Vicks 1.5 Gallon Vaporizer with Night-Light

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Product Description

Vicks V150 Vaporizer - When it comes to relieving symptoms from flu and colds, most kids that have now grown to adulthood still use a vaporizer to ease congestion. It also makes a perfect humidifier during cold, winter months. You've grown to trust Vick's and the V150 is another reason to continue. Steam outlet releases pure steam vapor into the room Quiet operation won't disturb your sleep Exclusive non-rust carbon electrodes operate efficiently in any water condition and require less frequent cleaning Pure steam vapor restores moisture to dry indoor air for healthful living

  • Protective SteamGuard design lowers the outlet steam temperature by 20% and helps keep hands away from direction
  • 1.5 Gallon capacity for 18-24 hour operation per filling. Medicine cup allows the use of Vicks VapoSteam or Kaz Inhalant
  • Triple wall insulation keeps reservoir water at a safe temperature
  • Large Night-Light provides added safety and convenience, particularly in children's rooms
  • Automatic Shut-Off when reservoir water reaches minimum level. Exclusive carbon electrodes will not rust or corrode, and require less frequent cleaning than metal electrodes.

Customer Reviews:

  • Works Great, I love it!!
    I will start by saying that I love my little vicks vaporizer! It is incredibly easy to clean, there are no replaceable filters like you have to deal with in humidifiers, you just take the top off and rinse it out. I can say that this thing puts off the perfect amount of warm vapor mist. The night light is a calming greenish-blue a nice change from the orange glow of the old model. This model has also been redesigned so that it fits easily in your sink for easy filling, the previous model was really wide and didn't fit well. My only gripe is the description stating you get 18-24 hrs of continued use, I've never gotten more than 12 straight hours of use out of it. It could be I'm using too much salt and making it run faster but the auto-shutoff kicks on when there is about an inch of water left. This really doesn't bother me as I only need it to run while I'm sleeping and it works really well. I highly recommend anyone to get this model, it's great for the money!...more info
  • Mostly happy with it
    I love that there are no filters to replace. With humidifiers, you end up paying far more in the cost of filters than for the humidifier. My last cool mist humidifier also ended up leaking gallons of water all over the floor after several years of use. The steam is not too hot when I put my hand in it. Don't keep the door and all the windows closed -- I woke up one morning to soaked walls. Otherwise, it works well. My throat isn't painfully dry when waking up, and my skin isn't as ashy when I use the vaporizer. I don't know what the black particles in the water are either. I'm going to keep looking through reviews, hoping for an explanation....more info
  • works well
    This unit works well, it started producing steam within minutes of being connected to a power source. We are on a well and did not have to add salt to the water. The vaporizer worked all night, produced enough steam for a large room, without causing condensation on walls or furniture. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Though the Night
    The HONEYWELL V150 Vicks Vaporizer works great for the price. (I would recomend shopping else where on the net, on google I found it for $8.99, w/o shipping tough). I turn it on over night, and so far no bloody noses from dry sinuses. ...more info
  • vaporizer for a shoebox
    I recently bought the Vicks 1 1/2 gallon Vaporizer and it hardly works at all. I live in a hard water area and not much happened when I first turned it on I waited the ten minutes as specified in the instuctions and then I added the salt and still very little steam. It says to keep four feet away when it's running so you don't get burned by the hot steam but I think I could sit on it and not get burned. This vaporizer would have a hard time steaming up a shoe box! ...more info
  • Have to add a lot of salt
    I had to add a lot of salt to this vaporizer, regardless of the instructions to only add "pinches." But after I did, the steam came pouring out. Frustrated, but glad it's working now. ...more info
  • Good value, works well when taken care of
    I must admit, when my wife brought this home I thought it was a piece of you-know-what. She claimed it worked while I was away, but all I saw was the "steam from a cup of coffee" that another reviewer wrote about.

    Then I read the rest of the reviews and put some salt in there, and now it works great! Steam is pouring out and I can't wait to use it when I go to sleep tonight because I have a bad cold.

    For the $15 she spent, this item is well worth it....more info
  • Works great!
    Forget about the more expensive vaporizers that can be difficult to maintain. This one has two pieces: the container and the blue motorized top. Just rinse them out daily and add new water.

    The reasons it doesn't get five stars: No setting for high/low. No on/off switch. And no device to control the direction of the steam.

    Aside from those shortcomings this is a great product for it's price! ...more info
  • Easy to use
    Very simple and easy to use. About the black particles that develop in the water after use, I found the following explanation to be helpful:

    "A Vaporizer produces moisture by heating small amounts of the minerals in the water using tiny electrodes in the shaft of the unit. The minerals then heat the water to a boil and release steam into the air. The minerals will then settle to the bottom of the tank, possibly becoming small black flakes. These flakes are normal and should be rinsed out when you refill the tank. Any bacteria or mold in the water will be killed by the temperature of the water."...more info
  • Get this over an ultrasonic or cool mist!
    I've owned an ultra sonic humidifier that cost 3X as much. And although it put out an excellent mist, it left a white film on my hardwood floors and in the end, only lasted one season.

    I purchased this unit from my local drugstore and couldn't be happier. The key is to get the salt proportion right in the water tank based on the mineral content of your tap water. Once you get the right mix, this unit produces excellent steam.

    Although not noted or recommended in the manual, I've found a little trick that works for me. Once I know I have the right amount of salt in the water by the steady amount of steam output, I let the unit run its course. When it gets down to about 1/4 full, I just top it off with more fresh tap water. No need to add more salt because the salt minerals are still in the remaining water. I'll dump it and do a complete cleaning maybe once every few days. No need to worry about bacteria because the water is boiled to create the steam. Don't waste your money on cool mist models. They require a filter change every so often. And stay away from expensive ultrasonic machines, they don't last very long. ...more info
  • Beware of KAS products
    KAS makes this thing and they make dangerous stuff.
    I bought both KAS (Vicks) humidifiers V745A and rwm-975n and they both had the same problem. THEY LEAK WATER ALL OVER THE FLOOR! One leaks from the cap, the other leaks no matter how you mount the water tank. A coincidence? No, KAS makes horrible humidifiers.
    ...more info
  • great little vaporizer
    We purchased a second one of these for our baby's room since his sister and he had colds at the same time. It's quiet, efficient, and holds enough water to last overnight. I like the reservoir for vicks vaposteam, and the act that it doesn't need a filter like a humidifier. The steam is probably hot enough to burn, but our kids are still in cribs. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because the nightlight is too bright and can't be turned off. I had to put black electrical tape over it to try and dim it. My kids sleep best in total darkness....more info
  • Got one, works great
    We have had one for about a year. Works fine. The reviewers who complain about the lack of steam are using too pure water. The instructions say to add a pinch of salt in this case. Our water is plenty hard - it creates plumes of steam! We actually dump in about a half gallon of distilled before adding tap water just to slow down the amount of steam. It's cheap. It makes steam. Works for our family!...more info
  • Best value for money
    This is the best value for money can buy. It just requires a bit of patience when cleaning it. The more often you clean it, the faster the deposits dissolve.

    Cleaning TIP: I took a bottle of water ( evian, aberfoyle ) and cut off the top part of the bottle leaving just enough so that the heating part can be fully immerged - sort of making a container to hold the vinegar and salt. Pour the vinegar and a little bit of salt - just enough so that the entire heating element is soaked. Leave it there for a few minutes and voila.

    The steam is hot when in use, so be careful if you have kids around - that would be the only drawback, but then again, that's why it is called a vapourizer - vapours is supposd to be hot....more info

  • Product does the job.
    My doctor suggested we use a vaporizer to help ease our infant's congestion. We bought the Vicks Vaporizer and it does the job perfectly. Since she is too young to clear the mucus that keeps her from sleeping peacefully at night the vaporizer helps her tremendously. I've also noticed that my husband no longer wakes up congested.

    It is easy to clean - I use vinegar and water. ...more info
  • Disappointing
    I agree with the other reviewers that say this V150 Vaporizer doesn't put out much steam. Mine starts steaming in about 10 minutes, but it's a minimal amount. It really doesn't add as much moisture to the air as I'd hoped and my throat still feels dry. I've been leaving it on all night and there's still plenty of water in it next morning. But that's because it doesn't make much steam.

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned how noisy it is. It gurgles and makes boiling noises all night. The instructions say to use 1/8 teaspoon of salt if you live in an area where the water has low mineral content, or it won't steam. They also say too much salt will make it boil over. Well, I live in an area with low mineral content, but even with no salt added it makes the gurgly boiling noises, even though it never boils over.

    I'm going to have to buy another humidifier. I really need something for my cough, but the V150 isn't really doing the job....more info
  • Black particles in the water
    I don't know what the black particles are in the water. Additionally, I would also like a shut off switch. If you unplug from the wall while it is on, it causes sparks. I think the edges of the opening could be a little smoother too, so when you are trying to clean the black stuff out you don't cut up your hand. It is also hard to drain. Finally, I find mine shuts off well before the water is gone. I would like it to keep running at least a little while longer. So perhaps a longer motor system would be great. However, those things aside, it seems to be working for my intended purpose. And I guess what can you expect for $12?...more info
  • Waste of money
    This unit is a joke.

    They explain it may take up to 10 minutes to get going, which is completely understandable, however the mist this unit puts out is minimal. One reviewer compares it to the mist of a cup of coffee. I am not even sure its that much. Perhaps a small cup of coffee.

    If you are in a very very small room, I can see it may be a workable low cost solution, however this is certainly not a useful device for anyone with sinus, reflux or respiratory problems (I have all three) in a medium to larger size bedroom that needs help to sleep and rest.

    My wife purchased this, and doesn't know much about air quality, so I can't fault her for not knowing. This is going back to Target and I'm going to order something better from Amazon....more info
  • Wonderful product for the price
    I had to buy this for my 4 month old son who got a bad cold. It works great - enough that the windows and walls are a little damp in the mornings. A little advice after reading some other reviews.....don't use sea salt as it will clog up the steamer. If you find not enough steam is coming out, add more salt! The amount of steam is related to the amount of salt you add to the water. It can get hot so keep it up from young children. I live in a dry cold city, so it works great to warm up the room a little as well as adding some moisture to the air. So far, it's helped with the colds the whole family has gotten. The only bad thing I have to mention is it doesn't have an on and off switch which is a little annoying, you have to unplug the machine to turn it off. I would definately recomend this product. It works just as well as the expensive vaporizers and humidifiers....more info
  • Where's the steam?
    This vaporizer worked great for the first 2 days. After that, we had to do the vinegar deep-cleaning procedure to get maybe 10 minutes' worth of steam out of it before it would stop again. We followed the directions precisely, including adding salt to the water. The vaporizer would get hot, but no steam would come out. ...more info
  • good deal for the money
    I recently bought this item and am so pleased. It's quiet, very efficient. Easy to clean. For the money I don't think I could have done better....more info
  • Great, with two minor complaints
    We have both this one and the larger Vicks Vaporizer at our house. Both work very well, start steaming right away, last all night without running out of water and have the nice medicine cup that is super-easy to use. My only little problems with this are:
    1. The larger model has little indentations to help you lift the steam unit off. This model doesn't, which makes it a little tricky to refill if there is medicine in the medicine cup.

    2. Neither model has an on/off switch - it's plugged in and on, or not. It's a little inconvenient to have to unplug it instead of just shutting it off, but for how well it works, I am willing to overlook that.

    This works so well in fact that when we lent the larger model to my grandmother for her smaller bedroom and when she woke up, everything in the room was a little damp!

    I used to have a much more expensive model will all the bells and whistles - this one works much better and much easier. A great value!...more info
  • For the price, pretty good.
    I have only owned this a week and it was an emergency purchase when my 6 mos old caught a bad cold with a hacking cough and stuffy nose. When I first turned it on, I was so disappointed because the amount of mist looked ridiculous. (the bedroom is about 450 square feet). But I left it on, shut the door to keep the moisture in and when I came back awhile later, the room actually was warm and misty. I guess it takes awhile to build up but it does.

    Pros: Really easy to set up and use (I dont' use the Vicks inhalant, I just add salt to the water, as they suggest)
    1) As mentioned, it is a more basic vaporizer so while it does mist and keep the room warm, I'm guessing higher end (though I have yet to find any in my search online) do an even better job.
    2) I am not a fan of how the unit has no on/off button, once you plug in, it is on. I find this a little dangerous considering the unit is a water containing one. If you had anything wet and plugged it in, that would worry me. Just need to be careful.

    Otherwise, this is working for us so I'm happy with it, esp for the low price....more info
  • I disagree
    Living in the middle of the desert in a hard water zone and I disagree with most of these reviews... I don't think you are filling them enough. The first night I used it there was very little steam coming out. The second night i filled it all the way to the fill line (maybe a little above) and WOW what a difference. I can only run it a night or two in a row, otherwise everything is damp. I give this product two thumbs up. Because of my hard water i do need to rinse it out every time I use it. ...more info