Sharper Image Ionic Breeze GP? Silent Air Purifier with Ultraviolet Germicidal Protection

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Ionic Breeze is The Sharper Image's most popular product, with more than one million sold. An ACNielsen national survey that showed that Ionic Breeze is America's most trusted brand of air purifier. ACNielsen also confirmed Ionic Breeze enjoys the highest customer satisfaction ratings among all major brands — as demonstrated by repeat purchases by Ionic Breeze owners (and purchases by dissatisfied owners of competing brands); and in ratings for "exceeding expectations," "good customer service" and for "delivering on promises." Compelling features include silent operation; efficient air cleaning and odor reduction; no replacement filters; ultra-low energy use; lightweight, attractive, low-profile housing; and 24-7 air cleaning. Ionic Breeze air purifiers bear the Seal of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). AAFA is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with allergies and asthma; their Consumer Product Seal program helps consumers assess the validity of manufacturers' claims that relate to these issues. AAFA's Medical-Scientific Council reviews independent research and awards the AAFA Seal only to products with claims that they determine are, in fact, truthful. The AAFA Seal was awarded to Ionic Breeze GP? and Quadra? Silent Air Purifiers; the Seal bears the important statement,"Ionic Breeze is proven to reduce airborne allergens and irritants including dust mite allergen, pet dander and cigarette smoke."

  • Room air cleaner with UVC light to help kill airborne viruses, mold spores and bacteria that enter the unit. Features silent operation; efficient air cleaning; odor reduction; no replacement filters; low energy use; lightweight, attractive housing; continuous air cleaning. Traps airborne irritants, allergens and pollutants on stainless steel collectors that are easy to wipe clean.
  • Stands 29" tall and weighs 10 1/2 lbs. Ideal for any average-size room. Uses only 27 watts. Features three speeds and a 5-minute boost. Its Phillips 15W UVC Germicidal Sterilamp has an effective life of 8,000 hours, or nearly a year of continuous use. Replacement bulbs (SI922) and extra collection grids available (SI937). Plugs into three-prong outlet. Five-year warranty. Colors include light gray, gray with silver onyx, black or black with Burltech. Created by Sharper Image Design.
  • Cleans 24-7! Turn off a noisy HEPA air cleaner and air pollution goes right back to where it started very quickly. The fact is that all air cleaners should run continuously but noisy fans and expensive 200-watt power demands make that impractical with those big HEPA machines. Silent, low-energy Ionic Breeze GP, in contrast, is designed to run continuously, especially in the rooms where you spend the most time at home, like the bedroom, dining room and even the family entertainment center.
  • Save money! With Ionic Breeze, there are no messy, expensive filters to find, buy, store and replace. Instead, Ionic Breeze GP is an electrostatic precipitator that charges airborne contaminants and traps them on oppositely charged stainless steel collectors that wipe clean with a cloth. It is powered by only 27 watts and compared to high-watt HEPA machines, it pays for itself in less than two years. Save hundreds of dollars in each future year.
  • Cleans the air and kills airborne germs! The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America's Medical/Scientific Council reviewed tests on its performance and awarded its AAFA Seal bearing the statement "Ionic Breeze is proven to reduce airborne allergens and irritants including dust mite allergen, pet dander and cigarette smoke." Its built-in UVC lamp also means that airborne bacteria and viruses that enter the unit are killed. Essentially no germs survive passage into the Ionic Breeze GP.
Customer Reviews:
  • Noisy after 2-3 days!
    I give this product zero stars for making noises every 2-3 days, meaning it will need a cleaning every 2-3 days. Finally had enough of this annoying machine that I threw it in the dumpster. Air purifiers from "The Sharper but Noisier Image" will never set a foot in my house ever again! Stay away!...more info
  • No more allergies, nasal or throat infections, or "asthma"!
    After more than 10 years of suffering from allergies, nasal and throat infections, and eventually chronic "asthma" attacks while living in the San Joaquin Valley in California, our family started using the Ionic Breeze GP. For the next two years that we remained in the San Joaquin Valley no one in our family suffered from allergies, nasal or throat infections, or had a single "asthma" attack.

    This product had a significant impact on improving the quality of life for our family and saved us a bundle in antibiotics, allergy medicines, inhalers, and doctor co-pays. Prior to using the Ionic Breeze GP, we had used a variety of HEPA filtration units without any noticeable effect to our health -- the filters didn't appear to collect much either. Within the first month of use with the Ionic Breeze GP, the metallic filter plates were covered with a fine black dust.

    In addition to cleaning the air and killing airborne germs, this product also generates a clean smell to the air and provides a gentle nightlight. If you forget to wipe the metal filter blades regularly, a little LED will remind you. This product comes with the 5 year full warranty and should eventually cost less than the total cost of the lower priced HEPA filtration units with five years of filters and the increased use of electricity. Of course the biggest savings is the Ionic Breeze GP actually gets the air purified. We've had our unit running 24/7 for 3 years without a single problem - amazing. How long are the UV bulbs supposed to last?

    It is important to add that we also use 3M MicroAllergan filters in our central HVAC unit, these filters also seem to have a big impact on the quality of our indoor air....more info
  • Ionic Breeze with UV light
    This is an incredible air purifer. The air felt so much cleaner, and fresh. My husand has allergies and I have asthma and we both noticed a difference right away. The unit is easy to clean and well worth the money. It is such a good product that we bought another one. ...more info
  • Ephemeral UV Light
    While I was very pleased with the 1st 6 months of service, I now find the Ionic Breeze to be completely useless. After 6 months the UV light burned out and there is no benefit to running it at all. It remains unplugged and every time I look at it I wonder how I could have spent my money in a better way....more info
  • Great Product, Coverage?
    I am not sure how size of a room does they say one purifier can clean. I use two of these purifiers to maintain a clean fresh atmosphere in a 750sq feet Kitchen/living room (with fireplace) area. I think one would be suffecient, but we ended up with two (a gift).
    -It is absolutly silent, not even little noise.
    - It is very easy to maintain.
    - no filters to but, you just have to clean the metal parts when the machine starts making noise (you will know)
    - Different levels of cleaning: with or without the UV-light, LOW-MED-HIGH.
    - I think two years ago we paid around $375 for one of these and we received a free bathroom ionizer. (it could have been a special promotion, I cannot remeber, but check prices elsewhere before purchasing)
    - I think it is a bit large.
    - If you like absolute darkness when you sleep, remmember that this machine will have 1 small light always lit, even when you do not use the UV-light
    The metal part that you clean is not as easy as advertised (on TV) to clean. It takes couple of minutes to clean it, and if it not cleaned and dried properly, IT WILL make noise shortly after you restart the machine. so make sure you clean it well. I use a wet soapy sponge and then rinse and make sure it is completely clean. Then I dry it with dry cotton rag.

    I think it is great, if not the best purifier I have everhad, I never thought that a purifier without any filters would work good, but it does. It takes care of all kinds of odors, once we had a guest who smoked a cigar and within an hour there were no traces of that smell. Cooking odor is illiminated within minutes or hours depending on it's severity. GREAT PROCUCT I think....more info