Sanyo HPS-SG3 200-Square-Inch Electric Indoor Barbeque Grill, Black

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Grilling is healthy, grilling is delicious, and now grilling is something you can enjoy all year round. This appliance is designed to be virtually smoke free, easy to clean, easy to operate and it allows fat to drain away from your food while applying those tasty grill marks.

  • 1300-watt indoor barbeque grill with 200-square-inch nonstick cooking surface
  • Adjustable temperature control with indicator light; cool-touch handles and base
  • Dishwasher-safe drip pan catches run-off fat for healthier cooking
  • Bilingual instruction manual and recipe guide included
  • Measures 23-5/8 by 3-7/8 by 14-1/2 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Great family appliance
    This grill is perfect to sit on top of your cooktop and use the vent if necessary. Great size to do anything. Easy to clean....more info
  • Sanyo indoor grill
    Product performs exactly as promised and I am very pleased with it.It is so great to be able to have tasty grilled meat and veggies inside during cold weather without smoke and mess, and the clean-up is quick and easy.Sanyo HPS-SG2 Indoor Barbeque Grill with 120-Square-Inch Nonstick Cooking Surface...more info
  • Almost perfect, but
    Overall, I'm very pleased with this grill. It's nice and large I can prepare meals for the whole family at once. Heats up fairly quick and the non stick grill is easy to clean. The main drawback is trying to empty the water from the drip pan underneath. Don't even think about carry just the pan to the sink, you'll have a trail of water all over the floor. The alternative is to carry the entire grill to the sink. I think that's a design flaw. Too bad you can't just easily drain the water. I have seen some grills recently that do come with a cover to retain the heat. That would be a very nice addition. The grill does cook well and it is definitely a worthwhile purchase....more info
  • This grill is HOT!... But not *that* hot.
    I was very excited to receive this item from myself for Christmas. Though some of the reviews made me a bit wary I was willing to take the risk for the low price. Here's what I've found after having used it many times in the past 3 weeks:

    This grill works pretty darn well, but not perfectly. If you add water to the drip pan it prevents smoke from the drippings, but the juices that stay on the cooking surface will still smoke some. In a way, that's a good thing because it helps your food still get *some* of that smokey grilled flavor, but not by filling your home with the stench of deceased cow juices. I find that as far as smell goes, making french fries on the stove has a stronger smell than this grill.

    The flaw, as others have mentioned, is that the heating method is sometimes a little inefficient. The grill surface itself heats up as fast as any electric appliance, so don't worry about that, despite what you may have heard. The problem is that the heat isn't really retained around the food. This means that if you're cooking very thick things that it's going to be quite a bit longer cook time than your traditional enclosed barbeque.

    I cooked some kebabs and found it took 15 minutes or so to make sure the meat was cooked thoroughly enough (and I like it medium). Then I took the advice of another amazon purchaser and put a sheet pan over the top of the grill. I also found that a standard cookie sheet with raised edges or a typical restaurant pan fit just fine. Enclosing the grill made the cook time drop to about 7 minutes.

    All in all, I'm very pleased with this product. It isn't a perfect replacement for the old hibachi out back, but it's a lot faster, cleaner, and convenient. Since the weather has been snowy and below freezing lately I've really enjoyed being able to eat my food grilled when the mood strikes. The downsides are that the heat escapes a little too easily and that storage is a bit of a pain. But if you have the room, a bit of money, and a frequent craving for grilled food, get it....more info
  • Indoor Grill
    I have not used it yet, but it appears to be exactly as described. I should have purchased the smaller model and I am single and this is pretty big, the picture of the grill should have tipped me off! It would be perfect for a family and is great for those days you want to grill but the weather is bad or if you just aren't in the mood to mess with setting up your outdoor grill....more info
  • Fantastic Grill - Reviews do not lie on this one!!
    This grille has been fantastic. It exceeded all of my expectations, but these reviews are all correct. I have now been using my grill for 2 months and everything I have grilled turned out great. Beef Burgers, Veggie Burgers, Hot Dogs, Sausages, Quesadillas, Chicken.. etc. The sausages and hot dogs cook perfectly as they fit snuggly in between the grill rods. This is alot like the hotdogs that are cooked at the stadium on a rolling grill except this one is stationary!. Dont think twice, this is a great grill especially if you do not have space for a real one!...more info
  • Great service, shipping, price...
    All was great, but I used it once and now it sits in the closet. ...more info
  • 3 times a lady
    I recently purchased this grill and it is quite large (nice size). After reading the full time chef's review in regard to this item, I took his advice and used a cookie sheet and placed it over the grill (didn't touch the plastic base) during heat up time and over the steaks while cooking. It worked GREAT!! Heating time to 350 degrees was no more than 5 minutes and cooking time 10 minutes as the chef stated. Cooks nice and even. The steaks were perfect. I would certainly recommend this grill to anyone. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Great Product
    Great indoor grill. Reliable, tough, easy to clean, minimal smoke.. does the job perfectly. 5 stars out of 5....more info
  • Very pleased!
    I couldn't believe how big this grill is! Yep I read the description, but my math skills didn't help to translate the reality. However, despite the size it's super light. Plus it will actually fit a full meal for five. It has the hotter/colder spots I expect from any grill, but that's why you rotate everything. Very easy set-up and clean-up, only problem I'm having is finding a good place to store it. Great product, especially for the price. We're really pleased!...more info
  • Pretty Useful
    The product is pretty good. I've used it for steaks, chicken breasts, and pork chops. They all come out pretty well with the grill marks and all. I would recommend getting a cheap baking pan to use as a grill cover. It'll help with preheating and trapping the heat while grilling.

    There are a few negatives however:
    They say that it is virtually smoke free but that is a lie.
    I get really tired of cleaning it. The drip pan is really flimsy and its hard to clean....more info
  • fahadash
    I was looking for a BBQ grill that does not produce smoke and is handy to grill anytime I want. I bought Sanyo HPS, It gave me nice results, specially on steaks and BBQ chicken with bones. It is very easy to clean. The only problem I have is, somehow it doesnt fit my small granite counter-top....more info
  • What a grill
    THis is one of the best pourchases I have made in along time. I highly recommend this for everone and have done so already to many friends...more info
  • Great for an apartment
    This grill works just as described and is great for my apartment. The surface area is large enough to fit about 10 burgers at once. I am very satisfied....more info
  • Yes
    Just the thing when you have no yard. I live on the 19th floor and had no alternative for bar-b-que other than eating out. This is really great. Add water to the basin and you have no smoking to set off an alarm. ...more info
  • sanyo hps-sg3 indoor grill-- the best purchase i have ever made cooks like an outdoor grill
    sanyo hps-gs3 indoor grill--best purchase i have ever made .cooks like an outdoor grill will out the smoke and the food taste like it was cooked on an outdoor grill. i do not know why i have not purchaced this indoor grill
    sooner that i did. thanks alot sanyo --job well done. just hope the craftsmanship holds up for many years right now the craftsmanship is great.

    susan wells
    lucama nc...more info
  • Great Sanyo product
    I have owned many Sanyo products, including a fantastic cordless phone that I still use, rechargable flashlights, their Eneloop batteries and now the grill. I hope, now that Panasonic has digested them, that we will still see the simple, easy to use, and inovative products continue. Grill works great, investing in some disposable aluminum covers though....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I opened the box today with great anticipation having read the other reviews, put my marinated chicken pieces on the hot pre-heated grill and cooked and cooked and cooked. After 90 minutes, the inside of the chicken was still way under- cooked (thermometer 110 degrees). The outside was great, but I ended up putting the chicken into the oven for 20 minutes more to finish it up. Had I not dropped the grill on my foot, breaking off a piece of the handle (cheap plastic and lots of it), I would have returned the item. It just doesn't hold the heat evenly or continuously. However, putting the water under the grill as instructed did eliminate all the smoke, and if it cooked evenly it would have been great....more info
  • Not what I expected
    It works fine, but in the picture it appeared it was a grill above the heated coin underneath. That wasnt the case, it is just like a griddle/grill combo thing, just only the grill part. The plate gets heated up itself, not open like an outdoor grill.......more info
  • Exactly what I wanted
    I bought this grill a couple weeks ago and I am in love. We were using the original George Forman grill before we got this one, and I hated having to clean it. This grill is so easy to clean! It has excellent grilling space and is very light weight. It is not completely smokeless (I think that's impossible), but very tolerable inside! We have been using it every day since we got it! We made excellent burgers, chicken kabobs and steaks so far! I love this thing!...more info
  • Sanyo indoor grill
    The Sanyo 200 inch indoor grill does an excellent job grilling and is easy cleaning. It should be large enough for most families' grilling needs, and is smokeless due to a pan under the grill that holds water. I had no trouble determining when something was ready to take off the grill without the use of a thermometer. Cleaning is a two minute job. Great piece of equipment for the price....more info
  • Indoor grilling on top of the stove with the power air vent
    If you don't use any stove top elements, plus oven?, then you can take advantage of the overhead stove exhaust fan to get rid of whatever fumes and smoking are produced during grilling. I'll get one today. Cannot beat the price. I just hope the warranty lasts long enough so I can grill a few hamburgers and steaks....more info
  • Nice to use when you can't use an outdoor Grill
    I purchased this grill from after reading all of the reviews. Its definitely big enough to cook several steaks, hamburgers, chicken breast or whatever you want to cook on the grill. The first thing I cooked on the grill was 2 semi thick ribeye steaks. It took about 15-20 minutes to cook both steaks to well done, about the same time it takes on an outdoor grill. I did everything it stated, used cooking spray, poured about a 1/2 cup water in the drip pan, but I still had alot of smoke from the steaks. I can live with the smoke, it didn't hurt anything, the smoke alarm didn't go off so its all good. I really like this grill and look forward to using it to cook other items besides steak. I would recommend this grill to people who miss grilling outside. It works great during the winter months, when its too cold to grill outside. It is not a replacement but its a good subsitute....more info
  • Sanyo Indoor Grill
    It is big enough to cook all the food at the same time and it is easy to clean up. However, it takes about 20 minutes to reach desired temparture....more info
  • This grill is excellent and better then the george foreman grills
    I purchased this grill for 34.99 and let me say it is worth the money,the grill is quite large which makes it easier for cooking large meals and the clean up is pretty easy.The best part is that is can come part which makes cleaning a breeze something that the geroge foreman grill cannot do.I highly recommend this grill. ...more info
  • Very Pleased with Indoor Grill
    I was very pleased with this grill. I found heating time very short by covering grill while heating with a cookie sheet, and placing water in bottom tray as instructed saved a lot of smoke and cleanup. It is well worth the money spent on this grill....more info
  • Skeptical
    I had one of the first indoor electric grills many years ago, it was messy, smoky and hard to clean, I was skeptical about this Sanyo grill. What a pleasant surprise! This grill is AWESOME! The price is very reasonable, no smoking during the cooking process, heats up quickly and the clean up is so easy, most of the cooked on frime sprays off with water, just takes a quick wipe a soap and cloth to finish the job. Light weight and low profile makes storage a breeze! I highly recommend this grill for any indoor cooking solution!...more info
    Got it as a gift for my uncle. He loves it, he barbeque's every night now! His food is better than ever and I just can't wait till he cooks again....more info
  • Easy to use
    I just used mine for the first time last night for cooking turkey burgers. It was really easy to set up and clean up. The only problem I had was pouring out the water from the grease tray with out spilling it. I may have put too much water in the bottom. The cool down was pretty quick so it didn't have to sit out too long to clean it. This grill is large so be prepared if you have limited counter space that it will take up some space. It did smoke a little but no more than what a George Foreman would produce. It is disappointing that you don't get that outdoor grill taste but the burgers were well cooked and pretty moist. It's a great product and works well if you don't have an opportunity to grill outside....more info
  • Excellent Product
    This is a wonderful electric grill. It heats up quickly and cooks my food thoroughly. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to grill indoors....more info
  • Great grill.
    I bought this grill to replace my George Foreman grill after many years and this new grill is better in many ways. So far I have grilled burgers, fish, chicken and veggies and have had great results. It doesn't cook on both sides like the Foreman Grill but it allows grilling multiple items of varried thickness at the same time, which is a major plus. Easy to clean, large grilling area and the price are a major plus. ...more info
  • good but probably use&trash
    the product is good and does what is supposed to do. however, the cooking grid is one piece with the electric resistor that heats the grid itself. That's good for efficient heat transfer but if the grid is scratched or damaged also the resistor should be changed....more info
  • My favorite kitchen appliance!
    This grill has been getting rave reviews which helped me decide to buy it. Now I can add my name to the list of satisfied users. The Sanyo Indoor grill works exactly like it is depicted and the grill parts are very easy to clean. The best part is the smokeless more setting off the smoke detectors! I have been grilling up a storm and everything has turned out delicious. There aren't a lot of recipes included but anything you can grill outside, you can grill on this product....more info
    OMG!! I absolutely love my new grill! This grill is quite large and easy to clean. It also cooks the food evenly, doesn't smoke (especially if you put a couple of cups of water in the metal under-tray before cooking) and mine (contrary to reports on here) only takes a couple of minutes to heat up to top temp which I usually use for say, grilling steaks or hamburgers. If you put foil down first, there is pretty much NO CLEAN UP REQUIRED!

    So far I have made steaks, kabobs, and burgers on it and all have worked out wonderfully. Water in the under-tray means no drippings stick to the tray and I have just popped the tray into the dishwasher for easy washing. Also, it only gets hot on the cooking surface, not at all underneath so you don't have to worry about ruining any surface you happen to be using it on.

    I originally got this grill to take camping only, but it works so well that I have used it (to try it) during the winter when it was cold to be going out to grill in the garage, and when my brand new grill ran out of propane this spring! Also, the box it comes in is perfect to store it in. I just taped it up with postage tape to strengthen it first.

    I'm so glad I read the other reviews about this product because it was such a good buy for like $35. Do yourself a favor and get one....more info
  • Simply the BEST!
    I was excited to received our indoor grill early this week, and immediately we tried grilling rib eye steak, in less than 10 minutes, we have a juicy tender steak on our table. I prefer this over the George Foreman grill, I've loved almost all his grill, but sad to say, it's not the same as this Sanyo HPS-SG3. And the price....oh boy, the best $40.00 I've spent, will be ordering 2 more and another for my mom, who just simply loves to grill as well...thanks Sanyo, and thanks Amazon for selling this item....more info
  • Consider The SG4
    The Sanyo grill is fantastic! For those of you wanting a lid or cover, consider purchasing the HPS-SG4. It is the same exact grill as the SG3, but it includes a griddle and lid. The lid is perfect to cover a couple of burgers etc so they don't splatter. It only costs about [...] more than the SG3 (when I purchased it).

    ...more info
  • Pretty good
    I was very excited to receive this grill. It heats up very quickly and has a very large surface area. I did have smoking though, even after following the instructions. I am generally happy with this purchase, but the size does pose a storage problem....more info
  • Nice addition to our kitchen appliances...
    Nice addition to our kitchen appliances. The size is perfect for our family of four (but I still use the George Foreman when grilling for just a couple of us.) Sets up and cleans up easily. Seemed to heat up quickly and cooked the food evenly....more info
  • Clean grill - very slow cooking
    The Grill takes too long to cook any basic meat - maybe to roast veggies, but that's about it - if you expect to feed a party or to grill stakes - this is not your grill - it will take forever and it will not cook - also this grill does not have a lid - which dries the meat too much....more info
  • Love this Grill
    Wife and I love to grill but our outdoor ones always only last 1-2 years so this time instead of buying another outdoor one for $150+ we thought we would take a chance on this.

    The grill itself is very easy to setup it is 4 pieces the heating element/grill surface, dripping tray, plastic base and cord/temp control. It took 10 minutes to take it out of the box setup.It is also a fairly large kitchen appliance so it has ample room for cooking a lot of food for a whole family.

    When used the grill took about 10-15 minutes to reach 325/350 has very even heat and everything had a perfect sizzle when placing it on to the grill.The smokeless feature works very well just pour a little over a cup of water in to the dripping tray only tip for this part I have is make sure the whole bottom of the tray has water or else you will get some smoke and if by chance the water level gets low while cooking add a little more water.

    Clean up is a breeze just wait for the grill to cool wipe down the grill surface and dump the dripping tray and wipe that out.

    Best part though is the food we have cooked on it taste superb better tasting to us than even the outdoor grills we have had in the past. This has become not only a useful kitchen appliance but one we keep out on the counter to use multiple times a week. ...more info
  • Indoor Grill
    The size of the grill is as shown but the taste of the food is not what I expected. I was looking for an indoor grill that would give a little BBQ taste. You do get the grill lines but it taste as if it was in the broiler....more info
  • excellant grill
    The grill does all it says it will do, for the price its a great buy, it is smokeless, just use your head, cook near an exhaust fan. I have tried burgers and steaks & kabobs. they were excellant....more info
  • great buy
    Sanyo has really set the bar high with this one! As a father of two little ones I am cooking all of the time and as anyone with kids knows that time is a rare commodity. After cooking up Mac & cheese with green beans for the 14th day in a row, I'm finally able to break the monotony and make something good for a change. Winters are long and I don't like going outside when its 5 degrees, even to grill. This grill from sanyo is definately a lifesaver in our home. Unlike other kitchen appliances that notoriously sit in a cabinet for months on end, this is becoming a permanent fixture.

    It heats up fast and any smoke coming from it is a non issue, unless your burning your food. In short, this is a well built, high quality machine that I would not do without. Way to go Sanyo!!!!...more info
  • Made this my first review ever on Amazon!
    I have bought many things on Amazon but this had to be the first item that I felt deserved my time. I just love this grill. I have an outdoor kitchen that is covered for the Winter. I bought whole filet mignon and made 2 meals out of it. The first meal I made on the stovetop in a pan. It came out ok but nothing like on the outside grill. So, I went searching for something portable. All I needed was a small grill to put on the deck to get me through the Winter. After searching Amazon, I came across indoor grills. For the price, we decided to give it a try. The grill arrived in 2 days and we took it out of the box and heated it up. Grilled the rest of the filet mignon and what a difference from the pan. It tasted and looked like we grilled it outside. It was done perfect! There was no smoke and we did not have to freeze our buns off outside. We have made chicken, steaks, shishkabobos and eggplant. All came out great! Have recommended to several friends and everyone is happy with it too. ...more info
  • Best indoor grill!
    I did a lot of comparison shopping between various indoor grills. I was looking for a grill that was easy to clean after use and also grilled food like it was barbequed outdoors. After reading numerous, positive comments about the grill, I ordered it. We tried the Sanyo grill for the first time tonight. We grilled steaks on it and they were superb! They tasted just as good as those cooked on the grill. The grill is large and rectangular in size. It includes a drip tray, which covers the entire length of the grill. Before grilling, the removable drip tray,which fits inside the bottom of the base, is covered with water. Then the non-stick grill is added on top. Before cooking, the grill surface is coated with cooking spray. There is a detachable temperature control unit, which can be set to the desired temperature for the food that is being cooked (A cooking guide is included). The unit heated up quickly with no electrical smell. We placed the steaks on the grill and were pleasantly surprised that hardly any smoke was emitted during the grilling time. Also, no grease splashed up. The unit cooled off quickly once it was turned off. The grill was very easy to clean. Everything could be washed with soapy water. I highly recommend this product and plan to purchase another as a gift. ...more info
  • Top Of The Line
    I have had three Indoor Barbecue Grills, this is by far the best.
    The only problem I have found is getting the bottom tray up and drained
    without spilling water and grease. But not a big deal....Would buy another.
    JW...more info
  • tabletop grill
    It was a good choice of tabletop grills to replace a smaller one I loved. Easy cleanup, and large cooking surface. Not totally "smokeless" but nearly there. Better than the broiler in my oven! Leaner cuts of meat are helpful too. Be sure to put water in drip pan for best results!...more info


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