condition. Initial use of the product was easy with excellant instructions. The vacuum performs as well, if not better, than the "older" one it replaced, which I was worried about. I would recommend this unit, without reservation, to any potential individual who is looking for an excellant machine at a good price. ...more info
  • Harmony Ultra Quiet Lives up to its name
    This is from the perspective of a work-at-home husband who used to go crazy when his wife was vacuuming.
    I am barely aware that she is vacuuming in my office when I am on a business call! This machine is incredible.

    My wife loves it because it is much more powerful than our previous vac. She only needs to make one sweep as opposed to multiple passes to pick up everything - and that is on the low-power setting.

    Small footprint for storing; light; agile; and well made.

    ...more info
    After owning umpteen vacuums over the years I had come to accept that they were all ear-piercingly noisy. Every cat I've ever had ran to the other end of the house in abject fear when they saw me getting the vacuum out to use. Incredibly the cats stayed in the same room when I turned on the Harmony AND remained there, even on the maximum suction setting. Even my skeptical wife is impressed with the quietness! The Harmony has many other nice design features too and I have high hopes for the unit in the long haul. Note: this is the "B" model and the hepa filter is NOT washable. I will replace it with the washable filter when the time comes, no big deal as far as I'm concerned. Thanks Electrolux! And thanks Amazon!...more info
  • Nice unit but attachments are poor and scratched my floor
    Overall the unit has a nice feel to it and is quiet as expected. However, the concern is with the attachments. We have dark hardwood floors and therefore any scratch becomes obvious. Unfortunately the attachments for the floor rely upon either a brush or red felt to guide the front of the attachment. In short, grit got caught under the attachment and scratched my floor. I was obviously very disappointed and returned the unit. I have since purchased a Bosch which is ideal in that it has wheels which support the main head attachment on the front and the back and therefore reduces the chance of scratching. ...more info
  • Electrolux EL6985B Harmony Vacuum
    Great suction and the vacuum is light weight and easy to move around which I do like. Not crazy about the floor attachments. We have all hardwood floors and they don't feel smooth as I vacuum. The brush attachment on the handle falls out of it's snap-in holder all the time while vacuuming using other hand held attachments. The foot pedals for cord retraction or power are difficult to distinguish. When using the floor attachment, it isn't able to stand on it's own, which would be much more convenient than always having to lay it down, or find a wall to lean it against. The bags are easy to replace and have a great system that closes the opening as you pull them out so the dirt/dust is contained. I don't hate this vacuum, but I don't love it either because of the flaws....more info
  • Good product
    Relatively quiet, great suction, a bit scratchy on marble floors, but I'm generally very happy with it....more info
  • A truckload of Vacuums bought in 20 Years and now finally....
    My gosh, it seems like I've purchased a "truckload" of vacuums in the past 20 or so years from $800 Lindhaus' & Miele's & Oreck's to Home Depot and Lowes specials and the local Vacuum Store's highest recommendations. I have a fairly good-sized 2-story and pets/kids... the works. I loathed vacuuming because mainly I hated the vacuums, a garagefull... Then I thankfully found the Electrolux Harmony (at Amazon - best price too). Well I swore (again) this would be my last vacuum purchase and by gosh I really think it may be for a goodly while. No, it's not perfect, but them if it were it would not / could not be "human" - however it is as close to "perfect" as I have found and better than I really ever expected given my past frustrations and feeling of being "taken in" even by the expensive & imported boys. Read the reviews for high points (all true) and details and go try it out. If you don't like it, well. sorry, though chances are you must because it's akin to the one model car every 10 years or so produced that runs 200,000 miles without a glitch or rattle & ghas nearly every feature one could want. try it. Now I have to go prepare for my gigantic Vacuum Garage Sale... Anyone want an Oreck, Miele, Lindhaus...cheap????...more info
  • Almost perfection
    This has got to be the most wonderful vacuum I have ever used. It took five minutes to figure out how everything snapped together and how the bag system worked. I love that this thing is small and yet extremely powerful. I have a cat that sheds like crazy and this thing had no problem dealing with all of the hair. The brush attachment was great for getting cat hair out of the couch upholstery, the telescoping wand is awesome for reaching those cobwebs up in the corners and above door frames, and i love the little attachment caddy that fits under the wand handle. It is nice to not have to stop what I'm doing to search for attachments. Granted, this is not the vacuum for carpet or plush rugs. It did work very well on the woven rug in my living room, however. It is definitely a value at the $230 that amazon is selling it at (even without the washable HEPA). This beats the dyson hands down, in value and in ease of use....more info
  • Good product for the price, and quiet!
    My house is much cleaner since I bought this, so I know it's getting the dog hair out of the rugs! This vacuum picks up very well and is quiet. You can hear the everything else going on when you vacuum, which is wonderful. The only downside is that when you stop to move furniture or something, you sort of have to drop the handle, but I guess that's the cost of canister vac's. ...more info
  • Please Note there are A and B models!
    First of all, this vacuum is the bomb!

    I just had my third "mini" upright vacuum die in 4 years (dirt devil types). I know - they only cost about $60 each, so I guess I got what I paid for.

    I wasn't planning on buying a canister model but it was on sale at a local retailer so I looked into the model.

    What really attracted me is it's QUIET. They had a floor model plugged in so I could actually turn it on and hear how much noise it makes. I have a 3 year old and 6 month old and I could never vacuum when they are asleep. Now I can !!! You can actually adjust the suction power from low to high. On low it's REALLY REALLY quiet and on high it's just REALLY quiet.

    I also noticed that one of the reviewers mentioned it not coming with a HEPA filter (that it cost extra). Mine DID come with a HEPA filter. I also noticed that there are two models of the Harmony model - EL6985B and EL6985A. I'm guessing the A model is an older version that might not of come with a HEPA filter.

    In any case, it has great suction, is quiet, great attachments (built into the handle so you won't loose them).

    I just got the vacuum a couple of days ago, so I can't say anything about reliability - but so far I haven't seen any reviews complaining about it breaking down so I'm assuming that's not an issue.

    Two thumbs up!...more info
  • Good Value for the Money
    I was looking for a vacuum to clean wood floors. This is a perfect choice.
    It is quiet beyond belief, light weight and works like a charm! ...more info
  • Hard to believe how quiet this thing is.
    This vacuum is quiet. I mean, it is quiet. Really quiet. Hardly makes a noise. After years of Hoovers and Sears vacuums and one horrible Dirt Devil, this is music to the ears. You could have a conversation while vacuuming (who would want to do that?), you could listen to your iPod, you could hear the phone ring (you could even talk on the phone).

    Plus, it actually vacuums up dirt and dust and has a slew of great attachments. And it is light-weight. Having bags is great, easy to change, not messy. Plus, did I mention that the vacuum is quiet?

    Cons: as someone else here said, the manual is amateurish, short, with pictures that don't match the explanations. Fortunately, you hardly need a manual for a vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Great vacuum!
    I am very happy with this vacuum. It is light and neat and very strong, easy to use. It is quiet, not as quiet as I thought it would be but half as quiet as my old one. It is much more pleasant to vacuum now....more info
  • Love It!
    This is a wonderful find. My 18 year old vacuum cleaner lost suction power over the last few months and I knew it was time to replace it.
    After an extensive search, both on the web and in the local stores, I bought, what I decided, was the best canister vacuum cleaner for my home.
    It is very quiet, lots of suction, great location and design for the extras, and oh, so easy to carry and store. For a tall person, it is difficult to find a canister vacuum cleaner with a long enough hose in order to stand up straight while using it. This one is a winner for anyone with back problems.
    I hope it will last me a long time. ...more info
  • Best Vacuum I've ever Purchased
    1. this vacuum is quiet. Doesn't scare our pets and others can still watch TV while its on.
    2. Light weight, easy to carry.
    3. Comes with the hepa filter but not the washable one. Easy enough to purchase that separately or if you hate washing an old filter, keep buying the replaceable ones just as you would with the bags.
    4. I'm GLAD that its not one of those non bag vacuums. No issues with dust flying in your face when you change bags. Bagless stinks..its messy, dusty and another thing to have to clean. Thank goodness this vacuum uses bags.
    5. Great retractable cord.
    6. If you have mostly plush carpets, GET AN UPRIGHT vacuum. That's what they are specifically designed for. Canisters are for FLOORS.
    7. Have flat carpet like Berber? This vacuum is fine. You can use the motorless beater bar that is provided and it works great.
    8. Attachments are easy to get to from the handle.
    ...more info
  • Quite and strong
    This vacuum sucks - and I mean this in a nice way.
    It makes very little noise and is easy to move about.
    It has power and the attached tools are neat once you determine how to use them.
    The only lame thing is the instructions. Very poor and looks like they were printed in a high school print shop..
    ...more info
  • i love my electrolux harmony!
    I bought the Electrolux Harmony on Amazon more than a year ago - a refurbished one. It is awesome! Lightweight, quiet, powerful. I live in a 2-floor apartment and have a downstairs neighbor, so I wanted a vacuum that is quiet, easy to take up and down stairs, and really gets the job done. The Electrolux Harmony is perfect. The suction power is great - I've accidentally sucked up a sock on more than one occasion....more info
  • Plastic
    After having a silverado vacuum for over twenty years the cheapness and poor quality of this vacuum made me send it back. I prefer quality that lasts than a cheap product that does the trick for a couple of years. I was very disappointed because I bought this vacuum based on others high reviews....more info
  • Wow! Much better and cheaper than Dyson!
    I love this vacuum! It is so well designed and easy to use! I think it sucks every bit as well and is much easier to use than my sister's Dyson(I borrowed hers to see what all the fuss was about. I was not impressed. The hose/wand was impossibly inconvenient to use.).

    My house has never been so clean and dust free. I normally have terrible allergies after vacuuming, but not with this vacuum. It doesn't blow dust around the way most vacuums do. It is very light, quiet, small and easy to store. The tools are great. Why don't all vacuums have telescoping wands and crevice tools? It is perfect for getting cobwebs and dustbunnies off my high ceilings. I do have hardwood floors and a few oriental style area rugs, so I can't speak for how it does on carpet. But it does a great job on the dog hair on my rugs and floors.

    It did not come with the washable/reusable HEPA filter, as some people have mentioned, but did come with the regular disposable HEPA filter. I ordered a washable/reusable one online for about $25.

    I have never had a vacuum I was happy with, until now. I am so pleased....more info
  • excellent
    It's quieter than stated in the literature, you almost don't hear it. I bought it to keep my weekend cabin clean because it's very compact, stores in a very small space. I have a miele for my house and i would say that it's better than the miele vac that i paid $200 more for.

    So far, nothing but excellent things to say about it.

    Rick G.
    Falmouth, Massachusetts...more info
  • Works well for hard surfaces
    This electrolux vacuum works quiet well on hard surfaces. It does not work as well as my upright electrolux works on carpet. I really like the way it maneuvers. It is easy to get into small places. It is quieter than most vacuum cleaners. It seems to be made of lesser quality materials than the other electrolux vacuums I have had but then it cost alot less than those I have had in the past. You get what you pay for....more info
  • Great vaccuum
    I got this on super super sale and would have paid more for it. It is lightweight, really quiet and versatile for all different floor types from shag carpet to bare floor. My one and six year olds actually fight me and each other so they can use it, too! ...more info
  • Best vacum ever!
    Purchased this vacum a couple of weeks ago. I have never had the urge to write a review but it helped me make a decision so here we go. The vacum is light, compact and easy to use. It has amazing suction power and works great on carpet and hardwood floors. I can not say enough good things about. Its to soon to tell how well it is going to hold up. ...more info
  • Excellent vacuum!!!
    I've had this vacuum for a few weeks and it is truly the best one I've ever owned. Contrary to what many people have posted, it DOES include a washable HEPA H12 filter. There is no need to purchase a separate one....more info
  • My Son Loves This Vacuum...It's Quiet Too
    I bought this as a gift for my 3 1/2 year old son. For some reason he's obsessed with vacuums. Instead of buying him another toy, we decided to get him the real thing. So not only does it keep him entertained, but it really works too. He loves to vacuum with it. One bonus, it's extremely quiet. The only negative I gave this is the fact is uses bags. So keep some extra bags handy. ...more info
  • Extraordinary vacuum cleaner!
    This vacuum cleaner is absolutely amazing. First of all, it's unbelievably quiet, but packs a wallop in terms of it's cleaning power. I can't get over how quiet it is. I ordered it for my boss and her housecleaner flipped over it, and then I ordered it for myself. It also seems to really make a difference in the air quality. It was originally recommended to me by a friend with health problems who needs super clean air, and it does the trick. My living room really did seem to have fresher air after I vacuumed. I've always hated vacuum cleaning and this actually has changed my perspective. I LOVE this thing!!!...more info
  • Silence, or almost, is golden
    The relative lack of noise is great though my cleaning person prefers the old Electrolux with the power in the carpet cleaner nozzle....more info
  • Not worth it
    This vacuum is okay if you have tile or wood floors, and you don't have anything pea sized or larger to pick up. A broom would do a better job in my opinion. And forget trying to vacuum the carpet or even a throw rug. It's worthless. At least you don't have to stock up on extra bags, you won't need them with this machine, it doesn't pick up enough to fill one!...more info
  • Harmony Overview
    Pros: Great suction, light, quiet, small, long cord, rubber wheels, rolls well. Components are well made and function well. Very good for smooth surfaces. Excellent clean air exhaust.

    Cons: Not too good for carpets; lacks a power head to clean carpets. Bag is a bit small, but then again the size of the machine is one of its pluses too.

    Bottom line: If you have wall to wall carpeting, this isn't the vac for you....more info
  • Good vacuum - exactly what I needed
    I needed a new vacuum for my one bedroom apt. Its great for the hardwood floors and small rugs - good suction. I wouldnt call it quiet like the description might imply, but its less noisy than my old kenmore. Not too many frills, small bag, but overall, its powerful, compact and great for a small apt....more info
  • great product!
    very handsome, well designed and functional - quiet - good price - we love it -...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum about one month ago after doing pretty extensive research on which vacuum cleaner would be best for us.

    My observations so far:
    : Excellent on wood floors; it really cleans!
    : Good rating on rugs
    : Excellent suction & quiet operation
    : Ease of use: came with three attachments that are ALL I need to do a good job cleaning. The attachments stay in place and are handy when needed.
    : Filter: I purchased washable Hepa Filter but a non-washable filter DID COME with the vacuum
    : Bags: although really small, they last. We have two dogs and a cat and bags hold up for longer than anticipated.

    I am not able to voice opinion in regards to performance on carpets, we don't have carpeting.

    My experience with the vacuum so far has been great. Shipping and customer service from Amazon was excellent. Overall, quite pleased. Thank you.
    ...more info
  • Light weight, quiet, bag too small
    I've owned this vacuum for a year. For a vacuum, this machine is quite. The unit is also small and light weight. The light weight combined with the large, folding handle makes this unit easy to lift and carry around. Power is adequate for house cleaning.
    Since the unit is small, the area alloted for the bag is also small. The biggest drawback for me is that the bag is too small. I have house plants that shed leaves. Sucking up a few leaves fills the bag. If you suck up only dust, the small bag most likely won't be much of an issue. If you like to use your vacuum to suck up anything that winds up on the floor, this may not be the unit for you....more info
  • Great item!
    I haven't used a canister vacuum cleaner since I left my parents' house - my mom was a big fan of them. When I needed a new vacuum cleaner, I was researching for a long time. I made a few trips to a local store for advice and to see items in real life. But when it was time to buy, amazon gave me the best price.

    So far, I am very happy with it and no regrets or complains. It does carpets and hardwoods, and it was important to me. The suction is very good, and it's really quiet - you can talk on the phone while vacuuming :-)

    I also had a pleasure to talk to Electrolux customer service (telescopic wand was slightly bended when I opened the box). With no problems they sent me a new one. ...more info
  • This thing rocks
    I've always hated vacuuming because all the ones I've had were cumbersome and annoying. This little guy is awesome though; lightweight (I find myself carrying the base around with one hand while vacuuming with the other), super quiet (for us night owls that want a clean place without bugging the neighbors), powerful (it works much better than my old upright). It has an adjustable power/suction bar, there is an attachment that easily switches between carpets and hardwood floors. The HEPA filter stuff is nice too, though I already have a good HEPA air filter so I'm not too worried. It hardly takes any storage space, and has a nifty retractable cord with a push of a button - I hate dealing with cords.

    I'm not sure about the guy who said it broke, it seems fairly robust, none of this stuff is designed for extreme manhandling. I look forward to using my little buddy at least once a week (hi mom)....more info
  • good little vacuum
    The EL6985B Electrolux is a good vacuum. It has a lot of power for a small lightweight machine. It is not too loud and quite compact. I would give this vacuum a very positive review....more info
  • vacuum review
    The unit is light, does pick up most every type of dirt. For that I give it the 3 stars. I have owned two electrolux vacuums in the past. This is not the quality of the more expensive models---but that is to be expected, I guess. The handle comes loose quite frequently---I checked to make sure it was latched correctly---I feel the latch is probably not of good quality. It occassionally stops for no reason and then will start up again????? This vacuum will probably last a few years and then I probably will buy a better quality one....more info
  • No warranty on parts - only motor
    I purchased the Ultra Quiet in November 2006. The power nozzle and the cord locking mechanism have already failed. I spoke with Electrolux today (april 2007) and they advised the parts are not covered under warranty and they apolgized for any inconvenience.

    The Power nozzle was priced @ 124.00 to replace - which is more than half of what I paid for the unit.

    I have owned Electrolux brand all of my life and this is by far the most disappointing. I would not recommend this model for those that expect quality and longevity in a product....more info
  • wonderful vacuum for wife!
    I just brought this for my wife. She loves it!

    -light weight
    -looks good!
    -good suction power
    -adjustable suction power
    -comes with power nozzel, its normally a 50 dollar option on other brands.
    -pretty darn quiet (motor)
    -easy to find bags at Lowes and online.
    -HEPA filters.
    - for $240 ish, its a good deal considering that you pay 50 for the nozzel head alone.
    -swivel hose
    -crush proof hose (almost)
    -decent build quality
    -handle in balance postion for easily carrying.

    -bags are a bit small but then it is a small vacuum - so go figure...
    -nozzel are noisy but that's because it has good suction power.Noise comes from the air flowing pass the wand.
    -accessories right next to the wand is a good or bad thing. Its up to the person using it. I find it useful and it does not fall off easily as someone said. I guess they must have attached it wrong. Yes, if someone does push it, it will come off.
    -build quality is not a Miele but you are paying 2x for one.


    It works well on hard surfaces and low to medium pile carpet using the turbo nozzel. Its not going to beat out an motorized brush head but its pretty good. What's nice that it is light weight - i can carry it up and down the stairs easily while vacuuming each stair.

    I recommend this for people who do moderate cleaning. If you do heavy cleaning, perhaps a miele. Those can take more of a beating...

    ...more info
  • Truly Discouraged
    I too loved this vacuum when I first purchased it. It was quiet and everything seemed to be just fine. The turbo nozzle lost its wheels, lost its suction and became torn and battered in a short period of time -- less than a year. The paper that came with the vacuum indicated I could purchase a new turbo nozzle for approximately $30. I thought, "Great". When I called to order it I was informed that the price was now $125. There was no way I was going to pay that amount! In addition to the problem with the turbo nozzle, the retractable cord now retracts whenever it feels like it while I'm vacuuming. Definitely not worth the money that I paid for it....more info
  • Great little vacuum!
    I love this little machine! I've had older Electrolux vacuums in the past which were heavy and cumbersome, especially when using them on stairs. This little egg-shaped vacuum manuevers very easily and it is lightweight and very quiet for a vacuum.
    What I like most about it is the strong suction. This is the first vacuum I have ever had that picks everything up on the first pass. The bags are easy to change and because of the little flap that slides closed, the dust stays in the bag while changing.
    I am buying a second one for our summer camp....more info
    I bought this canister vacuum about 2 months ago and I absolutely love it.
    It is quiet and I told my husband I swear it picks up the dirt off the basement floor from our living room. I love the automatic rewind cord. The cord is very long and I don't have to look for a plug in each room I vacuum. I have all hardwood floors and two cats and it really keeps the hair volume "in the bag". The wands are sturdy metal. I have gone through about 3 vacuums in the past two years due to plastic parts breaking. Thank you Electrolux for the quality build of this vacuum. The only thing that irritates me is I can not keep the attachments attached to the bend in the wand. I finally gave up and put them in a drawer since I seldom have to use them. Spring and fall cleaning will be the only time more than likely. I also wish the vacuum wands would stand by themselves when I have to leave the vacuum for one reason or another. But it is still a 5 star even considering those two little things....more info
  • This is an Eureka- not truly an Electorlux
    As my vacuum repairman put it, "That's not an Electrolux, that's Eureka JUNK." And it is.... I have had it in the repair shop twice and it is not a year old. He explained that Electrolux sold the rights to Eureka to put the Electrolux name on the Eureka line... I asked why Electrolux would do this.......MILLIONS! There may be a misrepresentation lawsuit somewhere in here....but who would want to take the time?.... ...more info
  • Great on bare floors and low carpets
    Light weight, quiet, and powerful suction. My only issues are the cord is short and the beater bar isn't that powerful (it stops on thick carpet sometimes). Only buy this if you have a lot of hard floors to clean. Also, buy the refurbished unit to save some cash...Most of the time it's just a returned items someone didn't like and the manufacturer repackages it. ...more info
  • Best cannister vac I could find at this price.
    I researched quite a bit prior to purchasing this unit. I wanted a bagged cannister type. Very hard to find. The bag changes very easily. No dust flying when changing the bag. It's very neat.

    I love this vac!...more info
  • Not Sturdy Enough
    I loved this vacuum cleaner at first. It was quiet and powerful. But the turbo nozzle broke, and the price of a new turbo nozzle went up $95 in one year. Also, the cord now creeps into the vacuum while we're using it, and doesn't shoot in like it used to when we push the cord retract button. The company should stand behind the product and work harder to fix problems and defects, while keeping prices of replacement parts in line. ...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    This is NOT the Electrolux that you've know for quality. The owner of Eureka (some European company) bought the name Electrolux some years ago and the change is just taking effect. The Electrolux that you've known for quality is now Aerus. The name Electrolux may still be with Aerus name but it is required to be smaller than Aerus by agreement. The name was purchased to dupe American buyers...its just an Eureka

    ...more info
  • Won't Stand Behind Product
    At first, we loved this ultra quiet vacuum cleaner. After one year, however, it started sounding like a jet engine. The turbo-nozzle had broken. I live in a major city and no one within the city limits services these things, and when I ordered a new turbo nozzle, they sent a mini. It turns out that the actual replacement nozzle, listed at $29.99 a year ago, now costs $125.00! The explanation I got was "Prices are subject to change without notice." Now I'm stuck with a 5-inch mini turbo nozzle and my wife is going to kill me. Plus the cord, which used to snap back into the cannister at the touch of a button, creeps in while we're vacuuming--and when we press the button too. I love it at first, but I'll never buy another Electrolux. It's not well made, and they don't stand behind their product. ...more info
  • can you say quiet...
    Finally a quiet vacuum with some serious suction! I have a 200 year old farm house that really needs this vacuum and has been smiling since it arrived. The suction power on this vac is high enough to clean cracks that have never before been cleaned. The hepa filter means you really can't smell that you've been vacuuming and the bags are a breeze to change. Also, who can complain about having a hip appearing vacuum cleaner? Hey, if you have to own one, wouldn't you prefer to have one that's easy on the eye? ...more info
  • Great Seller, Satisfied with purchase
    The transaction was as smooth as can be.
    My only comment on the vaccum would be that it is a stratch to sell this machine as a quiet one,
    just because it's not, but it works great....more info
  • This vacuum SUCKS (which is AWESOME)
    Wow! I can't believe how a) quiet and b) powerful this vacuum is. I was really skeptical when my wife bought this because it doesn't have a "power head" with a separate motor for the carpet beater. However, after using the vacuum several times on our carpets using the vacuum-driven beater, I'm a believer--this vacuum is awesome.

    It is also very quiet and directs the airflow from the motor up, rather than back, so it isn't blowing dust all over the place while you are cleaning....more info
  • Outstanding vacuum
    We've used this vacuum for close to a year now and we've loved it. It has excellent suction, quality parts, excellent filtration... it is very quiet and lightweight. The wife has allergies and asthma and this vacuum has behaved like a good quality air filter....more info
  • Great lightweight , very quiet, vacuum
    Just wanted to update the previous Customer Review about the Hepa filters in the Electrolux Harmony Vacuum. I contacted Electrolux directly concerning the Hepa Filter not being included with the vacuum. Electrolux was very professional & immediately advised that all their hepa filter vacuums are "packed from their Factory WITH HEPA FILTERS ALREADY INSTALLED IN THE MACHINES". I just received mine and it did have the washable hepa filter in the machine. I think the mix-up is that the Owners Manual does not exactly describe the newer Harmony Model properly as Hepa 02 filtration system. The picture of the machine on the Owners Manual and the actual vacuum itself seem to be different as well. It's a great machine, plenty of suction (I have BIG DOGS & LOTS OF HAIR!) very quiet, very light, several great convenience features & also has 2 power heads-1 for regular hard floors & a turbo power head for better cleaning carpets. It would be great if the cord was longer but you can't have everything. I'm quite happy with the purchase & I got a great buy....more info
  • Outstanding performance for a small canister
    Light weight and quiet with superb suction, this vacuum really can be used without disturbing anyone else in the house, so the name "Harmony" is a perfect description and marriage saver! I can keep my home as clean as I want it without my husband having to crank up the volume on the T.V. or whatever. No whine to drive you crazy while using it, just pure performance. Most of our floors are hardwood, but it easily converts to clean rugs & carpets well. I also love the aunto-retraction of the cord for quick storage! With the fine clay dust we have around here, the disposable filters are a preference for us. Altho the color is not our favorite, I give it 5 stars overall for performance and ease of use. ...more info
  • After 2 years I love it
    Replaced a 15 year old Panasonic upright for a house with mostly hardwood
    and tile, area rugs and one carpeted room. Light, compact, quiet and powerful. Works beautifully on hard surfaces and some rugs. Have had to use both turbo and hard floor head (switch flipped for carpet) in order to
    learn how best to clean rugs. Turbo head works very well on medium and short pile carpet-rugs, probably because pile allows in enough air around
    head to prevent total "suck down" onto floor. This allows the brush to spin very well and get up our 3 cat's fur, no problem. On berber type or
    short weave rugs it just sucks right down so solidly that brush stops. Must use hard floor tool on these but that works fine. Purchased washable
    HEPA filter on-line for less than $10 which is a big money saver. Bags on
    line are cheap as well. Very clean emissions and very quiet. Cord reel doesn't hold cord out and it keeps creeping back after being pulled. Annoying but not a huge deal. Makes cleaning my house, furniture and draperies as well, much easier and more pleasant. If it holds up for several more years I'll consider it a good value. ...more info
  • Hard to find service for this vacuum
    We loved this vacuum for the 10 months that it worked. It is quiet, great for hardwood and delicate rugs. However, one day it quit working and NO ONE in our area will service it. The electrolux website lists 10 service providers in our area but not a single one will touch it. We are told that this item is an Electrolux knock-off and no one can get parts for it. I fear we have purchased a $200 disposable vacuum....more info
  • Quiet and Powerfull
    For whatever reason, American vacuum manufacturers can't seem to get quiet and power into the same machine. I suppose it's the Electrolux's European pedigree that gives this vacuum both. Besides that, it is very well designed, looking good and fitting well into the small broom closet of our 1200 square foot house. At first, the dust bag struck me as being small but after using it for a couple months, it hasn't needed a change.
    My only complaints are the following: The head seem to suck strongly on rugs (which can be ameliorated by reducing the power setting). While they function perfectly acceptably, I don't particularly like the combination brush/upholstery attatchment and the telescoping crevise attachment. Their storage on the handle is a little clunky but actually quite convenient. Also my wife complains that the floor head feels "floppy" but, I must say that it doesn't bother me much. For reference, our house mostly consists of hard floor surfaces with a few rugs aroung (no wall-to-wall carpet).
    Other than those minor things, I feel this is a great vacuum for a small house or an apartment. For a larger house, something more substantial (like a Bosch or Miele) would probably make you happier (and your wallet a lot lighter). For the money, though, you can't beat the Electrolux Harmony....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    Considering my last vacuum was an itty bitty one, this one is great. It is quiet and works beautifully on bare floors. No complaints....more info
  • Fair assessment of the Harmony Ultra Quiet Canister Vacuum
    I am pleased with the mobility of the lightweight canister, its great on stairs. When the bag is new the suction seems superior to my Kirby and it has picked up dog hair at the baseboard edge that my Kirby did not. The key is to not let the bag get overfull. As far as the noise level... depending on which head is attached will depend on how noisy. I still have concerns about using it when someone is asleep. Using it in my car is a godsend. It picks up dog hair with just one pass of the nozzle. So overall I am happy....more info
  • canister vacuum review
    This canister vacuum is great, please note I mostly have hard wood floors and tile flooring. The suction is awesome even on bathroom tile. It is unbelievable on dust.The head is slim so can easily go under sofa and chairs. I do have some carpeting you will need to slide button for carpeted areas also will need to switch to turbo speed. You cannot beat the lightness. I can lift with one hand which works out great since I have a 5 mo old! Note, I ordered the canister bags extra when I placed my order, vacuum only comes with one bag....more info
  • Not worth the money
    If you have nothing but hardwood floors, this might be a fine vacuum, but if you're looking to vacuum carpet of any texture, think twice. If you have a pet, look elsewhere.

    My wife and I bought this vacuum knowing the Electrolux name from my childhood, only to find out it's a different company, and they're nowhere near the quality of the old '65 vacuum that my father still uses to blow out his pool lines (there's a novel use...).

    1. Quiet
    2. Light

    1. Expensive
    2. Bags are small and Expensive.
    3. Proprietary design for hose and attachments (the two that come with it are all you'll ever get.)
    4. Vacuum head and brush roller jams with the slightest bit of hair.

    Let me get back to the attachments: If you're going to make a vacuum, give it more than a crevice tool and a brush, or at least make a set of extra attachments and sell those separately. The company has no plans to support further expansion of this hokey design.

    I'm a bitter man about this vacuum. By way of disclosure, I should state that I have two golden retrievers and I may have been expecting a bit much, but for a vacuum over $400.00, I should see better performance... The vacuum's been fixed twice now when the head siezed up and stopped spinning the roller. At least the warranty location is good about helping me out.

    Really... there are better tools than this one for the money.

    ...more info
  • Ahhhhh.
    Ahhhh peace & quiet at last. It is amasingly quiet. Well thought out design....more info
  • Quietest,most compact vacuum!!
    I love the compactness and quietness and it seems you give up a little to get a lot in this vacuum. I miss the powerhead as sometimes it doesn't do the job on carpets as well as I like.
    But all in all, it's fantastic and I'm buying another one for our downstairs only because I don't like hauling it up and down the stairs. Not because of the weight (it's light!) but because of the invconvenience!!...more info
  • Delighted with use & design
    My husband is a contractor, I am an artist--we have a heck of a lot of tools so it's really a delight to come across this vacuum that is extremely well designed. This actually makes vacuuming fun! Quiet motor (although air suction makes some racket), great suction, easy to change attachments, motor speed control, 2 places to control suction which runs the beaters, doesn't tip over. I think the telescoping wand is plenty long and I am 6' tall. Tools snap securely in handle, lightweight, easy carry and pivoting head makes getting under furniture a breeze. I have not had problems with unwanted cord retraction. Bags ARE small, but I'd rather get rid of dog hair, fleas and flea eggs quickly. Ordering bags can be a drawback in a pinch. As with most canisters, best for bare floors, low pile and areas other than the floor. All in all, efficient and easy to operate, good power. But only time will tell on durability. My advice is to buy refurbished. Same 2 year warranty at nearly half the price and mine looked brand new.
    I don't normally review products but I was particularly impressed with this item. I'd echo other reviews, if you have severe allergies, want an electric beaters or have mostly carpet--go for an upright. But if you want a canister, and can't afford the top end model of this series (approx $600-700) this is the vacuum I'd reccomend....more info
  • Good Compact Vacuum
    Bought the Harmony to use on wood and vinyl floors and for upholstered furniture, wood trim, etc. Own a Kenmore upright for carpeting but got tired of getting hit in the head when it toppled over while I used the attachments. Also own an inherited Hoover canister but it weighs about 30 lbs.

    Quietest vac I've ever used (no panicky cats), although the turbo attachment is kinda loud. Does excellent job on bare floors and the indoor-outdoor carpet on our porch. Harder to push on medium pile carpet but not a bad job. Mechanism for attaching wands and accessories kind of cheesy, hope they hold up. Hose could be longer. Twelve pound weight heavier than it sounds but not bad to carry, especially with the bale-type handle. Those with bad backs or lifting problems might want to consider the lighter Bosch compact. Bag is small but I don't plan to use it on carpets.

    Expelled air blows up and back instead of straight out like most canisters so if you get behind it while you're working you get warm air in the face. The washable filter which one reviewer said costs $10 I purchased for $20 at our Lowe's. Altogether a very decent vac, in addition, it's cute as the dickens (looks like a little robot) and mine was made in Hungary, not China....more info
  • Disappointed 'cuz it's only OK
    Bought this vacuum some months ago & have been underwhelmed. First: carton arrived with water damage, which I know is not mfr's fault. Second: carton appeared repacked, also a fault of unknown origin. But there was little accompanying literature inside, unlike the blizzard of paper you usually see with small appliances. One skimpy 6- or 8-page flyer gave minimal assembly instructions so I wasn't even sure how to put it together. No instructions on how to use attachments--had to find out by trial & error how to telescope the wand, disconnect attachments, etc. Yet I believe all the literature the mfr supplies did make it to my home. And the website offers nothing.

    It's quiet as promised, & that's nice. The flexibility for getting around & under furniture is good. Full power has plenty of suction, but it's poor at picking up dog hair. After I vacuum our few area rugs, I have to vacuum all the dog hair off the top & bottom of the attachment itself. Different power settings are good, as is the ease of switching from hard surface to carpet. The dusting/furniture attachment is weird--if I've figured it out correctly, it's reversible, that is, double-ended. The cord retractor retracts whether you want it to or not. I wish the cord would stay extracted until I hit the "retract" button. Speaking of buttons--it's too hard to tell the cord button from the power button. Had to paint a black dot on the power button so I could easily tell which was which. The capacity is amazingly small--didn't realize a vacuum could be made with such a small capacity! There's supposed to be a light to tell you when bag needs changing, but I can't tell when it's "on." The small size of the vacuum makes it easy to use.

    Bought this to replace a 15-yr-old Eureka "Mighty Mite" which today costs 1/3 or less the price of this Electrolux. Unfortunately it seems the Eureka might be the better deal. I was expecting an appliance like the one my grandmother swore by. Instead I got something I sometimes feel like swearing at.
    ...more info
  • Fan-tastic!
    This vacuum cleaner is as quiet as promised. It's wonderful for apartment dwellers who don't want to disturb their neighbors. I have all wood floors and the attachments are perfect and they all fit on the actual vacuum so you won't have trouble keeping track of them....more info
  • Awesome Vacuum
    We recently purchased the Harmony after our POS Hoover died. We love this canister vac. It's small, ergonmic, and best of all it cleans great. We have mostly hardwood floors and a few area rugs - and two labrador retrievers and two cats - the Harmony picks up dog hair and dirt very effectively. Some reviewers have complained that the Harmony isn't good enough for pile carpets. That may be true but the turbo attachment works well on area rugs and if you have a lot of pile carpet you should look at an upright instead. Others have complained that the Harmony doesn't come with a life-time HEPA filter as advertised. We can't find anywhere in Electrolux's literature where they say the lifetime filter is included. If you don't want to spend the $30 you can get the filter for $10 at Lowes. We looked at Miele and Dyson and for the money we think the Harmony is the best value. We got ours at Amazon for $65 less than we could find locally - plus no tax and free shipping. As well as the Harmony cleans it is incredibly quiet too. We can vacuum while our toddler is napping or watching TV with no complaints!...more info
  • Great for floors.
    I have three cats and a husband who shed hair constantly. The Harmony Vacuum is great for dust and hair on hardwood floors. If you have carpet or a lot of thicker pile area rugs this model may not be for you. It is compact, lightweight, and all in all I am very pleased....more info
  • Electrolux has always been Swedish
    Some reviewer said that Electrolux was "bought by a Swedish company." It has always been a Swedish company. Checked their website....yup...same company it has always been...more info
  • EXCELLENT Vacuum Cleaner!!
    I couldn't be happier with the Electrolux Harmony canister vacuum. It's lightweight but powerful. The attachments are easy to use. It actually makes vacuuming fun!!...more info
  • Ultra SUPER Quiet
    This vacuum cleaner is probably one of the best out there, it's not only stylish but also combine low sound and high quality in the making.
    Unlike other cleaners, this piece of equipment will get the job done in no time, and is perfect for hard to reach places like under the bed or on top of furniture.
    Unlike upright vacuum cleaner, it won't fall on you when you pull the hose to reach under hard to get places.
    Price may be an issue for some, but the quality alone is worth the money, trust me when I say that you don't want something that you have to replace every year or so, or who make so much noisy that the entire neighbor know that you are doing your house cleaning.
    I read lots of review on every different type of cleaner, and there is always someone to say that the item is bad, but take it from me it's a smart buy, and you won't be disappointed.

    For your carpet use, get the Oxygen from the same brand, with the spine brush....more info
  • electrolux harmony
    I have 2 cats and this is possibly the worst vacuum I have ever used. Instead of picking up the hair on wall to wall carpeting, it just bunches it up. I have to stop at least every minute or two to pick up the bunches. It takes twice as long to vacuum as it should. It is AWFUL on scatter rugs. I go over and over and over and they are still not clean. The turbo brush that comes with it works better but the company rep I contacted said if you use it all the time, it wears out quickly, very quickly! I would not recommend this vacuum at all. It is quiet and that is all it has going for it....more info
  • Why this vacuum is SO overpriced?
    I mean there's tons of comparable vacuums in Europe, and the prices are AT LEAST twice lower. The same Electrolux with the same capabilities and functions sells for 200 euros MAX.

    Can somebody explain why in Norh America they (Electrolux) pretend that this vacuum is something extraordinary? ...more info
  • Great vaccuum -- misleading advertising
    This vacuum is great. Very powerful, very quiet, very ergonomically
    designed, very cute. BUT...

    I know someone else has already posted this info, but I just checked it
    out myself and was amazed to find the exact same thing. All of the
    advertising for this vacuum (including the manufacturer's description
    on the Amazon web page) extoll the virtues of its "washable HEPA H12
    filter." However, the other reviewer is exactly right -- this filter does
    not come with the Harmony vacuum. You must purchase this separately
    for $30. The Elextrolux website also clearly implies that this vacuum
    comes with a washable filter. What a crock! Somebody call the better
    business bureau! Somebody call Consumer Reports! Don't let them get
    away with it!

    But I will say again, this vacuum is brilliant. It's a wonder of design and
    simplicity. It is to other vacuums what the iMac is to other desktop computers....more info
  • Manufacturer's description misleading
    While the vacuum does everything it is supposed to I feel cheated that the description says the HEPA filter is washable and it is not! On their own website,Electrolux has described it as washable while neglecting to add that it is optional and can be purchased for $30. Most dealers will tell you that it is washable because that is how Electrolux is marketing it to them. Check the Amazon site and you will see it too! Without the washable filter one has to pay $15+shipping for each filter replacement. The suggested schedule is one for every fifth bag change.Thats a lot to add to the cost of the already expensive vacuum cleaner.
    I contacted Electrolux and received no help from customer service. They denied that the website mentions the washable filter - I have copy of it. Calls to the home office have gone unanswered. I might return the product because of the false advertising. Just wanted others to know what they were getting....more info
  • WOW! WELL WORTH THE PRICE - and we're frugal folk
    WHAT A WINNER! We are so pleased with this vaccuum. It's pricey, I know. My husband was pretty unhappy when he saw the cost. He is the one who uses it, however, and has only raved about how great it is: VERY quiet! Quieter than the hair dryer! All the joints on the head take some getting used to but it does allow one to get all the way back under furniture which is very useful and a nice change (love that telescoping feature!). It even does a good job on the low carpet in our playroom. THRILLED to be able to use just one vacuum on most days (we have mostly wood floors, only 1 low-carpeted room and 2 tile/linoleum floors). We were using a quality broom vacuum but had to work around rooms counter-clockwise b/c the broom had a side exhaust. Dragging the canister around is a bit of a pain, but it's not too bad (just a change to get used to), and the canister is light-weight with nice soft easy-rolling wheels. We're rarely this delighted with a purchase. WELL DONE, ELECTROLUX!!!!!!!!! (No wonder this is the only brand my frugal and much-loved Grandmother will buy!)
    ...more info
  • The Quietest Vacuum I've Even Owned!
    I bought this vacuum 3 months ago. I love it! It is lightweight and easy to handle, has a long enough cord, and is SO UNBELIEVABLY QUIET. Yet it does a very good job on bare floors, carpeting and upholstery. I also like the feature that controls the amount of suction so you can easily vacuum small throw rugs without the vacuum sucking them up. This is a great vacuum to own....more info
  • Powerful suction, flimsy parts
    Although this vacuum has powerful suction, the quality of the plastic wand and cleaning attachments are not consistent with the cost of this vacuum. The carpet attachment does not come off easily and in my case, broke off from its collar. I had to spend nearly 40% of the original purchase price to replace the wand and attachment which were NOT covered by the warranty. Overall a poor value and not recommended for the price....more info
  • Good things do come in small packages!
    Don't let the size and the weight fool you. The Harmony is powerful for its size. This unit is unbelievably quiet when compared to an upright or other canisters. We have hardwoods throughout and 2 dogs that shed (tumbleweeds)all year round. This vacuum has no problem handling the job. This is a must vacuum for pet owners! The unit does an awesome job of eliminating dust and absolutely no odors from the unit (unlike the bag units). I have never had a vacuum which has made doing carpeted stair cases so easy. I finish in half the time. The tools are easy to switch around. I do agree with the previous review, if you have wall to wall I would suggest the larger unit.

    All in all, I am very pleased and have recommended it to several friends and family who will be purchasing the unit soon....more info

  • quiet and powerful
    Light and quiet, the Harmony really cleans hardwood floors and area rugs well. We don't have wall-to-wall, but from what I can tell, if you have lots of carpets I would recommend moving up to the Oxygen model. It does not come with a powered carpet attachment. Gotta work a bit to clean carpets - glides easily on hardwood. Stores in small places. Great design and easy to use; instructions are a bit weak. Overall happy, great in a small city house/apartment....more info