Soleus Air 40 pint Dehumidifier

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  • Works as advertised
    After getting really annoyed at the fact that there are no reviews for any dehumidifiers online, I just went ahead and bought one and thought instead of being a hypocrite, I'd write a review as well.

    It has only been a month but this one works as advertised. It is pretty quite but not silent. It has adjustable speeds so the low setting is quieter. I live in a really small apartment by the ocean and I can make my place (with doors and windows closed of course) go from 65% to 45% humidity in a couple of hours. It used to take two days for laundry to dry in the bathroom but now only takes one. I was amazed at the fact that there is 40 pints of water in the air everyday. Auto-shutoff works great. The air filter is really just a fine mesh that does nothing more than grab lint. I don't see it doing any bacterial cleaning. The unit is light enough to lift without breaking your back and the design is cool enough to be out in the open without looking stupid.

    I was having trouble forking out $200+ for a dehumidifier but if I would have bought the 25 pint it would have constantly filled up. You get what you pay for and this unit is worth it. I am less congested now that it is drier and was the main reason for purchasing it in the first place. I did find it at a different website for $60 cheaper so shop around (sorry amazon)...more info