The Ultimate Life - Ultimate Meal, The, 400 g powder

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  • Serving Size - 1 scoop
  • Does Not Contain: Cholesterol, GMO, gluten, yeast, soy protein, MSG, salt, wheat, corn, eggs, dairy, sugar, honey, fructose, caffeine, ginseng, preservatives, flavors, coloring, fillers or any animal products.

Customer Reviews:

  • No Doubt It Is An Incredibly Healthy Food Product....
    ...but, when I think of an "Ultimate Meal", I think of a healthy, great tasting experience. Far from it with this product.

    After researching this and other similar products, I concluded that The Ultimate Meal is everything it claims to be...incredibly good for you. But after two weeks, I still (literally) gag when trying to drink this stuff. I started by mixing my organic fruits with it, even adding some OJ like one poster suggested (even though the label says not to). I moved on to sweeter yogurts to try and cut the terribly taste, but to no avail.

    If you can get past the stinging rotten pea soup odor and flavor and it doesn't bother you, I would recommend you buy this product. Otherwise, stick to the traditional vegetarian/vegan diet....more info
  • Best body fueil available
    The Ultimate Meal is excellent. I have been doing 2 shakes per day for several months and it is still delicious. It is the finest body fuel I have tried. I also take Florazyme and Defense per their program. I am very happy with the products and the company....more info
  • Good for you, sometimes an acquired taste
    I started this drink actually not to lose weight but to gain nutrients. It has been wonderful. At first, there were some detox effects that occurred, but after about a week, I was able to drink this normally with no problems. (Note: it is suggested on the creator's website to "chew" the drink before swallowing to aid in digestion and also to give you a more satisfied feeling when you are done.)
    For flavor, I have used different fruits... I really didn't care for the suggested apple and banana and juice, so I use banana and blueberries with diet green tea. I've also tried (and loved!) banana with watermelon. A strange combination I thought at first, but it turned out to be very good. To all combinations, though, I add cinnamon for a nice flavor and you might like to try adding a little vanilla as well, depending on your tastes. Also, I found the thickness of the drink too much, so I reduced the recommended amount of powder and put a little extra liquid in to balance it out. Finally, the big "no-no", I guess would be artificial sweeteners, if you try to stay strictly organic, but adding a tiny bit does help quite a bit.
    Good luck to all of you in your endeavors to lose weight--this is great for curbing the appetite for several hours. And for all the rest of us striving to improve our nutritional intake, this is it! ...more info
  • If it weren't for the price, I'd give it more stars
    This powder appears to be the real thing. Though I'm not sure it is worth the price of "similar" (though not the same) replacement shakes available at the health food store, it isn't bad.

    * Dang, it's healthy and seems to curb the appetite to boot.
    * Green is better than sugar.

    * You need a blender, not a shaker/spoon to mix it.
    * The closest thing I can use to describe the taste is "fresh pea soup." Use enough fruit, and you can mask it. It doesn't taste bad alone, but it doesn't taste good. It just sort of tastes like pea soup, which I'm not used to drinking cold...

    I have a can of this that I use when I'm feeling the need to be particularly healthy, maybe fast for a day or two. For a periodic meal replacement, I use a can of KASHI powder -- much cheaper....more info
  • I love this stuff!
    While the price is a bit off-setting, the Ultimate Meal is the best nutritional supplement that I have found. I consider myself a health fanatic and can't compare this with anything else in terms of how good it makes me feel. I agree with the other reviews that the taste is anything from great, but you get used to it fast and begin to crave it. I add some vanilla extract, which makes it a bit sweeter. Also, the package states that it only has a shelf life of 60 days once opened, however when I contacted their customer service dept., they said that it lasts a long time if it has been stored in a cool, dry place or the refrigerator (recommended). It might lose some of it's nutritional value, but it can still be used. I highly recommend this!...more info
  • Unpleasant Meal
    This really must be good for you, because it is really awful tasting. The instructions call for a banana and half an apple (Fuji I believe), which enables one to drink it without gagging. I'm just cheap enough that I was determined to consume the entire amount purchased because it's so expensive. I am truly thankful that I bought the small size....more info
  • The Ultimate Meal is nutrional powerhouse & versatile
    All other reviews I read are right on about the geninue quality of this product. These ingredients are in a class all by themselves, as the developer and company intended. They saw the niche & went for it. This product is a nutrional powerhouse & fulfills "niches" that your diet or other supplements may leave unaccounted for - - and in a food format. This is why it has "Meal" is in it's title. This is also (probable) reason why people full satisfied after consuming. Versatile if you think about it: Stir a couple of scoops into your favorite, high quality (organic) yogurt or kefir product. I make my own simple salad dressings, such as organic olive oil and lemon juice. Guess what? This product can blend into a salad dressing because this product is neutral and NOT sweet, which is a god-send. To be honest, I think alot of whole food based products take the cop-out by putting a high sugar content into it for taste purpose. Who doesn't like sweet - right? That's the old way of thinking. The makers of this product are providing an open doorway for you to explore other uses. I've been known to stir some into my (gluten free) hot cereal in the morning right before eating (I don't cook it nor heat it up to perserve enzyme & probiotic benefits, though you could put some into a muffin batter for the nutritional value. I call this cross training with your good products.)
    My examples are not meant to be on the go, like the company's drink suggestion that is more on the go, but rather ways for you to realize that ready-to-go products can serve more than one purpose "recipe wise". Enjoy....more info
  • Good stuff, smells like the inside of a rabbit's cage :-)
    Not gonna lie... it smells like the inside of a rabbit or gerbil's cage. Taste is like a bunch of ground up vitamins, but I expected that. Personally I can drink just about anything, so I don't have a problem getting it down. Though when I added the half of an apple, that changed. But that's because of me, see I loathe the consistency of apple sauce/baby food etc.. So to drink "that", kinda made me gag. BUT, I don't use apple's anymore, and everything is fine now. The first taste is of ground up vitamins/grass, the second a glorious banana shake. Seriously, it's not bad at all, (but the smell is).

    Do I feel better after drinking it? To be honest, I don't know, it's too $$$ to drink on a daily basis. So it's not in my system after two weeks, or long enough to tell. The 400 grain will only last you maybe a week, they say it's an "intro" size, well, still not big enough to see the health benefit. Do I mentally feel proud that I'm doing something good for my body, yeah I do.

    Does it keep you full, depends if you add the apple or not. ;-) See I loathe apple sauce, I don't add the apple anymore, and I can tell a difference between "apple/no apple" w/ how much it keeps me full. If you prepare it like you're supposed to, it kept me full, "almost" uncomfortably full. Chatting w/ a guy at my work that's been drinking this for a long time, I found out he hates apple sauce too, and he uses a banana and hemp milk. Hemp milk on it's own is a filling drink, (good too btw! well, vanilla or chocolate hemp milk is), so I might start using that receipt instead (except good hemp milk is $$$ too!). Speaking of receipts, I wish there were more options out there. Like their website, though good w/ information, could have other options of drinking such an $$$ product that doesn't last very long.

    I gave this product 4 stars, cause it is good for you, there's 1000's a reviews stating it's usefulness, it doesn't taste (that bad), and I do like it, but it's $$$, for the 400 grain, you don't get much. I wish there were other receipts out there that would help give the user more variety. Also, maybe cause I don't have it in my system for a full two weeks, etc., I don't think it's as amazing as some of the other reviewers say, but hey we're all metabolically different ya know. Again my opinion, but I think there might be other solutions out there, that will get as much goodness into your system more naturally....more info
  • I like it
    I'm generally not a big fan of food that's not freshly prepared, but this product works for me. When I'm getting ready to work out in my garage gym and realize that I haven't eaten all day, the Ultimate Meal comes to the rescue. I fee full for hours after drinking it. I like it best with frozen blueberries (not apples)....more info
  • best meal replacement I've found
    Much easier on my digestive system than the isolated protein powders. Taste is not bad, best with blended apple. Seems to keep my energy up and I don't get hungry for a few hours. Sometimes I add organic plain yogurt....more info
  • Off Insulin !
    My wife has gotten off insulin (80 units per day after stroke 2 yrs ago) combining Ultimate Meal with adequate quantity and quality essential oils including Udo Floral Blend. It is a well-balanced quality meal and very affordable....more info
  • Ultimately You Will Love It
    It's green. It can be a little gritty. But if you replace a meal or two each day, you will love how you feel. I ordered my first can one year ago and have purchased at least a dozen more. Recipe: Filtered water, 1/3 cup Ultimatie Meal, 1 banana, one apple, and a small handful of frozen fruit.

    Pricey? Whole foods sells it for $69.00. Amazon is about $55.00. But that's for 30 meals. The only other cost is the banana, apple and fruit. In Chicago $2.00 per meal for 30 meals seems like a great deal to me.

    Plus, I've quit buying vitamins and other supplements. This really does have it all. I'm finally getting my 5-7 fruits and vegetables a day, too.

    This is the one you're ultimately looking for: The Ultimate Meal says it all and says it honestly.
    ...more info
  • A good powder
    I use daily in fruit/ vegetable smoothies for breakfast. Great way to add bulk, protein and other nutrients for a total meal. Not the very best on the market, but you can't beat the price-point....more info
  • charge for shipping
    I ordered a bunch of suplements from another company but waited on this because it was cheaper here.

    Then, after clicking add to my cart, with free shipping on orders til the end of the month on a coupon on the shipping charges page, I discover I'll be charged over $8 for shipping, it's not an "eligible item".

    The vitamin cottage has wasted my time, won't waste my money, going back to the other website.

    I have used the product a lot and really like it, good in fruit smoothies....more info
  • The Healthy Choice
    I've been looking for a good powder protein supplement for a long time. The dozen I've tried have all tasted bad and was really hard on my stomach to digest. The Ultimate life, while doesn't taste great, is easy on my stomach and I genuinely feel healthier after having drank a Ultimate life smoothie for the last five days. My energy level is more constant throughout the day without the mid-day lul I used to get right after lunch. I definitely recommend this product. ...more info
  • Lives up to it's name!
    I have been on the path to raw veganism and this product is full of superfoods that have been cold processed thereby retaining all of their vitality. This product is from Santa Barbara where I have lived for the last 20 years so I have used it off and on and know of the man that makes this. He definitely has a reputation for being a fanatic in terms of ingredient quality.

    In terms of flavor, try using a banana and a full apple or pear. I actually enjoy it. Also, it truly satisfies- I usually do about a 3 hour workout on the weekends (running, weights and more cardio) and when I have this post workout I am satisfied the whole day. Yes, it seems expensive but at less than $2.50/ serving it's actually a deal. How many times have you spent nearly $4 for a worthless latte at Starbucks?...more info
  • Does the job
    My brother is a vegan. He believes the hormones and such in animal products are not good for you on a life long basis.

    I tried 'Ultimate Meal' for a month or so once every other day. How do I say this. My grunt looked more healthy. If that makes any sense. I had fewer stumach aches.

    I think my brother has some good ideas. I do not think I will be an 'organic' vegan any time soon but I am moving in that direction.
    ...more info
  • Lifesaver after dental surgery
    I discovered Ultimate Meal several years ago when I had all four wisdom teeth removed. During my recovery I wanted to subsist on a liquid diet, to avoid getting solid food trapped in the holes while they healed. Ultimate Meal was a lifesaver. I could rinse out my mouth with water and the holes from my missing wisom teeth would remain clean and unclogged. Somewhat expensive, but satisfying. Other "meal replacements" just don't measure up. I lived for a week on this stuff before going to soups and soft food. I'd mix it with soy milk and add other flavorings like chocolate powder and stevia for sweetening, or more often I'd mix it with fruit juice, since that was easiest. It mixed easily with a whisk or a hand blender, and either one fits nicely inside the Ultimate Meal mug you can buy from Ultimate Life....more info
  • The label should read "Pea Flavor"
    I love the taste of veggies, so I thought I could easily tolerate the taste of this product. I am not bothered by the color, or texture, or even the lack of sweetness. The only problem that I have is that it tastes like the one thing that I have disliked since I was a small child--green peas! I can't even stand to smell them on someone else's plate so one can easily imagine my difficulty drinking what is essentially a glass of pea puree. I have to mask that flavor by blending it with, vanilla soy milk, peanut butter and lots of unsweetened baking cocoa. This combination renders that pea smell and taste virtually undetectable. Sometimes I use half the recommended amount of the powder and mix it with Fruitein, but this doesn't work as well as the peanut/chocolate cover.

    I must say that I am disappointed because I thought I found something that I would drink daily, but unfortunately, drinking this product feels more like taking medicine than having a meal. If it only tasted like broccoli... or spinach...or grass even.

    Bottom line: I have found no other product that offers the nutritive content of The Ultimate Meal. It's an excellent product if you like (or can tolerate) the taste of green peas. If you like them, then it would just be a matter of getting used to the idea of drinking them. On the other hand, if you have a strong aversion to peas, then you should continue your search for a meal replacement product....more info
  • Great product!
    This stuff is great and great for you! I'm a triathlete, and this makes a great nutritional supplement. They give a suggested recipe on the container, but I find it tastes much better with a combination of banana, avacado, and either a peach, some cantalope, or other fruit, and soy milk. The avacado makes for a thicker and creamier smoothie, and adds a great deal to the flavor. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with The Ultimate Meal!...more info
  • Give it a try, but here is what to expect...
    Well, I think if you have read most of the reviews then you probably already know this stuff doesnt taste good. HOWEVER, if you make it with the right ingredients it can taste much better!

    The first time I drank this, it was with ice cold water, an apple and a banana ( as instructed from the website ) I gagged and threw it away after the first sip ( bye bye $3 ). I asked my family to try it out as well, none of them could stomach it, even the dog ran away. Ok ok, I'm sure someone out there might enjoy the original flavor but not us.

    I DID find a good mix that tastes pretty good. I think one of the reviewers mentioned it. I mix the Ult. meal with a table spoon of unsweetened cocoa power ( very important ), fat-free milk, honey and a good size banana. This mixture actually taste alright and is easily drinkable. Its the only way Ive been able to down it.

    Also, this product makes you want to eat more. I know it sounds funny, but even though I'm getting a mixture of great supplements, I still want...NEED to chew and eat some physically rigid food. It makes me crave hard foods even more.

    Maybe I need to consume this meal constantly, but I really havent felt much different either. Its probably because I don't drink it on a regular basis. I just havent noticed any more energy or better nights sleep.

    I'm going to stick with it though, but I'm telling you if you ate "normally" before this you will miss very much having a good "real" breakfast and lunch. I have to make myself drink a shake in the morning because Id SO MUCH rather have my usual cinnamon raisin bagel covered in peanut butter, blue berry cereal, orange juice, coffee and a banana. Instead, I now drink a of green slime. Hah, but its very healthy!

    Give it a try!...more info
  • simply perfect
    I'm allergic to gluten, soy and nuts. With this combination, it's very challenging for me to find the ideal meal replacement but "the ultimate meal" seems to work perfectly with my weird body. PLUS, there's no MSG (the neuron killer) in it and it's still raw and organic. I've been using it for the past week without any side effects and it tastes great with fresh or frozen fruits or with chocolate.
    Next time, I'll buy a larger container :)...more info
  • YUMMY!!!
    Add Earth's Promise powders, especially the Orange one,
    about 1 tablespoon to one serving of Ultimate Meal
    and it tastes GREAT!!!

    Can also add a protein like Nutribiotic Rice Protein,
    berry flavor, about 1 tablespoon
    and the protein content goes to about 30 grams for the meal

    these combinations taste GREAT. take either with a whole fruit or even just vegetables (cucumbers or whole tomatoes are especially yummy with this)

    and FEEL AMAZING!!!...more info
  • meal replacement
    My initial opinion of this product was that it tasted awful, but eventually I got used to the taste....more info
  • Freakin' Healthy
    For this week, I have decided to consume only this. I am a bodybuilder, and I realized the importance of natural food consumption. This product surpasses the rest. Don't expect great taste. My other fellow reviewers are right, but if you care about your health, this is the meal replacement to buy. To health!...more info
  • The Ultimate Healthy Meal
    This product provides one of the best ways to consume a quick and totally healthy meal. It provides enough fiber and nutrients to keep you going for quite a while and I would recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a healthy meal replacement....more info
  • Insure complete nutrition while on a diet.
    I have used the ultimate meal to quarantee nutritional density while on a low calorie diet. In my case, the results were as planned, but the real story is a friend who asked me how I'd lost the weight. Using U.M., my friend went from 537lbs to 189lbs, in less than two years!...more info
  • Used in Stomach Feeding Tube
    Patient was allergic to milk and received Ensure type food put into her feeding tube which was inserted into her stomach. She also needed medication to stop the diarrhea.

    We used this in her feeding tube and she thrived....more info
  • There is NOTHING easier, healthier or worth the price!,

    I can't tell you how this drink as changed my life for the better. I feel healed of a decade long sugar struggle because this TOTAL meal nurtures and nourishes my body's needs....totally. Who knew?
    IF you follow the directions, it tastes best. It isn't the "yummiest" flavor, but you really do start to crave it in the best, healthiest way. I won't go a day without it. I started it during horrid invasive dental surgery when I couldn't eat solid foods for three weeks. It sped my healing process. I'm so grateful to this product and to the creator who is mental about the purity of his product. It has also helped me drop weight like easy/crazy as it fulfills my bodies need for real food. All other "meal replacements" look like total sugar/chemical losers compared to this, because, well, they are.
    Ultimate meal website is amazing.. check it out. And, tip.... it is MUCH cheaper on Amazon. Thank you Amazon! Also, another tip... It's good to stockpile a couple of cans because if the creator can't find the quality of ingredients, he won't make it, which I think is stoic and heroic. If only more manufacturers had this guy's integrity! Actually, now that I write that word... integrity is what I feel like physically and I never had before. There is an integrity to my health now, with my diet. That's what I feel using this product, an integrity in my life. I wish everyone the best healing!...more info
  • EXCELLENT--But there is an Alternative Product to Consider
    There is no doubt whtsoever in my mind that the ULtimate Meal is an excellent product. I've been using it now for several weeks and it is helping me to lose weight and "clean out" my system.

    Despite my satisfaction with the Ultimate Meal I think those who like it (or who are considering it) may want to look at a product I discovered called "Jenny Lee Supergreens" which is available on the net. I think it has all of the positive advantages of the Ultimate Meal but with three improvements: 1) it is cheaper; 2) it taste a little better; and 3) I find it a bit more gentle on the stomach.

    Regardless of these issues, the Ultimate Meal is a TOP NOTCH product that I recommend whole heartedly!!...more info
    I bought this on Amazon because it was almost $20 cheaper than Whole Foods. I blend a scoop of the powder with 1 banana in the morning and it fills me up for several hours. I do not mind the flavor or texture. It is not bad at all. I love the fact that there is absolutely no artificial taste at all which other mixes have. The ingredients are straightforward, healthy and perfect for people who care what they consume. I am about to order my next container of this stuff. I think this is a great product and am glad to have found it. I would like to do 2 shakes a day and 1 healthy meal (have not gone there yet) I totally know that I would lose the few (20 ;O ) pregnancy pounds I have remaining, if I were to use this mix in that way... Great product. If you are thinking about purchasing... do it!!! ...more info
  • Ultimate Meal
    I am very happy with this product. I carry some with me as a quick meal and it gives me the boost I need mid day....more info
  • Good stuff so far...
    --Update: I can't take this product anymore since it has Chromium in it, which causes severe headaches and has also been linked to DNA damage. If they removed the Chromium it would be the best product out there, its unfortunate they included it.

    ...more info
  • The best supplement I've found yet
    I'm 51 years old and travel a lot in my job, which is hard on my body. For the past four months, I've been using Ultimate Meal daily when at home (it's my breakfast), and sometimes twice daily. Usually by this time of year I am burned out from all the travel, but not this year. I feel healthier than in a long time.

    I've tried a lot of products, and I consider this one to be far the best. In fact, I've pretty much stopped taking any other supplements --- I just don't feel they're needed anymore. True, it's expensive, but I save money by not buying other supplements. A few bucks a day isn't much, relative to what I spend on other things. As far as the taste, I like it just fine. Some compare it to pea soup, but that's not totally accurate; I don't like pea soup but I like Ultimate Meal.

    I was turned on to this product by a friend who is a health fanatic and has literally researched and tried everything, at any price. He finally settled on Ultimate Meal as his only supplement and he's been using it for about two years now. For what it's worth, he told me that on many days he eats nothing but Ultimate Meal shakes because it gives him all the nutrition he needs. And he looks and feels great.

    As of this writing, the shipping is free if you order two cans, and there's no sales tax, so that helps defray some of the cost. I notice that there has been a recent price increase, though. Oh well! ...more info
  • Best thing I've ever done for my Health!!!
    I have tried literally everything from HGH spray to products advertised on television to weird exercise contraptions to try & feel better. I read about this Ultimate Meal on the Internet & decided to try it once. I've only been taking it for a week, and it's incredible how much better I feel. I have more energy. I'm waking up 45 minutes to an hour earlier each morning feeling refreshed & energetic (which is totally unlike me). If I exercise during the day before I drink it, I feel like I'm on a natural high for the rest of the afternoon. People are right about the look & taste--you have to give it about a week. When I first mixed it, I thought, "Gag--I can't drink that." But I started out mixing it with orange juice & throwing in a banana & blueberries, and it was okay. Now, I just mix it with Spring water & use a banana, and I'm completely used to it after a week. I don't even need all the extra stuff. I would drink something that tasted a lot worse than this for the way it makes me feel. It's really great. ...more info
  • DELICIOUS in soup, if you like the flavor of peas, anyway
    This product is great for anyone with celiac or crohn's disease or issues with the absorption of nutrients from their food. The plant based powder provides the nutrients you need in an easily digested and absorbed form.

    When I first tried this product four years ago I had trouble enjoying consuming it. With a banana and apple it spiked my blood sugar too much and the flavor was gag-worthy. With tomato juice my blood sugar was fine, but the flavor was still gag-worthy. I tried it again recently with lightly warmed pureed soups and it's delicious! This morning I had it with sweet potato soup and just now I had it with cashew ginger carrot soup and it was super tasty both times. It tastes so good and leaves me feeling so nutritionally sustained I am seriously considering making the soup and Ultimate Meal combination my permanent breakfast and dinner choice, leaving lunch for a wilder and heavier meal.

    This is a five star product, but I am removing one star due to the price....more info
  • It taste better than it looks
    Granted, it is the worst looking health drink but it is not that bad tasting, if you do it right. My boyfriend gags when he sees me making the drink but if he'd taste it, you would realize it's good.

    After much trial and error, the key is lots of fruit, soy milk or yogurt and ice. A whole apple will help keep you full for several hours. I tried to make it once without an apple and I was hungry again by 2 or 3 PM. The great news is that your energy level will skyrocket and your will body start to crave it.
    1/3 cup ice
    1/4 cup water
    1/3 cup soy milk or yogurt
    1 fiji apple
    1/2 medium banana
    1/3 ultimate meal powder
    handful of blueberries or blackberries
    If I want it more sweet, I use juicy fruits like cantaloupe, pineapple or watermelon. Blend well.
    I'm slowly trying to ween myself off the yogurt and soy milk and drink it as recommended but not yet. ...more info
  • Life Saver
    I found this product does exactly what it states. A replacement meal that will keep you full and is very good on the system. I've come to rely on this as my go to meal when I'm in a hurry or getting home late and don't want a big meal. ...more info
    This is a great product for its value. It has MORE than enough ni=utrients that our bodies often don't get enough of. However, for the amount of caliries in the product, it needs to be more filling. It's designed as a meal replacement to be consumed with a few pieces of fruit, but it won't hold you over until your next meal, which leads to consuming more calories thanyour body needs. Great product if you don't mind being hungry until your next meal....more info
  • Suprisingly Good - An Opinion from a New Vegetarian
    I recently purchased this product, and, after a friend's review of the "gritty taste", I was prepared for the worst. I'm used to smoothies, especially those that include vegetables/veggie powders/spirulina, so I didn't expect it to taste like a chocolate milkshake, but...

    I was surprised. First of all, I added a banana, frozen strawberries, and rice milk (or coconut milk - I switch it up at this point). I really have to disagree with the other reviews... I like the taste. So much so that I drink two per day and have lunch as my only "meal". This is good stuff, and a staple for a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend this!...more info
  • Best Product On The Market
    I have been taking this product for about 15 years. I mix it in my smoothie every morning and it really is breakfast. Read the ingredients! No better product out there and the man who owns the company has an intense focus on quality. He will send back batches of ingredients he orders if they do not meet his specifications--even if it means the delay of shipping the product. That is why it is not always available....more info
  • Best Meal Replacement
    This has been a really easy way to change my diet. I've been trying to switch to a more vegetarian/raw food diet.

    Concerning taste, a big difference is made by using only organic bananas and unwaxed apples (which is what the company recommends). The organic fruit seems to mix better and makes the drink much smoother. The drink itself is actually tastes pretty good. It's sweetened with stevia and spirulina has a naturally sweet taste.

    Although 17 grams of protein per serving (same as an odwalla protein bar) is pretty good, I still wish there was more. It comes out to about $1.88 per serving, which isn't too bad....more info


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