WeatherWrap Round Central Air Conditioner Cover, Khaki

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Protect your system with an exterior air conditioner cover! Brookstone round central air conditioner covers offer three-way weather-resistant protection during the winter and off-season absences. Tough tear- and puncture-resistant PVC material helps keep out ice and debris to help keep your AC unit in top working condition. Order your exterior air conditioner cover today and safeguard your system from damaging elements. Not all outdoor air conditioner covers are created equal. Using an incorrect cover, such as a plastic garbage bag, can actually damage your air conditioner because it doesn?t protect against the formation of condensation. But with a snug fit and generous drop, our round central air conditioner covers keep moisture, debris, and rodents out?maintaining your unit?s efficiency. An exterior air conditioner cover makes spring clean-up a breeze. Elastic edging and/or straps keep the cover on even in high winds. The shell is lined with soft felt-like fabric to safeguard from scratches. Outdoor air conditioner covers protect from bitter winter cold (down to -22F). Available in Green, Khaki and Charcoal. 34" diameter x 30" H. Safeguard your investment with central air conditioner covers. Leaves, debris, and nesting animals can decrease your air conditioner?s efficiency?or worse, cause costly damage. But using outdoor air conditioner covers can save you money by keeping your compressor clean and dry. Don?t wait for damage to occur. Order your exterior air conditioner cover today!

Customer Reviews:
  • Outdoor fountain cover
    We ordered this to cover our outdoor 'little winemaker' fountain. And it worked out exceptinally well, although I was disappointed there was no draw cord at the bottom. Good quality cover. ...more info