Sunbeam Health at Home King Size Heating Pad with HeatSense Technology, Grey
Sunbeam Health at Home King Size Heating Pad with HeatSense Technology, Grey

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Product Description

Manufacturer: Sunbeam
Model #: 807-811
Condition: Brand New In Retail Box
List Price: $38.99

Most technologically advanced heating pad! Patented HeatSense Technology self-regulates to provide consistent heating.


  • Most technologically advanced heating pad.
  • HeatSense patented technology self-regulates to prevent hot spots and provides optimum, consistent heat.
  • Moist, deep-penetrating heat therapy.
  • 2-hour auto-off.
  • 4 heat settings.
  • Silky soft pad.
  • Entire pad machine washable.
  • 9-foot power cord, detachable power cord.
  • King size: 12 x 24 Inches.
  • Vinyl storage bag.
  • HeatSense Patented Technology self-regulates to prevent hot spots and provide optimum, consistent heat
  • Plus size (14" x 18") heating pad with moist heat option to for deep, penetrating pain relief
  • High tech, ergonomic push button controller with 4 heat settings with 2 hour auto-off
  • 2 hour auto-off
  • Machine washable pad

Customer Reviews:

  • Sunbeam Heating pad
    I purchased this Sunbeam Health King Size Heating Pad with HeatSense Technology, Grey, for use on my back. Good price ($23.00 with promo), fast shipping this time of year. It heats up quickly, good length cord to outlet, wish the hand held controller was a bit longer. Glad it has a two-hour shut off (I haven't forget to shut it off yet, but good safety feature). I recommend this product.
    ...more info
  • A great heating pad
    The whole family loves it. Satisfied customers. Takes off the chill when you are sick. Warms up the joints. Very helpful....more info
  • Didn't Last Long
    I purchased this product on 02/01/09 & it has already quit working on 04/19/09. Of course the date has passed to return it. It was working well & then just quit.All it does now is the light blinks & won't heat up at all. It's also much too small to be called a king size heating pad. Much smaller than my last one. ...more info
  • Love It!!
    I love this heating pad!! I use it every day for lower back pain and would not be without it. I'm contemplating ordering a second one so my husband can have one too! Does not wrinkle and crunch up like the last one I bought and the various heat settings are great....more info
  • Super Sunbeam
    This is an excellent heating pad that I recommend to all in need of one....more info
  • Fantastic Heating Pad!
    Sunbeam Health at Home King Size Heating Pad with HeatSense Technology, Grey

    Love this heating pad and I've had many. It gets hot enough for me and isn't too hot for my husband, if I'm willing to share! The controls are easy to use and the auto-off feature is nice for forgetful people like me. The pad is made of a soft, flexible fabric and is a great size. I plan to buy another one in the near future so that I never have to be without :)...more info
  • Warm
    Works great, gets warm but not too hot. Auto shut off (2 hr) is nice also....more info
  • Temperature varies and item is quite small
    Despite the name, this heating pad is quite small. The biggest problem with it, however, is that it fails to maintain an even temperature. There are times when the first setting is barely warm, and other times when it is unbearably hot. I have used other Sunbeam pads that have been very good, but I would not recommend anyone buy this particular pad. ...more info
  • heats well
    Good heating pad for the money!

    The only thing I wish it had was an on/off switch. It does turn off automatically in time.

    ...more info
  • Great Heating blanket
    I have only used another heating blanket that I borrowed before and I don't know what brand that was, but this one is really great and you can adjust the temperature really fast and easy. great item I just have to see how long it will last....more info
  • Low Quality
    Have had this heating pad for a month and a half... it has stopped working all together now...

    While it worked it was high was hot but not that hot, ... honestly i miss those old ones your grandparents had... they worked.... Period these kinda work and then not for long....more info
    Very pleased with this Sunbeam product. The auto turn off is a plus. The only thing I would consider changing is the term "king size". It is only slightly bigger than the standard size and could be a bit larger. Other than that, it is working very well, and I am satisfied with this product....more info
  • heating pad
    This product heats up evenly, and turns off automatically later. Excellent product. Cover stays on and is good workmanship....more info
  • Does what it needs to, but is a bit small to be called "king size"
    - Reliable, two-hour, auto-off function
    - Price point: definitely cheaper than a pet heating pad, if you're planning to use it for small pets
    - Heat output: three levels of heat provide enough, if not too much heat
    - Size: easy to move around and not bulky (17" x 14") with decent cord length (~90")
    - Washable: machine washable or hand washable, although I wouldn't try it in the machine

    - Size: would be too small for some individuals or med-/large-size pets

    Overall, I give this three stars. It's not a stupendous, mind-blowing heating pad. But, it's average and does what it needs to. It'd be great to have a timer to turn it back on, but then you'd pay more. ...more info
  • It does the job
    This heating pad does what I expected. I do wish the flashing light would either turn off after a short time or wasn't there at all. ...more info


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