Vicks 1.0 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier

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1 Gallon Cool-Mist Humidifier. Automatically maintains Ideal Moisture Balance. Operates up to 18 hours per filling. Quiet Operation. Two speed settings. Easy to fill tank and dishwasher safe tray. Wicking filter naturally filters impurities from water. 1 gallon water tank. Best for Medium Rooms.

When cold and flu season strikes, it's time to take this cool mist humidifier out of the closet. The humidifier provides healthful vapor that can help relieve the dehydrating symptoms brought on by colds and the flu, helping nasal passages breathe easily again and easing the irritation of coughs and sore throats. It offers a wonderful alternative therapy for children, those who prefer not to take over-the-counter medications, and those who can't take decongestants due to pregnancy or incompatibility with other medications. This low-noise humidifier also takes preventative measures against colds by putting enough humidity in the air to combat the dryness caused by many heating systems. The humidity moistens the respiratory system and helps it to actually fight off viruses, bacteria, and pollutants.

The translucent water tank is easy to fill and monitor and outputs about 1.2 gallons of moist air into the room--enough for 18 hours of continuous use on one filling. Impurities or minerals in the water are trapped in an antibacterial wicking filter so vapor is pure and is emitted without any white dust. When the tank is empty, it totally drains without leaving any potentially bacteria-laden standing water in the bottom. Two settings--high and low--let you adjust the humidity level to the appropriate room size or moisture level and Vicks's special "evaporative technology" also kicks in to ensure that rooms maintain the proper moisture level and are not overly humid. This humidifier has a dishwasher-safe tray for hygienic cleaning and is covered by a three-year warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

  • Cool mist through wicking filter relieves cold and flu symptoms
  • Special evaporative technology ensures proper moisture levels
  • Easy-to-fill 1.0 gallon tank; 18 hours of operation per filling
  • 2 comfort settings; quiet operation; dishwasher-safe tray
  • 3-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Expensive to Maintain
    I purchased this humidifier one year ago for $40 at Target, and I have spent almost $100 in replacement filters. You have to replace the filter at least once a month, and they aren't cheap. I could have just bought a machine without a filter, and probably spent the same amount of money as I have in replacement filters!

    I will give this machine credit, though; it is quiet and we use it at least 12-15 hours per day while my daughter sleeps. It doesn't need to be refilled as often as most, and it's compact so it fits nicely in small places....more info
  • NOISY!!
    With only two settings, I find that "low" does not produce enough mist for my very dry house, and the "high" setting is too noisy, even for my 2-year old. I prefer my V5100N....more info
  • Vick's 1.0 Gallon Humidifier great for 1 room!
    I purchased this product to be used in a bedroom to avoid dry stuffy noses, or worse, bloody noses,from dry winter air. It's great! The low setting is ideal and quiet for sleeping....more info
  • Quiet and sufficent but it is cool mist
    This cool mist is one of the best. I knew because I owned several different brands. This one served the purpose and it is quiet. I did not give it a five stars because I am still shopping for a warm mist and quiet one. If I cannot find another warm mist and it's quiet, I will buy another one of this cool mist to replace my current warm mist....more info
  • Good, reliable product.
    Easy to refill. Produces a moderate amount of moisture (not nearly as much as the ultrasonic ones can, but that's better if you are worried about mold). The higher setting is a bit loud and the filters are expensive, but it does it's job and seems very sturdy and well-made....more info
  • We're happy
    The unit works quietly and efficiently, and the filtering system removes a lot more impurities than we thought we had. ...more info
  • Functions well but loud!
    The motor runs too loud to put in living room or bedroom. I have another one from this company - Penguin version. Penguin motor is quiet though water-dripping sound is constant, which I found it much more pleasant....more info
  • cool and warm humidifiers
    I purchased the vicks cool mist humidifier (v3100) while visiting my family in Utah for the holidays. I had a sore throat and that mixed with the heater running and the already very dry air and i was getting up to get a drink 4 times a night. the first night i spent with the humidifier i didn't get up at all. i decided to leave it there and use it every time i visit, summer or fall. and i liked having a humidifier so much i bought a warm mist one, the v745a for my chicago apartment. here is a comparison of the two.

    i bought the cool mist for the desert because it was cheaper and will only be used a few weeks a year but will be both summer and winter. it does blow a lot of cool air and will be especially nice in the summer. some people found it quite loud but i thought it was reasonable and used it on the high setting. but i am also used to sleeping with a fan on during the summer. i liked the fact that its shape is lower to the ground making it difficult to tip over. and the seal for the water tank is easier to open and close all the way to prevent leaks. but even after one week's use at night the filter is already more yellow than i expected. if i was using it every day i would have to change it very regularly. it also does move a lot of air like i said before, but the vents are low and it seemed like it was blowing all that moist air right under the bed.

    i bought the warm mist humidifier for my apartment because i will only be using it in the winter and didn't want the cold air when my heater is aready working so hard. and i figured it would be more useful during cold season because of the attached medicine cup. it is also for medium/large rooms while the cool mist is for smal/medium so i could move it to my living room if needed. and because i saw the filter on the cool mist got so dirty so fast i liked the fact that this one had no filter, no parts to replace. just weekly cleaning. and the cost difference between this one and the cool mist is about the cost of one filter replacement. it makes very little difference in terms of air temperature, does not heat it up as much as i thought it would, vs the cool mist which did make the room quite a bit cooler. i like the fact that the steam comes out of the top instead of under the bed and it is more quiet than the cool mist even when on the high setting. it does have automatic shut off so i don't have to worry about it boiling dry. i did some research online about warm vs cool humidifiers before purchasing them, and many recommended cool mist for children because of burn risk from using the warm. even after being on all night the unit is cool to the touch and it has a cooling chamber so even the steam that comes out is unlikely to burn. the only way i think a child could injure themselves with this unit would be if they tipped it over, took it apart and touched the actual heating unit because of the auto shut off. my husband guessed the warm mist might take more electricity to run but we'll have to see about that.

    overall i am a little happier with the warm mist because i need it for winter, it is quieter and needs to filters replaced. but they are both excellent and inexpensive and once you get one you will wonder why you waited so long. (and by the way the cool mist is $29.99 at target and the warm is $34.99, sorry amazon)...more info
  • ehh....
    Its okay. I wish I went with a filterless though. It also floods its drip pan all the time causing the filter to get soaked and therefore useless until it dries out for a day. Its just wet all the time and I fear mold. I have stopped using it....more info
  • I love it!
    I love this humidifier! I had purchased and returned four others. I hated them because they were big and made a loud noise. I could not stand them. This one is small enough, and quiet. Very much what I was looking for! I recommend it!...more info
  • Vicks 1.0 Gallon Mist Humidifier
    Quiet, easy and does a great job. Does not leave a wet residue on the carpet. You don't see any mist at all. ...more info
    My wife bought this item, filled it to the top, then asked me to carry it upstairs. Let me tell you, do not do this. The way it works is that the top clear water container drains via a dip tube into a tray, which sits at the bottom. Move the item, and thus the tray, and the water will slosh out, which will allow more water to flow from the reservoir. I didn't know this was the problem until I kept trying to position it to keep from spilling, which was funny as I kept making the problem worse. Once I discovered how the item works, its easy to see that it just cannot be carried. It prob can be moved without a problem, say a foot here or there on the floor, but I wouldnt carry it. If you make wedding cakes and deliver them yourself, then you should have no problems, as you are used to the balancing act.
    ...more info
  • Who has time for this?
    So far, this product has not put white dust everywhere, which is a good feature. My unit is quiet enough to sleep with it on. However, as other people have said, there's a hole in the bottom of the unit. That might not be so bad except that the unit has to be carried to the bathroom every day for cleaning, if one follows the instructions. It leaks as one carries it if one doesn't hold it absolutely level. I had planned to use it in my office during the day, but the leaking problem means I need to get a separate humidifier for my office.

    Also, if one were to follow the cleaning instructions provided, taking care of this unit would take a couple of hours a week. ...more info
  • Cool Mist...Loud on Highest Setting
    This humidifier does keep the room cool at night. My husband loves that is cools off the room making it more comfortable for him as well. I was able to breathe better in a few nights. Cleaning it out every morning is annoying, but it's necessary, otherwise you'll wear out your filters faster; they can be expensive. I must say that the highest setting is a little loud. Some nights I was able to sleep through it, but I've had to turn it down most times. However, I do feel you get your money's worth using the highest setting. If it gets too cold or too loud, just turn it down. ...more info
  • Good humidifier at good price
    I've had this humidifier for several years and have been very happy with it. It's a wicking-type system, so it doesn't blow air straight out like some, but pushes air through a moist filter (one reviewer said the hi setting could make air too moist, but this seems very unlikely in my experience). I like it b/c it also collects any dust as it passes air through the filter, so reduces airborn pollutants as it humidifies. Agree that low setting is very quiet, but hi does make a low hum... we have it baby's room though, so the low white noise works perfectly....more info
  • It's OK
    Pain to clean, why can' they make a humidifier that doesn't need to be cleaned daily? With all the other baby tasks, it's hard to remember to do this. I like their warm mist version better but the cool one is safer for the baby's room....more info
  • quiet is actually quiet!!
    i like this humidifier, b/c when you put it on the low/quiet setting, it actually IS quiet. that's enough reason for me to recommend it. ...more info
  • "The Filter Racket"
    This humidifier works ok. I found humidity level pretty low, but when left on constantly it was comparable to my last "cheapie" humidifier. Low setting is quiet, and well, low. High setting is pretty loud and still pretty low humidity.
    Before you purchase this look at your options for getting filters. Yeah, you really only have one. Expect to spend $7+ per filter that you will have to change approximately every month. This machine WILL NOT FUNCTION with no filter or an "old" (yes, about a month) filter!
    So expect to keep paying for this one over and over by way of filters. Wish I would have done more research into "the filter racket" before purchasing this type/model of humidifier......more info
  • Very Pleased!!
    I live in Las Vegas, where the humidity can be as low as 2%. I purchased 3 of these humidifiers for some of our bedrooms. I have had absolutely no problems with them. I have it adjusted to the lowest level and can barely hear it working away and I hate white noise, so I would notice it!! I have noticed a significant difference in my sleeping as well as my children (the dry crusty noses). One thing you do need to do, it ensure that the compartment that holds the water, is on straight, or it will leak - but that is not rocket science. I would, without hesitation, purchase another one of these, if needed....more info
  • Broke in 2 weeks
    This humidifier broke within a couple of weeks. It makes a clicking sound I can't make go away, and it goes through water very quickly. I found out today that it goes through water so quickly because it was leaking on my dresser and has now ruined it.

    I bought a Crane humidifier for my son, and that works great--quiet, no leaks, etc. This one is terrible, and I have to suck up the $30 I paid. It's going in the trash now....more info
  • Love this humidifier!!!
    I bought this about 3 months pregnant because I couldn't breathe at night. I'm 5 months pregnant now and I sleep very well now. I can finally breathe and the dirt this filter collected from the air is gross. I'm very happy I bought this humidifer. Love it!!!!!...more info
  • Dosen't work in the deserts in Tucson, Arizona
    Does not raise the humidity at all. Runs 18 hours a day, and the water level goes down at a very slow and ineffective rate. Quiet, but does not put out any water! ...more info
  • Great little humidifier at a nice price
    This is the first humidifier that I've ever purchased, and I'm very happy with the results. It's small enough to fit on my nightstand, and the Low setting is quiet enough to fall asleep to. Operation is simple, and it worked right out of the box. I've had no spills or leakage of any kind.

    I use this just for my bedroom, which is small. I'm not sure how it would fare in a larger space, but it works wonderfully if you're just looking to raise the humidity in a single room.

    After one night I noticed a difference in the quality of my sleep. And it was the first time in a few weeks that I haven't woken with a headache from the dry air. It's nothing fancy, but this little humidifier is enough for me....more info
  • A good unit for a small room
    Hey, this is a decent little evaporator humidifier for a small room. I bought one for a bedroom about 12 x 10 and it does a good job. On the low setting it is nice and quiet.

    People who complain about how loud it is on high probably have never owned an evaporator before. Any of them are going to be loud on the high setting--and this one is not as bad as some. Think of it like the heater fan in your car. When you put it on high it's loud, but you only run it on high in extreme cases. If you have to run this humidifier on high all the time then you did not spend enough money to buy one properly sized for the space you are conditioning.

    In the past I have owned Hunter and Duracraft which were larger units and did a good job. But, since they are larger you have more water to carry, more to maintain, etc., just a little more hassle to deal with. This one is small, easy to fill, and easy to maintain.

    As far as the leakage complaints, I was concerned about that so I placed it in a plastic kitchen tray. I've lifted the tank a few times, rolled the cart it is on slightly, I even carried the whole tray to another area of the house and it did not leak at all.

    I haven't had it long enough to comment on the complaints about the evaporator pads, but cleaning and maintenance is normal with this type of humidifier. You can't just keep filling them with tap water and do nothing. You will have issues. Keep in mind too that kitchen odors, smoke, etc. will get pulled through the pad and that's going to contribute significantly to the degradation of the pad. Since this one is small I decided to use distilled water in it. It only takes about a gallon and I don't have to fill it every night. I think by using distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water you will greatly minimize the issues with the pad. An occasional dribble of bacteriastat and humidifier water treatment will probably help as well.

    I'm going to go ahead and give it 5 stars because I've owned several different types of humidifiers and this one seems to be well enough designed to do a good job and is priced fairly for what you get--a very basic, no frills, small room humidifier....more info
  • no fuss no muss and it works!
    It's been a long winter with no January thaw this year, so I needed to replace my old humidifier. I read the good reviews for this one and took a chance. What a great idea that turned out to be. It's a snap to fill. On low it lasts around 36 hours. When I have the wood stove cranked up I put this on high and then refill it before going to bed and it lasts till morning. The sound is very hushed and there isn't any visible mist or annoying wet air feel near it. It's very sturdy and can't be accidentally knocked over without significant effort. NO DRIPS ... I have it up on a table and after a month there's not the slightest need for a mat. But it would be equally safe on the floor with children and pets....more info
  • Satisfied!
    Great product. No complaints. It's quiet enough on the low setting. Would probably be too loud on high setting. Easy to clean (no small pieces that you have to soak). I would recommend!...more info
  • not that great
    I just bought this humidifier a month ago. I read a ton of reviews and they were such a mixed bag of good and bad, but this one seemed to rate higher than most and it wasn't too expensive. Quite honestly, I didn't have high expectations b/c my experience with humidifiers hasn't ever been good, and this one is true to form - mediocre. There are only two "speeds" - high and low. The high speed is very noisy so I have to keep it on low all the time. I still wake up in the morning with dryness, so I'm not sure how effective it really is at humidifying the air. On the plus side, the tank is easy to carry around and refill. ...more info
  • Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier
    I really like this humidifier as it it quiet, easy to manage, and very effective. We own 3 different machines and I like this one the best....more info
  • Great Product
    I am very pleased with this product. Sturdy and durable. Hold enough water that you don't have to fill frequently....more info
  • Chews through filters quickly
    I quickly discovered that this thing chews through its filters. We keep this running 24 hours a day in my son's nursery, so that it's ready to go when he goes down for naps and for bedtime. It has a large tank, so I only refill it once a day, but keeping it running that long means the filters only last about 2-3 weeks. We used the Kaz WF2 Extended Life Replacement Humidifier Filter, which are a little on the expensive side, so we decided to find a different humidifer that didn't have such high maintenance costs.

    Other than the speed at which it went through filters, it was a good humidifier. Maybe if you only run it at night the filters would last longer. ...more info
  • I like it!
    At first I thought it was broken, but it can be really hard to tell that it's on when it's on the low setting. You'll feel the mist lightly though. The high setting can be a little noisy, but you can expect that from most humidifiers. You get used to it.

    Easy to store and easy to clean. Really no-fuss and gets the job done.

    I'm a big complainer and I have no complaints about this....more info
  • Very noisy, made very little difference on humidity
    This humidifier is extremely noisy, and that is the only noticable difference it makes - in my experience. I left it on "high" in a medium sized room for five hours (the unbearable noise made me leave). It made the relative humidity go from 33% to 35%. Where I lived before, my hygrometer would typically read around 50%, which is what I was hoping to achieve with this humidifier. I have now thrown it away and am looking for a different model....more info
  • Very happy with this model
    I have owned this model for about 3 years but just recently started to use it most of the time. All of the claims that it can leak are true- it happened to me the first time i used it. But it was my fault for not reading the directions carefully. Since i got used to it, I've learned NOT to try to move the unit once it's filled with water. I'm pretty sure it's a safety feature, and it makes sense. And yes, the high setting makes noise - but we're not talking like a 747 jet here, people. I like the noise since my two youngest kids share a room. It creates a nice white noise that allows them both to sleep without disturbing eachother throughout the night. Great for light sleepers!! And I have to say that their colds are not as severe or as long in duration this year than they have been in years past. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but maybe not. I do clean it once a week and change the filter every three weeks or so. Not a problem. And I swear it helps with dry skin as well. ...more info
  • wick dies too quickly
    very good when it works... but the wick doesn't last too long.. for me.. it died in less than a month.. and I had to buy new ones......more info
  • Great Humidifier!!
    I purchased this humidifier for my son to use as we live in Florida and because he has lung congestion. I didn't want a heated humidifier as I am always so hot and he has been sleeping in our room. It has worked perfectly so far! No leaks (like the other two cheap ones we had previously), the noise-level is quiet, and it is light-weight and not bulky at all. I am planning on purchasing a second one for our second son for his bedroom as well!...more info
  • Doesn't work
    I wanted to like this item. I tried two different models. I spoke with Kaz, the manufacturer, on the phone. A customer service rep. assured me that the product should raise the humidity in my 15x20ft room to at least 40%. I was never able to achieve more than a 4% improvement in humidity to about 26%. Just not good enough. And, I hate the wick - very flimsy and annoying. In the end I'm happy that has a good return policy. ...more info
  • Water in Bowl Works Better
    This is the worst humidifier I've ever owned. We own many.
    This thing just sits there. You can have it on for a week and most of
    the water is left. Perfect waste. ...more info
  • very pleased
  • Good overall humidifier!
    I did a lot of research on different humidifiers before ultimately choosing this one. I previously had an ultrasonic humidifier which was great because it didn't have a wick filter to deal with. However, it made the floor totally wet from the mist. So I opted for a wick filter based humidifier. For the money, this humidifier works quite well. The shape of the water reservoir makes it easy to fit inside my bathroom sink for refills. One word of caution is to make sure you properly replace the reservoir onto the unit. If it doesn't seat the correct way, you will ultimately have a very wet floor. I've had this unit for about 3 months now and am to the point where I need to replace the filter. Has a removable tray that you can put in the dishwasher. I've read some reviews about some people not being happy with the sound it makes. I keep mine on the low speed, which creates nice white noise when sleeping. The high speed does generate quite a bit of noise for those wanting to really drown out their surroundings. Overall, I'm quite happy with my purchase. ...more info
  • I hate this product
    I bought this for my son's room, and while it functions fine, it's a total pain to move around - every time I lift it to take it and empty it out/clean it (which you should do daily), it spills everywhere - it's like there is no way to move it without it doing so unless it's empty!

    It's incredibly annoying....more info
  • Good for the Money
    I've owned this unit for approximately three years and it still works great. It requires filters and they are necessary for our softened water. I find that running the unit on high is somewhat loud, but provides enough white noise to keep my child sleeping while I vacuum outside her room or do other household duties during nap time. I run the unit year-round (without water during the summer months) in our daughter's room for the white noise effect.

    My only complaint about this particular model is that it is very difficult to clean the water storage container once a film developes inside. The opening to the container is very small, and a bottle brush only hits part of the film. It would be nice to be able to wash the water storage container more thoroughly, like our other Vicks humidifier...which was more expensive....more info
  • Great for price
    Works well, and made an immediately noticeable difference in the dry throat/mouth/lips problem I was waking up to everyday before it!...more info


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