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With Library Quiet operation, Sharp air conditioners provide comfort without the added noise often associated with room air conditioners. Sharp delivers cool and quiet comfort. Convenience is a standard with Sharps user-friendly Comfort Touch controls.

Customer Reviews:
  • Quiet comfort, great value
    First off, the specific model I own is actually the AF-S125EX, but I understand they are really the same, except the 125 is apparently sold only at Costco.
    This is a thoroughly modern 12,200 BTU window unit with an EER of 10.8, which is excellent. It has electronic controls including an infrared remote. Just punch in the temperature and fan speed that you want. A timer lets you start or stop it after a period of up to 12 hours from the initial setting time. The front panel has a sleek pleasing appearance with louvers to direct air upwards and to either side. Blowing air downwards is not an option, but that is typical.
    Sharp has registered the term "Library Quiet" for their A/C products, which may sound like hype, but especially compared with my previous unit of the same BTU rating, this thing is QUIET. At first, I thought only the fan was running, but I quickly realized it was actually pumping out cold air.
    I haven't had it long enough to comment on reliability, and we haven't had any really hot days yet, but so far my feeling is that I couldn't have gotten a better air conditioner for the price paid. Finally, this unit only weighs 73 pounds, which make it relatively easy to install and uninstall every year. Other A/Cs with this capacity tend to weigh about 15-20 pounds more.
    Bring on the heat; I'm ready!

    Oct '05 update: Two summers of use now (original review date was May 2004) and completely satisfied....more info