Enzymatic Therapy - Acidophilus Pearls
Enzymatic Therapy - Acidophilus Pearls

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Product Description

This dietary supplement contains L. acidophilus and B. longum to support healthy intestinal flora.*

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  • Serving Size - 1 pearle capsule
  • Does Not Contain: Sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, dairy products, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, or preservatives.

Customer Reviews:

  • Everyone needs this product
    Everyone really needs this product...replacing the "good" bacteria in your digestive system. This product actually reaches the lower digestive tract (where it needs to go). I don't go a day without taking this product and it has definitely improved my overall health. Every time you take antibiotics - you need to take this product. Most doctors are also recommending acidophilus while taking antibiotics. I highly recommend it to all adults. Actually children need it too, but they need a different type - so do some research for that item. This supplier has always shipped in a very timely manner....more info
  • Acidophilus you don't have to refrigerate
    I've been using these probiotic pears for well over a year and I think they are the most convenient way to add acidophilus to the body. I can carry them with me because they don't have to be refrigerated and they are very small and easy to swallow. ...more info
  • Amazing!!!!!!!
    Update to original review from 9/20/08:

    We are continuing taking the pearls daily and they are still working beautifully. The company advertises them as a way to control constipation, but they work well for us for control of diarrhea. I have accidentally forgotten to take them a couple of times now and had my symptoms come right back. These things are worth their weight in gold.

    During a recent MRI, a serious sinus infection was found & I had to take HUGE doses of antibiotics for 10 days. I did not get any secondary infections this time, either.

    I had such a miraculous recovery from all my gastro problems that my doctor asked me to get some for him & he's been amazed by them, as well. He dislikes prescribing lomotil & wouldn't take anti-diarrheals himself. He told me the last time that I saw him that he's had similar results for whatever his problems were (too much information, I didn't want to know, lol).

    Original review:

    I have spent years battling with doctors over what 'disease' I have..Crohn's/IBS/Celiac?? I suffered greatly for over 25 years with raging bouts of cramps & diarrhea. If I took Lomotil or Immodium, they would either not work or cause constipation & even more bloating and gas.

    5 months ago I went on a modified version of the Metabolic Syndrome Diet and started an exercise regimen, (I have lost over 50 lbs so far), but whole grains seemed to aggravate me even more. I experienced horrible bloating, sporadic diarrhea & a sharp pain in my lower left abdomen. My GP suggested going on Atkins, but I tried that in the 90's and hated it. I don't eat a LOT of carbs, but I wasn't about to give them up altogether!

    I can't eat sugar or milk, so most of the plethora of probiotic products on the market were off-limits, so I decided to try acidophilus. I tried the regular acidophilus tablets and they did not help at all.

    I saw these on a gold box special and thought that they made sense. It's only logical that stomach acids would alter the bacteria if eaten in yogurt or cheese (my hubby ate those stupid 'activ' cheeses for 21 days straight with NO benefit at all).

    After starting the pearls, my entire digestive system seemed to have miraculously returned to what it was in my teens within days. No gas, no bloating, no diarrhea or constipation (from immodium or lomotil, which I no longer have to take). Now I know what 'regular' means..it's wild!

    I always got diarrhea, yeast AND bladder infections from antibiotics. The last round of Cipro I took for a badly infected cut did NOT cause me any problems at all, it had to be because of the probiotics. I used to keep Monostat and Sulfa on hand at all times because of the secondary infections I couldn't avoid. No more!

    My husband had digestive problems, as well, and the pearls have caused vast improvement for him, too. The doctor hadn't been able to diagnose what was causing his varying diarrhea/constipation bouts, but they're gone & the doctor let him cancel the $1500.00 colonoscopy he had scheduled (bad insurance). Quite a savings!

    I will not be without these Acidophilus Pearls ever again if I can help it! After so many years of suffering, I'm simply flabbergasted that something this simple (& cheap) would solve both our problems so quickly. We found that it took about a week for optimal results.

    GET them, they're worth a try & they certainly can't hurt you!...more info
  • Great product
    I have Crohn's and have never responded well to the medicines the doctors prescribed for me. A year ago, based on advice from another Crohn's sufferer, I stopped taking the prescription meds and started taking an Align probiotic in the morning and a Pearls probiotic in the evening (plus watching my diet and taking fish oil supplements). Since making that change, I have had no problem with my Crohn's at all. I highly recommend this product to anyone with intestinal problems....more info
  • Awesome
    I have been taking these for about 2 weeks now and really feel the difference! I have had IBS-D for a few years now and had never tried probiotics. I recently started school after a summer and a new job after being jobless for 7 mo. so it was a double wammy and everything was going crazy in my digestive tract. I did some reasearch and decided these were my best bet. My digestive problems are almost gone except for some minor gas in the mornings! I'll take that any day! Give em a try, but keep in mind what works for one, might not work for another....more info
  • Not much difference
    I suffer from constipation and a friend highly recommended Pearls for me. At the beginning it started working pretty good. By the end of the second week, it was back to my constipated-state. I've been taking it for four weeks already and so far, no change.
    Totally disappointed with the product. ...more info
  • Acidophilus Pearls R GR8!
    I really like these little buggers. Whenever I feel a yeast infection coming on, I swallow two a day for a while, and it seems to do the trick....more info
  • Pretty good stuff
    I tried this product due to various secondary yeast infections after being treated with antibiotics during the labor/delivery of my daughter. I have always been prone to yeast and after several bouts of thrush while breastfeeding I read that taking acidophilus was a good idea. I found out that many other comparable products (ie. Culturelle) are based on yeast. Given that I was trying to solve that very problem, this was the best product for me. Kind of gave me gas the first few days, but so far, no yeast infections. Keeping my fingers crosed! Easy to swallow, no refrigeration needed either. ...more info
  • Convenient for Travel
    Traveled to China taking Pearls one a day prior to, during the trip and one a day for a few days after returning. Maintained pretty healthy digestive system while immersed in a foreign country's diet less the local water....more info
  • great product
    These don't need to be refrigerated like other acidophilus products, so they are very convenient....more info
  • Better Than I Expected
    I started taking these a few months ago before a trip to Punta Cana. On my last visit there, I had two miserable days of "la tourista". Someone on an online site recommended these, so I gave them a try, intending to use them just before and during my trip. I didn't get sick at all and discovered some unexpected benefits. My embarrassing "growly stomach" disappeared along with feelings of bloating. These really help your regularity. (OK, so I'm sounding like an old person.) But these have really helped, so I take them every day and have found Amazon's 90 day supply to be a great price! I've recommended the pearls to a friend who swears by them, too. Much easier to take and more effective than yogurt, and no calories!...more info
  • Great for prevention of yeast infections too!
    Since going off the birth control pill, I was a frequent sufferer of yeast infections. One of these pearls daily keeps me "in balance".
    It has also helped with my digestive regularity. I highly recommend this item!!...more info
  • great product great price
    Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls (90 Pearls)

    After a long bout fighting off a kidney infection, employing a wide range of antibiotics my digestive tract was all messed up. At the recommendation of a Dr. and two nurses, to try acidophilus pills, I began looking into the drugstores and health food stores in the local area.
    As an over-the-counter nonprescription medication, this stuff is expensive.
    Then, on a lark, I searched Amazon.com for acidophilus pills. and go figure, Amazon had them, and much cheaper than anyplace else I could find them.
    They came in a sealed package and wonderfully performed all the things the Dr. told me they would do (stabilize my digestive system, and cure my acute indigestion). Thank you Amazon!!!...more info
  • Perfect!
    Friendly bacteria or probiotics are very important to good health.This brand is very easy to take and delivers what it promises.The pils are very tiny and so easy to swallow.Start the new year off right with a commitment to good health which includes daily probiotics, your body will thank you. I will purchase this item again....more info
  • Excellent product!
    I have found that this product is better than similar generic products. It is also very hard to find Pearls at GNC or local grocery/drug stores. I have also only seen the 90 pill count here at Amazon which is much more convenient and cost effective to buy here in bulk....more info
  • Excellent product
    Both, myself and my wife, have found the Pearls to be an excellent product. We have been taking it for about a year or more. Our health as far as getting colds and getting sick has definitely improved since we started. Thank you!...more info
  • Simply amazing!
    Ok I'm a very skeptical person. I am always wary about product reviews and products (especially health products), but this is an exception. I have been suffering with IBS for about 6 years. It's gotten quite a bit better in the last couple years due to more fiber in my diet and other dietary changes, but I still had problems with bloating, especially at night. I would wake up at about 4 am with lots of gas and pain in my stomach and be unable to go back to sleep. It really affected my mood and my ability to study and concentrate (I'm a dental student). After taking these pills though, my bloating has gone down considerably, I'm sleeping much better and am in a much better mood. I know this sounds hard to believe and pretty cheesy, but these pills have changed my life for the better! If you have IBS, or have taken lots of antibiotics, try these out, they have helped me immensely!...more info
  • Changed My Life!!
    I had many problems with diarrhea, bloating, etc. I was told by a pharmacist that probiotics might help me. And they did! Wow, it has changed my life & I don't need to worry like I used to do. It's also wonderful that they need no refrigeration & you only need to take this tiny pearl a day to get relief. How easy that is.....I recommend these to everyone. You don't have to have digestive problems to benefit from this product. Everyone needs probiotics in their lives. Try them, you will be hooked.

    ...more info
  • IT WORKS!!
    THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST PRODUCT FOR ME. I've tried others that were okay but Pearls has all the ingredients to get you through daily. Just one tiny little pill a day is all it takes (no more horse pills)...it does it all. Years of suffering irregularity has ended. I've recommended Pearls to co-workers and they like it very much as well...
    I'm hooked on Pearls. ...more info
  • Much better than regular acidophilus
    I have been taking acidophilis for years with minimal help with my digestive tract. Then I found these that don't get clobbered in the stomach and actually get delivered to where they belong. I have had much better results with this brand....more info
  • Still too early to tell if it's doing anything
    I've been taking this about 2 weeks now, hoping it would help with my IBS (C), especially with the gas and bloating which can get pretty unbearable. Honestly, though I have yet to feel any relief so I'm a bit disappointed because of the rave reviews. However, I'm still giving it some time to work. If there's absolutely no real relief in the next month, then I'll just have to cancel my automatic 3-months' renewal, and continue to get the other health benefits from regular yogurt:(...more info
  • Amazing!
    These little pills do exactly what they say they're supposed to do. I'm going into week 3 and my whole system feels renewed and regular. I can't say enough without getting too graphic - so I'll simply say they replace some essential stuff that I was missing and now I feel great!! ...more info
  • Get 'Em - They Really Work !!
    I bought these for my husband who has a long history of digestive problems. I suspect he now also has IBS and so I bought him a box of these just to try and within 48 hours he was completely well !!

    He tried the Digestive Advantage IBS formula and it just didn't work for him at all ... You might also want to try the Twinlabs Digestive Enzymes as a digestive aid 1-2 times daily, especially when eating rich meals....more info
  • These probiotics don't need no fridge
    I'm a big believer in probiotic therapy; I take another, far less expensive, probiotic on a daily basis. But, like most probiotic supplements, my regular brand has to be refrigerated to retain its effectiveness. So what to do on vacation, when, often as not, I end up without a refrigerator in my hotel room? When also, as it happens, I'm very likely to eat different foods, be under increased stress, be exposed to strange new germs, and need my acidophilus more than ever? The greatest thing about Pearls is they keep for a very long time without refrigeration.

    Two pearls a day (one in the morning and one at night) serve me every bit as well as 2 capsules of my regular supplement, and they're worry-free. I just toss them in my suitcase and go. When you travel is *not* the time to skimp on your usual health routine. Get the Pearls and you're good to go....more info
  • BioBeads might be better
    I just read a report by Consumer Labs on probiotics, which included this product. Natrol BioBeads wasn't specifically evaluated, but since BioBeads and Pearls appear to offer the same technology, I compared the contents. According to the manufacturers, Pearls provides two types of bacteria, while BioBeads has four. Consumer Labs indicated that, in general, the broader the variety of flora a product provides, the better. Ironically, Consumer Labs also indicated that the types of bacteria in both products(strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium) can usually survive gastric acids and don't need a coating anyway. ...more info
  • When Yogurt just doesn't cut it
    I am a "proactive supporter of probiotics." The Pearl has got to be one suppliment that makes just as much difference as breathing oxygen. Its effortless to take, and is loaded with all the good bacteria that makes you belly feel right as rain with daily use. I have reccommended it to anyone seeking a probiotic suppliment that for one reason or another can't stomach eating yogurt or kefir everyday. ...more info
  • really works
    I have been using PEARLS for about 6 weeks and my whole digestive system has improved. I feel better...more info
  • A great yogurt substitute
    This product is great to take because you are not consuming any sugar, calories, etc. The tiny pills are so easy to swallow and they seem to work as good as yogurt...will have to take them awhile longer to see just how good they work...I know I will buy them again....more info
  • doesn't work at all
    This pearls didn't do a thing to my digestion problems, I could take as well tick tac so I'm not sure from where these all positive reviews, maybe from the seller??? had to return to 3lac which so far is the only one that works. ...more info
  • Great probiotics
    I've been using this product for years. Because it's so small, my 3 and 5 year old children can swallow them. They are great to use in conjunction with and after anti-biotics with my kids....more info


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