Hunter 30090 QuietFlo HEPA Air Purifier with 3-Speed Fan

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Product Description

Are smoke, pollen, dust mite detritus, mold spores and pet dander causing your allergies to flare? The HUNTER QuietFlo 90 purifies a room up to 10' x 12', and boasts a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 80 for dust, smoke and pollen. A mechanical filter change reminder and whisper-quiet 3-speed HUNTER fan make this an excellent choice for home or office. Low annual maintenance costs Space-saving slimline styling fits flush against the wall Replacement HEPA Filter - 30936 Replacement Pre-Filter - 30901 5 year limited warranty protection

  • Air purifier changes air up to 6 times per hour in a 12-by-13-foot room
  • CADR of 100 for smoke, 100 for dust, and 100 for pollen
  • Effective 3-speed QuietFlo fan exhausts clean air back into the room
  • True HEPA filter; carbon prefilter for reduced odor; filter-change indicators
  • Measures approximately 15 by 7 by 14 inches; 5-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • worked great for awhile
    Well this filter worked great for about a month. Then it started to rattle a little but only sometimes. Now when it's running it has a burning smell and sometimes I have to hit it to get it to turn on. I'm going to have to check the warranty information....more info
  • Good and Quiet
    I chose this purifier because it was inexpensive and got a decent review on Consumer Reports. I am very happy with it because its quiet on the low setting so I can leave it on overnight. My husband didn't even notice it was on. (We had to turn off our old purifier but it was meant for a larger room). Only minus-- don't count on being able to use the replacement timer because I found one of the knobs impossibly hard to turn. I guess a little post-it note will do. ...more info
  • bad motor
    The motor gets noisy after a couple of weeks. Also, there is no way to tell which way the hepa filter goes in. So, when diagnosing the motor problem I apparently put the hepa filter in the other way and the machine blew all the trapped particles back into the air and I had a massive allergy attack. This product is inexpensive for a reason. ...more info
  • Hello fresh-smelling house!!!
    I have never used an air-purifier,but the minute the windows had to be shut for winter,I knew something non-toxic had to be used to fight "doggy winter-odor" from taking over the house. So,not knowing anything whatsoever about air-purifiers,I did some research and ended up with the Hunter. I chose this model because it wasn't very expensive.Also,I knew it wouldn't harm my 4 parrots in any way. That was the number one factor in choosing an air-purifier.
    It works.I use it in the living room and have asked my friends to come over to walk in the front door to see if the stale dog odor was still overpowering.They all took deep breaths and pronounced the air fit to breathe.It collects a lot of dander and hair and such.
    With 4 dogs,2 cats and 4 parrots,it is hard to keep the dander down to a tolerable level.Maybe I will do an update in the future,but for now,I'm completely satisfied.Oh,one more thing:it is fairly quiet and even on the highest level,the noise is minimal.Plus,the filters are easy to get at.
    Maybe I can finally have people over who don't instantly make a "ewww...dogs!" face when they walk in the door.I made it every time I came back from shopping or whatever,but the few days I've used this product,the air seems fresher now....more info
  • Great air purifier for the money
    The Hunter line of hepa air filters are great. Just make sure you buy the right one that fits the size of the room you want to use it in. Its quiet, and works great. You have to vacuum out the pre filter once a month, and the hepa filter lasts about a year. ...more info
  • Faulty Chinese Parts, Expensive Filter, Poor Customer Service
    The replacement filters are a ripoff, the Chinese on/off switch shorted out and getting help from Hunter customer service is more frustrating than dealing with the 3 Stooges. Hunter should drop this product line and stick to their overhead fans....more info
  • Hunter air cleaner 30090
    It is simple and quiet on low. A good price. What else could you want for a small bed room...more info


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