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Restores the appearance of healthy nails. Sanitizes and dehydrates eliminating the environment necessary for the growth of mold and bacteria. Thymol in alcohol is a time honored formulation used by dermatologist to treat these types of nail infections. True fungal infections are different from the changes seen with invading yeast, molds and bacteria. Both conditions may be associated with the use of artificial nails or may arise spontaneously. Gardening without gloves can also be a common cause. Yellow, brown or green discoloration at the nail tips and spreading down towards the cuticle are a hallmark of this condition. The nail plate does not thicken nor develop debris under the nail as is seen with a true fungal infection of the nail. Treatment is successful when the changing nail color no longer continues to extend toward the cuticle. Old infected nail must grow out and this may take 6-12 months. Continue treatment with Thymol throughout this time. Apply one to two droplets twice a day under nail plate. Minimize water contact with nails. Discontinue use of artificial nail tips if wearing them. Signs of inflammation, pain, lumpiness, black color change, or pus coming from the cuticles are all reasons to see your physician.

Customer Reviews:

  • worked for me
    I used this product on a fungal toenail with great results. I applied a drop or two twice a day. It took about 3-4 months for the nail to completely grow out but i could see healthy nail coming in during that time. My nail has been completely back to normal for the past six months or so. I would recommend this product to anyone with nail fungus....more info
  • Amoresse Thymol works!
    I started using the product a month ago on my toenails twice a day. I'vee noticed a definite improvement.I've tried over the counter and prescribed fungus solutions. This is the best of the over the counter and compares to the prescribed. The nail color is much better and the new growth looks normal. I will certainly be purchasing this product in the future. Thank you....more info
  • Nail fungus medication
    This product so far seems to be working well to get rid of a nail fungus. Seems to be a great alternative to the more aggressive medications that can have serious effects on the liver....more info
  • Ineffective product and terrible customer service
    I purchased this product with great hope that it would be effective for my nail fungus; I ordered two bottles, however, when the product arrived one of the bottle's cap was loose and 1/2 of the contents had leaked all over the packaging! I contacted Dermadoctor's customer service on three separate occasions, and they NEVER got back to me! So I used the other bottle that I ordered without any positive results. I saw no change in my nail fungus (I did see progress utilizing Vics previously), and because of their non-existent customer service I was really discouraged. I finally contacted Amazon, and they graciously refunded my purchase amount. Thank you Amazon, no thanks to Dermadoctor!...more info
  • Great product that really works!
    This product ACTUALLY does work. I'm on my second bottle and would highly recommend it to anyone with toenail fungus problems....more info
  • Great stuff!
    I've had a problem with my big toenail for about 10 years now. Took Lamisil about 5 years ago and it cleared up great but re-injured the toenail again and problem returned. Didn't want to go the Lamisil route again, and found this alternative quite by chance. It works great! I've been putting it on my toenail for about 4 weeks now and I could see results within a week. The ugly coloring started clearing up, new growth started and the area under my toenail that was fungus-riddled, started clearing up. I highly recommend this as an alternative, safer, cheaper way to clear toenail fungus. Heck, I might be able to get a french manicure on my toenails this summer, instead of having to cover it up with a colored polish!...more info
  • Horrible Stinch!
    Only used one application... but here's why... Amoresse Thymol strongly smells like a cross between *a skunk and rubber tires*. My guess is that the smell is from the chemical PCMX (Chloroxylenol). Even after washing the product off, you can still smell it. Maybe it works, but the smell will most likely be too strong for you if using on a fingernail, as I am. I can't tolerate this smell on a daily basis.

    After googling PCMX, I do not like having contact with it either. If you do use this, be sure to not get this product anywhere near your eyes, as PCMX is a category 1 *eye irritant,* so be careful if using on fingernails that could come in contact with your eyes. Also, PCMX may possibly cause liver damage.

    Sorry to rain on everyone's parade here but didn't want others to be disappointed, as I am. There "are" other alternatives out there, but be aware that a *yeast/bacteria* nail infection, like onycholysis, is different from a *fungus* nail infection, like onychomycosis. Both require different treatments. If you can tolerate it, this product should work well for onycholysis, as it's a 4% thymol solution mixed with alcohol, which is most often recommended for onycholysis.

    Good luck everyone :)...more info
  • About like other non-prescription treatments - Mediocre
    In my particular case, thymol works about like the other non-prescription treatments for nail fungus - It retards growth somewhat, and makes it easier to clean out the debris - And works best on toenails since your feet stay much drier throughout the day....more info
  • Thymol, treatment for toenail fungus
    I have been using this product for almost a month. Before using thymol I had tried over-the-counter products and some home remedies. Before using thymol I had the best results treating toenail fungus by alternating use of vinegar and peroxide. When I used thymol alone the results were not as good as the combination of peroxide and vinegar. But when I added thytmol treatment to the regiment, thymol,vinegar, and peroxide alternating over a period of a week, the results have been the best so far.

    After a week of vinegar, peroxide, and thymol most of the infected nail has crumble off. Much of the fungus residing below the nail has turned to dead skin and has been scraped out.

    It looks like I will need to keep this up until the dead nail is gone and the new nail has replaced the old nail, six months to a year.

    If I do not treat the nail with anything it appears that the fungus get a toe hole, pun intended, again....more info