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"DAMP-RID" REFILL *42 oz. *Refill for Ace No. 70252 or Ace no. 7033566 *Calcium chlorite *Resealable carton

  • 42 oz.
  • Calcium chlorite
  • Resealable carton
Customer Reviews:
  • not the 48oz. refill but should be the same effect
    I put a canister of DampRid in one of the rooms in my house and slowly, but surely, it collected moisture and some mold & mildrew from the air. After seeing that the DampRid worked, I went out and bought 2 refills & 4 more 10.5 oz Damprid containers to put all around the house. When I refilled the canister with the refill crytals, the DampRid QUICKLY collected pink, brown, and black mildew/mold (different color molds depending on the location of the DampRid)... It worked so well and so quickly that it was frightning (mostly because I could see what I had been breathing in and it was quite gross). **I guess the different shape of the refill crystals (which are more like pebbles/pellets) increases the surface area, making them much more efficient than the flat crystals the DampRid container comes with.

    I live in Florida where it is very humid and I suppose that could contribute to the DampRid working so quickly, but it works and that is all that matters (the product does what it claims to do).

    *Side Note: over time, molds/mildew & icicle-type formations form on the inside of the container. The hard formations are almost impossible to remove and take up much of the space where the liquid collected from the air is supposed to go. So, when you see these formations & have little room for liquid in the canister, it is time to splurge on new DampRid containers.

    I would highly recommend this product to people looking for a simple & cheap way to clean the air in their houses quietly & effectively....more info