Carlson Laboratories - Super Omega-3 Fish Oils, 1000 mg, 250 softgels

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  • Serving Size - 1 softgel
  • Does Not Contain: Preservatives, cholesterol, detectable levels of mercury, cadmium, lead, PCB''s and 28 other contaminants.

Customer Reviews:

  • Carlson is tested pure!
    This is tested pure of mercury, something to worry about with some fish oils. I use this and also Nordic Naturals since they're both pure. I do like the Nordic Naturals a little better but it is much more expensive than the Carlson's and I use Carlson for most of my vitamin needs anyway. Great product if you dont want to spend the extra on NN.

    Cheers...more info
  • Certified purity, mercury free, easy to swallow/digest, no fish smell
    Not being a medical doctor or a nutritionist I am not going to make any claims on the benefits of taking this dietary supplement other than stating that, after months of ingesting 2-3 of these 1000mg soft gels daily I continue to be in good health and I am not aware of any side effects. Am I in better health than I would have been had I not taken these? I don't know. That's what medical studies are for and one may trust them or one may not. However, getting back to this product and evaluating IT, this is what I can state as I can compare it with the generic supermarket brand I used to take in the past.

    - it's more expensive but not A LOT more expensive
    - the gels are softer - makes them easier to swallow
    - the gels are a bit smaller - makes them easier to swallow
    - unlike the generic brand, they do not seem to stay in my stomach for a long time, feeling like I swallowed a pebble
    - certified by some FDA-registered lab(?) to be pure, potent and free of mercury, cadmium, lead, PDB's and a bunch of other contaminants
    - no detectable fish smell

    To conclude: this product appears to deliver the fish oil at a high level of purity, free of contaminants and packaged as a gel that's easy to swallow and digest. This is what I've been using for quite a while and I am happy enough to be staying with this brand for now....more info
  • best supplement available
    If you only take 1 supplement make it this one. It will add life to your years....more info
  • terrific item & service
    I love the product. Many companies have fish oil that is loaded with mercury. Carlson is not....more info
  • I really like this product
    I have taken several fish oil supplements but in my book Carlson is the best I can tell a big difference in how I feel and my brain feels like its ready for any challenge! I feel more in control and smarter!! (serious!!) Buy Carlson fish oil and feel the difference!!! info
  • Great Fish Oil!
    I am very impressed with this product. The price is right and it certifies that there is no mercury in it which is important for me since I am pregnant! My doctor wanted me to take fish oil because is it great for the baby's brain development etc. but advised to get one with no mercury...and this one is great. Definitely recommend it....more info
  • Fish Oil Pills
    I have been using Carlson's fish oil pills for some time now, and find that they are easy to tolerate, leave no aftertaste, and contain more of the important omega oils than other products on the market....more info
  • customer
    the oil maybe more directly benefical but I have a gag reflex so the gels are best for me. This Carlson Labs please me very much....more info
  • Seriously good
    Huge rave for the fish oil. I eat alot of salmon but the boost from these pills makes things even better. My scales have cleared up, my gills are not creaking any longer and I can stay under water for days. Heck I even swam upstream twice this week. Seriously good....more info
  • The Vitamin Shoppe
    I just wanted everyone to know that the The Vitamin Shoppe is no longer giving the (free) 30 softgels with the 100 count softgels. I called and they said they were no longer doing this. As far as I know the company Carlson is still selling them as a duo. I know I can go into my local health food store and buy them off the shelf....more info