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Castile Soap contains 32 fl oz of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap, which is in an 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure Castile Soap.

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  • Does Not Contain: Detergents, foaming agents

Customer Reviews:

  • Fantastic Soap!
    I think this is one of the best soaps I have ever used, the peppermint smell is fantastic. I will say that it is not to be used as a shampoo because it can strip your hair. It also lasts a VERY long time so that adds to the value of this being ecofriendly! I am forever a fan!...more info
  • good stuff!
    Dr. Bronners is an excellent castile soap at a great value, especially considering the natural ingredients that go into it. It can be diluted and used in a foam pump. The foam soap pumps from bottles and foamers dot com are dirt cheap and they work. I've used this soap to wash produce and as a body wash. It works well but has a stronger mint smell and sensation than another store brand that I've tried. Because of this you might want to dilute and avoid using it as a body wash on sensitive areas. Other than that I'm very satisfied. It makes you feel fresh and clean but not at all dried out....more info
  • great as handsoap... with the right dispenser
    i love this soap because it is organic and does not contain triclosan. it is also a great value. but i found it to be too runny to use as handsoap when diluted and too rich when not diluted, especially if put into a regular pump dispenser. just recently, i discovered that it works great when diluted (1 part soap, 2 parts water) and put into a foaming soap dispenser. it can clog up the dispenser from time to time, but just at the spout so it is easy to clean. for those of you with kids in diapers, i also use this soap (lavender scent) with baby oil on flannel baby wipes. great scent, no rash, and easy clean-up....more info
  • Excellent body wash; great price
    This soap is wonderful...no chemicals and no parabens...which you find in many other "health-natural" brands. Peppermint is very invigorating...it's my favorite....more info
  • Tingly fresh, super clean, great suds, easy on sensitive skin--a terrific product
    I can't tell you how wonderful this liquid soap is (and the bar soap is not shabby, either, but definitely get the liquid). Dr. Bronner's is one of the few soaps/gels with scent that doesn't irritate my super-sensitive skin. Most gels and soaps make me itch or get dermatitis. Not this one.

    The minty smell is a joy. Makes you feel so clean. And it lathers like nobody's business. A little goes a loooooooooooong way. Many gels claim the same, but it's a fib. This one really lathers like crazy. (I find that I can make it last longer by diluting the contents with water for showering purposes. Still great cleansing and smell.)

    For hot days, nothing is more refreshing than a cool shower with minty Dr. Bronner's.

    The packaging is basic (good, I want what's inside to work well and the price to be low). The label is actually quite weird. (Other reviewers have commented on the "trippy" or "hippy" text. They ain't exaggerating.) You'll get a kick out of trying to figure out the odd--but nice!--writing on the label.

    I really recommend this product. Great smell, affordable, and effective. ...more info
  • Dr. Bronner Castile Soap - Cool and Clean
    Dr. Bronner Castile soap was recommended by a friend. It is very refreshing, and the aroma is pleasant and long lasting. I also bought the eucalyptus soap; however, the peppermint is the better of the two....more info
  • It will wake you up!
    Years ago, in a college life, I began each day using this peppermint soap. Back then it came from a health food/co-op. Had never expected to find it on Amazon - what a treat to find lots of other Dr. Bronner products listed, too. This soap will wake you up and just may help you start your day feeling happy. It will wake you up before your first cup of coffee! The peppermint scent also appeals to my 9 year old son who usually hates to take a shower. ...more info
  • Best Liquid Soap
    I buy Dr. Bonners because it is the best! I have very dry skin, live in Florida and have very hard water all these contribute to the dry skin. This product is great, besides waking you up in the morning it also helps keep my skin soft and less dried out than regular shower soaps. Once you try it you will be hooked too....more info
  • Yes, it makes you tingle!
    Good stuff, but I ordered more than I need. It lasts forever!!!! But I'm glad I bought it!...more info
  • great soap!
    I bought this castile soap to use in natural cleaning recipes (for disinfectant, window cleaner, etc.) It's a good quality soap, and the awesome peppermint scent adds a nice touch - especially for disinfecting things like the interiors of lunch boxes and reusable shopping totes (the waterproof ones, not the cloth kind). Overall a great soap, and a must-have for natural cleaning!...more info
  • Tingly!
    This soap leaves you feeling clean and refreshed like no other! I bought this after using some at a friend's house in his outdoor shower. I have never felt so clean!!!...more info
  • Good for all your cleaning needs
    Two or three squirts does a whole load of laundry, a few squirts in a bucket will clean most surfaces, a squirt diluted with four ounces of water makes the best shampoo. Let see, it is also great for doing the dishes, washing the dog, washing the car, and just about any other cleaning job you can imagine. No other cleaning product can beat the fresh scent. They use fair trade and organic material to make this great soap. What could be better?...more info
  • Fills the Room with Fragrance
    I discovered this castile soap about 20 years ago at a local restaurant when I washed my hands in the ladies' room. I was struck by the clean, peppermint fragrance and asked what kind of soap they used and they told me "Dr. Bonner's Peppermint Soap". I looked for it at my local health food store and have been hooked ever since. Every time we have company at our home, visitors comment on the hand soap in the bathroom. It is gentle yet lathers well and leaves your skin feeling clean, but not dry. This product will make you feel like you're being extravagant, but is affordable enough to use every day!...more info
  • The Best Body Wash EVER!!!!
    I'm a nutter for natural products and not your typical so-called natural products that sell in stores. They have natural and organic on the label but then they are loaded with petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrance, parabens, PEGs and dyes. When I ran out of my usual bodywash and could not find it anywhere, a friend recommended the Dr. Bronner's line. I decided to try the Peppermint and OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! I am HOOKED!!!!! I love how my body tingles when showering with this soap. I love how it continues to tingle when I come out of the shower. I love that my skin is never dry. I love that there is no residue. I love that just a little goes a long way. I love how it picks me up when I am feeling down. I've even brushed my teeth with it (you can, read up on the Dr. Bronner's soaps and you will see a myriad of things you can use them for) and they felt soooooo clean!!!!


    I've seen the Rose available in liquid in the UK, I'd love to find it in the US. I totally ...more info
  • love it!
    i love this soap. it isn't at all harsh, and a few drops works into a really good lather. i also use it for my hair sometimes to clarify my scalp, but be careful of getting it in your eyes if u do this. definitely no fun. it leaves u smelling and feeling nice and clean :)...more info
  • It replaces lots of personal care products!
    Dr. Bronner's liquid soap is great as soap, but it also works great as other things. It can be used as shampoo, as body wash, as shaving gel, and even for intimate washing because it's so gentle. However, the peppermint can be slightly irritating and stings for those last two, so it's better to use another, milder scent like lavender. The best discovery I've made is the shave gel--just lather it up on the area to be shaved and even though it doesn't foam as much as other products because it has no SLS, it is non-drying and doesn't strip the skin completely of it's natural oil. For me it even doesn't cause irritation bumps after shaving anywhere (which regular shave gel does).

    Another hint, if you use it as a shampoo and notice that your hair has a slightly waxy feel to it, use an apple cider vinegar rinse (just mix the vinegar and water in a bottle). Rinse it out a couple times after with plain water and it won't leave a vinegar smell on your hair. In fact, this soap leaves a pleasant soap smell on you all day long. Quite a few people have told me that I smell nice...like soap (which I thought was a weird comment because I shower every day but didn't get that comment until the switch to Dr. Bronner's)....more info
  • bravo
    I love this soap, it is the only soap I have used for at least 12 years. This is the best price I have ever seen for this size.

    BRAVO...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I would recommend this particular product to anyone looks for Dr. Bonner soap. You get 64 oz for the price of the 32 oz from other sellers. The shipment was fast and arrived before expected! If you want a good deal on this soap, this is definately the deal to get!...more info
  • Best soap ever!
    Best soap ever. Not much more need be said. It cleans great, is all organic, is all natural, and a little goes a LONG way. Best soap ever....more info
  • quality stuff, Dr. Bronner knew his soap
    i just started using this and it's a great multipurpose soap. dilute it to suit your needs. Even though its very thin it lathers up quickly so its managable. Also a gallon of this stuff will go a long way so quite frugal as well. ...more info
  • Very watery - use it for body wash
    I use the liquid Dr. Bronner soaps as body wash. I have very sensitive skin that is prone to allergic breakouts, and hives.

    Dr. Bronner soaps are pretty mild and smell heavenly in the bathroom once used. If your guests have sensitive hands, and don't like using regular soap to wash their hands with, have them use this!

    I would not suggest the use of this product with small children. It will burn the eyes if it gets in your eyes.

    If you are a peppermint fanatic like I am - you will adore this. Use this soap in the morning to give you that "pick me up". This has the same affect on me as it does coffee some days! ...more info
  • This stuff hurts!
    I hope you like pain - because that is exactly what you will experience when you use this product. First, your eyes will burn like hell then, your privates will get a sensation that is not necessary good. I would return this, but the shipping costs make it not worth it....more info
  • Very good product
    I have used Dr. Bronner's castile soap in the for years and will continue to use it....more info
  • Dr. Bronner - Org Castile Soap Peppermint, 64 fl oz...
    My absolute favorite of Dr. HeilBronners natural soap products!...more info
  • Dr. Bronner - Castile Soap Peppermint, 32 fl oz
    this is an all natural soap product, and I am very happy with it. User bewared if the smell of mint is not prefered, choose another scent....more info
  • Best Soap Ever
    I've been using Dr. Bronner's since the late 60's. I guess that verges on forever. It is without a doubt the best soap ever made. It smells wonderful and a little goes a long way. A consistently excellent product. The lavender and eucalyptus, though, make me sneeze. I stick to Almond and Peppermint.

    I find that if I scrub with it after I've been exposed to poison ivy I manage to avoid an outbreak.

    Plus, as noted, it comes with the best label ever written. And written. And written.

    ...more info
  • The most versatile soaps in the world!
    Br. Bronner's peppermint soap is wonderful for so many things but one thing that I love about this soap is that it gets rid of ants, too. I had no idea that it could be used for this until a friend told me. It got rid of ants around the foundation of my house outside. WOW!

    I use Dr. Bronner's to clean the bathroom as well as a shower soap. I use it in the kitchen for cleaning the floors and counter tops. After running out of automatic dish-washing detergent, I tried it for that, and it worked like a charm!

    It's very lovely this time of the year as it has a scent of "Christmas", but I use it all year 'round. It rinses clean, it leaves no residue, and with the peppermint it really is very refreshing and tingly. One only needs to use a little bit. It doesn't lather like commercial soaps, but it cleans (I believe) better. Dr. Bronner's soap brought up more dirt on the kitchen floor than Pine-sol, testing them over a month.

    Dr. Bronner's has eliminated the "cleaner clutter" under my kitchen sink. I has replaced dish soap (automatic and general), floor cleaner, laundry booster, toilet cleaner, exterior ant repellent, pest repellent on interior and exterior plants, and bath/hand soap. I personally don't like to use it on my hair, it tingles a bit too much for that. For bathing, it isn't drying or irritating at all. Pure peppermint oil in this soap will make you tingle though.

    I have been using Dr. Bronner's products for 20 years and I have always been pleased and have always gone back to them. I strayed briefly to Mrs. Meyers, which has lovely scented products, but they just don't have the cleaning power. I use Mrs. Meyers dryer sheets.

    Finally, it's extremely economical. It's less expensive then almost all of the products that I have replaced with it. ...more info
  • Best Soap Ever!
    This soap is a blessing! I have extremely sensitive skin and every other "soap" (most drugstore "soaps" are really detergents not real soap) dries out my skin and irritates it and I'd given up on using anything with fragarence years ago. I had previously used the bar variety and decided to give the Castile Soap a run after another bad "soap" reaction to Johnson and Johnson's. Not only do I not react to this soap my skin is much softer and no longer dry, after only a week! It creates a very rich lather with just a little bit of soap. The tingly sensation (think very very mild Bengay feeling) from the pepermint oil is nice and refreshing to wake up to but I think I'll switch to the unscented Baby variety when it starts to get colder again. As far as it "burning your eyes" as one reviwer put it, it says right on the lable don't get it in your eyes (amoungst a variety of other good advise.) All real soap will burn your eyes, particularly something with peppermint oil in it. ...more info
  • OK Product but doesn't reserve 5 stars.
    Good product and skin friendly. But doesn't have the luxury feel to it. I have used better soaps....more info
  • I love this stuff!
    My aunt introduced me to this soap over ten years ago. I bought a small bottle that lasted me for nearly a year and adored the stuff. It smells great, leaves your skin slightly tingly, and it really does a great job doing what it's supposed to do: clean! The price may seem a little steep, but it lasts MUCH longer than any of the liquid soap you find in stores. This and Melaleuca's hand soap are the only ones I use at home anymore.

    I wouldn't put this in a pump as it tends to clog it (it doesn't have any of the thickeners found in commercial soaps, so it congeals more easily). Just leave it in the capped bottle, use a few drops with water, and you're good to go! I also highly recommend the Almond Oil soap... it smells better in my opinion, but it lacks the tingle of the Peppermint....more info
  • Dr. Bronner - Organic Castile Soap, Peppermint
    We started using this product years ago and don't plan on stopping. The trick is diluting it and using foam dispensers. The soap lasts a long time this way - our gallon has lasted over 3 years. We purchased Pampered Chef foam dispensers and use the measuring along the side. However, we also refill SoftSoap dispensers around the house. We also use it straight while backpacking since it can be used for any washing, including teeth. (However, we generally opt to toss in a small tube of toothpaste too since it isn't great as a toothpaste)...more info
  • A breath mint for your body
    I am on my 3rd bottle of this stuff. Back in 2003 my friend had it in her shower and I almost stole it, lol. It smells like true peppermint and adds quite a shock to your morning shower. Do yourself a favor and dilute it before using as a bodywash, especially in the lower regions. I don't recommend this for your hair because it's a bit drying. If you have oily or short hair you might be able to use it, but detangling hair after this is tough. I also use this for other purposes such as mopping the floor and doing other cleaning. I love how it makes the house smell like peppermint. This is the best product ever. ...more info
    I mostly use the lavendar and peppermint liquid soaps. These soaps are the BEST! You can clean EVERYTHING with them. I use Peppermint and Lavendar a lot when camping. I use them for many reasons - but when camping they keep away most of the flying/biting insects including mosquitoes. I mix with water and spray the camping area. When washing my hair/face/hands in the camp ground - everyone always wants to try it. I'm a walking advertisment for this GREAT PRODUCT. Use it once, and you will become addicted. I also love to scrub my toilet &bathroom at home. Everything smells SO FRESH when you use the peppermint! Wonderful for the dog too!! I could go on and on; but after you try it you'll understand why. I had an old blanket that STUNK from our old dog sleeping on it, and then storing it for a year in the basement. NOTHING worked to get the smell out. But you guessed it - the peppermint completely took the bad smell out!...more info
  • good for anything
    I really like this product it's amazing how many different things you can use this for and it smells wonderful. I would recommend and use this again and again... and I will! thank you for a product that I look forward to using....more info
  • Dr. Bronner-Org Castile Soap Peppermint
    Despite all claims, I was not pleased with this product as a laundry soap. While it filled the laundry room with a wonderful aroma, it did a poor job of cleaning my clothes, leaving them dingy and dull....more info
  • A Superb, Super-Fresh, Inexpensive Shower Liquid Soap

    I can't tell you how wonderful this liquid soap is (and the bar soap is not shappy, either, but definitely get the liquid). Dr. Bronner's is one of the few soaps/gels with scent that doesn't irritate my super-sensitive skin. Most gels and soaps make me itch or get dermatitis. Not this one.

    The minty smell is a joy. Makes you feel so clean. And it lathers like nobody's business. A little goes a loooooooooooong way. Many gels claim the same, but it's a fib. This one really lathers like crazy. (I find that I can make it last longer by diluting the contents with water for showering purposes. Still great cleansing and smell.)

    For hot days, nothing is more refreshing than a cool shower with minty Dr. Bronner's.

    The packaging is basic (good, I want what's inside to work well and the price to be low). The label is actually quite weird. (Other reviewers have commented on the "trippy" or "hippy" text. They ain't exaggerating.) You'll get a kick out of trying to figure out the odd--but nice!--writing on the label.

    I really recommend this product. Great smell, affordable, and effective....more info
  • It's a staple in my household
    I have loved Dr. Bronner's soaps for most of my adult life and now that I can get it reliably on line, I'm even happier. I love the way my bathroom smells after a shower with the peppermint soap and have found it to be useful in other rooms as well. I especially like that it's all natural and is now Fair Trade....more info
  • the best
    Bronner's doesn't have tooth-coating ingredients found in even 'healthy' commercial toothpastes. But you say you -want- those? Actually cleaning teeth instead of supposedly protecting them allows your natural processes to rebuild enamel. There is still so much not known about all of the weird ingrediants in just about every other product. Perhaps the strange new feeling isn't 'nice'? You'll get used to it, and learn to love it. I use peppermint, as toothsoap and mouthwash, and have found that it gives me a clean feeling no other product does. Perhaps what others find undesireable about Dr Bronner's is exactly what they really need. I believe that it may be able to stop a cold before it starts, cleaning out germs and mucus in the mouth and throat in early stages of a possible cold. Some interpret this as an uncomfortable sensation, (it involves quite bit of spitting afterwards if the mucus is there). I've found no other product cleans as well clean ...more info
  • Au Naturale. Vegetarian; Vegan
    I began loc'ing my hair (dreadlocks) and used this to condition, moisturize as well as add sheen to my hair.

    Its been 13 years now that I have been using this product. It is more than my shampoo, I clean the bathroom, kitchen, floors and not to mention as aromatherpy!!! Great for stuffy noses, headaches, tummy aches.

    No carcenogens!!! Shampoo; Conditioner; Deodorants; Perfume; all have carcenogens. THIS IS ALL NATURAL. PERIOD....more info
  • Don't care for the scent of this soap
    I must give credit for the quality of this soap however; I can't stand the scent. I am so disappointed. I expected it to smell "refreshing" but it reminds me of industrial cleaner instead of a body soap scent. As a kid the janitor at school used to sprinkle a Choloform dusting material on the floor before pushing it behind a big wide broom to clean the halls....the scent of this soap reminds me of that. I am sorry that I put faith into this and bought the 64 oz jug. My fault, I should have tried it out first in a small container. Looks like this will be used to bath the dogs, as a cleaner, etc. but not as a body soap. ...more info
  • MMM BRRRRrrr Hmmm..
    Believe the hype, this soap is pretty much amazing. 32 oz of this stuff on Dr Bronners website is 14 dollars and some change.. so this is quite a slick deal. If you already have or are thinking of purchasing this soap, try the facial pack idea. Me and the g/f have been enjoying that. I also just got a puppy and have been using it to (safely for him) mop up a few bathroom messes. One complaint would be the 60th anniversary message blocking several of the words at the bottom front of the bottle...anybody figure this out?...more info
  • Great Soap
    I think this is an excellent soap, but like some others have said, it can take a lot if you are taking a shower or washing your hair with it. The best solution I have found for this problem is getting a small spray bottle and then spraying myself. It seems to be much more efficient.

    This soap leaves me feeling clean and smelling good. I started using it for backpacking and I have gotten to where it is all I use for my hair and body....more info
  • Fantastic and very pepperminty
    I've been using this stuff for about 8 years now, and I use it on everything from cleaning my bathrooms (with baking soda for a good bathtub scrubber. Takes a little bit more muscle, but smells good and is gentle.) to regular old bathsoap and shampoo (especially for traveling). I love the smell, and don't find it at all strong. It definitely wakes you up, but I can see how some may find it overpowering. I don't use it on my face, as I find that it can be a little bit drying, but I still love it for other things! And like other people have said, DILUTE! ...more info
  • deerslayer
    I love castile liquid soap,I make homemade dishsoap,I wash my hair,I bathe my dogs,it makes my skin and scalp feel good. I will continue using this product!...more info
  • Many uses
    I use the lavender liquid soap to shampoo my dogs. Not only is it safe, but they smell great afterward. I love it because there are no harsh chemicals to be absorbed into their skin. It gets pretty sudsy too which some dog shampoos don't. Remember to rinse it very thoroughly. I also use it to clean my bathroom counters too and it makes the bathroom smell really clean....more info
  • Wake up!
    What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning! I am a big fan of Dr. Bronners soaps. I use the baby mild often (on the baby but also on the dog). The peppermint is so refreshing, especially in the summer or when used on feet and calves after a long day. This is a truly mild soap and one of the few castille soaps readily available. Consider using all of the soaps for cleaning your house, especially the eucalyptus and peppermint-what an improvement over the frightening ingredients in chemical cleaners! Try Dr. Bronners Sal-Suds for cleaning if you are addicted to that pine scent. And if you don't think it is clean unless the bottle reads "disinfectant" just add a few drops of therapeutic grade tea tree oil....more info
  • A User for Life
    The Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soaps are soothing and refreshing. They lather well and rinse cleanly, leaving your skin feeling soft and smoothe. I love the peppermint and eucalyptus soaps for my morning shower with their energizing, clean aromas that permeate the rooms near my bathroom.

    The lavendar provides a wonderfully relaxing, fragrant lather that is calming any time of the day. I've been using this brand for years, and I highly recommend these soaps to anyone who wants to feel clean and refreshed after a shower or bath. Dr. Bronner also carries a type for sensitive skin, as well. ...more info
  • Cleans well, and entertaining
    I started using the Peppermint version this week. Mostly as a body wash. It works great. You only need to put a small amount. I do love the tingling sensation. Very refreshing. Lathers up great, washes clean. I went without lotion one time and my skin didn't feel dry at all. Normally after using other soaps, my skin gets really tight, not with this.

    I tried it as a shampoo too and it accidently got in my eyes and it stung!! Don't think I'll be using it as shampoo anymore, maybe the Baby Mild version is more suitable for shampooing. ...more info
  • Dr Bronner Peppermint Shampoo - okay
    This shampoo was so watery that it takes a lot of shampoo to wash all my hair, and it doesn't lather up like I'm used to other shampoos doing. But I know that it is all-natural and so it's better for me since whatever touches your skin goes into your body. It was rated a #1 on the Environmental Working Group website. Because of that, I will buy it again....more info
  • Dr Bronner's Best
    There is nothing like Dr Bronner's soap. I prefer the peppermint. You get a safe ultra-clean shower and an aromatherapy treatment at the same time. I have very sensitive skin and nothing is non-irritating to me but Dr. Bronner's....more info
  • Best stuff on Earth!
    I swear by this product. It is so refreshing and lovely! It makes your skin feel alive and CLEAN! And you can use it to clean the tub without harsh chemicals! Two thumbs up!...more info
  • Dr. Bronner -Castile Soap Peppermint
    Great product. I have used this product for over 30 years. None can compare to it. It's a great way to start your day refreshed and feeling clean but not real dry on the skin. I use it to cleanse my face as well as my body. It's all natural and great for those who perspire heavily. You can use it for other uses, i.e., toothpaste/mouthwash (dilute); eternal cleansing; cleaning personal items; household cleaning, etc....more info
  • Best soap ever...
    Love this stuff! Leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. And the peppermint scent is amazing....more info
  • Doctor Bronner's Soaps
    This is a Castile soap that is very gentle to your skin, but has peppermint in it to give you a morning wakey- it is all natural, and if you enjoy a little bit of weird humor, read the outside of the bottle.... The good Doctor was a "Tad" odd I'm thinking. But the soaps are really good!...more info
  • Love it!
    I love this product, it's perfect for camping. You can use it for anything! I tried using it as a deoderant and it gave me a bad rash, so I would suggest trying it out before you leave for a camping trip, with it as your only form of deo! Other than that though, it was great!...more info
    Take it camping - clean your entire house with it (to make everything smell CLEAN) - wash the dog or children with it - wash your car/truck inside & out - there's just no end to it's uses!! Put a small cap of the peppermint soap in a spray bottle & fill with distilled water to spray yourself and the camp site (or your house for an air freshner). It also keeps away MOSQUITOS & other flying insects. I share it in the wash-room when I go camping - and all the other campers love it! Don't forget to wash your clothing with it too! Great for traveling. Soak your tired feet in hot water & lavendar soap -- ahhhh!...more info
  • Holy Cow!!! My search is finally over!!!
    Oh my gosh...I began my search for a "tingly" soap about a month ago. I did some google searches and found the best reviews on this soap. But I wanted instant gratification, so I searched out some "peppermint" soaps at the local drug store...bought the Method and some other brand that I can't remember. While they were great soaps, they didn't live up to my expectation. So being a "bar soap" guy, I ordered the bar soap from the Dr Bronner website...When I got it, I was SO excited, only to be disappointed after my 1st use...Surely this could't be the same soap that everyone was raving about. Where was the immense tingle???!!!

    So I sucked it up and decided I would have to get the liquid version if I wanted what I was looking for...Lo and behold, it arrived today and I'm STILL tingling 20 minutes after my shower. I'm hooked on this from day one. A little goes a LONG way, and I'll get used to using a liquid from now on!!!...more info


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