HONEYWELL ENVIRACAIRE HWM910 Warm Moisture 2 Gallon Humidifier

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Product Description

Warm Moister 2 Gallon Humidifier. Outputs up to 2 gallons water per day. 400-700 Square Feet of coverage. Low / High Output Settings. Remove and Rinse tray for easy cleaning. Mist Breaker Safety System - shuts unit off automatically if tank is empty, removed or tipped over.

  • Outputs up to 2 gallons water per day
  • 400-700 Square Feet of coverage
  • Low / High Output Settings
  • Remove & Rinse tray for easy cleaning
  • Mist Breaker Safety System - shuts unit off automatically if tank is empty, removed or tipped over
Customer Reviews:
  • too small, cheap
    The first night I woke up to burnt smell and this unit was hot. Although I had filled it fully, the water was all gone. Later I read the manual and I could not find any mention of auto-shut off !! It does not have it.

    The material used is plastic, not the hard polycarbonate that can withstand higher temps. So now, (probably due to the high temp incident), my unit has the shell 'caved in' at 2 locations. It is still working though (been a week now).

    The moisture pumping capacity is also low. Of course, as others pointed out the water capacity is also low.

    I am already shopping for a replacement.

    11/2008 Update: I stand corrected. This one does have auto-shut off. I have used for more than 1 month and it has not run hot again even though the water runs out. I still rate it low (2 stars) as water capacity is small....more info
  • So far, so good...
    Have only used this for one week, but so far, I'm happy. Finally - a flat reservoir that doesn't have to be held while being refilled! I appreciate the simple design, and it's virtually silent except for the occasional bubble. True, the description is misleading, since the reservoir holds closer to one (1) gallon, but one tank gets me through the evening, so it isn't a problem - especially if using the lower setting. There's no humidity thermostat, so it's either on or off; again, not a problem, just a comment.

    Two winters ago, I spent $40+ on a fancier model and returned it when it stopped working after 2 months. Last winter, I spent $65 on an even fancier model with a remote; I returned it because the performance was terrible. I was thrilled to pay under $20 for this model, and it's performance has been great this past week. I think it will be fine with proper maintenance; if not, there's a 5 year warranty....more info
  • Honeywell Humidifier
    Haven't used yet, as the weather has been too warm..But others liked it.One person suggested seting on high before going to bed, then on low throughout night..and the water will last..Also, a touch of ammonia in water to prevent molding.Will write again when I do use!...more info
  • works for about 5 years now
    I originally got this for my son when he would get coughs since no over the counter medicines helped very much. I doubted that it would help his coughs since I had no experiences with humidifiers, but it helped a lot while he slept. It has helped my daughter for coughs due to colds too. My daughter also has non-allergic rhinitis which is just like allergies, but the immune system is not involved so she doesn't actually produce histamines to cause her symptoms. This is good and bad because medicines do little or nothing to help with her congestion, runny nose, and coughing due to congestion at night. Apparently one cause of non-allergic rhinitis is lack of humidity which makes nasal passages swell up in some people. I used to think she had allergies or a perpetual cold, but her symptoms start around 7-8 at night and last till about 10-11 in the morning. She is fine for a few hours during the day. This humidifier is used for colds, and for my daughter's condition. My daughter can breathe and she hardly coughs anymore since she was diagnosed a few months ago. I like that there are no filters for this humidifier and it has kept working for so long with fairly easy maintenance. I soak the heating unit in the tray with a little vinegar water every 1-2 weeks to clean the heating unit and the tray at the same time. I used to only clean the tray this way, but I wanted to see if it would work for the heating unit and so far it has worked. I also rub off and rinse the hard water residue after I dump out the vinegar and water.I fill the water tank with water and put a small amount of bleach in as recommended in the instructions. The unit hasn't leaked since the gasket is strong and it the lid screws on tight. The tank is easy to fill and carry from the bathtub spout.Make sure the unit clicks into the base properly and you push the start button because it won't turn on otherwise. I have made the mistake of not having the unit clicked into the base the right way and a couple of hours later I found that it didn't turn on. This is a safety measure and I am glad to have it. I run it for about 8 hours a night on low. I hooked it up to a timer so it shuts off on it's own. I only wish it didn't get so hot hear in Southern CA so I could use it during the summer when it gets over 100 degrees F. I need to get a cool mist humidifier, but I dread the maintenance and/or filters. ...more info
  • It sucks dont buy it
    I bought this item and i thought it would work. It worked for 3 days and then it stopped working. When i called there customer service department i ask did i need a return authorization # and theys no. But there website states that they will not except any products back without a return authorization number. Now im afraid to send the product back without a return authorization number even though they said i didnt need one in order to recieve my money back. DONT BY THIS PRODUCT....more info
  • humidifier -- ok!
    pretty good for the most affordable one out there, on the low setting it can run all night and then some!

    needs to be cleaned out regularly, but what doesn't?...more info
  • Great Product
    This little humidifier works great in my extra bedroom. Keeps the air nice and moist. Juli...more info
  • Misleading product description
    The water capacity of this humidifier is 1 gallon, not the 2-gallons that might be expected from Honeywell's name: HWM910 Warm Moisture 2 Gallon Humidifier. If you read the fine print, it says that it will output up to 2 gallons of water per day. Of course, to get this output, one would have to fill it up twice. Someone at Honeywell needs to fired or indicted for misleading the public and soiling Honeywell's brand name....more info
  • Excellent Humidifier
    Excellent humidifier. Compact, perfect for small rooms. Only one downside, water reservoir is small. For max settings it will last around 7 hours. ...more info
  • Good Humidifier
    Just purchased a second one of these because the first works well. It does require frequent cleaning to work properly but has been effective for a small room....more info
  • Excellent warm moisture humidifier
    It works very good. Except for the smaller size (less than 2 gallons), I like the product very much. Quiet and good for small rooms.
    ...more info
  • disappointed
    Works well, but does not hold 2 gallons of water as stated. When
    you fill the container it holds only 1 gallon. It seems like we
    fill the container at least twice a day... not pleased.....more info
  • worth every penny
    This product does what it's supposed to do. This is the second one of this type and brand that I have bought. Worth every penny!...more info
  • good product, quiet and easy to use
    it is quiet and easy to use. Just fill the tank and turn on the power.
    Good for a relatively small room....more info
  • Use at own risk
    Same thing happened to me as other poster stated, it worked fine for about two months, then stopped working. I opened it (easy to do because the entire thing is snapped together rather than screwed in) and found a ton of residue blocking the water from steaming out. I cleaned it out and it still doesnt work very good. When it was working it did it's intended job, I don't blame them for my water having so many deposits but I do find fault in the design and operation....more info