WeatherWrap Square Central Air Conditioner Cover, Green

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WeatherWrap outdoor air conditioner covers keep elements out. Leaves and debris can sap your AC system?s efficiency. Keep them out with Brookstone central air conditioner covers. This weather-resistant cover provides a protective blanket that block dirt and moisture from damaging your unit. Order your air conditioner shade cover today and keep your system working at its best. Square central air conditioner covers keeps your system in great shape. Outdoor air conditioner covers are ideal for homeowners living in four-season climates in which their systems sit idle for long periods of time. With a form-fitting shape and a generous drop, our air conditioner shade cover protects from dirt, hail, snow, ice, nesting animals, moisture, bitter cold, and a harsh sun. This air conditioner shade cover is a shade better than most. Made from tear- and puncture-resistant PVC material. Elastic edging and/or straps keep a snug fit. Protects from bitter winter cold (down to -22F). Outdoor air conditioner covers available in Green, and Khaki. 34" W x 34" L x 30" H. Winterize well with central air conditioner covers. Our outdoor air conditioner covers are lined with soft felt-like fabric to safeguard from scratches. Because they keep systems working well as well as looking good, central air conditioner covers are a smart buy. Order your air conditioner shade cover today!

Customer Reviews:
  • Best AC cover I've owned
    I've owned a number of those aluminized AC covers that are retained by flimsy straps. This is completely different with an sewed-in elastic band and velcro closures for a tight fit around electrical and ballast connections. The green color is very attractive and is a huge improvement over shiny silver covers. Highly recommended....more info
  • Air Conditioner Cover - square
    I had been trying to find an air conditioner cover in the stores and no one seemed to have one, let alone the correct size. This cover fits as well as can be expected and is very well made. ...more info
  • Great AC cover
    This is far superior to any other AC cover I have tried. It is made of thick yet pliable material-GREAT....more info
  • Attractive yet rugged protection for the airco
    Good quality product. Heavy, durable plastic - confident that it will endure a number of cold winters. The elastic in the bottom also felt sturdy. The only negative is that there's no allowance made for a side-fed power cable. This means in practice that you can't pull the cover completely down on all 4 sides. Having said that, it still affords good protection and is worth the money....more info
  • Air conditioning cover
    This was an outstanding air conditioning cover. It was reasonably priced and the shipping was fast!!! Would recommend this company highly. We plan to buy from them again. ...more info
  • returned this item to merchant
    I was disappointed in this cover. It was mashed into a bag and crumbled up like a piece of waste. There is no way that it would ever look like the image because of the overall wrinkled appearance. I returned it to Brookstone....more info