Hunter 30928 Replacement Filter for HEPAtech Air Purfiers

List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $25.38

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Product Description

Replacement filter for models 30057 and 30067

  • Easy Change Drop-in Filter Pack.
  • For use with HEPAtech ? 57 - 30057, HEPAtech ? 67 - 30067 and HEPAtech ? 124 - 30124
  • Lasts up to 6 months under constant use.
  • Designed for models in small- to medium-sized rooms
Customer Reviews:
  • HEPA filters from Amazon!
    Amazon has HEPA replacement filters at the best prices! - they were here in 2 days, and already reinstalled. Thanks Amazon - again, and again!...more info
  • its a Hunter filer
    Official Hunter product. Best price I found on the web at $30. Pop it in and go. fits my HEPAtech ® 57 - 30057....more info
  • hunter air filter
    this filter fit well in my older unit and works well. I was not certain that it would fit the model I own, but it did, and the shipping was extremely fast. I recommend this....more info
  • necessary but expensive
    I bought the Hunter air purifier for my basement. The unit itself was about $60 and the replacement filters are about $30.00, every three months. So, it is rather like a printer that is cheap to buy, but they get you with the replacement of the ink.
    The air purifier works well with these filters....more info
  • A true hepa filter for my Hunter 30124
    This a replacement filter I bought to eventually replace the original hepa filter in my Hunter air filter. As a matter of info: I used this filter to help remove airborne sanding dust in a small room one day and I tried to clean it up using a air compressor to blow it clean. This didn't work well. It still was noticably dirty from the sanding dust even after blowing it out. I guess you could say this filter really grabs and holds the contaminates it traps. Good filter!...more info
  • Breathe Better
    I love my Hunter Air Purifiers! I have had so many different brands that either grew louder in time or they stopped making the filters, but these two have been pumping non-stop for years now! When they first came due for filters, I priced them all over the internet because my Lowe's doesn't carry this size. Amazon was cheaper than even Hunter for them, and with free shipping, I don't have to worry about it! I even checked at HSN where I had bought the units...Amazon's pricing and shipping beat them as well!...more info
  • Functional product
    I like the Hunter series of HEPA air filters - there is a noticible decrease in the amount of dust in my home, and it allows me to stretch the length of time between vacumming. The nature of this filter material in the true HEPA media, however, doesn't lend itself to vacuuming (cleaning between true replacement of the filter), so be prepared to pay for replacements as indicated....more info
  • Good Stuff, Maynard
    Excellent product. The same filters that came with the air purifier originally....more info