Dark Chocolate Nutrition Bar

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Dark Chocolate Nutrition Bar

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Customer Reviews:

  • This nutrition bar is great!
    This nutrition bar is great, over other bars, in that it has 14 gms of protein, other important nutrients, and above all tastes great in its multi-fruit flavor options in bar selections. Would buy more and have recommended same. You should not be disappointed. Stuart-Chicago, IL.-
    Merry Christmas-12/20/2008....more info
  • They changed it...
    I've been buying Zone Perfect Fudge Graham bars for years. They were a little bigger and more chewy than these new ones but they tasted great. However, the new ones I purchased (March 2007) are horrible. Like others have said they taste artificial. I think the chocolate they use has changed and is now too sweet.

    I guess Abbott Labs (who bought Zone Perfect in July 2003) wasn't making enough money on the original formula. ...more info
  • These bite; you shouldn't
    I agree with Kathy here. This used to be my favorite flavor before the "fruitified" bat bit Zone Perfect. While the old flavor actually tasted like apple and cinnamon, the new flavor is kind of like a Jolly Rancher apple nutrition bar. And sticky. And so it goes from five stars to one. Note to Zone Perfect: fire the genius that came up with this fruitified idea.

    The non-fruitified bars are still pretty good, and that's where I'm moving my business. ...more info
  • "Fruit" was NEVER intended to taste this bad!
    I hadn't eaten in almost 24 hours when I first tried this bar, so I wasl really hungry, however I took one bite of this bar and spit it out. It was that bad. You would be better off hungry then eating this bar. The bar tastes gritty and fake, and it was the worst nutrition bar I've ever had. I will stick with the PowerBar Apple Cinnamon Crisp instead. ...more info
  • great breakfast
    I really like the apple cinnamon and the cranberry. My breakfast every morning with a string cheese stick....more info
  • Bring back the classic apple cinnamon bar!
    Couldn't agree more with the first reviewer. I was addicted to them to the point of having to join AA (Apple Cinnamon Anonymous). Please, please, please bring back the classic apple cinnamon bar....more info
  • My Favorite Nutrition Bar
    I love Zone Perfect Chocolate Mints. They taste like candy bars, but have a good ratio of calories/protein/carbs. YUMMM!...more info
  • delicious and nutricious
    i have one zone bar each morning with a cup of tea. i don't feel hungry again for hours and have lots of energy....more info
  • My favorite of all bars
    The apple cinnamon Zone Perfect bar is the only health/nutrition bar I like. It would be even better with less sodium....more info
  • New "formula" a major letdown
    I was a big fan of the "classic" Apple Cinnamon bars - they were by far my favorite. Nice subtle apple flavor, no messy coatings, nicely filling as a snack. I would give those 5 stars.

    The new reformulated "Fruitified" apple cinnamon bars are another matter entirely. It's like the Zone Perfect people listened to some marketing pinhead who was telling them "We need to make these bars flavor-blasted!". The new formula has an over-the-top artificial apple flavor that's just annoying. On top of that, the formulation makes the bars sticky on the surface.

    To the Zone Perfect people: Coca-Cola admitted their mistake after bringing out the "New Coke" many years ago, and went back to the tried and true formula. Please, go and do likewise....more info
  • I love these
    I've had a TON of protein bars, and I get sick of the fake chocolate coating that is found on most bars. I really like these bars, and it seems like there is some real apple in them. I don't know why other people hate them so much. I guess I just like food that doesn't taste like cardboard. I like the old flavor too, but these seem a bit softer....more info
  • Sorry they changed
    The folks at Zone really blew it when they changed the formula to "Fruitified" After contacting Zone Products, they sent me some coupons to try other flavors, but like some of the others, I was very happy with the original product. Zone Products went from $25.00 weekly sales from me to $0.00. The new product is a zero....more info


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