Greens Plus - Greens+, 9.4 oz powder
Greens Plus - Greens+, 9.4 oz powder

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Product Description

GREENS Plus is a natural, affordable, organic, whole food supplement containing vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, phytonutrients, enzymes, co-enzymes, cell salts, spirulina, chlorophyll, herbs, unique botanical extracts, super antioxidants to promote a healthy immune system, and soluble and insoluble fibers for effective colon cleansing..

  • Serving Size - 3 teaspoon
  • Does Not Contain: Added, yeasts, sugars, salt, egg, coloring, fats, oils, flavors, irradiation, gluten, preservatives, MSG, corn, or dairy products.

Customer Reviews:

  • This stuff is surprisingly delicious!
    Watch Video Here: I wasn't sure if I would like the taste, as customers seem to have mixed opinions. But after shaking it with low-sugar apple juice, I found that, to my surprise, it was delicious! It actually makes the apple juice taste better. :-) Now it tastes just like apple cider. And of course this stuff is supposed to be great for you. HIGHLY recommended!...more info
  • Great Product
    This product has definitely improved my energy levels and has even leveled out my digestion. I agree with Richard's idea of a super shake even though it was taken from the November 2005 issue of Men's Health(although the soy milk and banana makes it his version). The part about one sip... was taken from the article; give the author credit....more info
  • This stuff is surprisingly delicious!
    Watch Video Here: I wasn't sure if I would like the taste, as customers seem to have mixed opinions. But after shaking it with low-sugar apple juice, I found that, to my surprise, it was delicious! It actually makes the apple juice taste better. :-) Now it tastes just like apple cider. And of course this stuff is supposed to be great for you. HIGHLY recommended!...more info
  • Awesome Greenfoods supplement!....
    Im very impressed by the ingredients and also the decent taste of this supplement mix... as compared to other similar products. Also the Greens Plus Chocolate Energy Bar is super... tastes GREAT and similar ingredients as the drink mix.

    PRICE?? ... TRY (VITACOST)... THEY HAVE THE LOWEST COST IVE FOUND FOR THIS PRODUCT AS WELL AS MOST OTHER ONLINE HEALTH FOOD/VITAMIN PRODUCTS! Dont worry im not affiliated with them... im just trying to be of assistance here to others interested in finding the lowest price. Check them out for yourself... just add the dot com to (vitacost) or do a Google search. Hopefully Amazon will not delete the info i just gave on price. I doubt it will hurt their bottom Amazon is wonderful though!
    ...more info
  • The Best Tasting
    Greens Plus -Greens is the fourth green drink that I've tried and I love the taste and smoothness of this one. I also feel much better when I consume this brand. Its the same feeling I get when I know my body is being balanced with a good alkaline forming food. ...more info
  • Not Overrated
    Most the ingredients in this formula have been proven to provide many health benefits. If you question any of it just do a fast google.

    Anyways, I was kind of sceptic of this stuff at first. I used to get sick at least one-two times a month (usually stomach problems). Ever since I started taking Greens+ daily I haven't been sick for almost a year now. I usually mix this stuff up in shakes. It also doesn't taste that bad taken straight w/ water.

    I can't say THIS product itself helped cure my stomach, but it's my best guess. If you're looking to only take a few supplements, make it Greens+ and a Multi. Highly recommended....more info
  • Never felt better
    I started adding Greens+ to my morning shake and I have never felt better. You will feel the difference in your body with consistant use. More energy, greater memory, happier...the list goes on. I have never tried any other green supplement, and I don't feel the need to look any further everytime I glance over the ingredients on the bottle. I recommend it to everyone....more info
  • Great way to increase your fruits and vegetables
    I have been using this product for about three weeks now in my smoothies. I don't use it often enough to have noticed any substantial change in my health as other people have stated, but it is definitely a quick and easy way to increase my daily intake of "fruits and vegetables." I put it in all of my smoothies, from banana to berry and everything in between, and can't even taste it. It does affect the color of the smoothie, as it is green, but as long as that doesn't bother you (and I don't know why it would) it's a great nutritional addition....more info
  • Greens+ supplement
    This product was exactly as described and was shipped quickly and efficiently and at a reasonable cost....more info
  • good greens
    Good, convenient product for when you have no time to prepare veggies. I don't love the taste that much so I mix it with pomegranate green tea. ...more info
  • Better taste than other greens products
    I am a recent convert to this product. Greens Plus doesn't have that "fresh cut lawn" taste like most other drinks. It's actually a little sweet, which definitely cuts the grassy taste.

    I wouldn't say it tastes great, but what greens powder does? Of all the different ones I've tried, this one tastes the best....more info
  • Excellent supplement!
    Great supplement! I feel better overall since starting to take it, but the taste is something else. Definitely mix it into smoothies or juices. Once the powder is gone, I think I'll try the capsules.

    Amazon has a great price!...more info
  • wow!
    I just finished my first jar/bottle of Greens+, and here's my take: Immediately after taking this stuff, I noticed some changes. The biggest change I noticed is that my skin felt smoother and softer to the touch. I also didn't have snacky food cravings quite as much. Taking this product, you can definitely tell that this powder is very good for you.

    The only negative to Greens+ is the nasty taste (to me, it tastes somewhat along the lines of how a barn smells, minus the poo. All that hay and whatnot). I'm sorry, but the only way to take this stuff is to get it down as quickly as possible. Shake it in about 6 oz of ice cold water, plug your nose, chug, and drink more plain water immediately to wash it all down. Once you un-pinch your nose, you'll notice a slightly "green" taste, but it won't be too bad.

    ...more info
  • Very Good Product
    It has given me energy. I used to get terrible cramping in my stomach at least 2 - 3 mornings a week. I haven't had any now that I'm using this product on a regular basis. It's good for your liver; it's good for your memory. I was very skeptic, too. But I really like it. I'm ordering my 3rd and 4th bottles now!!...more info
  • Greens Plus Powder
    This product arrived as expected in good condition.
    I can't say I enjoy taking greens powder products, but of the many brands I have tried, this one has the least objectionable flavor and mixes well with whatever I put it into, usually a protein shake....more info
  • Greens+ One of the Originals and still the Best
    I've taken Greens+ on and off for nearly ten years now, and it is my favorite supplement by far. First of all, it's food rather than added vitamins. I actually like the way it tastes, especially in apple juice or orange juice. I find that it does give an energy boost. I take more in the winter, and although I can't prove it, I'm fairly certain that it boosts my immune system and is a good flu/cold preventer. I recommend Greens+ for days when you are eating too few fruits and vegetables. Alternatively, it's an outstanding energy supplement if you are eating well, and choose to fast or eat lightly for a day. The downside, is the price; but the price on Amazon is outstanding. ...more info
  • greens supplements
    Here at Amazon is the only place I have found a decent price. Everywhere else this simply costs too much for what you get. It has a solid base of greens and then a lot of foo-foo that has little or no evidence of having value for your body.

    All greens supplements taste weird; you need to start off mixing it with other things in your shakes to alleviate the large green taste.

    I prefer "Green Kamut", to Greens+. It contains only barley and alfalfa, but I feel just as good or better using it than Greens+ and it is cheaper. Amazon sells "Green Kamut" as well....more info
  • Not that bad
    I used to try to choke it down in water by itself. Now I've been mixing it in water still, but add a sweetener to it (stevia or splenda) and about a tsp or so of cinnamon. It's SO much better! I actually kind of enjoy it now....more info
  • OK
    The product came in a timely manner and was exactly what claimed to be, however, I was very disappointed that there was no scoop to measure the daily intake. All other kinds that I've ordered hsd a measuring scoop that goes in the bottle so I was bummed that this one did not. ...more info
  • Horrible Taste
    I wouldn't know if this product would really work or not. I tried it for about 4 days and just couldn't take it anymore. The taste of Greens Plus is horrible. Also, it felt like I was drinking grass. I suggest trying the pill form for anybody thinking of trying Greens Plus....more info


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