Polder Bathroom Wall Shelf With 2 towel Racks, chrome
Polder Bathroom Wall Shelf With 2 towel Racks, chrome

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Product Description

Keep towels tidy and accessible with this space-saving combination towel rack and storage shelf unit! The two towel bars give you room to hang your handtowels and bathtowel, while the ventilated shelf is handy for storing washcloths, folded towels, facial tissue or other bathroom necessities. Simple style and smooth chrome finish will have this towel rack looking elegant in any bath or dressing room. Chrome plated steel construction. A great look at a great price -- order one today! .

  • Shelf is 10 inches deep
  • one shelf
  • 2 towel racks
  • Chrome

Customer Reviews:

  • Beautiful, functional, chrome.
    You see products like this for over $100.00 on the web, but they're all more or less the same. Strongly anchored to the wall, you have three towel racks that are offset so wet towels don't touch each other and an airy shelf to store folded towels.
    I have had one in the master bathroom for nearly ten years and it still looks new, I recently bought another one for the hall bath and there has been no compromise in quality over the years....more info
  • Polder Bathroom Wall Shelf
    As advertised--easy to install, sturdy and reasonably attractive. We live in a coastal community and the chroming is starting to show a few signs of corrosion so we'll be watching that. Overall, excellent value for the price....more info
  • fantastic
    Item looks exactly like photo, easy to assemble and mount on the wall. As for the two critical reviews... I have *NO* earthly idea how and/or why anyone would have problems putting this thing together as anything but SOLID. How you can screw up something SO easy, I have no clue. I am very happy that I did not let those two poor reviews influence my purchase at all.
    I put this up in TWO bathrooms and am thrilled with it! I am definitely considering a third one in my half bathroom....more info
  • cheesy and cheap
    I have to say I was disappointed by this item. It came as a kit I had to assemble even know the ad was for an assembled item. The holes did NOT line up!!! We had a heck of a time mounting it with the whole thing a little wonky. If it was a $5 item, this would've been fine, but it's a little to expensive for what you get. Sorry but I do not recommend this item....more info
  • Great product, great price
    I bought two of these so that I could use a shelf from one to replace one of the towel bars of the other. That way I made a two-shelf, one towel bar rack (which is what I wanted) and had a 3-towel bar rack to give to my daughter. The installation (using the included anchors) was easy and the rack is extremely sturdy. I'd been looking for a shelf/rack like this for quite awhile and am amazed by the inexpensive price and superior quality. ...more info
  • Quick to assemble
    Arrived very fast after order. Nicely chromed. Easy to put well machined parts together. Only a few minutes. They also give you everything you need to install on the wall.

    Good deal for the money....more info
  • For the price of a mere 25 bucks, this does deserve 5 stars...
    Skippable-intro (doh)
    I have to say that I am sometimes a little stumped why people fail to compare apples to apples. What I mean with that is that folks will rate something 1 stars even though the item delivers COMPLETELY what it promises and is 15 to 20% of the price of the items they compare it to.
    You'll see some of the low ratings on here with complaints about how the item looks... it looks EXACTLY as depicted, and yet it get criticized. Its chrome, like other chrome racks I have seen at BBaB stores yet it now gets listed as 'cheap' chrome.
    And then they claim it is not sturdy because you cannot do pull up on the thing...
    I just don't understand the purpose other than wanting to ding a budget item becuase you really wanted a handcrafted Kohler for the same price. Sorry had to get that off my chest.

    About this item:
    You get it as an assembly whereby the shelves are screwed to the wall mounts. All in all you need to HANDTIGHT crew in 6 screws. Then you use a level the hark it perfectly straight against your wall, and as other have pointed out, you then determine if you need concrete, drywall, wood or whatever fasteners to hang it to the wall.
    Once that is done those 6 screws you put in have no way to come loose and you can start putting towels on there.

    We sometimes have 4 or 5 wet towels hanging from it in the AM: not a problem. We stack 8 to 10 towels (fresh dry ones) on top: no problem! It does not stoop, droop , bend or sag. I.e. this item is a adequate simple-styled towel rack that looks just fine in any bathroom. See the pictures we sent in.

    Also note that there are no welds, soldfer points or what have you so some of the other reviewers have it wrong... did they make that stuff up?!

    I guess the only down side I can figure, but that is compensated for in the price (mare than) is that this is not a single piece, ready to wall mount but you have to assemble.

    As far as the design and chrome job: looks absolutely fine up close and you cannot see the real difference with a standard hotel rack.
    Do not expect a stainless steel futuristic looking Kohler type of rack. Expect to shell out well over 100 for that.

    This is 25 dollars and just fine for my towel needs. Have a look at the pics if you do not believe me. ...more info
  • Can't be exposed to moisture
    Will work as long as you are going to install it to a wall and not in the shower. It will start to rust if exposed to moisture in the shower.
    It is only plated with chrome....more info
  • Good product @ a good price
    The Polder wall shelf with 2-racks has a nice contemporary appearance. It was easy to put together, but it does take a little effort in order to mount it perfectly level (especially if you're alone). I used different wall anchors than the ones provided b/c I had better anchors available. Overall, the shelf/rack works very well, allowing enough room for extra towels if you have guests that need to shower. I am happy with the purchase and the price was very low compared to other similar units....more info
  • Great Product - Easy to Install - Practical
    At first I was not sure if it was going to work in the kids bathroom but it is working just fine so far. Very practical wall shelf for the bathroom. The top rack is a little hard to use if the towels are not folded properly. It looks great in the bathroom and the kids like it....more info
  • Excellent product
    Great product at a great price. Looked everywhere this was the best deal and I love the quality! Would highly recommend....more info
  • Exactly what we needed.
    Easy to install. We had a tight space and it made good use of the space. The shelf adds a lot. The only draw back is that the lower rack is closer to the wall and the upper towel completely hides it. Also, if we use thick towels the back towel will fall when we pull off the front towel. We are considering taking the rack down and making the upper towel rack the one closer to the wall so that that back towel is exposed. and can be grabbed easily....more info
  • Polder chrome wall shelf
    Product is sturdy and comes with all the needed parts (including those needed for hanging in challenging environments) for assembly and hanging. Did have a couple of small pitted spots on the bars. Would have loved to get this product in a polished nickel finish. Would have also liked to purchase additional bathroom accessory items to match, i.e.; toothbrush holder, soap dish, toilet paper holder, and possibly a small (12-18 inch) and or larger towel bar....more info
  • Best towel bar for the money
    I love, love it, love it. It can hold 2 towels to dry while the extras sit neatly on the shelf. This was the best buy, most practical, functional and looks great, too!...more info
  • Perfect bathroom shelf
    Shelf is perfect for my needs. Plenty of room on top shelf to put needed things--wash cloths, baskets for shampoo, conditioner, etc. ...more info


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