Vibrant Health - Green Vibrance, 24 oz powder

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Product Description

Vibrant Health - Green Vibrance 22.43 oz powder

  • Serving Size - 1 rounded tablespoon
  • Does Not Contain: Additives or fillers.

Customer Reviews:

  • the best green powder
    This product is wonderful. It's all food-based, with a large range of ingredients that is designed to support various body systems. It also contains probiotics. I feel better and everyone I know who's tried it says the same thing....more info
  • Green Vibrance
    My wife and I have been using this product for over a year. It's excellent. I have never been able to find a super food that addresses both the immune system and digestive system along with other systems of the body. The fact that just about every ingredient is organically based is also a strong selling point.

    We juice every morning and add Green Vibrance to the mix for an added kick. It's a great way to start the day. Much better than coffee.

    Highly recommended....more info
    Well as the users of green drinks are aware that the taste of green drinks can't be like a fruit smoothy, but its manageable. I like the variety of greens in this green drink and mostly they are organic. after you drink it, you can feel energy boost if you are senstive to your energy levels.

    I use this for cleansing too when i am on just fruit and vege diet for a week and results are good. So go for it and try out, i would say....more info
  • The Best Multiple Vitamin
    Since I started taking this product 4 years ago, I have not been sick, not even a cold. I take it religiously every morning when I first get up, there is no doubt that it works. This is the best multiple vitamin you can take, and it works....more info
  • Green vibrance is great
    My wife and I take this product and we notice a big difference in the morning. It tastes great when prepared in a nice way.
    1 cup apple juice, 1/4 cup pumpkin, 1/2 cup bluberries, 1/2 cup yogurt and then the recommended green vibrance for two people. Tastes great. Gives alot of energy and well being throughout the day.

    ...more info
  • Green Vibrance Powder is Great for Those with Stomach Problems.
    I have several stomach issues: irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, esophgitis, diverticulitis, constipation/diarrhea, lactose, fructose, sucrose intolerance. I think that is about it. Within 2 days of taking Green Vibrance, I was having significantly better bowel movements. My pain is greatly reduced and I am functioning better on a daily basis. I still take Nexium for acid reflux, but that is the only pharmaceutical I take. I can't say yet if it is helping the diverticulitis.
    There is one down side. It tastes terrible. I mix it with Berry flavored Juicy Juice and it is tolerable. But the better it works for me, the better it tastes. I would never consider skipping it for even one day....more info
  • Food for Life
    I recently was diagnosed with colon cancer. After surgery I had to take 30 radiation treatments. I was exhausted, so I went to a healthfood store seeking advice. I was told about Green Vibrance. I decided to try a packet. I did notice a difference in my energy level. I went back to the store and purchased the largest jar they had. I took it through my treatments and it helped a lot. Since treatments I would forget to take it once in a while and would feel tired. I now take it daily and can tell you it positively works. I have since stopped an expensive fruit and vegetable capsule I'd taken for years and switched totally to Green Vibrance. I'm sold on it. Thank you Green Vibrance!...more info
  • good stuff!
    If I can only remember to use it. They say it takes "30 days to form a habit". I am going to remind myself with stickie notes- "drink more Green Vibrance!" I like it best with cold premium OJ. If you are feeling tired, etc., especially women, you may have a systemic candida yeast problem. Put more "probiotics", like from this product, in your diet to help keep things "in check", in your gut. Good luck everyone and God Bless!
    ...more info
  • Awful taste
    After trying Greens Plus Wild Berry Burst for 2 year I decided it was time for a change so I tried Green Vibrance. I purchased the 24 oz bottle and used it for the six weeks it lasted. However the taste was awful. Now I am back to Greens Plus which has similar ingredients and a superior taste! ...more info
  • WOW!!!
    For years I have been wanting to fulfill my body's nutrients, but had given up due to cost and food spoilage. So, because of the reviews, I decided to give this product a try.

    I've only been taking Green Vibrant for a week now and "Eureka" can already feel a difference in energy, stamina and well-being.

    The wife also takes this product and has had many problems: allergies, flashes, flatulence, itching. They've all practically gone away.

    Whoever thought green could be better than gold.

    I definitely recommend this product....more info
  • I actually like the taste, but it made me sleepy at work
    Well this what I have to say. I'm pretty damn healthy eater as it is. I've been working nights for a month or so now, and have been looking for ways to get even more energy so I don't have that one point in the night where I get really sleepy. The other thing I will say I've been drinking green smoothies, which is throwing in a leafy vegeatables with fruits of your choice. I get natural buzz and sense of wellness when I do that.

    So I was looking for the same with Green Vibrance. Well I only bought their trial packet and mixed it in with my smoothie instead of veggies. I personally like the taste, it wasn't even all that grassy and I like grassy.

    So I go about my night at work, and it hit me. I got sleepy as hell. I'm talking my normal sleepiness last a half an hour. This one lasted me a good 4 hours of just dying to pass out. It was one of my more unproductive days at work. So with that said, I don't know. I have one more packet left and I'll try it again, cause I did like the taste. The lady at Whole foods said this and Macro greens are the best sellers. But I always experiment before I believe the hype. So will see what I have to say in a few days. ...more info
  • You can tell it's great because you feel better.
    I have tried many supplements over the years, and now that I'm a bit more educated about how the body assimilates vitamins, I no longer take vitamins per-se because I believe them to be worthless and a waste of money, possibly even harmful.
    Green Vibrance has an all natural easily absorbed full spectrum of vitamins and minerals that are all in good amounts and proportions. It even has herbs, phytonutrients, and trace minerals.
    I add green vibrance to my power shake in the morning, and after a several week break from it, I could tell a HUGE difference when I started taking it again. I felt less tired and run down, and my brain seemed to work much better.
    The taste is not great, a bit grassy, but adding it to a shake with some stevia does the trick. It's also great as a post-workout recharger. It has low carbs, about 5.9 grams, and so there's no sugar glut involved.
    I found it MUCH cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else, and certainly at least a 30% savings than I would have paid at Wild Oats.
    If a product claims you go through a 'healing crisis' and so expect to feel terrible or possibly have some kind of rash, irritability, nausea, headaches etc... BEWARE! Those symptoms can be allergic reactions or heavy metal poisoning.
    A product should make you FEEL BETTER, or it is not helpful.
    I have experienced no problems with Green Vibrance, and would recommend it wholeheartedly....more info
  • the product is great, the seller is misleading
    This is a great product, unfortunately the seller is suggesting you will recieve a 60 day supply based on the image they've shown for the product. That would be a great deal (to good to be true) instead you'll only recieve the 30 day supply & two single serving packets. Not any bargin at all in fact when you concider in shipping the price comes out to be higher then most healthfood stores can sell it for. Don't be fooled like I was. There are better deals on 60 day supplies from other sellers who aren't trying to fool you!...more info
  • this is great!
    I have been taking Green Vibrance for 5 years now. and I can't leave with out it. It makes me feel great, my skin looks great and it helps prevent me from getting season allergy. just wonderful....more info
  • Best of the Green Food Products
    I have tried numerous other "green food" powders over the last couple of years (more on that in a minute), and finally settled on Green Vibrance as the highest quality and overall best among all those I tried.

    It has 3.5 grams per serving of actual "green foods", which is more than many other green products. It also has many other important herbs and various nutrients, and all in significant enough doses and potentcy to actually work. This is also rich in probiotics and prebiotics, which are also vitally important. Best of all, I actually DO get an energy boost from this product, and notice other signs that it is working, including smoother skin, improved mood, and simply "feeling better".

    Some of the others I tried:

    Greens+ - This is another good "green food" product, and if Green Vibrance wasn't available, I would go with this one. Very similar to Green Vibrance, but in my opinion Green Vibrance edges Greens+ out slightly.

    Green Magma - This product is high-quality as well, but doesn't have quite as many nutrients as Green Vibrance or Greens+.

    Earth's Promise by Enzymatic Therapy - Pretty good product, but like Green Magma, it doesn't have nearly as many nutrients as Green Vibrance or Greens+.

    Garden of Life "Perfect Food" - Has more greens, but their products should be avoided at all cost. They are way over-priced, and the founder has one of those mail-order "Doctorate" degrees. (His first book is a real crack-up too, with parts of his biography that don't add up.) In fact, The Amazing Randy (a famous skeptic here in the U.S.) has totally exposed the founder of this company. Do a Google search and you'll find it. Basically, I wouldn't trust ANYTHING this company does or makes.

    Go buy some Green Vibrance, try it for a couple weeks, and you'll be sold!...more info
  • excellent product
    I am a physician and recommend this to all my patients - I take care of people with musculoskeletal pain (arthritis, backs, knees etc) and 3 different women's rugby teams and recommend this for its immunity boosting effects and antiinflammatory properties - gives you a great energy boost in midafternoon as well. I also recommend it with Joint Vibrance - great stuff....more info
  • Great product
    I have been taking Green Vibrance for years. I mix it w/ a little water and about 4 oz of Gatoraid and have a tsp of fruit flavored fish oil (yum- :~) before exersizing in the AM. I used to have some muscle/joint pain, which I don't really have anymore, and I'm pretty darn healthy. I definately recommend this product. Drink up!...more info
  • This is the sh*t
    I'm told by my nutritionist that if you do only one thing for your health, do this! This is an awesome immune system boost. I've been using it for a couple of years and rarely get sick. This has all the sea vegetables and probiotics you need. And it is NOT disgusting tasting. I put a packet of EmergenC and my scoop of Green Vibrance with some water and drink it fast so the effervescence from the EmergenC is still there and it's a really tasty morning drink. Helps with movements also -- if you know what I mean...;-)...more info
  • Go Green!
    A friend referred this product to me and I really do feel consistently good after taking this for a couple of weeks. I had been fighting a cold for weeks and it just went away after I started taking this. I think it definitely helped as I have been fighting the symptoms from developing for a while. But overall, I really do feel better, consistently energetic and just a wellness that I have not had!...more info
  • Green Vibrance is a definite boost!
    Love this product. Mix with juice and it goes down pretty well.
    Perfect for the veggie avoiders! ...more info
  • The best Green Food
    I recomend this product to everyone that wants to have a strong imune system and detox the body! It's great! Since I started taking green vibrance I had NO cold, flu, sore throat, etc.
    I feel great and energetic!!!!...more info
  • Best stuff ever !!
    Best stuff ever !! I should get some of this stuff for free for all the people i've gotten to start purchasing it....more info
  • Provides energy and focus for a busy lifestyle
    Green vibrance is an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone who needs an extra boost of energy or some extra nutrition that their diet may be lacking, which probably includes everyone. Furthermore, I think this is the best deal on the internet for green vibrance....more info
  • Essential for vibrant health!
    I've been using green vibrance now for 3 years and it's kept me feeling healthier than ever. I rarely get sick and I feel good knowing that I'm taking all the stuff that helps to build a strong immune system with tons of cancer-fighting agents. I mix it up with an emergen-c packet along with some liquid vitamins, and protein powder in a little juice and it's delicious. You can also ad some frozen fruit and it's like a berry milkshake. In my opinion, it's an an essential part of anyone's diet!...more info
  • Go the O.J. way (just don't murder anyone, ok?)
    I love Green Vibrance, but the taste leaves a lot to be desired (although no worse than any other green drink). I've tried it in a number of concoctions and, hands down, putting a scoop in a big glass of O.J. is the way to go; it makes it taste (dare I say) good! After drinking it in the morning, I find that my energy has improved slightly and I like knowing that I've filled those nutritional gaps that would otherwise stay empty if I depended on food alone. ...more info
  • Best Green Food Product On The Market
    This is an amazing product! I have been using it now for 2 years and it has never failed me. Energy and great for your blood, the probiotics are excellent for your gut flora (to keep the probiotics alive it must be refrigerated once the product is opened)One way to tolerate the taste...1 banana, ice cubes, 1 pk stevia, and silk soy vanilla milk and blend it well in your blender. It will keep you satisfied and is a great pick me up. You will notice a big improvement in the way you feel. GIVE IT A TRY!!...more info


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