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As Seen in the NY Times: The Slimmy is an ultra slim wallet alternative specifically designed to enable people on-the-go to keep their wallet in a front pocket, offering better security and faster access. Both simple and sleek, the Slimmy is an excellent choice for any occasion, eliminating the bulk and bulge of traditional wallets. It is made from the highest quality full grain leather for a soft feel and maximum durability. Slimmy has three, side-by-side compartments stitched along one side and the bottom. The unstitched side of the Slimmy eliminates the need for folds and provides the easiest way to store and access items. This patented design conforms firmly to the contour of your currency, credit cards, driver's license, business cards and receipts for maximum slimness, conforming more tightly with use. Slimmy is a break from tradition and preferred by G.A.I. (Geniuses, Artists, and Innovators). STYLE WARNING: This wallet is not a magic trick. If you have a George Castanza-like wallet, with over 10 credit cards, pictures of distant relatives, and 5 years of financial records, you WILL NOT be able to magically conceal the same contents in the Slimmy. The Slimmy experience is about security, comfort and minimalism. Carry only what you need so that you are less exposed to theft, less encumbered, and look better. American Express has warned travelers, particularly men, to carry fewer credit cards and receipts in their wallets to guard against identity theft. Carrying your wallet in the front pocket further reduces your risk of any theft. The American Chiropractic Association warns against keeping a wallet in your back pocket because it can cause Sciatica. A Slimmy can help, but you have to want to change. If you are over 30 years old, have a hard time trying new things, or are resistant to change, this may be too hard for you and we ask that you consider sticking to your current plan. Slimmy: 3.875" (L) x 2.875" (W) x 0.312" (H)

  • The Slimmest Wallet on Earth
  • STYLE: Simple, clean, unique look for any occasion. Not a traditional wallet.
  • PERFORMANCE: Highest quality stitching and full grain leather.
  • UTILITY: Slim enough for the front pocket for security, convenience, and to fight sciatica.
  • UTILITY: Open, three-pocket design for easy access.

Customer Reviews:

  • Disapointed
    I'm quite disappointed with the design of this product. When multiple credit cards are placed in the same pocket, they tend to chafe against one another, with the result that the magnetic stripes on the cards can become worn and damaged. I do not regard it as a replacement for a regular wallet--but it's fine if you just want to carry a couple of cards and some cash....more info
  • It isn't magic, but it is no bulkier than a money clip
    It does exactly what it says it does, it gives you a wallet that feels like it has practically no mass and keeps your credit cards and cash tightly bound so they are easy to manage and comfortable to have in a front pocket. In jeans you will feel it is there, especially if you have a lot of bills in it. It can hold quite a lot though the whole idea is not to put that much into it so it remains comfortable.

    I thought stuff would be spilling out. I have had it for several months that just doesn't happen. It isn't amazing or anything.. it is just a wallet, but it does it's job very nicely....more info
  • Great Front Wallet
    I did not use a wallet because It felt uncomfortable to use in my rear pocket; therefore, I had my money very unorganized and my bills used to wrinkle.

    I found slimmy wallet and I'm pleased with it, I don't even feel it in my front pocket and it has the necessary to keep Credit Cards, some personal cards and money...more info
  • Give up the George Costanza Wallet!
    My old wallet was a joke. If you remember that Seinfeld episode where George sticks a little piece of paper for guitar lessons in his overstuffed wallet and it explodes. That was my wallet before this. 90% of the crap I had in there I did not use. I switched to this wallet and my back already feels better.

    Give it a try I think you'll like it....more info
  • Too slimmy for me
    This is a well made wallet but is far too small for me. It holds very little and everything was so tight that things tended to fall out when other things were removed. It may be great for some people but make sure that your realize how little it holds before you decide to order one. Reader SMO is correct that this wallet came in second to the "All-ET" in a New York Times review by someone who otherwise is one of my favorite writers. (I bought and threw away my "All-ET" before I decided to try the Slimmy.) It is true that the "ALL-ET" is the slimmest of them all. But I also found it to be slightly less than useless. The material is extremely smooth so that credit cards kept on falling out. It was also poorly made (or maybe it's the materials), so that the stitching became frayed. I'm sorry but a pox on both their houses. I'll go for a traditional wallet from here on. ...more info
  • Not bad, but if you want a really thin wallet...
    This is not a bad leather wallet, but if you read the New York Times review, you'll see they actually preferred another wallet -- the "ALL-ETT Billfold" -- over the Slimmy. The "all-ett" is made of a much thinner material and places your cards side-by-side so it can hold a lot more than a Slimmy. It's cheaper too!...more info
  • Innovative Design, Great Service
    I was skeptical at first, thinking I'd use the Slimmy for special occaisions only, but I love this thing and use it everyday. I still have that 'brick' for the stuff I rarely use, but the Slimmy has helped me reduce back strain and stay organized, not allowing me to build up a bag log of receipts and biz cards. It takes a week of use for the leather to conform to your stuff. Once that happens things don't fall out any more than they do with a billfold. People comment on it when I pull it out. Very sharp.
    The transaction was flawless. ...more info
  • Great product!
    Was exactly what I was looking for. I purchased it a year ago and have been pleased ever since. If you stuff it with cards and bills the leather will conform but you may want to wrap it with a black rubber band (trust me, it looks fine) for a little extra hold to keep everything in place and also to add extra friction against your pocket just in case. Overall, I couldn't be happier....more info
  • Warning - Discipline Needed
    I've had the Slimmy for over two years already and I haven't regretted buying this one. The three compartments allow three cards easily, but I use one compartment for bills. The caveat here is stacking more cards (and receipts) in the folds defeats the purpose of the "Slimmy."

    Since I put this in my front pocket, allowing it to pad makes sitting uncomfortable. When you see creases along the exterior stitches of the wallet, it is time to weed out seldom-used cards, and file or discard receipts and other what-nots. Mine came to a point of having five cards per fold; it can still hold decently but already looks like a digital camera in my pocket.

    By the way, the leather is so soft that after emptying half of the contents and going back to my normal three-cards-per-fold, the creases disappear. A great buy!...more info
  • Great Wallet
    I love this wallet. Perfect size; it really is the slimmest I've ever seen. Things go in and out effortlessly.

    Still, I highly suggest you go to Koyono's website to see exactly what you are getting. I did, and I am happy with my purchase.

    Highly recommended....more info

  • too simple
    Too simple, not enough pockets and it could have been designed better. Its probably not for me, my money slips out. If you have a few stuff in your wallet then this will not work, if you don't have money, cards or IDs then this wallet is for you....more info
  • Beware not a good product at all
    The person who said "you may want to wrap it with a black rubber band" was right on with the fact that it won't hold anything without it (why give it 5 stars - why not just use a rubber band to store all your items instead??). This doesn't have card slots like a wallet. They call it a wallet alternative. It's hard to explain, but this is just a few pieces of leather put together so that there are 3 slots that are closed on 2 sides and open on two sides. Rather than a typical wallet that folds and has items slipped through top. I find it to be non-functional altogether. I myself ignored the one bad review here and went with the other positive reviews, beware of those reviews!!...more info
  • Excellent choice for a wallet
    This is a very simple wallet, but it is just right. I have had my wallet for about two months now and not had a single problem with anything falling out( in contrast to the other reviews). It is exactly what someone looking for a small wallet needs. You will not be disappointed....more info
  • Better than half a wallet!
    Dad bought me a crocodile-skin wallet for my birthday, and I loved it! But as soon as I saw this on amazon, I knew I had to have it.

    The price seemed a bit hefty for half a wallet, so instead of buying it, I cut my wallet in half. I realize that I should have just bought this in the first place.

    Don't cut your wallets in half. It's not smart.

    Great product, only 4 stars because my dad beat me when he found out what I did....more info
  • y husband loves this wallet
    My husband has had his Slimmy for a few months now, he is actually thinking of upgrading to the even slimmer slimmy. It has been a godsend for him to have the slimmy. He has reduced his George Costanza (?), George from Seinfeld, size wallet to a hip minimalist mind set. He had originally switched to a money clip, but found that it was not functional enough to store receipts, money, numerously assorted plastic cards and business cards. The Slimmy allows him to not only carry all of these things, it also helps him to organize them, while also reminding him to take out clutter that tends to store/build-up in conventional wallets.

    At first, he was a little leary about the wallet and used a rubber band to hold things in place. When he actually took the time to read the website, he realized that he was putting the wallet in my pocket the wrong way. Since then, the rubber band is gone and he am now taking full advantage of its design.
    ...more info
  • Good solution if a bi-fold is too fat and a money clip is ruining your cards
    I needed a solution to my increasingly fat wallet (not in a good way, sadly), but money clips were either too rigid or they left my cards and ID scarred from sliding them in and out.

    The slimmy was recommended by a friend who has used one for quite a while, and I can see why.

    Be warned: this is not for those of you who need to carry 15 credit cards or photos of your family. I keep my ID, my bank card, a few plain paper store discount cards, and some cash in mine and it's the perfect fit.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic product
    I've had my Slimmy (std. size) about two years and it is the best wallet I've ever had. (Previous wallets were always Coach single-folds with 6-8 card slots, all full.)

    My Slimmy has only minor wear after daily use, usually in the front pocket of jeans or shorts. The wallet also fits perfectly in the front pocket of my dress shirts.

    Usual contents: 10-20 bills folded in half, the day's credit card receipts; two credit cards; driver's license, health insurance card, dental card, auto insurance card. Credit cards stay secure in the middle slot, bills in front, the rest in the back slot. That's it, and I've never wanted for more than that when out and about. I keep the rest of my cards at home in a thick card wallet I got from Levenger.

    I've considered the Slim-Slimmy but don't think that I would like folding my bills twice; otherwise it looks even better.

    Product feel, finish are excellent. Something I really like is that it does not have a plastic window (these to me look cheesy, discolor and don't hold up). It also doesn't have a money clip, something else I'm not fond of but that all the other mini wallets seem to have.

    I've never lost the Slimmy nor any of its contents. When driving it nestles neatly in a slot in the console of my car. When traveling it slips into the front zippered pocket of my Tumi computer bag very neatly. On the rare occasion when I wear a suit, keeping my wallet in my shirt pocket is a much more comfortable and attractive option made possible by the Slimmy's size.

    On rare trips out of the country I use one of the old Coach wallets to keep extra cards, currency and traveler's checks. I leave it at the hotel while I'm walking around with the Slimmy. Someone else on here mentioned a foreign currency size would be nice; I agree.

    The reason for the lengthy review? Even though I don't need another one, I came on here to buy another Slimmy just because I like it so much. Instead of spending the money I decided to just write about it instead....more info
  • terrible product, terrible customer service
    I found this while looking for a slim wallet for my husband, but it was certainly nothing like they described. The reviewers who said it could NOT really be called a wallet are right. It is a piece of leather (I think) folded with two or three small slots for items, money etc. Certainly not worth $29. I wanted to return, and had to send 3 emails, to get info. Then returned it and it took almost 6 wks. to get credit, and company implied they only did credit it then because I complained (rather loudly), said they weren't yet sure I had actually returned it etc.
    Since I posted this review, I, too, received an email offer from the Pres. of the Co. of $20 to remove my negative review. He also called my house, to try to "reason" with me. NO DICE. My review stays....more info
  • Indispensable, since it's obviously a wallet
    The "slimmy" is exactly the wallet replacement I was looking for. I've had this wallet for six months.

    I have a tendency to keep my wallet in my backpack / gym bag, so I pretty much have this bundled with my cell phone and keys all the time. This wallet is good for forcing you to minimize/optimize what you really need to bring with you for daily use.

    There are a couple of points I'd like to mention:
    - When you 'break-in' the wallet by stuffing it with all your cards/receipts/cash, there is a tendency for one compartment (there are three) to be shortened by a good one-half inch. That means that you may have to put longer business cards and receipts on one side to make everything fit.

    -When making purchases or having an ID ready, it's really useful to turn one card 90 degrees out of it such that it protrudes out of one side (this is good when you want to pick out the right credit card/ id from inside your front pocket)

    -I have not had any problems with cards falling out, which is not to say it's impossible, but if you keep the wallet in your front pocket or secured in a bag it is fine.

    This is a great wallet, especially if you're into utility or less-is-more thinking.

    ...more info
  • Simple but hard
    It is a slim wallet which is just basically four pieces of leather sewed together on two sides. Having to place more than one card in a section makes it difficult to get the right card out. Having to fold paper money makes it difficult to determine denomination without pulling out all the bills. If you wont small try the eagle Creek small wallet. It is made out of durable nylon instead of animal skin....more info
  • Horrible !
    Horrible! It arrived almost 2 months after I placed the order. The wallet isn't such. Everything falls down. Terrible quiallity, it isn't anithing near what a wallet is!!!I'm very angry because I bought this item for my husband is very dissapointed....more info
  • 3 Years and still going strong
    I've owned this wallet for almost 3 years now. I have it with me almost always. I don't think I'm particularly rough, however I wore out a phone that I kept in my other front pocket in about a year. This wallet has held up very well, it's got some minor wear and tear, but the functionality is undiminished and I wouldn't be surprised if this lasted me several more years. And in that time I've had no issues with items falling out of the wallet.

    Also, I keep my credit card and atm card next to each other and I've had no issues with the magnetic strips not working.

    Just because most negative reviewers seem to miss this, it is not a typical wallet. It doesn't fold open, and it doesn't hold a lot. Don't get me wrong, it holds plenty, you just might need a change of mindset. I currently use one side for $20s, the other side for small bills, and the middle slot for cards (I don't use business cards). I'm an avid minimalist, (I only have two keys on my keyring, and no keychains) so I only have 3 cards, my drivers license, a credit card, and an atm card. You may be thinking, "but I carry more cards than that". My advice would be, carry less cards. I keep my work ID at my desk at work. I keep my grocery store cards in my car, because how often do I go grocery shopping without my car? (if you have more than one car, those cards are free, get one for each car). If you have a card you just use to get gas, consider leaving it in your glovebox (depending on how safe an area you live in). If you have a rewards card for a restaurant you only eat lunch at, consider leaving that card at your desk until lunch.

    If you really need a lot of cards with you at all times, this isn't the wallet for you. I'd say about 6-7 cards would be the most it could handle. (In case you're curious, for bills I'd say 15-20 on a side is about the maximum.)...more info
  • Great Wallet
    This is a great wallet, I'm very pleased with its sturdy construction and slim size. It holds all my credit cards, id cards, and money with room to spare. I highly reccomend it to anyone who is sick of their bulky wallet, or anyone who wants some protection from being pick pocketed, especially those who travel often or live in a city....more info
  • Greatest Wallet Alternative Ever
    I love the Slimmy. I have been carrying my Slimmy since December 2003. I love it. It carries what I need in the most compact manner.

    I often do not carry a wallet in my back pocket but in jacket pockets, shirt pockets, the front pocket of my pants, or in the outer pocket of my briefcase. The Slimmy fits in all of these places perfectly. The Slimmy is not a full wallet. You cannot carrying tons of extra things in it. In my Slimmy, I carry what I need daily - usually $100, my office access card, my driver's license, my debit card, a credit card, my car insurance card, my health insurance card and four business cards. There's room left for charge card receipts.

    The Slimmy is certainly better than a money clip and it is a wallet alternative. It is perfect for airports where you have to constantly get out and stow your driver's license.

    If you are tired of lugging around tons of crap in your back pocket check out the Slimmy. After close to two years of daily use mine is in perfect condition and I'll never have another full wallet again. ...more info
  • Slim and usable!
    I purchased the Slimmy because I need to carry 6 credit cards and my driver's license in my front pocket (I keep my cash in a separate money clip). The Slimmy was advertised as being able to hold up to 10 cards, and its dimensions were 20% smaller than equivalent "front pocket" wallets.

    I love it! The cards don't fall out on their own, but are easy to retrieve when I need them. I can keep a few business cards in there as well as the other items listed above without even noticing that it is in my pocket. While I've only been using it for a couple of months, it seems well constructed.

    If you are looking for a true, front-pocket wallet -- and don't need to store papers, pictures, extra keys, etc. in there -- then the Slimmy is for you....more info
  • Great Front Pocket Wallet
    This is a perfect front pocket wallet. I typically keep about ten bills and about eight credit cards, IDs, business cards, etc. It works great and helps to keep me organized. I have never had anything fall out, and I barely notice that it is in my front pocket.

    I agree with the reviewer who suggests looking at the Koyono web site for a better view and explanation of how it works. ...more info
  • Keeps your pocket slim and teaches some great lessons
    I want to give you an idea of the textures and construction of the wallet. To do so, I have to explain to you that the Slimmy is constructed from two pieces of material. One of the pieces of material is a thin sheet of leather. On top of this is laid a thin piece of textured fabric, like nylon, and when you scrape your fingernail across it, it makes a zipping sound. They appear to be glued together and the leather, which is slightly larger than the liner, is folded over and sewed along its edges. Now that the fabrics are stuck together, they are folded so that the liner is on the inside, and then folded again perpendicular to the first fold. The wallet is then sewed along the edge where the two leather creases are next to each other. This means that there are 4 flaps. The first has leather/liner, then liner/leather, then leather/liner then liner/leather. This creates three pockets, two of which have liner on both sides and one of which has leather on both sides. In the leather pocket, they recommend placing your credit cards and in the liner pockets they recommend placing receipts and cash.

    The leather "sticks" more to plastic items, whereas the liner is more appropriate to holding in the paper items.

    I bought this specifically because I wanted a wallet alternative. I wanted something that would both be slim, and yet be cleverly functional. The fact that it has three pockets is really great. Separating out your cash, cards, and receipts is perfect. Even "normal" wallets provide almost no acceptable way of storing receipts. Using the Slimmy will also teach you to limit the number of cards you carry. I carry four: a debit card, a credit card, health insurance card, and driver's license.

    I also looked a lot at the All-Ett. The main difference here is that the All-Ett gains its slimness from the fact that you have two rows of cards. This means that instead of your wallet being fat, it's twice as high. It also introduces an extra step in removing cards, since it's folded over. I sort of view that as cheating. It's like saying that your cell phone is thinner, even though it's twice as wide and harder to open.

    It really all boils down to a few things. Slimmy puts a limit on how many cards I can carry, which is a good thing if you're looking for a thin wallet, right? 20 cards in the All-Ett will still make it thicker than 5 cards in the Slimmy. Slimmy also provides a sensible way of dealing with the cash/card/receipt problem, providing the perfect number of slots, and providing the perfect texture for each. Slimmy makes it easy for me to obtain items from it; since each item is exposed, there's no need for me to unfold anything....more info
  • Exactly what I expected
    If you are looking for a slim wallet to carry your essentials, look no further. I just received mine and it is indeed a design and quality.

    The USPS took around 9 business days to ship here to Montreal Canada so although it wasn't the fastest shipping, it did arrive within the estimated arrival date. I would of liked it if there was a receipt of my purchase with the package but I guess it isn't a big deal as you could simply print the automated email that is sent to you.

    When I opened the package I thought to myself "Wow, that's it? pretty slim." but as I added stuff into the wallet like a few bills and 4 cards, I understood why this is a unique product. The concept is dead-simple but it works. Everything is easily accessed and tight so nothing falls off. As the leather will shape into the cards, the leather might loosen up so I guess at that point you'd have to add a bit more like another card to tighten it but that's it.

    This was one of the first wallets I noticed online. I shopped around, looked at the many wallets that Amazon and other online stores offered and I still came back to the Slimmy and gave it a try. I say that this one is a keeper....more info
  • Not thin enough, didn't credit my Visa back
    This is better than a normal wallet but it's still too thick. I normally carry my cards around loose (4 cards + some cash). The wallet by itself is about 2x thicker than my stack of cards and when I insert everything it's like 4-5x thicker. Pretty thick. I also like the idea of wearing it in my front pocket but I can feel it pressing on my thigh and the profile really sticks out.

    I wouldn't have even bothered posting a review in the first place if they credited my Visa back. I returned it over 6 weeks ago and it sounds like other people have had the same problem. No response to my email so I just disputed the charge with Visa....more info
  • Excellent replacement for a fat wallet!
    I used to carry around a tall, fat wallet in my front pocket. I thought I needed everything I had in there, but at the same time hated the bulky thing in my pocket so much that I started to carry it and my cell phone in a fanny pack. I'd looked at the various slim wallets, by this vendor and others, and finally decided to give this model a try.

    I'm *very* happy with the result! The biggest benefit is the simple exercise of paring down to the bare minimum and putting only those basics into the Slimmy. I can now walk around with my wallet, keys, and cell phone in my pockets and it almost looks like my pockets are empty!

    The contents of my old, fat wallet (that I couldn't just get rid of) now sit in my seldom-used fanny pack, which is in the trunk of my car. In the month or so that I've been using the Slimmy, I've only needed to access my "reserves" once or twice!...more info
  • Best balance between slim and style
    The slimmy is a gorgeous, inexpensive, practical wallet. The leather is soft, thick, and of good quality, and the liner is solid. After a little breaking-in, cards, licenses, etc. stick fast, and everything's convenient to get at with the three-pocket design. Overall, the look is stylish enough to take out to a club, classy enough to take to a business meeting, and practical enough to use every day.

    Of course, to appreciate the Slimmy, you really need to find the whole "slim wallet" concept compelling. My father wanted a new wallet and I didn't get him this one, because I know he likes to carry around 10 credit cards, every ID he's ever been issued, and enough cash to take a cab to New York and back. The Slimmy's not for him. I carry enough cash for a day, my business cards, my ID, my health insurance card, a credit card, and my ATM card, and I have space to spare. The slim wallet is perfect for me, and the Slimmy is the most stylish slim wallet....more info
    I've been a front pocket wallet guy for quite some time. I've never found one that I really felt comfortable with. I've even tried the money clip in the front pocket and small wallet in the back pocket combination. I've tried a myriad of small wallets, card cases, money clips, money clip wallets and anything else advertised as a "front pocket" wallet.

    And then along came the "slimmy" from Koyono, so I gave it a try. I've been let down before...and it was only another $30 towards my quest of finding the perfect "front pocket wallet". If I didn't like it...I'd return it, or add it to the graveyard of wallets in my dresser.

    Well I've had this wallet for about 3 weeks now and it is, by far, THE BEST front pocket wallet I've ever tried. Very small, plenty of room for what you need, easy access to contents and well constructed.

    It is truly designed for those looking to keep a slim profile while carrying the essentials...and even has a little room to spare. Like the ad clearly states...if you need a bigger wallet, or carry a ton of stuff then this wallet isn't for you. Go get yourself a man purse...

    ...more info


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