Nature's Plus - Animal Parade - Cherry/Orange/Grape, 180 chewable tablets

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  • Serving Size - 2 chewable tablets
  • Does Not Contain: Artificial colors and preservatives, yeast, wheat, corn, soy and milk.

Customer Reviews:

  • I like 'em
    These were recommended at my local health food store when I asked for a vitamin without a lot of additives. They are yummy!

    My only complaint is that they have too much vitamin A. I don't know if they've modified the UL for vitamin A recently, but most of the vitamins I've looked at excede the "upper limit." I can't seem to find a vitamin that meets the RDA for other nutrients without exceeding the UL for A....more info
  • Great vitamins!
    My son is now 12 and has been on the Nature's Plus Animal Parade vitamins since he was 3. They are wonderful vitamins! I know because whenever we seem to forget to buy them and he is off of them for any time, he tends to get sick. Great tasting, natural, and full of all of the essential vitamins plus some for healthy kids! We love them!...more info
  • Children's vitamins
    My Children love this product they get to pick a different animal everyday and they love the taste. Great product....more info
  • Awesome Vitamins!!!
    These vitamins are some of the best tasting kids vitamins with one of the best labels around! Leaves out all the extras that a lot of other kids vitamins seem to think they need (artificial this and that and or sugar) keeps it simple and really yummy. My kids (three and four) are the ones that remind me about the vitamins if I've forgotten. They simply LOVE them...more info
  • These actually contribute to health...they're not just "candy" like other kids' vitamins.
    I am so pleased with these vitamins I purchased for my 4-yr-old son. I love that they don't have any artificial anything in them, like other children's vitamins do, plus they contain whole food concentrates, which is a relief to me since my son is a very picky eater, and getting him to eat most fruits and any veggies is like pulling teeth! And speaking of him being a picky eater, he loves the taste of these, because he is always excited and thanks me when I give him his vitamins each morning. He eats them right up! I've wasted money before on kids' vitamins that he would refuse to eat, so these have definitely proven to be a good investment....more info
  • Excellent product
    My daughter loves these vitamins and they are a lot healthier for the teeth too since they aren't gummy. She likes all the different shapes I like that they're healthy (not just vitamins) and the sugar isn't too high....more info
  • My 23 month old begs for them!!!
    My almost two-year-old is an extremely picky eater, so we bought a couple of different vitamins to help supplement his diet. He didn't really care for the first ones and they were full of unnatural additives and even, YIKES, aspartame! Found Animal Parade and now my son begs and cries for his vitamins. I'm getting ready to order another bottle. Better price here on Amazon than in the health food store I usually go to! ...more info
  • Great vitamins!
    My daughter loves these vitamins. They are so much better than the typical ones you find at the local pharmacy!...more info
  • Love these vitamins!
    I bought these for my 3-year-old granddaughter.
    She absolutely loves these vitamins.
    Only problem is convincing her that she can only have 1 a day! ...more info
  • Best children's multi-vitamin on the market
    Nature's Plus makes the best children's multi-vitamins on the market. The taste is great; well-balanced, essential nutrients. Free from allergens, artificial ingredients, etc. My kids love them, and actually miss them when they forget to take them. Great product. So much better than the ones offered in the big box stores, pharmacies, etc. Your kids will thank you for offering them....more info
  • Great vitamin for picky kids
    My kids are VERY picky about taste when it comes to vitamins. They LOVED these! They take these with the Nordic Naturals Children's DHA and Ester C chewables and complain if they all aren't available. It's like a treat before school! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Vitamin
    Although I am an adult, I take these vitamins because I don't like swallowing pills and they contain no artificial colors or flavors. I just take twice the dosage. ...more info


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