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This auto ionizer operates in absolute silence to trap smoke, germs, dust and irritating airbrone particulates like diesel fumes and allergens. Helps eliminate odors, mildew and mold. Plugs into any 12 volt cigarette lighter. Powerful 80 ft/minute air pulser cycles on and off automatically. Pivots for optimal positioning. Electrostatically charged metal filter - just pull it out and wipe clean. Please see zoom for item in use. . A restocking fee will be deducted if this item is returned.

Whether from cigarettes, pets, or the dust and mustiness of everyday use, the air in the car can get rather stale. Zelco's AutoIonizer plugs into the cigarette lighter and works silently to remove smoke, germs, dust, allergens, and diesel fumes from the breathable air in the vehicle. In addition it helps eliminate odors, mildew, and mold. It works by flooding the air with negatively charged particles that bond with the positively charged air contaminants, which causes them to precipitate out of the air into the AutoIonizer's metal filter.

It operates so quietly that it often takes looking at the LED indicator light to know for sure that the power is on. The air pulser turns on and off automatically at regular intervals. A pivoting head allows for a range of positions. For best results, regularly wipe down the filter with a damp cloth or paper towel. When the electrostatically charged metal filter requires a more thorough cleaning, be sure to shut the power off before removing it.

To prevent draining the car battery, unplug ionizer each time ignition is turned off. If the LED indicator on the Auto Ionizer is on when the ignition is in the OFF position, the unit is drawing power from the car battery. The AutoIonizer measures 7-1/2 by 2-1/2 by 2 inches. Zelco offers a one-year limited warranty covering defects in materials and labor that occur during normal use. --Garland Withers

  • Automobile ionizer; filters allergens, contaminants, and fumes
  • Ionic air pulser cycles on and off automatically
  • Silent operation for safe, undistracted driving
  • Pivoting head for multidirectional use
  • LED on/off indicator; removable filter wipes clean
Customer Reviews:
  • 2 of 5 Stars for Dust Removal in Car
    I bought this product hoping this would help remove the tons of small flying dust particles in my car. I always had leather seats in my previous cars and for the first time bought a car with cloth seating - but started repenting pretty soon, due to the amount of dust that keeps flying inside my car.

    There are no smoke, pet or other odors in the car, just small dust particles. Usually when I start the car in the morning, I can clearly see the suspended dust particles gleaming in the morning sunlight. To fix the problem I decided to buy this Ionizer.

    However after using the Ionizer for more than two weeks (a) The dust situation hasn't improved at all. (b) I cant see any proof that this unit works. I still see the dust hovering in the morning sunlight and even though the green light keeps blinking ( spraying Ions I believe ), the dust particles simply keep floating around the Ionizer without going inside.

    Probably this unit does a good job of removing odors but as for visible dust - I am not convinced.

    The two stars is for the design and ease of use....more info
  • works wonders
    This item was bought for my husband, and when i quized him about performance he said it was wonderful. It did a great job and was just as good or better than the ionizer he had bought in the past....more info
  • Does the job! Worked on a few road trips this Christmas.
    I'd have to give this product 5 stars! I am very allergic to cats and wouldn't you know we have 2 of them. Well, we drove 7 hours straight this past Christmas with both of them in the car and this seemed to help me out - I didn't sneeze one time!! In the past we've traveled this distance when we only had one cat and I would have a scratchy throat, itchy eyes....all the normal allergic reactions...but not this time! It also is great at removing any odors (food) and the removable slot is great for cleaning....more info
  • Does the job so far
    We bought two of these for our two SUVs (Ford Escape and Toyota Highlander). We plugged those in the cigartte lighter sockets. Fortunately, our cigerette lighters are not powered when the engine is turned off. So, we can leave the units always plugged in. The ionizers blink a green light at your face when they shoot the ions, and that can be quite annoying. So far (about two weeks) both units are working well, and eliminating odor. In my car, I had sprayed some old de-odorizers and that had resulted in a bad stink. After plugging in the ionizer, that smell is gone :-) Now, I do not worry about giving rides to others in my car, and it is a good thing. ...more info
  • Good product for the money
    I purchased two of these for my car and family van. My van can get pretty raunchy inside with four kids tracking mud, eating snacks, leaving their gym bags etc. in the van for days at a time. After plugging in the ionizer, within 30 min. of driving, the stench is gone. I've had these for about 2 months now and they are working great. I searched around the internet and this brand was the only one I could find that has an easy pull out grid that just needs wiped clean. There are no filters to clean or screws to remove, etc. They also are very quiet. It also has a nice feature to swivel it out of your way but it if your cup holders are right under the cigarette plug you will probably have to unplug itif you are going to put a cup in the holder. I can swivel it out of the way and use the cup holder in my van but in the car I have to take it out. I guess it depends how close your plug is to the cup holders. The reason for the four stars instead of five is you have to make sure to remove it from the outlet when you turn off the vehicle or it could drain the battery. However, I did forget and leave it in one night and my battery was fine the next day and the van started right up so I can't really judge how long you would have to leave it plugged in until the battery was completely drained. It would have been nice to have it power off completely when the vehicle is turned off. Overall, it's a nice product for the money and my nose and I don't regret buying it! ; )...more info