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Blokus Classic

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Grades K and up. Europe's 2003 game of the year! Develops logic and spatial perception while kids learn to be tactical. Players take turns placing pieces on their board, each starting from their corner. Each new piece must touch at least one other piece of the same color, but only at the corners! The goal is to get rid of all your pieces. The game ends when all players are blocked from laying down any more of their pieces. Includes one gameboard with 400 squares, 84 game pieces in four bright translucent colors, and an instruction guide.

Fun for both kids and adults, Blokus is a strategy board game that challenges spatial thinking. Bright colors and simple rules make it ideal for ages five and up, but adults will certainly be engrossed by this unique and challenging game.

Not Your Average Board Game
Blokus encourages creative thinking and has received a Mensa award for promoting healthy brain activity. The goal of this game is for players to fit all of their pieces onto the board. When placing a piece it may not lie adjacent to the player's other pieces, but must be placed touching at least one corner of their pieces already on the board. The player who gets rid of all of their tiles first is the winner and strategic thinking helps as you block moves from your opponent. Blokus sometimes comes to an end because there are no more possible moves.

Four players make this abstract game especially fast and exciting; however, it can be just as fun for two or three players. Blokus has come up with a number of different ways to play the game to make it more thrilling when playing with less than four players. Draft Blokus allows a player to use more than one color and Reverse Blokus reverses the entire game so that the person who places the least amount of tiles on the board is the winner. It can even be played in a solitaire version when one player attempts to place all of their pieces in a single sitting. A game of Blokus typically lasts a 30 minutes. As a practical feature, raised edges on the board help keep the tiles in place and allow convenient clean-up. This game includes 84 pieces in four vibrant colors, an instruction guide, and one gameboard with 400 squares.

Blokus is simple to understand, but the game's complexity is revealed shortly after everyone begins to play. It can be addictive, even for those not normally into abstract games. Blokus is a catalyst for spatial thinking, as players form images in their mind before placing the pieces on the board. Children and adults can play together for hours of competitive family fun. As Europe's 2003 Game of the Year, Blokus is adored by many and even played in professional tournaments.

What's in the Box
84 pieces in four colors, gameboard with 400 squares, and an instruction guide.

Once a piece has been placed on the board it can't be moved, so plan your moves carefully.

Adding to the game's challenges, each new piece must touch at least one other piece of the same color, but only at the corners.

  • The most awarded game of the 21st century
  • Promotes healthy brain activity; winner of 20+ prestigious awards, including Mensa Select
  • Features bright colors and simple rules; ideal for ages 5 and up
  • Game ends when one person places all their pieces, or when there are no possible moves
  • Includes 400 - piece game board with raised edges, 84 colored playing pieces, and instruction guide

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun, fun
    I bought this for an 8 year old for Christmas. The evening was spent with adults taking turns playing. So many laughs and tons of fun. The kids helped!! Definitely educational too!...more info
  • Love this game! Fun for the entire family!
    This game is absolutely addictive! Our whole family (Mom, Dad, 5 and 7) play this game at least weekly if not daily. Very educational and great fun. Amazing how it teaches us to see things in different ways. Highly recommend for anyone and everyone!...more info
  • Blokus is family fun.
    We purchased this after hearing how much fun it was. It is true, but highly recommend keeping an even number of players. The odd number of player rules are a bit of a pain....more info
  • WOW! What a GREAT game!!!!!
    This is an AWESOME, AWESOME game! It's a GREAT family game and fantastic mind booster! This game should have gotten a lot more press attention this past Christmas. I'd vote it toy of the year!...more info
  • Great game for 10 yo and whole family
    We got this game for our 10 year old daughter who is difficult to buy for, not being interested in Bratz, etc. Our whole family loves to play. The adults are challenged, and so are the 10, 8, and 6 year olds. I love how it teaches strategy and helps kids learn to plan ahead for themselves and anticipate the moves others might make. Even our younger kids, ages 4 and 2, are entertained watching us because of the bright colors and interesting designs that are made on the board during play.

    It really is easy to learn how to play. A bonus is that there are no batteries and it promotes family interaction. Even one of our kids who hates to lose enjoys playing because he can find success in placing some of the more difficult pieces.

    One of the pieces did break in two shortly after we got it. We carefully super-glued it back together, and have enjoyed it trouble-free since then. Overall, a great buy. I would definitely get this game as a gift for our friends....more info
  • Love this game!
    I sent this game to my nephew for his 12th birthday. He and his family love board games. After playing Blockus one time they were hooked. I have not played it myself, so I am just repeating what my sister shared with me, but I am so happy I send them a game that the whole family enjoys....more info
  • Fun and Stimulating for All Ages
    All three of my children (ages 10, 7, 4) had fun with this game plus me--the adult. It's great that Blokus is engaging, fun, and challenging for all ages alike....more info
  • Best game ever!
    One Christmas, we were snowed in with 30 inches of snow. This game saved our sanity. All ages could play and play we did! Easy rules. Now it is the game we share with everyone. ...more info
  • Fun and Challenging Strategy and Logical Thinking Game for the Whole Family
    This is a logical thinking game, a strategic game which is most easily won if one thinks ahead two or even three steps.

    It is the type of game that can easily be understood and easily played but to actually win can be difficult.

    Players do not need to know how to read. Despite what the maker says about the ages this game is for I am sure that younger players can play it so long as they have the attention span to sit down and play it, to wait their turn and are able to play a competitive game with good sportsmanship.

    Each player has one color of tiles, one shape of each. The pieces are laid out so that only a corner touches, each player starts in one corner. To lay down a tile you must touch one of your color's corners to another of your color's corners.

    The player can choose to make one's own territory to fill or can branch out toward the other player's starting corners. Whether you play boldly or hesitantly, defensively or offensively is your choice. Although it is best to think ahead a move or two fast thinking is necessary when the moves of other player's force you to abandon your plans and choose to make new moves.

    What winds up happening is you run out of moves due to not enough space being left on the game board to play your larger or more oddly shaped pieces. It is difficult to use all your pieces when playing a three or four player game. The games is played with 2-4 players.

    Everyone in our family enjoys this game. At first my eight year old was annoyed that he could not win easily and was a poor sport when he ran out of moves but he has progressed beyond that over the last six months. My husband really enjoys the game too which is good because he is not so keen on playing the majority children's board games or family board games.

    We took the game to a family New Year's Eve party and played with a variety of people aged 10-45. It was interesting to see how the different people reacted to it and which loved it because those players usually don't play board games of any kind and those preteens and teens usually only play video games.

    One night we took the game to our Cub Scout meeting and played it for a half hour with the eight year old boys. They found it challenging which surprised me as the gist was not so difficult for my eight year old son.

    This is a good clean fun game for young children through senior citizens. There is nothing boring about this game in the least. I can't recommend it highly enough.

    This would make a great gift for anyone open-minded enough to play board games (meaning, for those who have not written off board games entirely). This also is a good game to show children who are normally accustomed to only playing video games that board type family games are fun and challenging....more info
  • Excellent and fun game
    We have two boys 5 and a 6 years old, who took to this game instantly. We parents got sucked in too, since it's so easy to grasp but it leaves a lot of room for mastery. The best part is it is possible to complete a game within the attention span of a normal boy (about 15 minutes). Really a blast for the whole family. ...more info
  • great game for the whole family
    This game is wonderful. It is one that whole family can play together, and actually enjoy. My sons are 8 & 11, and we all play together, you never know who will win. The kids are learning great strategy building skills....more info
  • Great Game
    I love this game. Some friends introduced it to my husband and I and we loved it so much, we had to buy our own. Every since then, we have brought the game to every party we go to and have introduced it to the students in my 7th grade classroom. Everyone who has tried it loves it. It's always slow in the beginning when you are first learning how the games work, but every game after wards gets more and more exciting....more info
  • Great educational toy
    this game requires a person to plan ahead, think strategically, and improve spacial and geographical relations. My daughter started playing it at age 7. she loves to play with it by herself and with others. the only downside is that there are a lot of pieces but that wouldn't stop me from purchasing it again....more info
  • WOW
    We love this game. Our family including our 4 yr. old likes to play with us. Very easy to learn and very interesting. I would recommend this for any kid over 4 years of age.
    ...more info
  • College kids like it too!
    This is an addictive game that everyone who tries it or watches it played, wants in on the action. Playing only once is never an option! I love it when friends of my college age kids (21+) come over and demand to play it! When I tell their parents, they're speechless - and want a game for themselves.

    I *think* each color is supposed to have the same number/set of pieces. We got duplicates of two different pieces (in place of other pieces) and another color doesn't have the same number of pieces as the others. Is this a problem? maybe, but it doesn't stop us from playing with it anyways! ...more info
  • I love this game. My wife loves this game. We love this game.
    WE LOVE THIS GAME. What we like most is that you can play and chat at the same time. This is much different from games like Rumikub where your brain has to grind so hard that you can't break the concentration to talk.

    Hurray for Blokus!...more info
  • Blokus is a real mind stretcher.
    What a challenging game! It is our aim to get rid of all our blocks, no matter how many games we have to play. Very highly recommended....more info
  • Makes you think.
    This game is so much fun. My husband and I play it often and like the two person version. We also had the original game and love playing it with the family. You will not be disappointed with this game. I also bought this game for my adult children for Christmas. They thought it was silly at first but know let me know how much fun they have with it....more info
  • Wrong Parts, Customer Service No Help
    I suppose that this might be a fun toy if it came with the correct parts, but I have no way of knowing. The game came with too many red parts and not enough green parts (i.e., 3 bags of red, only one bag of green). This should seem like a fairly straightforward problem to a company that makes a puzzle game, but when I called the 24/7 "customer service" line, the gentleman spent about 10 minutes trying to assure me that this was impossible. I sat down and counted every single part of every single color with him on the phone to assure him that this was not impossible. Instead of simply saying that he would send me the right parts, he said that he would have to have somebody get back to me. I guess this was too puzzling for "Educational Insights". Instead of somebody calling me back, I received an e-mail saying that I should call Mattel for replacement parts. (Huh?) I called Mattel at the number provided in the e-mail, and they had no idea what I was talking about or why I would be told to call Mattel (as I assumed would be the case). I wrote back to the person that sent me the e-mail to advise her that Mattel had no clue, but I never received a response. Save your money. If the game arrives in unplayable condition you will be stuck without help from customer service....more info
  • A fun stragey game
    Blokus is like a mix between chess and tetris. Anticipating your opponents moves, while trying to fit your pieces together to maximize your coverage of the board. The rules on how the pieces can be placed, and how they need to be placed to keep your opponent blocked, keep you thinking. I would give this game 5 stars for fun, but the frustration of losing makes it only tolerable for 5 or 6 games in a row before I need a break....more info
  • Awesome game!
    This game is great to get your brain working...definitely takes logic to do well, but it is so easy to play.

    I rated the durability only 4 stars because I have seen a very used game have some broken pieces, but like I said it was a very used game.

    Definitely a great game! I play it often & I've gotten several of my friends into it too....more info
  • Hours of entertainment!
    This game is great. It's easy to learn the strategy quicky, which makes it fun to play with veterns and newbies the same! ...more info
  • great family game
    Our kids love to play board games. They like this game because of the family interaction, the multiple dimensions, and even the bright colors. We like this game because it helps them think ahead - it creates opportunities for us to talk about options and making good decisions. ...more info
  • Blokus is good for the whole family
    I bought this game for Christmas. I have 3 kids age 9,7 and 5. All three of them are able to play! It is a good strategy game for the whole family. I even like to play it, as an adult. It is worth the money! ...more info
  • Love this game!
    I bought this game for our son and his girlfriend at Christmas. The four of us played it so much that I had to order another one for my husband and I to play when we returned home. We have since played it with others and they have enjoyed it as well.
    We love this game, its easy to learn, fast and a lot of fun. Great for family game night....more info
  • Fun family times...
    We had so much fun playing this game around Christmastime, so I bought one for our house and the fun continues! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Super fun
    I love this game, but more importantly, my kids do too.... Only problem seems to be that it is so easy to lose the smallest pieces (the single and double), and the game doesn't come with any replacement pieces. It is great though....more info
  • Great game to play with kids of different ages
    Perfect game for our family of four. Our 8 year old can't just try and beat his little sister by focusing on making it harder for her. (As he can with a game like Sorry.) He does that, he knows he can lose by letting the other two players have more freedom to place pieces.

    Our 6 year old can use her natural smarts to her advantage without the handicap of just now learning the "value" of money or her lack of "killer instinct" when it comes to a game like Monopoly.

    It's a great game because it requires thinking and isn't based on the luck of the dice.

    We've given this as a gift to several kids and every parent thanks us afterward once they have a chance to play.

    The only warning is to make sure you count every piece before playing. We had guests over and didn't realize they'd dumped out the box which meant we had to go searching for tiny yellow tiles....more info
  • My grandkids can't stop playing this game
    I bought this for the grandkids ages 5 and 8 last Christmas and they play it all the time. I also love playing it with them. But the 8 yr old beats me most of the time. It's such a simple and clean concept but has a lot of strategy. I just ordered one for my home so the kids can play it when they visit. What a great idea!...more info
  • Outstanding game and a lot of fun for our entire family
    My 6 and 8 year old girls really enjoy this game... almost as much as we do! It is best if played with 4 people, but can be played with 2 or 3 if necessary. It is very addictive.

    I rated "durability" 3 stars simply because the plastic pieces look like they would snap quite easily, especially in the hands of a rambunctious child. You must also be careful not to lose any pieces. Some are quite small and could easily be lost. The functionality of the game would suffer if that were to happen.
    ...more info
  • Hooked on Blockus
    Every year for Christmas at my brother's we spend the day playing board games together verses opening hundreds of presents we couldn't afford in the first place. When he brought this one out I thought it looked simple and boring. I quickly found it to be anything but. I, in fact, found myself asking to play again...over and over again. I appreciate the strategy and brain power that goes into finding a way to make all of my pieces fit (a puzzle of sorts). Quickly tried to order one for myself....more info
  • Great family game!
    Great family game - all my children loved it. The litte ones love to make designs and connect pieces anyway they want! My older children love to play it according to the rules (me and my husband too). lots of fun, uses creative thinking skills, and a game takes only 20 to 30 minutes....more info
  • Blokus
    Blokus was on time and was in brand new condition. thanks for great service and a great product. would buy from again....more info
    Educational without seeming to be. Fun for LOTS if not all ages. Smart logic people look out! You will become addicted to this game. I can see why this game has won awards....more info
  • Fun game
    Hi my name is Abbie i think this is a good stratagy game for the whole is also lots and lots of fun. it deos not take a long time to play so it deos not suck up a lot of your time....more info
  • Blokus Review
    Wonderful product. We use it at church for our youth nights. Very educational also. I'm also a math teacher wonderful use of geometry....more info
  • Wonderful Get Together With Your Friends
    I think this is a great game. My sister introduced this to me and had to buy one for my other sister. We have had great fun getting together with the family and friends....more info
  • Deceptively strategic
    My son (12 years old) and I love this game. It looked interesting to me and we took a gamble and purchased it.

    Though it looks very simple, I was surprised to find out how difficult it is and how strategic you need to be to try and use all of the pieces, or at least more than your oponent.

    My son has caught on very quickly and I now see him thinking more about his moves and planning his strategy. I think it is similar to chess because your moves can be blocked and you need to think ahead to fill the entire board and not get yourself blocked in.

    We couldn't be happier with our purchase and we've even ordered the Blokus Trigon so we can bring over to our friends house and play with more people.

    I highly recommend this game....more info
  • better for 2-person play
    While the co. touts this as the "travel" version of Blokus, it serves great as a 2-person version. While you can play the full size version by playing 2 colors each, this (the 2-person version) is not as confusing. You can play a game in 30-45 min and have fun. The larger version will take over an hour. Great game!
    ...more info
  • Definitely not for the very young, child needs to be at least 5 maybe more
    Since this is review #400 something, I'll get to my point. Most games, you can safely ignore the age range. For example, Connect 4 says 7+, but my 4 year old loves it. With connect 4, he doesnt have any real strategy yet, but gets trying to get 4 in a row. Blokus isnt like that, dont ignore the lower age limit of 5. My four year old just cant get Blokus at all, and its very very painful to watch. We have tried several times, but it seems that the brain wiring for it isnt in yet. My seven year old (who is ahead of her class in most ways) got how to move in her first game, and picked up some strategy in her second game. I have my doubts that my son will be ready for it at 5, but maybe some 5 yr olds can get it.

    If you want another strategy game that can be enjoyed by a child younger than 5, Connect 4, Othello and Pente are my top choices. (Pente does have small and numerous pieces.) Blokus, not so much. ...more info


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