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Carlson Cod Liver Oil comes from the livers of fresh cod fish found in the North Atlantic waters near Norway. It's an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA.

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  • Serving Size - 1 teaspoonful
  • Does Not Contain: This product is regularly tested (using AOAC international protocols) for potency and purity by an independent FDA registered laboratory and found to be free of detectable levels of mercury, cadmium, lead, PCB''s and 28 other contaminants.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good for you and children

    I purchased this product for my kids. My 4 years old girl likes very much. Even if we missed, she did not miss her daily portion and she usually is the one who reminds a daily portion for her big brother. Although I am not sure about brain or physical parts yet since they are not something you can see easily, I am happy with the product as long as she enjoys it....more info
  • Great price and taste
    Great price, esp shipping, and it tastes like Lemon oil, though you better like lemons cuz you'll be burping it back up later, which isn't too bad for me....more info
  • Good Tasting Cod Liver Oil
    One of the best cod liver oil I ever tasted. My kid loves it too....more info
    GUESS IT CAN'T HURT...more info
  • Really Good Stuff, y'all.
    My friend who has gone health nut started telling me about all these different products that are so good for our health, and Cod Liver Oil being one of the best. So about 6-7 mos ago, I decided to try it cause ya know, who couldn't use some nutritional supplements? So I went to a neighborhood health food store and decided on Carlson's because it was the only one with lemon flavor and I didn't even want to be swallowing some fishie flavor'd liquid stuff. If it aint sittin on a plate in chewable, white, flaky meat form, with lemon butter & some tarter sauce - then, no....uh uh. But I knew I needed the heart healthy benefits of Omega 3's and the MAJOR source of D (bone health!!) & other valuable nutritional positives of this oil! Great source of A - for eyes, and etc. etc. . . .
    But my friend didn't warn me how expensive it was - I couldn't believe the price - $25 for the small 8.4 oz bottle (and they wanted $39 for the 16.8). So from now on I'm ordering ONLINE. Even with the shipping I'm saving at least $10-20 or more (on the large bottle!!) I actually did try another brand that was not lemon flavored and I just can't imagine anyone even MAKING a cod liver oil without flavoring added!! Anyway, CARLSON's is the absolute best - it's cold processed (very healthy), you MUST refrigerate it after opening or it will go rancid. If it doesn't have to be refrigerated after opening - then you're not getting the top quality product that has the health benefits you're needing. The oxidation process in other brands ruins the nutritonal value of it. I spoke in depth about all this to the nutrition expert at the store who was very knowledgABle about everything! Cold processed is the best and keep it fridged! To be able to find Carlson's Lemon flabored Cod Liver Oil online for these good prices is great! By the time my bottle runs out in the fridge, my new one will be in the mailbox. This is excellent A,D, & omega 3's. ...more info
  • earthgirl52
    good product the lemon flavor really helps and when dipped with a good quality bread it can actually be enjoyable....more info
  • Excellent Quality
    There is no fishy taste in this oil, which means none of it is rancid. If you are a fish oil capsule buyer, you should definitely switch to bottled: try pricking a capsule with a needle, and smelling it - it will smell awful. ...more info
  • Don't know if this is going to help yet, but it tastes WONDEFUL!
    If you've ever had to take fish oil capsules you know what it's like to burp fish oil for hours after. This is much easier to take than those horse-pill sized capsules and is very refreshing. As with any oil, take with food....more info
  • Lemon flavor helps
    Cod Liver Oil!! My mother always made me take it, more than 60 years ago. I truly hated it. I really believe in the stuff though, and when I saw that Carlson Laboratories was selling lemon flavored cod liver oil I decided to give it a try. I can't say it tastes great, but it isn't hard to get used to, and I'm sure it's good for you. I have a teaspoon every night....more info
  • Carlson's Lemon Norwegian Cod liver oil is the best!
    I am so happy to have found this product! It is most excellent and the quality is absolutely supreme! Oddly enough, I am allergic to all Flax seeds and oils which I used to take religiously for the benefits, yet I was getting Ill. Go figure... it was the Flax seed. My doctor recommended that I get my Omega's through Cod liver oil...and here I am taking this product daily, giving it to my children and loving the benefits. I've seen a difference in my skin, digestion and overall health. My kids have no problem taking it straight because the flavor is very mild and lemony. We also put it in our morning shakes.

    I highly recommend this product. It's the highest quality I've found and your body will thank you. Keep up the good work Carlson! This is a winner....more info
  • Excellent Product
    Have used Carlson's for several years now. Excellent product and has the toxic mercury removed. So good for you and even tastes good (Really is tasteless, except for a mild lemon flavor. My grandchildren love it and take it without a problem....more info
  • Carlson Lemon Cod Liver Oil
    I know there is a "better" brand cod liver oil (less processed), however Carleson's lemon flavor mixes in well with fruit smoothies. This is an extremely palatable way to get the necessary fats into our diet and not have any after-taste. It is actually delicious!...more info
  • Excellent product
    My wife and I use this product during the winter months in order to enhance our vitamin D intake. It is pleasantly lemon-flavored and provides high amounts of EPA and DHA essential fatty acids (Omega 3s).
    Highly recommended.Carlson Laboratories - Norwegian Cod Liver Oil Lemon, 16.8 fl oz...more info
  • Best Product on the Market
    Carlsons Cod Liver Oil bought here through The Vitamin Shoppe is just as good as buying it off the shelf at any brick and mortar store but at a great price!!...more info
  • Help Backache with oil
    Cod Liver oil, while tastes nasty is very medicinal in treating illness and especially inflammation....more info
  • from a mom of 2 ADHD kids
    My ADHD kids have been in concerta for some time. I had been advised by my sister (who has a similar challenge with her kid) to try this brand of cod liver oil. I am proud to say that after 2 weeks, they have scored perfect or near-perfect scores in their exams. They also are more inclined to concentrate in their homework. Coincidence? I think not! I am taking the same brand of cod liver oil too and I feel mentally sharper than I have ever been. For me, cod liver oil is a godsend. This brand of oil has a pleasant lemon flavor that blocks off all the fishy taste. ...more info
  • Norwegian Cod Liver Oil Lemon
    The Best thing you can give to your child. Every research and health journal considers the fish oil as a necessity. Your kid will love the taste of lemon. I have a picky eater so I mix it with fresh juice.

    Don't hesitate to use it
    ...more info
  • Didn't know it was the best until I tried something else
    After reading about the health benefits of cod liver oil, especially in helping the 'winter blues', I decided to give it a try. I chose Carlson's from the health food store because it was a good price and it said lemon flavor. I didn't know any difference between brands; I didn't even know what cod liver oil should taste like.

    I didn't like the taste at all, actually, but I kept taking it because it really made a difference during the winter months! I'd gulp down a spoonful as fast as I could and then wash it down with something else to cover the taste.

    When I needed another bottle, I couldn't find Carlson's at the store anymore, so I tried a different brand - it was AWFUL!! Since I'd already paid for it, I tried to keep taking it, but I had to actually hold my nose while I drank! I ordered more Carlson's online and now it seems great compared to that other stuff. I don't even wash it down anymore - it's fine just how it is. If I hadn't tried another brand, I wouldn't have realized how neutral-tasting Carlson's actually is. I don't plan to ever switch brands again.

    ...more info
  • The Freshest Cod Liver Oil
    I am trully impressed by the ability of the vitamins, minerals, etc. that our Creator made to sustain us to produce optimal health and even turn around disease conditions. This is so contrary to the many side affects of all the prescription drugs on the market. Necessary nutrients strengthen your immune system to fight disease, while allopathic drugs poison your system, as they deplete you body of the nutrients it needs to heal.

    As a person who strongly believes in letting my food be my medicine bottle, cod liver oil is my vitamin D, EPA and DHA supplement of choice. I've tried several brands of health food cod liver oils and all but one were rancid tasting. The only other really fresh one is now unobtainable.

    Just because a cod liver oil says Norwegian on the label, doesn't mean you are receiving a premium grade of cod liver oil. The Norwegians use the finest oil for themselves, which you certainly can't fault them for and sell the inferior stuff to Amercia and other countries. Carlson's is the only premium grade Norwegian cod liver oil I have found. It is lemon flavored and not at all fishy or rancid (spoiled) tasting.

    While you want to get enough Vitamin D, you want to be careful not to overdose on vitamin A. The RDA for vitamin D is 400 IU. This was set years ago, before the latest research was done and is way to low. It was set at a dose that would prevent rickets, not promote optimal health in children, much less adults. The latest findings show that adults need at least 1,200 IU and dark skinned individuals need even more. Adults should consume no more than 5,000 IU of vitamin A, which is the RDA for this vitamin. Unlike vitamin A, its precursor beta carotene is safe to take in larger doses. So while I get part of my vitamin D from cod liver oil and a small amount from my multi-vitamin, the rest comes from a vitamin D supplement that contains no vitamin A.

    From what I've read, only people in Southern Florida get enough vitamin D in the winter months in the United States. All the various writers agree, its hard to overdose on vitamin D. Living in northern Wisconsin, I take 1,800 IU a day and am thinking of joining a tanning saloon and getting part of my vitamin D from a tanning bed. Even in summer, the cloud cover prevents you from laying out in the sun. If you can possibly get a moderate amount of sun expose, do so. Build up to laying out for 15 minutes a side from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. You need to expose as much of body as possible to the sun. For any additional time spent in the sun, rather than lathering up with sunscreen, which can cause the the lower layers of your skin to burn and increase your risk of skin cancer, put on some cool protective clothing. The sunscreens presently on the matrket do not filter out UVA rays, but only UBA rays. The UVB rays produce vitamin D and can not penetrate to the lower layers of the skin. The UVA rays give you a tan and can filter to the lower layers of the skin. Darked skinned people can expose their skin to the sun for longer periods of time than light skinned ones.

    The best book that I have read on vitamin D is called, "Vitamin D: Is It The Fountain of Youth?" It is written by Paul Stitt, MS whom I had the priveldge of hearing speak several times, as well as reading all of his books. His ideas on a healthy diet and other lifestyle issues are well balanced. Paul is from Wisconsin and gets sun exposure when he can, and also spplements with plenty of vitamin D.

    Some authors on the subject of vitamins and minerals tout a vegeterian or vegan diet which is unhealthy for many reasons. 1) You can not get EPA & DHA, which are found primarily in cold water fish on a vegan or vegeterian diet. EPA and DHA are brain food. Our bodies cells must have them to function properly. 2) As the main source of it is found in meat, you cannot get B12 on a vergan diet and it is difficult to get it on a vegeterian one. You don't need large amounts of B12, but without it you will be unhealthy. After being on a vegan diet for over a year, my husband and I had our B12 levels checked. They were depleted. Don't say thay you can get your B12 from nutritional yeast. Unlike the B12 in animal products the B12 in nutritional yeast is an analoq, which is unusable by the body. You also can't get B12 from plant based supplements. You only get B12 from animal products. 3) All of your fat soluable vitamins, which are essential for health, are found mainly in animal products. ...more info
  • Really !! Not a bad tasting Cod Liver Oil
    The naturalpath said that this is the best, and then I wrinkled my nose, thinking no way am I going to be able to drink this stuff. WOW, it's an oil, but the scent really messes with your taste buds and you don't even know it's cod liver oil. WOW!! this stuff is the best!!...more info
  • Best Tasting Cod Liver Oil
    My husband and I take a shot of this cod liver oil daily and we put 1/2 of a shot into our son's o.j. It's wonderful!...more info
  • Carlson cod liver oil
    The lemon flavor of this cod liver oil allows me to use a tablespoon and slug it down. It doesn't taste at all like fish, it's actually very refreshing....more info
  • The Best is in Carlson's Cod Liver Oil
    I have always been convinced of the benefits of Cod Liver Oil but could not stand the taste or smell. Well, that is history. Recently, I was introduced to Carlson's Cod Liver Oil with Lemon and am so pleased with the taste. I have also shared the difference that Carlson's offers to my family and friends.
    Thanks for a Great Product
    a fellow norge ...more info
  • Good Deal
    I was so happy to find this cod liver oil for such a low price. We are giving our little daughter alot of suppliments and its nice to save a good chunk of money anywhere we can. This cod liver oil tastes great in the lemon flavor you wouldnt even know its cod oil....more info
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids Through COD Liver Oil
    DHA and EPA are essential for the cardiovascular system. To keep your blood reaching everywhere in particular to your brain, other extremities, and most importantly coursing through your heart you must take Omega 3 Fatty Acids with your diet. The reason for this admonisment is we are eating less and less wholesome, higly processed foods. If your diet is rich with seafood you are already there, otherwise take good cod liver oil as a daily supplement.

    If you have five decades or more behing you, it's all the more compulsory to take a good fish oil.

    You ill you feel or observe when you take a teaspoon of this stuff on a daily basis: a very lively, shiny, healthy skin.- provided your health otherwise is OK, you will observe a good zing to your step, and a general feeling of well being.

    I have no fiducialry or otherwise relationship whatsoever with the distiller or marketer of this product except I've used it close to a year by now, and can observe all the benefits.

    ...more info
  • The best!
    I've tried several different brands of CLO and Carlson is the best in taste and potency. I was amazed at how lemony and non-fishy it tastes. I could eat it on a salad.

    I'd give Garden Of Life an 8 out of 10. Carlson gets a 10....more info
  • So easy to take!
    absolutely wonderful. no fishy smell and it's just has a really nice smell of lemon. yum!!
    ...more info
    We have all heard the stories of kids being punished by being given Cod Liver Oil. Well this grown up kid heard good things about essential oils - but was turned off by the awful tasting stuff they put in capsules (you taste it for hours).

    So, I decided to try Cod Liver Oil and Carlson's brand was recommended by our local health food store personnel. WHAT A PLEASANT SURPRISE. It does taste just like lemons! No fishy after taste to speak of. I will continue to use this brand and appreciate the great prices here at Amazon!
    Good health to you all!...more info
  • Taste good!
    It doesn't have that fishy taste and I hope it works well for my body....more info
  • Carlson Cod Liver Oil Lemon is Great!
    This cod liver oil has a great taste and is very reasonable in price compared to buying it at health food stores....more info
  • Careful with toxicity
    Carlson's is the best. Be careful with cod liver oil as it does contain Vitamin D, there are numerous studies that people who live in the northern part of the US are critically deficient in it (the sunshine Vitamin), but one could easily cross the toxicity level.

    [...]...more info
  • Taste is just fine y'all
    I've never had any cod liver oil but I know I need more Vitamin D plus the Omegas, so I bought two of these large glass bottles.

    I just had my first teaspoon which is really a small amount. Wow! Hardly any taste besides a mild lemony taste. I'm not noticing much after taste at all. The smell is just of lemons.

    Don't be afraid of cod liver oil if it's this brand with lemons.

    FYI, the bottles just received in Oct 2008 are good until 5/12 unopened. After opening, you must refrigerate it. One of these large bottles has 100 doses of one teaspoon and you are encouraged on the label to use up the bottle within 100 days. Label also recommends you have it at mealtime.

    Label says one teaspoon has:
    400 IU Vit D
    10 IU Vit E
    700 to 1,200 IU Vit A.
    500-590 mg DHA
    360-500 mg EPA
    40-60 mg ALA
    45 calories, 5 grams fat, 20 mg Cholesterol

    If I notice, after time, of any specific health benefits, such as less dry skin/hair and general middle age relief of general joint pain/stiffness, I will try to remember to add an addendum here. These are the benefits I am anticipating at any rate.

    ...more info
  • Fantastic Product
    I don't know what these people are talking about with the taste. I absolutely HATE fish, won't even eat dinner at a table where someone else has ordered fish, yet this goes down easy, no fishy smell, no fishy taste, just the sweet smell and taste of lemons. I don't need to drink anything afterwards or hold my nose. The benefits are endless. If you take one supplement or vitamin, this should be it!!!...more info
  • Great stuff, great price
    Was recommended by an acupuncturist - this brand specifically. Whole Foods is charging twice as much....more info
  • Great Product!
    I bought this product at a health food store because I am having multiple health issues and had been urged to increase my intake of Omega 3 fatty acids. I decided to give it a try, but was very sure that I would hate the taste and waste the $38 I paid for it at the health food store. But for my health I would give it a try. To my surprise, it has a very pleasant taste and I look forward to taking it after breakfast every morning (almost like a dessert!:)) When I found I could purchase 2 bottles through Amazon for the price of 1 at the health food store, I was thrilled. This is a pleasant easy way to do something very positive for your health....more info
  • My children take their liver oil without complaint!
    I am a mother of five and I have recently discovered fish oil to be very good for children's health. I use to hear stories by my mother whose own mother forced her to take her cod liver oil daily, but it was this horrible experience because it tasted so bad. My children didn't like the sound of ingesting a fish's liver oil, but when they tasted it they said it barely had any taste except that of lemons. They take their daily doses without complaining. I take it too and other than having a slight after-taste that lingers in my throat, I recommend the Carlson brand. ...more info
  • This Cod Liver Oil is Amazing!!
    I have been experiencing chronic dry skin and eczema from head to toe for the last three years. I've tried flax seed oil, other fish oils, evening promise, and many, many lotions and ointments. I found Carlson's cod liver oil by searching the web trying to find a cure for my dry skin...and BINGO! This stuff cleared up ALL of my dry skin and my skin has become so smooth that I can't believe it! I can even miss a day of using lotion! In addition to providing relief from dry skin, my allergies have also been relieved. No more watery eyes, running nose, or cracked eyelids and dry nostrials. This stuff works fast-I had only been taking the oil for a month and have noticed a big difference in my body and how I feel. My first purchase was at the vitamin store. Amazon prices are a lot chepaer. ...more info
  • Good with a slight tweaking
    Got this for it's health benefits, which is hard to know for sure if it's working. However, I can tell you about the obvious thing: taste. It does have a lemony smell & a slight lemony taste. While the taste is fine, it's thick oiliness was NOT popular with my 4 kids(nor me). So what I do each day is pour the dose into a medicine cup, then fill the rest of the way with any drink. They all take it fine then. I've added it to OJ, apple juice, grape juice & even kool-aid. I myself take the adult version, so I can vouch for the taste, too. One note: I can find NO difference in the kids' version & the adult, except that the kid's dosage is not listed on the adult bottle. The ingredient/mineral/vitamin quantity is exactly the same per tsp in both versions. Save yourself the money if you plan to take the oil too, and just buy one bottle of whichever one's on sale/cheapest. Kids ages 2-4 take 1/4tsp, 5-12 takes 1/2 tsp, 12+ takes 1 tsp (all after meal). ...more info
  • carlson cod liver oil - limon
    does what I want (improve heart function) and has a nice flavor. Both my wife and I take it twice a day....more info
  • Healing
    Winter 2007 I bought a bottle of Carlson's Cod Liver Oil for vitamin A and D supplement.
    In 3 months, at the recommended dose, a 10 year old thumbnail injury healed. Also my chronic, seasonal winter skin on working hands, improved. I'm using my second bottle this winter. It tastes much better without lemon oil in it. Yeah, I catch and eat fish too....more info


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