25-Pint Portable Dehumidifier - CFM25

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Product Description


  • 200-watt dehumidifier with rotary compressor efficiently removes moisture from the air
  • Adjustable humidistat for setting humidity level to suit individual preferences
  • Front-removable, 6-liter water tank; full-bucket indicator; auto shut-off prevents overflow
  • Quiet mode; automatic defrost function; washable air filter; casters for portability
  • Measures 15 by 21-1/2 by 10-2/7 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Product died, poor customer service
    I liked this dehumidifier fine for the four months that it worked -- then it died, despite me keeping the filter and the unit meticulously clean. Soleus told me to send it back (at my own cost) and they'd replace it. I was a bit disgruntled at this extra cost, so I asked why Soleus couldn't pay the return shipping. The customer service rep said that if I had called within a "reasonable time," Soleus would have paid. I asked her to explain how there could be a reasonable time for a breakdown since presumably a well-made product wouldn't break down at all. From that point on, she ignored my questions, quoted the warrantee at me, and got progressively ruder. All three reps I spoke with were equally rude, and they flat out refused to let me speak with a manager, telling me that their managers don't speak to customers! I'm sending the unit back for a replacement, but I will never purchase anything from Soleus again on the basis of their poor customer service....more info
  • Star-1
    The item is fantastic, takes moisture out of air at fantastic rate, it empties easily and overall works great...more info