Hunter 30901 Replacement Pre-Filter for HEPAtech Quiet Flo Air Purfiers
Hunter 30901 Replacement Pre-Filter for HEPAtech Quiet Flo Air Purfiers

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Product Description

Reduces common household odors from pets, cooking, tobacco smoke etc. Contains at least 2 replacement pre-filters. Trim to fit your specific purifier. Instructions included.

  • Hunter Fan Company Pre-Filter For Air Purifier 30901

Customer Reviews:

  • Air Purfiers
    I was able to purchase replacement filters through Amazon at the best price that I could find on the Internet. Mainly because shipping was free with this order....more info
  • Perfect match
    Best deal for replacement filters. Better yet, for the model I have I can get 4 filters from 1 box, so that makes them really cheap....more info
  • Hunter prefilter pad is a great idea
    I bought this to eventually replace the original pre filter in my Hunter Hepa air filter. I think this is a great idea in that it extends the life of the more expensive Hepa Filter in my Hunter 30124. It holds up well to rinsing out with water. I noticed it really does a great job grabbing the larger airborne particals....more info
  • Functional product
    I like the Hunter series of HEPA air filters - there is a noticible decrease in the amount of dust in my home, and it allows me to stretch the length of time between vacumming. The pre-filter can vacuumed out, rather than replaced, which lengthens the lifespan. The nature of the filter material in the true HEPA media, however, doesn't lend itself to vacuuming, so be prepared to pay for replacements as indicated....more info
  • Huner 3091 PreFilter
    Must be cut to size but large enough for two air filters, or double the replacments if you only have one. Good deal....more info
  • 2 issues
    They give you one piece that you are suppose to be able to cut into two usable pieces for all units. But you could only cut it into one usable piece for our unit. It smells! It makes the whole room smell!...more info
  • Not like the original
    I'm not sure that the "5-star reviewers" actually ordered this item. When compared to the original filter which came with the unit, it is MUCH thinner and flimsy. Also, there is NO way to get two filters out of this. It is too small. after cutting out one, there is less than 1/2 of the sized needed to make another. Do yourself a favor and order an original carbon pre-filter. I'm tossing this one and looking for the reall thing. ...more info
  • Carbon prefilter
    Hunter QuietFlo Replacement Carbon Pre-Filter

    Product was acceptable just took too long to get to me. I needed to call after almost 2 weeks to see when it would arrive. However it done arrive shortly after I called and they discounted my order $10 for delay....more info
  • Good
    Best place to buy. Don't go to HSN or one of those, they are sky high....more info
  • Nice replacement filter at a good price
    It fits my hunter air purifier well. I found this to be the best price then other websites that I looked at....more info


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