COLDMATE Princess International E150 Sur-Dry Cordless Shoe Dryer/Dehumidifier

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  • Keep feet dry and healthy with the all-natural way to dry and deodorize shoes.
  • Place one in each shoe, sneaker or boot to prevent fungus and athletes foot. Non toxic granules dehumidify and absorb moisture. The internal dehumidifying granules are re-useable and do not create any moisture.
  • Absorbs excess moisture in shoe ? great to keep shoes fresh or to dry wet shoes. Doesn?t use heat, which would harden the shoe and create cracking. Deodorizes shoe ? keeps shoes fresh and feet healthy.
  • Status of absorption shown by color variation on the see-thru indicator window. When granules turn from blue to pink it has absorbed all of the moisture. Strong absorbing capacity.
  • Recharges for continuous use ? flip out plug charges unit. Full charge is good for 5 ? 6 times of use. No batteries or electricity required while in operation.