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After a long day of play, smaller dogs can relax in the soft Burrow Bed from PetMate. Designed to please animals that instinctively burrow, the round bed features an attached "blanket" to keep your pooch cozy and warm. Removable zipper cover features a dark green circular pattern and a cream and gray speckled lining. Hand wash cover. Polyester. Made in USA. 25" dia.

  • Your small pup can burrow instinctively into this soft bed after a long day for a restful night's sleep
  • The round bed features an opening that allows a dog to be covered for added warmth and coziness
  • The removable zipper cover features a dark green circular pattern and a cream-and-gray speckled lining
  • 100% polyester; hand wash cover
  • 25" dia.

Customer Reviews:

  • 17 inch model good for small cats
    My Burmese kitten loves her little black Petmate Burrow Bed - it's relatively "flat" and hooded, so she can stretch out of the opening, or curl up against the hooded area as she pleases. At first I was a little concerned about the construction of the bed, because when she would cuddle into a corner of the bed, the bed would "tilt" and leave her in a bizarre angle (as the mattress area is fluffy and round)! But the more she sleeps on it, the more the padding compresses down, and now this is no longer a problem. Furthermore - the entire lining (hood and cushion cover) is removable and washable. Very nicely constructed, and highly recommended....more info
  • MY DOG LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!
    My dog loves this bed! Whenever we go upstairs to my room to go to bed, he always goes straight to his bed and curls up. its soooo cute!! Thanx for the great bed!!!!...more info
  • Pet Bed w/cover
    The cover doesn't really keep my Italian Greyhound warm because it doesn't cover him completely. He's happier with a small blanket thrown over his old bed that he can burrow under or "paw at" and arrange to his satisfcation. Also, the bed has a fleece lining that leaves "fuzzzies" all over the room. I think the bed is better for a very tiny pet. ...more info
  • Great bed for little animals..
    My family has two dogs, and I bought it for the older one, but the puppy liked it so much. Now the older one just sleeps on the couch instead of her bed. The puppy has claimed it as hers....

    I didn't need to fluff it as I thought I would. It holds the shape well, and I liked the fact that you can wash the bedding inside using a washing machine. ...more info
  • Pet Bed
    This is a great product my dog loves it, plus it keeps her out of my bed at night!...more info
  • Burrow Bed a Flop
    We ordered this bed for our miniature dachshund. She was very interested in it but, every time she crawled in, it would tip over when she got to the back to turn around. The sides were just too rounded and she couldn't get out without help....more info
  • A fabulous burrow bed!
    I'm EXTREMELY pleased with this bed, so much so that we ordered a second one (as we have a large house). We have a little three-pound chihuahua, Pip. The minute he saw this bed, he climbed in and made himself at home. He loves to go inside to rest and just have a little sanctuary away from the "busy world." The bed is very light weight and easy to tote around from room to room. The top is very soft and collapses down to serve as a cover for your pet. It's so snuggly and warm. My only regret is that I'm not small enough or I'd crawl in and burrow down with Pip, too!...more info
  • Great Bed!
    Contrary to what some other reviews said, this bed looks just like the picture. It is very plush and comfy. My dog absolutely loves it. He is usually glued to our side... but now all we have to do is tuck him into this bed and he has a really comfortable place of his own.

    I have washed it a couple of times and it still looks great....more info
  • My mini pins favorite thing
    First let me say I have tried lots of beds for my dog and she hasnt been jazzed by any of them but this one was a hit out of the ball park!
    I have this on my bed for her to sleep in it.....That she can cuddle under the top is heaven to a dog who prior to this would try and crawl up my pajamas everynight. I guess that makes it heaven to me too :)

    Its nice and soft and cuddly - lots of cushioning.... Its probably the thing I bought for my little Ginger that she actually likes more than I do!...more info
  • the best dog bed
    My dogs love this bed. And so do I.

    I have two chihuahuas, although this bed would fit a dog up to at least 15-20 pounds. My dogs always go straight into this bed, and love to cuddle underneath the covers. One even prefers it to sleeping in our big human bed! Every time my dogs are tired, they retire straight to this bed.

    The bed is machine-washable, which is really nice because the dogs stay smelling good after you bathe them. In fact, when the bed is in the wash, they miss it!

    I do not think the person who gave the bed one star gave it a chance. She said it tipped too much. The bed is very fluffy when it first arrives, and after it is washed. But it flattens out very quickly, and you can speed that up in under five second by hand....more info
  • Made my goofy dogs happy!
    I have a chihuahua and a boston terrier. My chihuahua absolutely loves this bed. Both him and my boston have an obsession with being under covers or at least having their head covered while they sleep and this bed does it for him. The boston is almost, too big for it but he still enjoys it. He mostly sleeps on top of it instead of inside of it but i think he's just not used to it yet. All and all, don't get for a dog any bigger then 20lbs and this product is perfect for my babys!...more info
  • Nico loves it!!!!!
    Our little Italian Greyhound knew just what to do... she burrowed inside and curled up as soon as I took it out of the box!...more info
  • Cat adores this bed!
    I bought the bed for my new puppy, but the moment I put it down the cat ran into it and wouldn't come out. He absolutely loves it and spends every day in it. I come home and see his wide eyes peeking out from under the hood.

    Yes when he lies way in the back it tips backward which might be a problem for some dogs, but the fluffiness can be flattened by hand to help this to not happen. The cat seems to enjoy it when it tips!

    So the cat has taken it over and now I'll have to find something else for the dog :)...more info


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